Vietnam War


Ngo Dinh Diem Refuse to hold elections to unify Vietnam

Ngo Dinh Diem Sponsored by the USA to bring down communism Ho Chi Minh Sponsored by China to bring independence to Vietnam. local civilians This had caused protest in the United States of America Avoid fighting in in big battles and always stick to guerrilla tactics They used the Ho Chi Minh Trail to get their weapons safely to them without getting involve in any big battles . Nullify Us Tactics ‡Agent Orange ‡Operation Rolling Thunder ‡The Air War ‡Search & Destroy ‡Napalm Demoralisation of soldiers Weapons were supplied through the VC continuous to win Ho Chi Minh hearts and minds of Trail. Maintaining The War Had Help from VC on land as promised by Ho Chi Minh Vietminh were Strong US soldiers did not know why they were fighting Shelter given to VC Vietminh never gave up Vietminh never gave because it was there country Drugs Limited & Resourceful Had used some of the remaining weapons left by US and recycle bombs to make booby traps Even though the TET offensive turned out to be a total loss for the VC. unite Vietnam and also to spread communism 1. the VC had turned the Us Public Against their own government.Guerrilla Tactic Booby Traps Surprise attacks Did not know who enemy was Knowing the land better than the enemy Psychological effects that caused morale problems Demoralised Drugs Soldiers were in no mode to fight Paranoia Had Caused MY LIE Incident 2. 3.

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