From An Architect to A Social Architect ± A Page from My Memoir Tania Saleem ± Karachi, May 2011

Two things in my life have gone through many changes one is my name and other is my profession or field of study. I have changed my last name many times. I was born Tania Palijo, transformed myself into Tania Thebo for some time, and finally became Tania Saleem by marrying Saleem Mangi. When I read my current name I feel as if it is a name of an urdu speaking poetess. But it¶s name of a Sindhi woman who does poetry in Urdu too, but is not a typical Urdu speaking poetess. Although our religion is more women friendly in this aspect that muslim woman does not need to change her maiden name after marriage but majority of women in our society change their maiden name after marriage. Why did I change my name from Tania Palijo to Tania Saleem?««because of the meaning of Saleem«.. I thought it will bring salamaty in my life and my expectation was right. I loved to draw, but it¶s only one of the reasons that I wanted to become an architect. Being a cancarian I was a home lover that¶s why I liked Architecture. No matter how much I like seeing new places and cities but home is the place where I want to be all the time. Although I had got an admission in the Architecture department of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology but I was not destined to be an Architect. Neither was I to become an electronic or Telecom Engineer. After all it was not technology but social constructs of the society that attracted me. My subjects were not to be the lifeless gadgets and technologies that infuse life in people but remain dead themselves. I can¶t spend my lifetime on the human accessories commonly known as technology.

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