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Laxman Draft

Laxman Draft

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Published by Sudhakar Boddupally

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Published by: Sudhakar Boddupally on May 01, 2011
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When you learn a new word, you should take the time to use it in a sentence. Use it when you speak

to people. By using the word in your everyday speech and writing, the word will be saved in your

long term memory. Studies have shown that you will need to repeat the word at least seven times

before it "sticks". In addition to learning new words, you will want to read everything you can get

your hands on. Read fiction as well as non-fiction. Read things you normally wouldn't read. This

will allow you to learn new words that you normally wouldn't be exposed. Increasing your English

skills can become very lucrative. Despite the fact that English is often referred to as being a global

language, most people will never learn even 35% of the words that comprise the language. However,

learning as much as you allow you to stand out from the crowd, and it will open up opportunities that

will be closed to others.

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