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Laxman Draft

Laxman Draft

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Published by: Sudhakar Boddupally on May 01, 2011
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You have no doubt heard about the importance of using flashcards. Flashcards have always been a

popular method to help people remember important information. This is especially true when you

want to increase you vocabulary level. You can use these flashcards by writing the word and the

sentence on the front, and on the back of the card, you will want to write the definition of the word,

along with a sentence that puts the word in the proper context. Every so often, you will want to test

yourself by reading the back to determine the information on the front, and vice versa. It is also

important for you to use your senses when learning a new word.

Instead of just saying the word, you will want to hear the word, see the word, and write it down.

When you use more than once sense, you will increase the chances that the word will be

permanently placed into your memory. It will also be crucial for you to make sure these words are

used when you talk to people, and when you need to write something. By using the word for various

tasks, you will become more proficient with it. While this may seem like a lot of work, in the end, it

will pay off. Having a strong vocabulary can be very profitable.

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