The Book of Satan V, 11: Blessed are the Mighty-Minded for they shall right the whirlwinds- Cursed

are they who teach lies for truth and truth for lies, for they are an abomination I


Kenyouth Lucien Henry knows all about the above quote Don't you Kenyouth? that is why you are r~~~~' keeping your mouth shut about murdering your own brother with the aid of Martin Paul Mckiernan(CSIS) and being protected by Canadian Public officials. That's what happens when one sells their soul, it does not matter who they have to sacrifice in order to get what they want •

Kenyouth Lucien Henry

police informant

for: CSIS/ RCMP / EPS. Murdered his own brother, took him out of R.A,H. Hospital in Edmonton & spoke with Dr. Louis Francescutti. People in Trinidad, Gasparillo don't know this. Now they Do,

notice how EVERYONE is looking DIRECTLY ahead at the Camera, EXCEPT Kenyouth Lucien Henry; this is how you know he is a Police Informant. if there is any DOUBTS about that then goto this link: and

WATCH the Kenyouth Turn his face and RUN from being MADE

and his face beina cauaht on video.


LOr simply google Kenyouth Lucien Henry / Ceyon Henry / Kenyouth & Ceyon Henry.

Picture of the 'Suspect' who posted the Flyers at the Westin Hotel in Edmonton. Martin Paul Mckeirnan ( CSIS) agent as admitted to by Jensey Henry's Son: Kenneth Victor

Henry( the audio file is already on the Internet since 2008 ) who was living with Martin at the

time. Martin is Also the Ex-husband of Vicki taillieuer, who constantly harrassed her and

threatend her, and was not help by EPS or ANY Edmonton / Alberta Public Officials(except one EPS female Officer who was going to charge him and was shut down.

The entire situation at the Westin Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta which resulted in the death of Jensey Selwyn Henry was a set up/ Satanic Ritual/ Genocide / Apartheid /Rape involving the EPS, RCMP, CSIS, Province of Alberta, Government of Canada. Genocide is alive and well within Alberta( This Includes the Courts, Clerks, Judges, Masters, Q.C.'s, Public Officials Appeals Courts and Supreme Court of Canada) and Canada(sic) South Africa under P.W. Botha and F.W. DeClerk must be green with Envy how they keep it going here.

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