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Introduction to Voodoo
Welcome to the “How To” guide to all things Voodoo! I will be your guide into this mysterious and fascinating world beneath the veil.
The first and only rule in all magic, whether Wiccan, Pagan, Voodoo or Hoodoo is do not to hurt anyone, for what you send out will return to you three fold, Good or Bad. This is the universal law of Karma, so be warned!! Do not take this guide lightly; consider all the other possibilities before resorting to magic. True magic practitioners in any culture, live and breathe magic in every aspect of their daily lives. They respect the laws and rules put in place to protect their faith and honour their Gods. So this is something you need to respect too. What can seem harmless fun can, if done foolishly create nasty problems within your life. But if you stick to the rules and use your spells for good, you will find your life turning out for the better. Before you can use spells from any faith, you must first understand its history and the place from where the power flows. Rather than bore you for the next 40 pages going into the history of Voodoo and its origins, I am going to give a very quick over view of the important points you need to know. This is so that your journey into the world of Voodoo will be precise and to the point, whilst honouring its heritage. One animal features within the Voodoo faith more than others and this is the serpent. The word Voodoo, translated is said to be “the snake under whose auspices gather all who share the faith”. The Papa (the high priest) and/or the Mambo (priestess) are the vassals for the serpent to express its power. In Voodoo there is one supreme deity, Bondye, a boundless entity which presides over the spirit world but is not directly worshipped.


He is the one you honour when casting your circle as he is the one who enables you to communicate with the other Lwas. love. Kalfu – Kalfu is Legba’s twin his opposite. They are the lesser divinities which are central to worship. injustice.There are hundreds of spirits who are called Lwas. But Erzuli 3 . Kings/Queens and divine messengers. relaying advice. the off centre points. health and goodness. As always I issue you with a warning. They are the Yin and Yang. the first man and woman. Legba is the most important Lwas he must be honoured before any other Loa. Kalfu controls the evil forces of the spirit world. the Lwas of the night. The other Lwas will not communicate with you unless you have completed this first important step as they need his permission. Similar to the goddess Venus she is the Lwas of beauty. and it is he who opens the doors between the worlds. That is. Similar to the scales. Voodoo is an animist faith. Lwas Legba – Legba is the guardian of crossroads. the Lwas of the day. It is important to understand which Lwas governs which situation you seek to manipulate. wealth and the happiness of all mortals. Legba controls the Good forces of the spirit world. Below I have written a brief overview of each Lwas you are likely to come into contact with for the spells I have provided for you. bad luck and revenge. health. Kalfu also controls the crossroads but the in-between points. if your heart is impure and evil is your goal beware the three fold rule!! Marassa (Mawu-Lisa) – the Marassa are the divine twins. If your purpose is for any of these things then this is the “guardian of the gates” you need to honour first before any spell casting is completed. objects and natural phenomena are believed to possess holy significance. Lwas appear by “possessing” the faithful. warnings and desires. the first ancestors. who in turn become the Lwas. During Voodoo ceremonies these Lwas can possess the bodies of the participants. Lwas control nature. The balance to life of good and bad. Erzuli – The embodiment of femininity and love. they are the Lwas you honour when asking for truth and justice. but they are most powerful ancestral spirits who were once great men and women. The Lwas are not gods. He allows the crossing of misfortune. to possess a soul.

He also gives great inner and outer strength to those that seek it. protector of children and the last resort to healing when all else has failed. Dumballah – He is Ayida’s husband and also symbolized as a serpent. Ogoun – Ogoun is the Lwas of power. Ayezan – Ayezan is Legba’s wife/counterpart. Ghede – Ghede is to the underworld what Legba is to life. Together they control fertility in all aspects. 4 . He is many other things as well. He is associated with trees and herbs. keeper of the cemetery. politics and law. During a fertility spells it is best to offer this Lwas thanks and prayer to aid the child to be healthy. Ayida – Ayida is the mother figure. primary contact to the dead. not to be nasty but to help them learn and correct their behaviour for the better in the future. revenge. Her symbol is also a serpent. She especially punishes those who take advantage of the young. She is quite submissive and very delicate. the rich of the poor. the see all/know all. Loco – Loco is the main God of healing. husband of the wife and the strong of the weak. She is the rainbow. He is the Lwas of sexuality. Obatala – This Lwas is responsible for the forming of the foetus in the womb. jealousy and is a protector of women and avenger of domestic violence.also has a “dark” side and controls righteous anger. when working with these things give thanks to him and honour him and he will help. He also controls marriage. It is said that she is the Lwas who controls wealth. the clown. She punishes those who make mistakes. She is the one who rights the wrongs. She is believed to be able to purify surroundings and cleanse the soul. he will keep a marriage together and strong if asked. He is generous with his information and if you ask him a question he will answer truthfully and to the point. He is who controls access to the afterlife.

To use them to hurt someone will have consequences. 6. Self Esteem & Love Spirituality. 7. feature heavily in Voodoo. yarn or wool  1 square of felt (any colour)  Cotton wool  2 glass or plastic beads  Glue  Scissors  Needle & thread  7 pins with the above coloured heads  A piece of clothing. Yellow White Red Purple Green Blue Black Success Positive Power. Religious worries & Magic Money Health. one half the size of the other  Cotton. 3. 4. The pins and their meanings are also very important. so be warned!! There are seven pins all with their own colour and meaning: 1. Work Repelling negative energy Basic Voodoo doll You will need:  2 twigs/sticks or even straws. 5. There are many different types of Voodoo dolls from traditional to the more modern. 2. As with all magical faiths you have to consider the Karma principle. Their long and interesting history runs down right through the ages. I will teach you how to make an all purpose doll that can be used for any kind of spell. strand of hair or something personal belonging to the intended person if possible 5 .Voodoo Dolls Dolls or poppets as some might call them. Voodoo Papa and Mambo use dolls for positive spells like healing.

Take the wool (the colour of the intended person’s hair) and wrap and style it to the top of the doll. This creates a strong bond within the doll and strengthens the connection of the spell onto the intended person. Take your threaded needle and sew in a mouth. I would advise at this point not to use super glue! As a trip to accident & emergency and explaining what you were doing would be quite awkward and embarrassing!!!! Firstly take the two twigs/sticks/straws and place them into a cross shape. It is at this point you need to add to the insides of the doll the strand of hair or piece of material. None of this has to be perfect but do try to take some time to complete the doll so that it represents a human form. Now you are ready to use the doll in your intended spell. Next take the felt and cut it into three strips. To do this. the intent is what matters most. 6 . Now the doll needs some hair. Now you need to make a face. Bind the two together in this shape using the cotton/yarn/wool.When making a Voodoo doll. Fold the felt around the body and glue it securely into place. Secure it using the glue. When you have secured the cross fully take the cotton wool and wrap it around the cross to bulk it out. take your threaded needle and reinforce it with a few simple tacking stitches. take the beads and glue them in place to create eyes. remember it is the intent that matters! You don’t have to be an artist or spectacular at crafting and sewing. On the seams at the back. one long enough to cover the body and another two to cover the arms. Do the same with the arms.

a circle must be cast. Somewhere you won’t be interrupted and is away from the normal hum and drum of life. To do this you need to say: 7 . charm or creating a Voodoo doll. How to set out the altar is entirely up to you and you alone. Now take the salt and pour it in a circle around you and big enough to fit in your altar. whether this is the dinner table or a purpose built altar table. Remember the intent. First and foremost you must find a place that you can be alone in so that you can work and weave your spells. Imagine the salt being alight. close your eyes and begin to visualise. Take a hard surface. It may take a while to find this “space” you need but over time when you have tried out a few different places. cast iron cauldron. incense & burner. drum rattle. (All available from reputable internet companies)  Ingredients for your spell  Offerings to the Lwas – Small pieces of different types of food will suffice. instinctively you will know when you have found the right place for you. remember it is the intent that is important. The circle features in many magical faiths and it is important to protect yourself within the circle and give thanks. Now you need to call Legba and ask him to allow you to go forth across the cross roads and call upon the Lwas you require for the spell you wish to perform. serpent Voodoo knife. tri skull candle holder. praise and honour to the Lwas before performing your spells. The more you believe in your power and strength the more your light will shine and the stronger you will feel. brass Wiccan bell. Flowers are best used when dealing with Erzuli along with sweets. silver light surrounds you pulsing with power that is fed from within you. Once you have done this. kneel down in the centre facing the altar. not how much money you throw into your faith.Casting/Ceremonies Before performing any spell. You will need:  Salt (Sea salt preferably)  Candles (what colour depends on which spell/s you wish to cast)  Tools of your craft – Altar chalice. Place all the tools of your craft on the chosen table and move them about until you feel they are in the right place for you. The second step is to build your altar.

It is now you explain the reason for your request. Now proceed with your spell. 8 . You are the shield that protects us from the sun. You will feel Legba with you. a fragrance only smelt by you and you alone will surround you and fill your nose.Father open the door for me. explain the spell you wish to cast and the Lwas you need. Ask him for permission. You will know when it has been granted. Open the grand road ahead for me As I will so it be!! Now shake your drum rattle and repeat the invitation three times.

Strength Money. Blessing. determination. wealth. Health. Evil. physical health. Ambition Attraction. Uncertainty. and repressing unwanted psychic powers or visions. and energy. Truth. pleasure. contacting the gods.Courage. Negativity Tranquillity. Yellow . increase life force.Divination. improves memory.Mental exercise. Negativity. and long life. astral projection. sexual passion and potency. Reversal of Spells. cleansing. Honour Power. Banishing Neutrality. Orange .Protection. Hesitation Love. strength. and sharpen logic. Morality. Sex. Stalemate. Red . awakening different psychic powers (clairvoyance. Discord Neutrality. creative growth.Oils. Purity. invoking the goddess. survival. Changeability. 9 .Fertility. and clear vision. telepathy. divination. Health Depression. Fertility Discord.Worldly achievement. gaining someone’s approval. abundance of all things. confidence. healing. Herbs & Candle Lore Candle Colours White: Red: Green: Black: Brown: Pink: Purple: Orange: Greenish Yellow: Gray: Light Blue: Dark Blue: Truth. Business Progress. Stimulation. Calling Love. Anger. intuition. Confusion. self-esteem. Luck Jealousy. increase concentration. Justice Candle Correspondences White . and willpower. Gold . Silver . Luck. Patience. etc). recognition.

and remembrance for parted loved ones. ideas. Anoint the candle with the oil and focus on the desire (purpose of spell).Locating lost objects. divination. past-life work. pet protection. 10 . For ritual of achievement: anoint oil from the top of the candle to the middle in a downward motion. Blue .Create confidence. romance. and settling negative Black . growth. then from the bottom of the candle to the middle in an upward motion. prosperity. Grey . money. Purple . Some people do not use matches to light their candles as the sulphur is considered unclean. salt.Meditation. and expand mental horizons. and forgiveness Choose the type and colour of candle appropriate for your spell. pure soap. snuff it out or wave your hand over it hard enough to make a breeze to put it out. The next step is to light the candle. quiet sleep. acknowledging grief. Brown . good harvest. and protection. compromises. or baby oil (all previously blessed and consecrated). To extinguish a candle. and good luck. discover truth. psychic protection. use an incense starter or stick to light your candles. money. friendship.Banishing. prevention of nightmares. rekindling trust.Green . success. For ritual of banishment: anoint oil from the middle of the candle to the top and then towards the bottom of the candle in a downward motion. Always cleanse the candle as prior energies may linger on it even if it’s straight from the local shop!! The best things to use are water. tree magic. home protection. leaving a relationship. Pink . and balance. and attracting new friends or lovers. If you feel this. gardening. affection. astral travel.Reaching emotions.Love. invisibility. State and engrave (if you wish) what the candle is to represent.Healing.

Candle magic is used with visualisation and intent toward whichever goal or need you have. Also.use red candles . Sunday is ruled by the Sun and yellow candles are used on this day. Monday is ruled by the Moon Tuesday is ruled by Mars Wednesday is ruled by Mercury Thursday is ruled by Jupiter Friday is ruled by Venus Saturday is ruled by Saturn . and pinching a flame pinches out desire. This helps to bring extra power from planetary energies to your goal.use purple candles .Do not blow or pinch it out. Blowing a candle out blows the desire away. burn your candles on the days of the week that correspond with your wish.use white candles .use green candles .use blue candles .use black candles 11 .

12 . Lavender. Lemon Grass. Patchouli. Luck Protection Prosperity Purification .Frankincense. Love Sex . .Basil. Apple blossom.Rose.Cinnamon.Carnation. Sandalwood. As you are doing this. Sandalwood. Hyssop. Vanilla. visualise your need and focus your energy towards that. Bayberry. Acacia. Bergamot. Lotus. Lilac. Clove. Benzoin. and Ylang-Ylang. Narcissus . . Basil. anoint your candles with appropriate oil before burning them. Gardenia. Myrrh. Rue.Bergamot. . Tuberose. Vervain. Cinnamon.Nutmeg. Vervain. Divination Banishing . . Jasmine. Musk. Cinquefoil.Oils If you wish to add more power to your candle magic.Mint.

Romance Oil You will need:    2 drops of Ylang Ylang oil 2 drops of Sandalwood oil 2 drops of Clary Sage oil Lover’s Oil You will need:     5 5 3 3 drops drops drops drops of of of of Rosewood oil Rosemary oil Tangerine oil Lemon oil Marriage Oil You will need:     2 drops of Frankincense oil 3 drops of Cypress oil 2 drops of Sandalwood oil Desire Oil You will need:    3 drops of Lavender oil 3 drops of Orange oil 1 drop of Lemon oil 13 .

Money Drawing Oil You will need:    3 drops of Wood Marjoram oil 2 drops of Lemon oil 2 drops of Eucalyptus oil Lucky Fortune Oil You will need:    5 drops of Ylang Ylang oil 3 drops of Clary Sage oil 5 drops of Geranium oil Commanding Oil You will need:    6 drops of Patchouli oil 8 drops of Myrrh oil 16 drops of Sandalwood oil Compelling Oil You will need:    8 drops of Sandalwood oil 4 drops of Myrrh oil 2 drops of Cinnamon oil 14 .

Lady Luck Oil You will need:    4 drops of Sandalwood oil 7 drops of Rose oil 5 drops of Lavender oil Power Oil You will need:    5 drops of Frankincense oil 2 drops of Cypress oil 3 drops of Juniper oil Blessing Oil You will need:     4 2 2 2 Lavender blooms drops of Sage oil drops of Basil oil drops of Patchouli oil 15 .

Then use a brand new broom to sweep the house from back to front and out the front door. Once cool add the infusion to your bucket filled with tepid warm water. put down pinches of salt in the corners of each room. Wash down all the wood work and floors from back to front and clockwise around each room. throw the remaining water out the door. 16 . Once it has been boiling for an hour remove from the stove and leave to cool down. It is best advised as something you must do when you move to a new home and once a year as a ritual to get rid of any bad energies or influences left in your home. When you get to the front door.White Spells Home Cleansing Home-cleansing methods are of great importance in Voodoo. Bay leaves and Rosemary. After cleaning. You will need:        Scrubbing brush Salt Yard brush/broom Marjoram Bay leaves Rosemary Bucket and water Firstly boil equal parts of Marjoram.

Enjoy!!!! 17 .Cleansing Bath You will need:  ½ cup Sea salt  ½ cup Almond and Jojoba oil  3 drops Lavender oil  3 drops Frankincense oil  1 tsp Lemon zest Run yourself a long and as hot as you can comfortably stand it. Pour in all of the ingredients as they infuse together in the hot water they will create cleansing and purification for the body. mind and spirit. Get in. bath.

Your partner will find this romantic.Blessing a relationship You will need:   A Packet bread mix A Bread tin Bake a fresh loaf of bread as per the instructions on the packet. Break off a piece of the bread for your partner and feed it to him/her. Serve your bread with the meal. Then ask them to do the same. or if your partner lives with you already then make a special meal as a surprise. Do not cut the bread with a knife or any other cutting tool. This will strengthen the bond between you and cement your love. 18 . just break off the pieces with your hands. When you have completed this task which may take a few attempts!!! Ask your partner round for dinner.

Prepare a bowl of water sprinkled with salt. This spell is best performed at night. Light the candle and burn the incense. Put this before you and touch it to each part of your body while saying: To the eyes Bless my eyes that I might have clarity of vision To the mouth Bless my mouth that I may speak the truth To the ears Bless my ears that I may hear all that is spoken and not To the heart Bless my heart that I may be filled with love To the uterus Bless my womb that I may be in touch with my creative energy that stems from the universe To the feet Bless my feet that I may find and walk my own true path Extinguish the candle when you are finished. 19 .Blessings for your body You will need:     A White candle Sandalwood & Pine incense Salt A Bowl of water This blessing gives the body the capability to open the channels so that you can connect with the spirits more easily.

Change the light to a gold colour which will give you protection and then finally a blue colour for healing.Protecting your home There are three simple ways of protecting your home. whether it is from fire. You will need:    Salt Garlic cloves (Lots!) Small hand mirrors (As many as there are windows in your home) Firstly you can surround the exterior of your home with salt and bury garlic cloves also around for good measure. flood. Thirdly place the small hand mirrors facing outwards in every window of your home whilst saying: Return to those what they send My circle of protection does not end RETURN TO SENDER!!! This will reflect back to your neighbours or passing people who wish you harm their bad thoughts and energies. Perfect!! 20 . Secondly cast a circle and imagine your circle of light extending right out to surround your home. burglary or unruly neighbours!! As always for best results perform all three.

if it is for negative reasons. Concentrate on what you want from your wish. and hang the flowers from the top of your front door. it will come back on you so be careful! You have been warned!! Now make your wish. Leave the candle to burn itself out. Place the flowers around the candle.Wort (flowers) Cast your circle and light the orange candle. The spell will grant you your wish and the flowers above your door will ward off evil as well!! 21 .Wish spell Wishing for things is something everyone does at one time or another. This spell can be adapted to suit any circumstances just change the candle colour to one that corresponds with your wish and the flower to one you feel fits right! You will need:   Orange candle St-John’s. Remember all that you ask for . The main wish I get asked about is for an easier life.

Imagine the light surrounding you turning blue for healing and then gold for protection. Sit down in front of the mirror and cast your circle. Look past them and say your full name. Speak your wish and repeat it twenty one times. Repeat it twenty one times. Light the white candle and place it in front of the mirror. Snuff out the candle and await success. Look into the mirror and stare into your reflected eyes.To meet with success You will need:   White candle A Mirror This spell will put you on the path to success in anything you wish for. 22 .

Wait for it to cool which will secure the key to the drawing of the door. they will come true!!!!!! 23 . On the piece of paper draw the door you have imagined in your head. Light the white candle. Pour some of the candle wax onto the drawing and push the key into it. throw the envelope into a fire and imagine as it melts the door opening and welcoming you to the other side where you will be happy and surrounded by all you wish for!!! The spell is now complete. await your wishes. Now imagine the door to which this key fits opening to all of your greatest desires. It means the opening of doors to your wishes and goals in life. and hold the key in your hand. Seal all of the edges with the wax and leave to cool. Another way is to perform this simple spell to gain the same outcome. Fold the paper into a small envelope shape and pour more of the melted wax onto it to secure the folds and keep the paper in place. Once hardened.The key to happiness You will need:      A White candle A Key Paper A Pen A Fire It is believed to be extremely good luck to find a key.

24 . You will need to repeat this spell on your next birthday. Fold the paper three times and place it under a vase of flowers. To further your chances complete this simple but effective spell. Leave it there for three nights. write your wish upon it. After the three nights have passed take the plant pot and bury the paper at the base and plant your seeds/bulbs on top of it. Take the paper and pen.Birthday spell You will need:      Paper Pen Vase of flowers A Plant pot Some seeds/bulbs of your favourite flowers On your birthday it is traditional to blow out your candles on your cake and make a wish. When the flowers begin to bloom your wish will be granted. Look after your flowers and your wish will last the year through.

If you miss a night you will have to begin it again from the beginning. 25 .To make a wish come true You will need:   Paper White candle This spell is best performed on the day of a new moon. May the power of (the Lwas who governs your wish) Grant my wish While concentrating on your wish burn the paper in the candle’s flame. Turn off any electrical lights and sit by the candle. Repeat the spell for the next twelve nights at the same time. Snuff the candle out. You now need to imagine the positive effects of your wish being granted. Write your wish on the paper and light the candle. Say: As I sleep tonight.

Now it is thus! Remain in the bath for at least 15 minutes. To capture the heart of whom I see in my mind.Red Spells To attract a heart NOTE: It is important to take into account that if this person has no feelings for you at all. You will need:    A large cup of milk 21 red rose petals 2 red candles If your wish is to attract the heart of another then take a bath! While running the bath light the two red candles and pour into the bath the milk and the rose petals. To empower me. recite the following incantation: I ask Erzuli the Lwas of love. When you have a clear. the work will be doubly difficult. this person must be free of romantic or marital attachments. mental picture of the person. This spell is at its most powerful if performed on a Friday evening when the moon is full. 26 . Also. concentrate hard upon the person who you have the affection for. Once in the bath.

bury the parchment/paper in a place where it will be never discovered. allow it to dry completely. I ask of thee to intervene on my behalf to cause (write name of the person concerned) to fall in love with me. Let it be so! Now mix the thyme and rosemary and sprinkle the mixture over your written words on the parchment/paper. As soon as the spell takes hold and the desired person is under your spell. BEWARE: If the parchment is ever discovered.To charm your dream love You will need:      A A A A A traditional fountain pen with red ink in it red candle pinch of Rosemary pinch of Thyme sheet of parchment/paper Light the red candle. the enchantment will be broken. with the pen write the following incantation while thinking of your desired person: Erzuli Lwas of love. 27 . On the parchment/paper. Hide the parchment in a place known only to you. The herbs will intermingle and empower the ink incantation.

and as it does so (Name of person)’s love grow. As you carve repeat over and over again until you have finished the following incantation: I ask the forces of the Lwas Erzuli to make it so that (speak the name of the person concerned) is able to declare for me their love. light the candle and say the following incantation: May its roots grow. Take the onion and with the pin carve into it the initials of the person you wish to attract. 28 . Every night for the next seven nights. sprinkle the mixture into the plant pot. Plant the onion into the mixture and cover it with more compost.To win the heart of the one you love You will need:      An Onion A Pin A pink candle Three dried pink rose petals A plant pot and some compost Start by lighting the pink candle. May its flowers grow. Strike the pin into the soil while saying: Now it is! Snuff out the candle and leave it next to the pot on a window sill facing your desire’s home. May its leaves grow. Once the onion takes root. Let it so be! Crush the petals and mix them with the compost. begins to shoot. and finally blooms so will your intended’s love for you.

My true lover I shall keep. If you have some strands of hair or threads from your intended’s clothes. willowy stems and bind them together into the shape of a heart. Place the rosemary heart into a white envelope. The rosemary will dry with time and its life force will also fade. whilst thinking of your intended and flames of passion. Tie the yellow ribbon around the heart you have made to secure it. Before you sleep. Choose pliable. While doing this think hard on the one you wish for. When you feel the charm has worked burn the envelope containing the charm in a fire. and put it under your pillow. weave these into the heart as well to create a stronger link. repeat the words: Divine Erzuli bless my sleep. This charm is best performed in April or May when rosemary is in season. 29 .Love Charm You will need:      Rosemary stems A Yellow ribbon A few strands of hair from your intended And/or threads from his/her clothes White envelope Rosemary symbolizes remembrance.

30 . you will not part! Leave the candle to burn itself out. It is the passion that you hold in your heart that will make the flame rise higher and higher. and that the cup/lantern is your lover’s torso. From me. You now need to imagine that the flame of the candle is the bright flame of love within your lover’s heart. Light the candle and place it in the glass cup or lantern.Candle spell to attract love You will need:   A Red candle Glass cup or lantern This candle spell is best performed on a Friday evening. Imagine that you are drawing your lover closer and that the desire in their heart is rising. the flame will rise and fall in time with your breathing. Repeat the spell every night until you feel you have your heart’s desire. As you stare intensely at the flame. Say the following: May this flame of passion burn within your heart.

Position the photos face to face and secure using the paper clip. Take the photo of yourself and the photo of your love. Place the photos in your underwear drawer and leave them there. This means they can see nothing but you.To get a lover to call You will need:   A Photo of yourself & a photo of your love A Paper clip This spell is great to use if you have had a quarrel and you want your partner to make the first move to sort things out. The person you wish to call will do so and quite quickly! 31 .

to represent the waning moon.To rid yourself of an unwanted lover You will need:       Blue candle (blue being a healing colour) A small bell Eight blank pieces of white paper A Pen Apple – juiced White saucer This spell is quite complicated but especially effective. Light the blue candle and ring the bell three times. Dip your finger into the ashes and write the initial of your former lover on your head. It is best cast on a Friday evening. Don’t spill any of the ashes when doing this as it will render the spell useless and you will have to start again. with the curved shape to the left. Then into quarters. On the same piece draw a crescent moon. Seal each of the envelopes with a little candle wax. Divide the remaining ashes into seven piles and sprinkle them onto the remaining seven pieces of paper. While you do this think of the love you once shared. When you have finished bury each envelope in different parts of your garden. Burn the paper in your candle flame and put the ashes into the saucer. Fold each piece of paper containing the ashes into little envelopes. 32 . On the first piece of paper draw a circle to represent the sun. and then into half and quarter again. Stain the paper with the apple juice and fold the paper in half.

Light the candle and using its light take the chalk and write the name on the cloth. Whilst doing this think of them and say: This light will burn out any flame of passion. 33 . (Name of person) has for me.To rid yourself of an unwanted and persistent lover You will need:      Item of your former lovers clothing A Pin Chalk A Black candle Scissors Take the item of clothing and cut a square large enough to write his/her full name on it. The person will now be removed from your life. He (or she) is gone I am Free!! Now stab the pin into the candle and leave it to burn out on its own. To finish the spell throw the cloth and the melted candle into a fire and watch it burn.

Plant them into the pots using the compost and leave them where they will get plenty of light.The Love Triangle You will need:    Two plant bulbs A Pin Two plant pots and some compost If you are undecided which lover to take this spell will show you which one is right for you? Take the two bulbs and with the pin scratch the name of each person on the bulbs. 34 . The bulb that blooms first will reveal the one that is meant for you.

The remaining time keep the envelope well hidden in your drawers where you keep your most sensual clothes and garments. Sleep with them under your pillow if your partner is away. Wrap them up in the underwear and put them into an envelope. Bind the two nutmegs together using the red cord. Your lover will never stray. 35 .Fidelity spell You will need:       A pair of your underwear A pair of your partners underwear Two nutmegs whole A Pen Red piece of cord Envelope big enough to hold the underwear together Take the two nutmegs and write your full name on one and your partner’s on the other.

Pour over the white vinegar until the cloves are completely covered. It is a vibration that pulses from your mind and attracts more bad feelings into your mind. and the next night until you feel the charm has worked. A good long walk. 36 . Take the saucer and place onto it the peeled cloves of garlic. The next morning bury the garlic cloves away from your house and repeat the spell from the beginning the next night. but if you are struggling then try the following charm. being around happy people or listening to upbeat music can cure depression.Curing Depression You will need:    3 Cloves of garlic – peeled A Saucer White vinegar There are many ways to cure depression as it is just a state of mind. Place it by your bed and as you sleep the garlic will turn pink as it absorbs the negative energy from you.

whether this is in a pot or in your back garden. This spell can be adapted to fit any addiction to food. Use as a last resort or as a helping hand! You will need:    A piece of the food you wish to stop craving A Pot with soil if you do not have a garden Three cloves of garlic Bury the food you wish to banish from your life. Plant the three cloves on top. 37 .Dieting We all feel under pressure from time to time to shift some pounds. either to get ready for a holiday or for your own self esteem. The cloves will rid you from your craving once the garlic has bloomed and grown.

For some it is smoking. hammer it into the wooden post fully until you can only see the head of the nail. drinking and these are just to name a few. This spell will cure any kind. shape or form of bad habit. nail biting. Then using the hammer. this can be to stop your partner snoring and even leaving the toilet seat up! Take the strands of hair and wind them around the iron nail.To cure a bad habit You will need:     Nine strands of hair from the effected person An Iron nail Wooden post Hammer Most people can confess to having a bad habit. The habit will begin to break over time and fully broken by the time the nail begins to rust. 38 . You can use this spell on others as long as you can get hold of nine strands of their hair.

In doing this you are washing the illness away. 39 . Then take it to a nearby stream and let it wash away.To cleanse someone from illness You will need:    Toe nail clipping from the afflicted person Hair trimmings from the afflicted person A basic Voodoo doll When making the doll place the toe nail clippings and hair trimmings inside of the doll.

After filling the hole back in with soil. the shell to the West. East and West are from your current location. Lwas Loco is affiliated with trees and his power is at its strongest around them. If you do not have a tree in your back garden then try and find a place where you can perform your spell where you can do it in safety and comfort. Dig a small hole with your hands and place the doll inside. Once you know your directions place the stone to the North. Using the pen. 40 . Now cover them up with some more soil. use the compass so that you know where North. South. Now take all of the ingredients out into the garden and pick a spot under a tree.Healing from Afar You will need:        A Feather Rosemary oil A Shell A Stone A basic Voodoo doll A Pen Compass Take the doll and dress it in a manner that suits the person you wish to heal. therefore marking them as that person. write the name of the person on the doll. three drops of the rosemary oil to the South and the feather to the East.

To alleviate illness You will need:   A Blue headed pin A Blue candle Inscribe into the candle the name of the person who is ill with the pin. You will need:      A A A A A Coin Pinch of salt Cup full of water Pan Stove Take the coin and put a small amount of salt onto it. 41 . which is then put into the pan and put on the stove. Once the water is cool enough (as we don’t want any accidents here) take the coin and splash the water onto the afflicted person’s aggravated/sore/ill parts of their body. As it burns down the illness will leave the affected person. Another spell that has the same effects is. Let the water boil and then cool down. Transfer the salt into the water. Give offerings to Loco and then light the candle.

Protection from illness for the elderly You will need:   A horseshoe or iron nail Salt water This spell is especially good to improve the health of an elderly person. This is so the part that is visible can act as a conductor to disperse the negative and harmful energies. Take the Iron nail/Horseshoe and bless it by immersing it into the saltwater. 42 . Take it to the garden of the person you wish to help and bury it either in their garden or in a plant pot nearby. (Name of person) is free and well. Run through this iron. As you bury it say: Ill health I do tell. Make sure it is buried well but that a small part of it is visible.

To ease ill health that lingers You will need:     An empty jar Seven cloves of garlic Seven pieces of coal A three forked twig This spell is the spell of seven and for this spell to work you will need to find a stream. Take the empty jar and let the stream fill it. so always make sure the water is definitely cool before continuing. Once the water is cool flick it using the three forked twig over the person seven times. 43 . On the seventh day boil the contents of the jar in a pan and stir it with the three forked twig. they don’t need burn marks on top of their illness!!! And they certainly wouldn’t thank you for it. Then leave it to cool. Now you leave it alone for seven days. Now go home and add the seven pieces of coal and the seven pieces of garlic. As with the spell above be cautious and make sure the water is properly cooled before flicking it all over the afflicted person. This allows the mixture to marinade and become potent. This blesses the afflicted person and drives the illness out.

To get rid of a headache You will need:   A Stone Some Soil Take the stone and rub it on your forehead. 44 . Now cover the stone with soil. The negative energies that have caused the headache are absorbed by the soil.

Loco the Lwas of healing is associated with trees and the offering of your blood will allow him to heal you of your persistent affliction. 45 . or stand over your pot plant and let four drops of your blood fall into the soil. This works especially well if done at the base of a tree.To rid you of persistent nose bleeds When your next nose bleed strikes run out into your garden.

If your hair is only just beginning to thin out rub garlic oil into your scalp morning and night.To cure baldness You will need:       Rosemary oil Almond oil Bay Rum Garlic oil Rosemary Sprigs A cup of water Mix equal parts of the Rosemary oil. Almond oil and Bay Rum in a jug/container. Or to strengthen your hair and prevent any further loss take the rosemary sprigs and infuse them into the cup of water. Every morning and every night rub the mixture into your scalp. Use the water to rinse your hair after shampooing. 46 .

or place them at the foot of the bed if you have used the scarf. Your pain will dissipate. After you have completed your task. Take the corks and thread them onto the red cord or fold them into the red scarf whilst explaining your problem to Erzuli and why you are asking her to help her relieve you from this feminine pain.To ease period pain You will need:     A good length of red cord or a red silk scarf 7 Corks A Needle 2 Red candles Cast your circle as usual and give thanks to Erzuli. 47 . Flower offerings always go down well. if you have used the cord. close your circle and either hang them from the bottom of your bed.

As the flame turns blue think of the affected person and visualise them well again. The fever will break. Leave the fire/candle to burn out own its own. which will turn the flame blue. 48 .To break a fever You will need:   Salt An open fire or if you do not have a fire or cannot make one use the flame from a lit candle. Throw a handful of the salt into the flames of the fire or the flame of the candle.

This transfers the pain from the adult/child into the soil which absorbs the negative energies. Leave him an offering next time you pass the spot as thanks. Also make sure the patient also knows what you are doing. Now take it outside and stab it into the ground seven times. take the broad bladed kitchen knife and press the flat side of the blade against the bump. Whilst doing this pray to the Lwas Loco and ask him to take the pain away. This will help reduce the swelling. so explain what you are going to do before you do it!! You coming at them with a kitchen knife could be. well I think you can gather the point! No pun intended! When a child bumps their head or an adult comes to you with concussion.To cure concussion or a bump to the head You will need:  Broad bladed kitchen knife Warning: Do not do this with a very small child as their movements are quick and sudden. 49 .

Eat at least one fresh raw apple a day before going to bed. Personally the apple sounds like the best option for me and a lot more pleasant!! 50 . Sometimes no matter how often you brush your teeth or use the latest fandangle product. Another is to chew a combination of parsley. When all else has failed then try these simple remedies that have been used for centuries.To get rid of bad breath Bad breath is one of life’s embarrassing problems. nothing works. peppermint and fennel.

make sure you give thanks to Lwas Ayida. stick the candle to the coins. 51 . Lwas Ayida has accepted your offering and the money you ask for will be on its way. Now invoke the Lwas Ayida by saying the following whilst throwing the remaining coins into the centre of the circle: I call for you Ayida to help me. Once washed and dried place a coin onto each of the saucers. I need (amount of money) immediately. Place the saucers into a circle and using a little of the melted wax from each candle.Green spells Coin & Candle spell You will need:     Five saucers Five short green candles A handful of coins (at least ten) Salt Water Use the salt water to wash the energies left on the coins from their many handlers. So it be! Now imagine the flames from the candles joining together in a spectacular show of light. I give you this offering (throw the coins now). When it arrives.

Wednesday a red candle. It is believed that money attracts money and the more you add the more you will receive. the coins you have accumulated since yesterday. Cast your circle and light the gold candle.Wealthy Week You will need:        Gold candle White candle Pink candle Red candle Two green candles Blue candle A handful of coins (Do not count them) You need to start this spell on a Sunday night. Once it has gone out gather up the coins as you will need them tomorrow night. Look into the candle flame and say: Thank you for the money I have already received Leave the candle to burn down and go out by its self. Thursday a green candle. For each of these days repeat the spell exactly and remember to add to the pile of coins everyday and give thanks. Friday a blue candle and finally on Saturday a green candle again. On Monday night repeat the spell in exactly the same way but using a white candle and adding to the pile of coins. Now surround it with the handful of coins. On Tuesday use a pink candle. Remember to give thanks and say the words above. 52 .

one of gold and one of green. until the circle is complete.Urgent money spell Sometimes we have deadlines on when we need to pay for things. Leave the candles to burn out till they are extinguished by themselves. This candle represents the power you will be giving the white “money” candle/s and of course so you can see what you are doing as we don’t want any accidents!! Now cast your circle. 53 . as you do say out loud it’s money value (E. Pick up the main “money” candle and light it from the green candle. Light each “money” candle in the same way. Remember to say out loud its value. Place the lit candle on to the plate which begins a circle of “money” candles. what the money is for. when you need it by and so on. Now give thanks and prayers to Lwas Ayida and explain your plight. Take the white candles that represent the money you need urgently and place them together on the place you often eat from.G £100). At quarter to midnight sit in the room with all the lights off (especially electric lighting of any sort). Add to it two circles of light. Take the green candle and light it. The spell is complete and your problem now has a solution. this spell take the stress of worry away from you as urgent money will find its way to you in times of need if you only ask! You will need:    One white candle for every 100/1000 pounds or dollars you need A plate you often eat from A green candle It is important that this spell is performed at midnight.

Lottery Luck You will need:    One Green candle for each number you need A Lottery ticket Grounded nutmeg Light each green candle one by one and stare into the flames. Write them down on the ticket as they come to your mind. 54 . Leave the ticket with nutmeg on it for one full day before brushing it off. Now sprinkle the sheet with the nutmeg and snuff out the candles. Now sit quietly and allow each candle to suggest a number to you. Ask for Lwas Ayida’s guidance and pray for her power to shine down on you.

Firstly take the spare bank note. Plant Marigold flowers on the top.To bring money home You will need:      A spare bank note Front door mat (placed inside your home) A Gold coloured object Marigolds planted in a pot (the plant. now say: Ayida guide the moonlight So it may bless these coins And bring wealth into my life with its light Your fountain of fortune will now spurt into life and over flow with cash by the next full moon. On the night of the full moon place all of your spare change onto the window sill. not the washing up kind!) Spare coins This is a three step spell. a full moon. Secondly take a plant pot and bury your gold coloured object deep into the soil. The third and final part involves an incantation. 55 . Let the light of the moon shine down onto the coins. You do not have to complete them in any specific order but completing all three will ensure optimum results. the bigger the value the larger the returns! And place it under your door mat at the front of the house. Repeat step three at the crescent of the next new full moon. your spare change and a window sill. or at least as close as you can manage. Place by the front door. Every time someone walks over the mat and enters your house. Do not count it. the money will receive a positive charge which will attract money to your door! Remember to remove the note during the full moon otherwise unexpected expense will occur.

On the bay leaf write the phrase “I wish to conceive a son”. Leave the candles to burn completely out.To conceive a son You will need:      A A A A A Single red rose in a vase Red candle Green candle Yellow candle Bay leaf This spell should be performed at the most fertile part of your cycle to achieve optimum results. look at the candle light. keeping that image in your mind. Place them into a triangle with yellow at the top. kiss it three times and place it under your pillow. imagine it blooming and unfolding into a rose. Light the red. The number three represents the male genitals and sexual force. All you need now is a lot of spare time and the co operation and willingness of your partner!!! Enjoy!! 56 . red at the bottom left and the green at the bottom right. The next step requires great concentration and visualisation technique. First place the rose in the vase and put it on the surface you are about to work on. Visualise it being channelled into your womb and lighting up and nourishing the rose inside. Keep this image in your mind for as long as you can. yellow and green candle. As you light the candle give thanks and prayer to the Lwas Obatala. Put it face up between the candles. Now open your eyes. Pick up the bay leaf. Take a deep breath. relax. and now when you feel ready begin to imagine a rosebud deep inside your womb. Sleep with it there until your fertile phase is over.

Firstly you need to work this spell when you are at your most fertile. Your hair should be attached to the dolls head for hair and the photo of your face should be attached to the doll’s face. Once the doll is prepared. Now fold the paper around the doll and her “bed” and tie it with the yellow ribbon/cord. put the fresh lavender on top of the scarf and then the doll on top of it all. Now take the paper and pen and write on it: I wish to conceive a daughter Put the paper beneath the scarf. Pick it all up and place her onto a table in a room with no electrical lights. The doll must resemble you as much as possible. 57 . Place the quartz and the moonstone beside her to strengthen your spell.To conceive a daughter You will need:            Basic Voodoo doll but give it a bump Clippings of your own hair A photo of your face Fresh lavender Pink scarf Pink candle White paper Pen Yellow ribbon or cord Quartz crystal A Moonstone This spell is all about the ingredients and preparation. Put her beside your pillow or on your bedside table. Light the pink candle and place it to the right of her. All you need now is your partner’s desire to complete the spell and bring it to fruition.

You will need:   A ring that is personal to you A length of cotton/string Thread the ring onto the cotton/string and tie it at the top.To know the sex of a baby It is always fun to guess the sex of a baby that a friend is carrying! With this spell you can amaze them and tell them what they are dying to know. it will gain momentum and eventually swing in either a clockwise or counter clockwise circle. Now hold it loosely over the pregnant woman’s belly. take a deep breath and let the ring start to swing. Clockwise .Boy Counter clockwise – Girl 58 . Relax.

Now float them together in a bowl of water. so add a little of your own hair inside the doll. Take the cotton/cord and bind the dolls together.To help with an interview You will need:    2 Basic Voodoo dolls A bowl of water Green Cotton/cord One doll represents you. With the spell now complete. you will get that job!! 59 . so if you have a letter from the company inviting you to the interview fold it up and insert it into the doll before stitching it up. The other is the interviewer.

Light the candle and show both sides of the bank note to the flame. Snuff out the candle and carry the photo with the note attached in your pocket/wallet/handbag with you during your interview for guaranteed success! 60 . using the paper clip. fasten the bank note to the back of the photo.To Win a Job You will need:     A A A A Green candle Bank note Paper clip Photograph of yourself Before you go to your interview complete this simple spell to ensure success. Take the photo of yourself.

Blue Spells Mirror Spell You will need:  A Hand Mirror Also a simple yet incredibly powerful protection spell is done with a small or medium sized mirror you can hold in your hands. While holding the mirror facing outwards in other words not showing your reflection but turned to reflect out. Circle of protection. 61 . turn in a counter clockwise circle to banish while saying: Circle of reflection. So it bounces off you instead of affecting you. May the sender of all harm. Feel the power of this charm. This does not send any negative energy at the sender hence eliminating the cause and effect portion of negativity adding to negativity but it reflects back anything being directed at you. Circle three times full round chanting this or until you feel it is complete. then make a closing statement such as: So Be It.

A Spell for Justice
Cast your circle as normal but give offerings and thanks to the Lwas Kalfu. He will be your guide and aided power to all situations involving justice. Choose blue candles for this spell to strengthen the results. May Kalfu stalk those who dare To slander me and cause me care All that they attempt to cause me pain Rebound on them and be in vain Let the hurt they cause to me and mine Be bound round them like ivy's vine And when they lay them down to sleep May nightmares stalk and waking weep, Until the day their conscience bids They tell the truth to for all to hear And leave my reputation clear All this I ask in Kalfu’s name And wish on them the very same.


Freezing out a witness or legal opponent
You will need:    A Pencil / Indian ink A piece of paper/parchment Vodka – a cup full

If someone is working against you in a legal matter and you know his/her name, you can try a freezing spell. Write her name on a piece of paper in pencil or India ink. Fold the paper in half, then in half again until you can't fold it any more. As you do this, imagine her influence freezing / stopping, that she cannot do anything until the thaw. Then take the folded paper and dip it into the cup of vodka, soaking it completely. Then put it into a corner of your freezer. Leave it there for 30 days. Start this on the waning moon. It should stop her from influencing people or things about your business. It freezes her out.


Blue Justice Spell
This spell is especially effective to affect outcomes within a court situation. But please take note that this is not a judgment spell; it does not attempt to find facts, determine justice, and affix blame or penalties. This is a Justice Spell that invites the Universe to step in and right a wrong, to restore balance where imbalance exists. The final outcome is left to the Lwas Kalfu, whose notion of justice may be different from ours, whose sense of Time is eternal, but who applies the Law of Three without pity.


Now. As you place each item in the jar state with feeling: 65 . Take your bottle and place it on the altar. criminal cases. The first part involves asking for Lwas Kalfu’s sight into the injustice and to repair it. You will need:            A small jar with cap Twine or string A piece of Amber Rose petals to represent the Lwas Erzuli Frankincense and Myrrh (powdered) and Rosemary Olive oil Banishing scented oil A couple of coloured markers or pens Paper Enough water to fill the jar three-fourths full. trials or administrative hearings. Justice may be seen to be done immediately or it might take karmic form. The second part of the spell involves binding the offender and banishing spells can be used to augment it. you can modify the spell in any way you like to suit the circumstances that bring you to needing such a spell. but Justice will prevail. Take the Voodoo doll and using one of the markers write the name of the person or situation you are asking for justice to be done/for on it. The spell has two parts and can be used for any matter at law: civil proceedings. Talk to the doll and tell it all of the things that he/she has done to disappoint and hurt you.What goes around comes around. place the amber in the jar along with the rose petals and other herbs. Basic Voodoo doll Cast your Circle. Anoint it with the banishing oil. As always.

With each wrapping. As I will it. securely bound.May Kalfu look into this situation. and repeat: Time to chill out. As you are dribbling it over the doll. about you and below you. Now place the doll in the jar and pour about a teaspoon of oil over the doll. Begin wrapping the doll in the string. Now fill the jar 3/4’s full of water. to make your path slippery as you have violated the Law of Three. and bring the outcome to its true and rightful decision Justice be done!!! Take the doll or dolls in hand and the string. chill out. I ask the Lwas Kalfu to empower this spell and insure it's working. so it is! 66 . no more lies/hurt/damage (delete appropriately) be done by you When you are through. state: Once around. mirrored on the inside so that you will have to see yourself as you are at every moment until you surrender and change your behaviour towards yourself and those around you into a more positive behaviour pattern. state: I place sacred oil all around you. I place around you (person's name) the crystal sphere of the Mother's Orb. securely knot the string a minimum of 3 times. chill out. Bound around and about. only if it is in the highest and best good of all concerned. place it in the freezer of your refrigerator.

Write out how you felt about this person/situation before now. This will allow you to get the worst of the anger.Close the freezer and leave that jar there until you are satisfied that the person will not hurt anyone else in this way. including what they did to you. and how you feel right now. This person is contained from hurting you and anyone else. 67 . and is "chilling out". disillusion. Do not worry about them any longer. and disappointment out of your system so that you won't become ill from the feelings. Burn the paper before closing your circle.

Feed to your heart’s very content on this bedside snack and treat Repeat this spell every night for fourteen nights and you are guaranteed that the bad dreams will not return again. Keep away. Each night before bed perform this spell. keep away From my slumber My dreams now be sweet.Black Spells Spell to banish bad dreams You will need:     Black incense sticks 14 Dates (fruit) Black candle Banishing oil Take the black candle and anoint it in the banishing oil. Once in bed say this spell for a guaranteed peaceful night’s sleep: Take these crawly creatures That creep into my dreams Come feed upon these date My offering to you. then place it next to your bed. Push an incense stick into a date and then into the top of the candle. Sleep well! 68 .

If you still have problems which means you are having a full bout of insomnia then drink the liquefied lettuce head before bed. Fear no longer. which is a teaspoon full of basil leaves and thyme.Aid a restful sleep We all have hectic days and often find it difficult to get to sleep as our minds are racing with the days problems. Allow them time to infuse and for the boiling water to cool until it is drinkable. Drink it before bed to aid a restful sleep. 69 . use this easy. Anoint your forehead and temples with the juice. fool proof spell to get the sleep you deserve! You will need:     Thyme Basil leaves A cup of boiling water Head of a lettuce Begin by brewing a tea. If you find you are still having problems then take the lettuce head and blend it.

they cannot find you to get into your dreams in all that blackness. The idea of all this is to confuse the bad energies and demons. Now take the tights/stockings you have worn that day and lye them on the bed. Sleep well!!! 70 . At the centre of the cross use the pin to keep them in place. sheets and pillow cases) Firstly change your bedding into all black. Finally take the black cord and hang them from the bottom of your bed. Now get changed into your black nightwear and get into bed.Another nightmare cure You will need:      A pair of tights or stockings you have worn for a day Silver Pin Black cord Black nightwear (dress/PJ’s) Black bedding (Duvet cover. Take the legs and form them into a cross shape (X). Make sure all the lights are off and your room is in complete darkness.

saying. but you need to remember to make sure you are absolutely sure you want to banish it/them from your life because once done it is permanent! You will need:     A Black candle for each set of four Four small pieces of paper for every thing/one you wish to banish A Pen Altar knife On each small piece of paper write the name of the person/thing you wish to banish from your life. I banish (insert name) with the power of Wind 71 . saying. I banish (insert name) with the power of Water Then tear one into little pieces and throw it out your window. This spell can be used for everything and everyone! It is easy and versatile. On your black candle. saying. Always do four of the same for each thing/person.All purpose banishing spell From time to time we all feel the need to banish someone or something from your life that has become unbearable. saying. Take the four pieces of paper and burn one. Light the/each candle and give thanks and explain what you are about to do and why. take the altar knife and carve the word/s you have put on the paper onto the candle. I banish (insert name) with the power of Earth Flush one down the toilet. I banish (insert name) with the power of fire Bury one in some dirt. If it is agreed by the Lwas that these things/people do need to be banished from your life they will be.

If you feel the spell has not worked it is because the person/thing you have tried to banish is not meant to be removed from your life at this time.Let your black candle/s burn down. wait. they still have a purpose! 72 . Be patient.

Your spell is now reversed. I give this pearl from a necklace I own I transfer the spell into the pearl and render the spell dormant No harm will come from the cancellation of this spell No further power shall it have This is my will So it is!! Take the pearl and put it in the black cloth. Throw the package you have created as far away from your home as possible. as many as you see fit A bead similar to a pearl A small square of black cloth Black cord This spell is best performed at midnight and during a waning moon. add the Angelica herbs and tie it up tightly with the black cord. It is always better to sit and really consider before casting any spell whether you really need to do it. You need to say the spell while you work. You will need:        Benzoin incense Angelica herb Anoint your candles with Rosemary oil Lots of white and black candles.Spell reversal It is unfortunate but necessary sometimes to reverse spells you have cast. Now dribble a little wax from the candle as you tie the final knot. Firstly light your candles cast your circle and begin by saying: I cast a spell asking (what spell you cast) I now ask the favour of having the spell removed I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good. If so follow these steps and your spell will be reversed if it is meant to be. what your reasons are and are your intentions true and unselfish? Sometimes even the best intentions go astray and a spell reversal is the only option. 73 .

These are:  The place where the sacrifice is to take place must be decorated with garlands and flowers. This should be done above all else. The sacrifice of the animal is meant as an offering to the Lwas you are asking help or advice from. This is so the animal is at all times treated with honour. A fire must be lit on altar. The sprinkling of blessed spring water and the casting of the grain should be done at the beginning of the ritual. Animal sacrifice is a method of consecrating food for consumption by followers of Voodoo. and sometimes even dog (this is unthinkable in our culture today). sheep. and the sacrificial knife must be kept out of sight beneath the grain. The main animals used are goat. The grain must be thrown at the sacrifice by all the participants. The animal is then cooked and eaten in the feast. The altar must be ritually marked out as sacred and the correct altar cloth used. You will know yourself when you need to make the choice on whether to add this type of strength to your spells. their gods and ancestors. All of the spells in this book can be strengthened by an animal sacrifice. The practitioner must also cut a few hairs from the animal's forehead.     74 . They are usually humanely killed by slitting their throats. If the animal sacrifice is used in a ceremony involving a large gathering then the possessed dancer may drink some of the blood. chicken. The blood is then collected into a vessel/chalice. Think of animal sacrifice as an aide to your spells not a spell on its own.Animals in Voodoo Before we can look into the spells and rituals in which animal sacrifice is used we must first understand the reason for it. The hunger of the Lwas is then believed to be satisfied. Although when practicing animal sacrifice you need to be aware that there are some specific rules and guidelines you need to adhere to. A basket must be kept on the altar containing barley grain.

the heart should be torn still beating from the body of the sacrifice before all else. The entrails (heart. lungs. Songs should be sung and music played on drums and rattles. The blood should be collected in the sacrificial chalice and then poured over the altar after being offered to the Lwas. The animal should then be left to “bleed out” whilst hung upside down.         75 . have its throat cut. the tail. The sacrifice’s head must be pulled back and raised towards the sky and using the sacrificial knife. The lean meat should be roasted and distributed among the participants so that the sacrifice ends in a feast. Depending on the spell and the Lwas you are giving the offering to. liver and kidneys) should then be removed. skewered and roasted separately. The remainder. gallbladder and above all the thigh-bones should be wrapped in fat and burnt on the altar as an offering to the Lwas. Once the sacrifice is fully “bled out” it should then be skinned and butchered.

Now you have removed your hands. let no one touch it and make sure you honour it by keeping it in a special place when you are not using it.Crystal Balls Crystal balls are a sacred item and should be treated as one. It’s all very similar to going on your first date! After a few minutes begin to think about the purpose you have in this scrying session. Imagine in your mind all that you want to achieve and then transfer this image into the ball. use a special bag to transport it. if you wish play some back ground music. Light a few candles. In the meantime you can use a cushion that you especially like. place her back onto her stand. You are the only person that should use it. anything that allows you to feel relaxed and in tune to your inner magical self. Most balls come with a stand supplied with it but if you don’t like the stand then you can buy your own separately from any good store. When taking it out of the house. When you feel that you have completed this visualisation and have transferred it to the ball and she has understood. look straight into the centre of the ball. Get comfortable. it will usually tell you its name the more you work with it. Allow your eyes to relax and become unfocussed. Once comfortable pick up the ball with both hands and allow your energy to pour into her. right into the depths of her. Now you have your crystal ball how do you use it? Well follow the simple steps below and you will wonder how you every lived without her!!  Place the crystal ball on the same table/surface that you use for your altar. Place it in front of you. You will find it is female. stare deeply. because you will be sorely mistaken if you do!! To personalize your ball and create a better connection with it you should name it. Turn off the lights.     76 . and it is a very rare to find one that is male. Remember the ball is like a person or spirit. This is the first time you will bond and you both need to learn about each other. do not just think of it as an item. most crystal balls are.

If you are able to develop this gift then you are truly blessed and are more powerful than you probably realise. be careful and rise slowly and only when you are ready. Place your hand on her for one final time. In the Voodoo faith. Begin to imagine now the misty smoke covering the images and them fading away until the ball becomes clear again. you have seen all you are meant to at this point in time. So it be! 77 . just go with it and let the images flow and change as they wish to.     You need to practice with your ball as often as possible to forge a special bond that will improve over time. So please. do not worry it just means you have power and strength in another area of Voodoo that is just as treasured and important! Best of Luck May Ghede look down on you and bathe you with his sight. sealing the bond between you. Don’t try and rationalize them now as none of it will make sense yet. don’t worry. So don’t try to stand straight away as you will probably fall over as your balance will be out of place. Praise your crystal ball and thank her for the images that she allowed you to see. Please note that the images that you see may not be what you expect as answers to questions often come in strange forms that make sense later on. the seer of all. the knower of all. the first time you may feel a little disorientated but this will improve over time. The images will be revealed to you. When the images begin to fade. After a short time you should begin to see images appearing in a misty type smoke. Adjust your eyes back to normal. Although not everyone is able to use this gift successfully. Imagine the misty smoke clearing and the images becoming brighter and easier to see. being able to scry using a crystal ball is considered a great gift from Ghede.

I believe the best way to approach this is that we should do it in “bite size” pieces. they have to be given to you as a gift. and Earth. I don’t want to give you a headache!!!!! 78 . Congo. give answers to many questions and help in all different kinds of situations. Rada. Tarot readings can be given by a beginner or a specialist reader. All magical faiths have their own tarot. There are twenty-two cards which correspond with the traditional cards of the major arcana.Voodoo Tarot The final part of this Voodoo eBook is probably one of the most important subjects. rounding out the deck: four of each Drum (King/Wand). I have tried my best to make this guide as simple as possible allowing you to be able to try the cards and read them without too much difficulty. The first thing you will notice is that this deck has more cards than a standard deck you may be used to. The choice of cards is left unfortunately to a third party. Air. There are sixteen temple cards. Serpent (Queen/Cup). Voodoo Tarot. they are used to predict the future. and Calabash (Princess/Pentacle). and Santeria. Forty cards in the deck are numbered 1 through 10. which are variations of Voodoo religion. Have I lost you yet? I hope not. as it is too much to take in one sitting. There are hundreds of different styles all with their own meanings available to the reader. The only golden rule with tarot is that you cannot purchase your own cards. As I said these cards are complicated and require a lot of explanation. Also each of these forty cards follows a particular cultural tradition: Petro. be sure to guide them well and they will hopefully buy you the ones you want without realising!!! The traditional deck used by Voodoo practitioners is the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot deck. and are in four suits: Fire. For beginners it is quite complicated and requires a lot of study and practice. Water. This means it is probably best to read this section over a few days rather than in one go. Crossroads and Machete (Prince/Sword).

and an adventurous spirit. and esoteric teachings. Advancement through bold action. Order established through vigilance. foresight. Beauty and inner harmony. A justified and ancient source of power. guidance or inspiration. thoughts. Loco . Freedom from cares and worries. comfort and luxury. Fruitfulness and motherhood. John .Mastery over word.Fearlessness. Intuition. wisdom. sympathetic and loyal. The motive force of politics and society. Ayizan . mind. individual effort and endurance will turn the tide. confident and reasonable. where ultimate knowledge and oblivion are unified. The forces of nature. Arcane and eldritch technologies. Master of the Head .A pure. experienced. Dr.A caring and trusting relationship. Eloquent and moving communication. and the foundation of civilization.Victory through might. The ability to turn ideas into actions. Extravagance and intoxication with life. 79 . A trying situation mastered by balancing opposing forces against each other.The essence of femininity and matriarchy. imagination. Discipline. Change through force.Major Arcana: World Egg . Ideas. Creativity. Dance . The pure and undifferentiated power of creation itself. The ability to fulfil plans and use mental control over the emotions. learning. Social mastery and oratory. Initiative and practical actions that promote prosperity. Being supportive. handle problems. The ability to hear a higher or inner voice. open-mindedness. knowledge. exalted and gracious influence. Receiving instructions. Education. Marie Laveau .Faith in tradition and the old school. One who is intelligent. May also indicate a religious ritual. The initiation of new projects. or a new way of life. and matter. and impulses coming from a completely unexpected place. A decision calling for emotional control and faithfulness to spiritual values. Marassa . and control one's life. great works. Nonchalance at the threshold of gaining all or losing all. A patriarch or primary male influence. and spiritual revelation of the most mysterious and arcane sort. such as a marriage or an initiation. productivity.Worldly authority and power.

usually related to consciousness and lifestyle. materialistic. Couche . and happiness. The Market . Karma restored. A need of understanding and advice. contracts. Death coupled with rebirth. Agreements. Selfish. An abrupt change. Being caged by an overabundance of luxury.Life in suspension. Going along with the crowd. Les Morts . Delays and setbacks will be overcome. Discretion should be used in personal and business matters. Freedom from the shackles of the past. A turn for the better in legal matters.The achievement of balance and inner harmony after a great trial. Karma on a grand scale. Lust for and obsession with money and power. Secret Societies .Raw power. divorce. Health and physical fortitude. patience and tact in handling situations. and refusing to hear the inner voice. Unwillingness to make necessary sacrifices. Living in fear. or a wise man who will offer knowing guidance.A major change or transformation. and untrusting attitudes. The ability to face and overcome opposition brings the inner qualities of strength and forbearance. domination and bondage. May indicate a broken relationship. Self-control. or failure in business or career. luck. Courir Le Mardi Gras . perhaps leading to a new lifestyle and enlightenment. Seeking the inner voice or calling upon vision from within. A surge of tremendous force. or treaties concluded justly. Deluge . Victory after apprehension and fear. The act of applying balanced spiritual and psychic forces to physical life. 80 . Recovery from sickness.Possession . Success. A link in the chain of events. A new beginning. Ti Bon Ange – Calm and restraint.Withdrawal from events and relationship to introspect and gather strength. Things set to rights. Concessions and appeasements that backfire. Zombi . possibly traumatic and unexpected.The path of destiny. An unexpected turn of good fortune.Unforeseen catastrophe. Personal experience and thoughtful temperance.Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures.

Feminine beauty and the intoxicating vitality of youth. Embracing things both primal and transcendental. The metamorphosis from beauty to beast and vice versa. Body and mind. Carnival . A great work. most frequently towards greater enlightenment.New hopes and splendid revelations of the future. Final balancing of karma. Dangerous situations and perilous times. to be met with urbane sophistication and a sense of humour. converging towards the light at the end of a dark time. Light and love in personal or business matters. Insight. Achievement. reward.Cyclic transformation covering the mysterious forces of the night. Ancestors . The resolution of a matter long unanswered. Occult forces. 81 . sensitivities and intense dreams. and warmth. A change in point of view.A time of contentment and freedom from restraints. courage and enlightenment of the spiritual self. A time of success.Z'Etoile . Extraordinary sex and adventure. May also indicate travel or a change in residence. success.Completeness and intricacy of design. Magic Mirror . and well-earned recognition. Happiness and faithfulness in a relationship. prosperity. and living beyond the boundaries of society. security and joy. Les Barons (Wild Card): The most extreme of unexpected events.A swift and conclusive decision. Flirtation with death. Achievement. Gros Bon Ange . Creative inspiration. inspiration.

A state of seeming chaos driven by endless small disputes and complications. creativity. Accumulated power set in motion towards a distant goal. Taking full responsibility for a decision. A stressful situation that brings out the best in the participants. May suggest marriage. vigour. considering the current state of affairs. Agwe La Flambeau (Four of Wands): A chance to rest and rejoice. or fertility that can set things in motion. May suggest a surge of vitality. Triumph after great struggle. Spiritual.Petro Damballah La Flambeau (Ace of Wands): The seed of a new venture perhaps as yet unseen. Great obstacles met with heroism and determination. Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau (Two of Wands): Established power and influence over others. Fear of failure overcome by the will to succeed. Setting goals and a vision for the future. invention. The initial success of a business venture or creative project. Ogoun La Flambeau (Five of Wands): An intense struggle motivated purely by the love of competition. Erzulie La Flambeau (Seven of Wands): Standing courageously for your beliefs in the face of adversity. or emotional rewards for diligent effort. The realization of hopes and desires. 82 . and bearing the solitude of leadership. Conclusions drawn based on hard won experience. and enthusiasm. The initiation of an enduring partnership based on absolute trust. An innate and primal force released. Honour maintained in a time of desperate struggle. Inner strength brought to bear at a critical moment. The herald of birth. and developing a plan of action. or a victory celebration. Coming to grips with the impact of past decisions. The blossoming of a friendship or romantic relationship. having successfully resolved a matter of great import.The Minor Arcana: Wands . or other challenge. debate. Jubilation at the hearing of good news. Guedeh La Flambeau (Three of Wands): Personal fortitude and strength of character. A hotly contested race. childbirth. material. game. Responsible leadership. or entrepreneurship. An opportunity to be met with boldness. Legba La Flambeau (Six of Wands): A sense of honour and satisfaction at the resolution of an important matter.

Absolute sincerity. Petro Mambo (Queen of Wands): The essence of fire behaving as water. A sexy and exciting person. A radiantly vital person. who is always the centre of attention. such as wood or coal: The surprising appearance of a new passion. Preparation to meet the final conclusive onslaught. coupled with violent emotions that swing wildly from one extreme to another. who sees what she wants and goes after it. and setting things in motion.Simbi La Flambeau (Eight of Wands): A sudden release of raw power. leading you to take on a burden greater than you can carry. cutting through confusion and indecision. through lack of restraint. The steeling of the will to stand or fall. cocky and charismatic. but whose innate passion can be easily ignited. brought about by immediate and decisive action. and utterly without fear. An adventurer who blazes through life. business. The rapid approach. such as a rainbow: The natural embodiment of passion and sensuality. Azaka La Flambeau (Ten of Wands): Success and gain. The intense enthusiasm and childlike imagination that fuels any new venture. Petro Hounsis (Page of Wands): The essence of fire behaving as earth. One filled with vitality and passion for life. daring in their actions. acting as a catalyst that others may harness. Boundless creativity and lust for a change of both pace and place. Inner fire that can drive away fear and replace it with fury. Having spent their fuel. Masa La Flambeau (Nine of Wands): A pause in the current struggle to ready oneself. into tyranny. Rapid progress towards a desired goal. needing only the application of mind and material to make it a success. Petro La Place (Knight of Wands): The essence of fire. cocky in their attitude. of something that sets your world ablaze. Boldness and daring in love. One who reflects the desires and ambitions of others. Can represent a person of some timidity. A line drawn in the sand. or spiritual growth. 83 . and ignites them. Forces assembled in anticipation of trials and tribulations. Often suggests travel or escape. travel. May indicate the birth of a child. the engines of creation grind to a halt. such a great conflagration. or more likely departure. The crushing weight of ultimate responsibility. Noble leadership transformed.

reaffirm convictions. charismatic. and honest. Turning a blind eye to the minor infractions of others. Temporary victory tainted by dishonour and providing fuel for eventual defeat. An opportunity to bring reason and intelligence to bear in the pursuit of justice and truth. Tactless or hurtful words. May suggest new ideas or information that can reveal a solution to the problem at hand. reorganize thoughts. Guedeh (Three of Swords): Unsettling news leading to heartbreak or loneliness. The need for vigilance in a moment of calm. A challenge to be met and solved through the invocation of force.perhaps as yet unseen. leading by example. An artist who can take hold of an idea and make it a reality through bold action. Acting without consideration for the emotions of others. Nan Nan Bouclou (Two of Swords): Contradictory characteristics brought together as a means of resolving a conflict. Being stuck in a problem which has no apparent solution. May suggest a withdrawal from the material world to find spiritual guidance. Ogoun Ferraille (Five of Swords): A success earned through personal degradation. An excessive power that must not be abused. Swords . Frustration and anxiety that is left unsettled. Legba (Six of Swords): Conceit and intellectual pride. but unafraid to invest authority in others. and striking at the world with swiftness and grace. such as lightning: A great and daring leader who inspires others to rise to challenges alongside him. carrying authority naturally. Betrayal of trust or confidence. A temporary retreat from stress to re-gather inner strength. Agwe (Four of Swords): A time of tranquillity and intellectual repose in the midst of a great struggle. Strife brought to a close through clarity of mind and restraint of force. and formulate a new plan. The revelation of a painful truth. Travel and exploration are delayed. Separation from friends brought about by an unfeeling and coldly calculated act.Rada Damballah Wedo (Ace of Swords): The seed of victory . A dashing and magnetic personality. 84 .Petro Hengan (King of Wands): The essence of fire behaving as air. Refusing to be ruled by negative emotions. One who is forceful.

Erzulie Freda Dahomey (Seven of Swords): An opportunity to withdraw from a hopeless situation and fight another day. Disengagement from a struggle you should never have been involved in. A desperate attempt to resolve a matter without conflict. The use of cleverness or outright deception to turn the tide in your favour. Simbi (Eight of Swords): Chagrin at the unforeseen consequences of prior decisions. Criticism, censure, and the imposition of external restrictions. Confusion leading to powerlessness. Inability to focus on the crux of a problem and free oneself from a difficult situation. Being hamstrung by a past failure or humiliation. Masa (Nine of Swords): Debilitating mental anguish or ill health. Being dragged down by the dishonour of others. Participation in a shameful or regrettable act. Inescapable guilt, mistrust, and doubt. May indicate a death or other catastrophic loss. Azaka (Ten of Swords): Crushing defeat brought about by idle intellectualism divorced from reality. Sadness and desolation in the aftermath of a catastrophic and total collapse. A decisive conclusion brought about through the swift and merciless application of overwhelming force. Rada Hounsis (Page of Swords): The essence of air behaving as earth, such as a steady wind: The approach of an unexpected challenge, to be met with clear thought and just action. A person filled with an eager appetite for all matters of mind and logic. The gathering of information through unfaltering vigilance, careful examination, and subtle spy craft. The use of reason or eloquent speech to penetrate the veil of confusion and cut to the heart of the matter. Rada La Place (Knight of Swords): The essence of air behaving as fire, such as a tornado: A fearless and skilful warrior, unfettered by emotion or material concerns. One able to boldly take on challenges that others consider terrifying or insurmountable. A person who inspires fear and awe through the purity of their purpose and the intensity of their intellect. Speaking frankly, in an outspoken manner, and with great influence. May portend the swift initiation or conclusion of a conflict, through the decisive invocation of force.


Rada Mambo (Queen of Swords): The essence of air behaving as water, such as a refreshing mist: A person gifted with both keen logic and natural intuition, giving them uncanny powers of perception and insight. One who easily sees past deception and confusion to the heart of a matter, and understands both sides of any argument. The embodiment of calm, forthrightness, and wit, in the face of even the most trying circumstances. Rada Houngan (King of Swords): The essence of air, such as a clear blue sky: A mature leader of unwavering ethics and indisputable authority. An incorruptible judge, whose devotion to the law cannot be swayed by emotion or material concerns. Perfect clarity of thought, directness of action, and eloquence of speech. One who, like a great general, inspires not love or devotion, but absolute trust and loyalty.

Cups – Congo
Ayida Wedo (Ace of Cups): The seed of a new relationship or spiritual journey - perhaps as yet unseen. An opportunity for joy, contentment, fertility, or enlightenment. Coming to understand the emotional needs of those around you. May represent an unexpected message, a chance meeting, or the start of a friendship or romance. Gran Ibo (Two of Cups): The perfect harmony of union, in romance, friendship, or business. A deep and palpable connection radiating joy and contentment. A great concordance or pledge of fidelity. The joining of male and female interpreted in the broadest sense. The sanctification of the natural through that which exists on a higher plane. May indicate the meeting of a kindred soul, marriage, engagement, merger, or partnership. Manman Brigitte (Three of Cups): A time of shallow overindulgence, followed depletion. The successful but utterly unfulfilling conclusion of a matter. Satisfaction from sensual pleasures divorced from any sense of love. May indicate problems prematurely dismissed or a victory claimed before it is certain. La Baleine (Four of Cups): Being surrounded by love and devotion but taking it for granted. Ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable. Apathy and disengagement from the world. Dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but the inability to accept new opportunities.


Ogoun Bhalin'dio (Five of Cups): Suffering a loss and wishing for what might have been. Being crippled by sadness, grief, and vain regret. Indecision brought on by the feeling that you made the wrong choice. Ignoring what you still have. May suggest a broken relationship or tragedy. May also suggest a gift, inheritance, opportunity, partnership, or marriage, but one that falls below expectations. Shi-Li-Bo Nouvavou and Dan-I (Six of Cups): Opening your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Fond memories fuel the playful embrace of love and life. Experiencing the joy of youth and sexual innocence. Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Meeting an old friend. La Sirene (Seven of Cups): Daydreams and things seen in the glass of contemplation. The scattering of energies by strong desires and unrealistic goals. The pursuit of illusions and the dissipation of energy on false choices. Intoxication, delirium, and hallucination, leading to the negation of effort. Under rare and extreme circumstances, may indicate the revelation of transcendental spiritual truth. Simbi d'l'eau (Eight of Cups): Losing interest in a matter deeply important to you. Being forced to abandon something in which you had invested great love and devotion. Seeking earthly, physical pleasures, to the exclusion of spiritual growth and emotional fulfilment. Emotional withdrawal and lethargy. Madame La Lune (Nine of Cups): Contentment and satisfaction in romance, friendship, or other relationships. Achieving your deepest desires and savouring beauty and sensual pleasures. A state of joy and abundance radiating fulfilment and bliss. Gran Bois (Ten of Cups): Dissipation, debauchery, and stagnation. Taking one's good fortune for granted. Problems in domestic and social matters. A false love or infatuation, leading to a lack of fulfilment. Congo Hounsis (Page of Cups): The essence of water behaving as earth, such as a wellspring: An unexpected new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. A romantic soul who embraces compassion and imagination with childlike joy. Gentle reflections on love, spirituality, and the importance of personal relationships in business and material affairs. May herald the birth of a child.


The constructive use of creative talents. A tranquil poet who reflects the nature of the observer. in order to build something of great renown and glory. 88 . such as perfect and unconditional love. Using the conventional as a medium for expressing the exceptional. or an unexpected opportunity for physical achievement. Congo Mambo (Queen of Cups): The essence of water. and truly understand what is in their heart. and the expression of artistry in workmanship. Remaining calm and relaxed in all situations. The embrace of all things dreamlike and receptive.Santeria (Pentacles) Olodumare (Ace of Discs): The seed of prosperity and material gain perhaps as yet unseen.Congo La Place (Knight of Cups): The essence of water behaving as fire. inheritance. Oya (Three of Discs): The commencement of business. document. One who intuitively knows the strengths of those around him. forward with their emotions and tender in their support of others. or employment. such as a deep and placid lake: Spirituality. Shifting the importance of projects and priorities to keep everything on track. The need to focus on the practical and understand the dynamics of the natural world. and gently cultivates them. A change in occupation or location. A new foundation from which to turn your dreams into reality. An eager and intense person. and a deep knowledge of human nature. but prone to extremes. and making artful use of diplomacy or a quiet word to resolve conflicts. full of charm and beauty. endless patience. The ability to listen to what another person is saying. maturity. Olofi (Two of Discs): Balance and harmony achieved in a time of upheaval and transformation. Taking two steps forward for every one step back. such as a rushing river: A passionate romantic. May represent a gift. and grace. A rewarding partner and a beloved leader. such as a billowing cloud in the blue sky: Great maturity. Discs . commercial transactions. one whose relaxed presence seems to embody deep love and spirituality. A natural counsellor and healer. Forceful idealism blended with gentle kindness. Congo Houngan (King of Cups): The essence of water behaving as air. tolerance of other points of view. Skill and labour turned to the crafting of things of value.

and nature. Impending physical threat is met with calm and skill. Success and generosity in material things. Stress is met without resorting to excess or the pursuit of oblivion. trust. The wise use of resources and foresight. Shango craft or and the to see it (Eight of Discs): Dedicating you fully to a task. Industriousness efficient completion of tasks. The passing of inheritance along to children. Yemaya (Nine of Discs): Good luck attending material affairs. material things. One who delights in the pleasures of the body. Eleggua (Six of Discs): A time of prosperity and profit. Dependability. The embrace of hard work. Attaining refinement and embracing elegance. 89 . and the turning of attention to higher things. Suffering and loneliness leads to spiritual growth. such as a mountain: The surprising appearance of new prosperity and opportunities for advance in the physical world. the security of home. Oshun (Seven of Discs): A pause to check on the progress of your labours. Living in a cloud of suspicion and prejudice. Sticking with a project long enough through. Applying painstaking attention to detail. May portend a new job or promotion. or the gaining of inheritance from parents. Power and influence turned to noble pursuits. Making you an obstacle to progress due to lack of originality and a desperate fear of change. Philanthropy and the balancing of physical and spiritual life. Exercising patience and perseverance. The fulfilment that comes with accomplishment. May suggest gifts or aid to one in need. Freedom from financial anxiety. Learning a new skill. Yaguo (Page of Discs): The essence of earth. and a studious nature. realistic goals. Coveting things and people. and scholarly perseverance as a means to create solid achievement. Oggun (Five of Discs): Concern over finance leads to prudent action. Making difficult financial decisions. Discipline and nobility applied to the maintenance of security and stability.Obatala (Four of Discs): Cleaving to earthly power in the desperate fear that it will be lost. and the enjoyment of family. Evaluating the status of your work and your options for the future. Believing that security and identity are based primarily on the possession of material things. Ochosi (Ten of Discs): Completion of material prosperity and riches.

skilled in all things physical. A person steadfast. and eager to encourage others. A person well informed about the world.Oriate (Knight of Discs): The essence of earth behaving as fire. Santera (Queen of Discs): The essence of earth behaving as water. able to create opulence and stability in any setting. practical. The will to the change the world. Santero (King of Discs): The essence of earth behaving as air. A force of nature whose methods are as predictable and dependable as they are unstoppable. and responsibility. such as molten magma: One slow to action. honour. The qualities of maturity and sensibility. coupled with an innate appreciation for nature and the material world. but through the thorough and unwavering application of proven means. embracing tried and tested methods. such as a diamond: A true businessman. and possessing an innate understanding of the material reality. 90 . not through bold action. whose word is as good as gold. The voice of duty. such as a hot spring: A warm and generous host. but decisive and unrelenting once set in motion. A philanthropist and devotee of both luxury and hard work. A pillar of practicality and dependability. providing shelter and comfort for all who would seek it. and domestic. with a gift for identifying opportunities and taking advantage of them.

Spreads There are hundreds of Tarot spreads when you look into Tarot. Card 3 is self explanatory. which can seem daunting and confusing. Give them to the questioner and ask them to hold them. this is the pile you will read from. Card 2 has happened within the past 1 or 2 weeks. If you need to look deeper into the past or the future. Get them to choose a pile. This enables past energies that are left in the cards to be dissipated and only their energies remain. Ask them to shuffle them and when they feel it is time to stop. Place your hands over theirs and ask them to “bang” on top of the cards. Card 4 will happen within the next 1to 2 weeks and card 5 within the next 3 weeks. making the spread their own and not influenced by anyone else. place them into three piles. Now the spread: Card Card Card Card Card 1 2 3 4 5 = = = = = Past More recent past Present The Near future Future Card 1 looks at occurrences or influences which have happened within the past 3 weeks. 91 . to help you I have sifted through them all and I have found the simplest ones are the best for beginners. I recommend that you add a card to cards 1 and 5 making it a 7-card spread. as they do say “This is your deck”. But don’t worry. I will give you two examples of simple spreads that you can learn from: 5 Card Spread Take the cards and shuffle them. it can help.

Daily Tarot Spreads There are two daily spreads I am going to teach you. It is best to use these spreads to bond with your pack and learn your cards intimately. Card 1: Morning Card 2: Afternoon Card 3: Night Or try: Card 1: Challenge Card 2: Advice Card 3: Outcome 92 .

May Legba smile down on you and that he aids you in all your castings.Closing Thoughts and Words Now I have brought the world of Voodoo into your life/closer to your heart. We shall meet again!!!! Goodbye for now!! X X X X 93 . I would like to wish you luck and joy in your spells and workings.

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