1 A

HoW'" '1'0' G1rind Valves

and ,Sharpen Reamers and CuHer.5,

Price: 1 00 Cents Postpl,U' to, Aray Adcfnn C<l1II !:II'SII!"PI "'.A"y ~Mrr A«IPlloI



How to

This bulletin illustrates and dC5C~;,be:!; the up~'to-d01~e rtlielhoa of rdacing \ii3Jl .... c~.. A modem back-geared screw-cutringIathe, oj any size from 9·inch to 36-i.m:h swing, fined with OI,fi"I electric gTinding att~,chrnent, is the practical equipment for valve grindin,g.

AU sizes and aUlypeg of intake and exhaust valvce for automo6i![!S, <1ocl"Oplanes. bLD~es.. trucks. tractors, stationary engines, air compressors, electric f.efrigEirstore" erc., can be refaeed by grindinl'( in the lathe. The gmduate.d compoue d rest of the; ladle may be swiveled! to any a,n~lc requiret]. The lathe spindle has a wicltl runge of speeds for various sixes (]f valves of any materia] S u 1:1-1 EI:!i I:<!!it i mn. !;tt:eJ and alloys.

Vulve servicing in the modem automotive repair !jh.op L~' no longer confined. to Iil.pping the valve to the valve seat and adjusting the tappets. The m()[]cm "hop must he equipped to retace the valve sea ts. install valve seat inserts, Jeiace valves to Lhe exact angle of the valve scat, mah: valh.re 8.eilcL replacement nnga, teat a.nd :!tr;>.i-gl,'ten bent valve areme, true rocker "um fO!.(!<;) fur overhead valves, square the end of the · ... , .. 1 v 1: atem. square the end of the tappet: EuijUJsting screw, square the end. of the tapp~t. eb:::, TIn:: baek-seered scllew euttinz L~.thc. (unlike the sin~-1epurpose machine.) w.iU handle aU or these jobs because it ill a universal tool.

In aJdi.Li.orl to refacing valves, the lathe !TI"Y be uliedfor machining pistons, trllin'i-t and undercutting armature comrnutators, boring re.Labbiu-ed ccnnecting r'o-ds, ma.ld!J:;:: bmdling.t; and bc::aril1fls. cutting ri:g:ht and Ich-h .. ud screw ~1U'eads and g:,eneral machine work of all kinds, Only 11: few minutes are required to set up the lathe for refacing VEllv~fi' {;I'nd, when llu:: valve work has been bnished, the l<lthe lila}' be qUlckly arranged icJol many other jobs.


"''''u.tom,ohile· en.~.Lne valves made o:f steel. C.a!lt iron, or special alloys. any size or type, Can be: refaced by grindin, to any desir.ed angle On Elny size of Sout]' Bend Lathe. The time required to relace 11 valve depend}; Llpon the metal hom which it iii! iITI<!.de and t.h.e !;ize and condition of the valve. F\ set of [2 valves can nsuullv be refaced in the lathe iIi from ten to fifteen minutes.-

The SollJ,th Bend Method (I .. J refaclllg valve!'! by grindLn!l( III the Ia.du~ permits do,ing the wOork: \"ilIl Bt!Ci-l precision th~t a perfect, i:"<Ii.s-ti~ht fit mav bp. ohtaifl .. .1 without Iapping the valve to the valve seat. provided the valve seat is .<'.]00, aceurately finished. Modoc'TI engines have valve seat inserts of stdlite OT other "\Cry ham me~AI which, For best results, sheulr] not be lapped.

Th'll: V.alve Is, Held II~ A P1r~dsio" Chlu,ek

Thf: valve is bdd in a. 3.Jaw Psecieien Valve Chuck which accuratelv I':p.nt .. ;r<.; 't hi" v·ailv .. ~t .. ! .. _ See ;11~S1:I'<I,tioD and ( .. lescriptron 00'( this chuck ODl page 1.

The i!!:["i[ldigl~ wheel is, fed across th.e fa,Ci;! of the valve by wrni.!lIl'l; the: compound rest feed ac rcw. Depth of cut ]8 colitroUed. by the cross feed 5CTCW "",hid! h E1.~ a cellar -grad 11 s;ted in thom;amJths of all inch, The compound rest may' be s,wlveicd to any e,ngle l'eCjuired foil" relalGing the valve. See fi,g, j.

:!";g_ it. A CI_· Vi .. ", Sh ..... l!ll.lr JiIIr,;;"I ...... V .. I ... CI, .. "k

dmil 'G ""I .... c"mp" .... d R.,.t 8",;",,1_

The 3~ Jaw P'fec:.islon Valve Ch"i.Jck shown at:

I.~ft is thrt=adetl to the 8pindle nose of the lathe._ This chuck is hollow and ..... i]1 take al] type~ of va lve :;.tem!>, i·p Iyding Ford valves with mushtOtitl"l ehd s~em~. It i5 made in two .size-~, ~':<i" ~nd ~1~ CI'lPllf:ity_ The ha~d~!:ic-tI j ,1\",I'i; <I.re ~.CCIJ· ,ately ground and provide ,'l lons" ,11rm gripping surface on the valve stem.

The precision valve chuck automutically cerrters ~he valve stem concentric .... ilh I lie ,..xi" "f LL", I .. lln: "I-'i .. dle The vdh,c 3hould be held in the ,chuck jaw3 ,0\11 the valve guide bearing' surface. This assures the valve being accurately refaced eoncen tric with the vul ve stem where it i~ hdd ill the .g\.Dic!~ bU5hin-g, 80 that Whl1!T1 the valve is replaccd ill the cl\girie. the valve faoe win seat in the cylinder block pca-{ct:tJy. and tile vah"€ '>"ill opcrElil!! efficienLly.

The three chuck jaw~ OP~nitt: simultaneously tor g-ripp.ing: or n'.l1ea.siDg the valve stern when the sleeve SUHoumli [110: tlre body Clf tlH: chuck is turned by hand or with the pinion wrench, Do not use thi~ dhl)~k ·For ar;iy~h,iJ'jg blOt VEIl",,!! tcfeci:ng_ To do so lTiIflyi·mp.a.]y Lts a{;cLi.rou~y_

AH dirL liicalt:, and carbon deposit should! be removed hum the valves before they are chucked For rdacir..g inthe lathe. This is best l'I.ccomp]i~hed by the I,I$C of a rotary wire brush mounted on the spindle of a bench grinder or on an arbor Ju:1d in lilt: dmck: of an electric drill-

Fill .. J [.;rruUI SHd in... S'J luwiiJ~ C!l~T.i, .. i!.f"IU"'llu,n oJ !-.JlLW' ,rJ"!l!'lt:!:ill.l . .un Ch'll(!k Thr",,a.di!od • 0 SpinAl .. N""RIII 1:1' h,i ...... CI_ Thillii ChuK!ll: 1-li(!~!1.1-

'-1:1 re! ~ C~l1It~r"l Illite Vii LVI!! tnT 1t_/1OI1lll!:lul·

T esUng and Str.aighrtening De.nt Valve Stem::a

Valves with ncnt aterns should be t~:;.tc:d f:ll"ld IittEli!,;h tl:u·t:J bcfun: they are relacc.L H th .. val ... e sterne aro b",.dl~l bent O~ burned it i~ not advisab,IO? 00, us", th .. rn ,md they should be repla~:ed with new valves. The ... ~lvl= rn"yb~ mounted in the lathe [or testin~. as shown in Fi'8- 4" r f there is no center hole in the valve head. OJ. cetlteJ:' rest or cup center muv be used inskad. of tai!stoc:L cenlcr..

The exact point when"

the stem is bellt i~ "",~ily loeateod when the lathe is started and may I:Jc mukcl \~'ith chalk as ShOWD in Fil{- 4, at r;ight, The valve may t hen be phu!cd on al~ anvjl and. straightened with .ow:: or two light blo ..... _~ of a I'ead or brass hammer: Repea t the testing and straightening operations until the valve runs rrue.

Vah'f! Mii"I_lilItr!ld ii~ L!!Itl,. far T.Iilrt.;rLY: .tid :f...oc::a:t.lng:

E.~lio[lt Point 'f6'lIif1F!I!: V.ftl.,.,., St!ll'IT1 i:l Den't ..

First swivel the cQmpQl.md u::st to the required aTl~l:~e fQrrefaC!in~ tl:u:: valve ali shown in Fig. 5,- Mo.s[ valves have a 45..ciegrcl; angle but vul ves of any angle may l1e ~d,u;!!cl as the compound rest swivel is graduated 180-~.!!grees and maY' be set at any angle,

MOI.!nt th.e Flcctric G.rincler OI:~ the eompeund res r top ,!!,s shown at right ,md ti1'l];te:nn '! he damp b.oh. T ne gJinder s pi ndlc she !lId hr: lPamH d wnth the' compound rest top .n\oyetni! ::did,c I(cx,<;.~pt for .. ;,>t tra luge valves} and the center of the grinding wheel should be t he same hei gil t as the center paint of the lathe. See Fig. 6.

Screw tbe Vahre Chuck onto thoG. ~pilJ1ldl~ nose of the lathe. being very careful to clean d~e lhreads of the spindle and of the chuck lhof"{Jughly_ Also see that IIlO chips get 'between the spindle shoulder ",.tld the hLl.b of the chuck body. Placc valve III Valve ChllCk and tighten jaws 85 shown in Fig- 3. pagc! two. Arrange the lathe to operate at a medium spindle speed .. Mos!: valves fila)' be gmllnd with the back. gcan; di5~ngElgecl and I.h4;! k-:lt (111 the largest step of the cone pLlney hlJ L for !lome v,ery latg~ v!l.lvc:l, r.. al!ow(:;r' ";p.iy,Jl..: ~p,:o;d ITI.lty produce better reau] ts,

!Pig. $" f.J]tllCtrdQ <i.dncl):l;tr M-.,lL:Inr ...... ~ ctr.I IJ..lh'L: CElfTI~~nu:l Ri::Il!t air the ~-n.h" ",nd s"t to Grind V"J.n .. t • ·4~ n .. lr'""~ A"iI:"~~'

Grilldio'9 t~,~ V ~ Ilye F ace

Before stal'ting '~O I'trind, cover the V - .... rays of the lathe bed with a doth to prnlL-ct them fm.rn gll'"lt, Tl'l.I.e the gri:n.&llg wheel as dc~cribed 0[1 page fiv~ and repeat at regular int.ervals to insure .a l!iuiOoth accu rate- job ~;rF valve g:rindin~ .. Opcfil.'ee the lathe in reverse when grinding so that the top of the '\IF!lvc rotates away lrom the oper .. tor as shown ill Fig, 6.

Bri~gthe revolving grinding- wheel up until it eontacts lightly with the valve; then tighten the ear riage lock screw,

Grind th~ valve face by {ceding the grinding \ .... h.!!:1!:1 9low]y baek and fortll across dIe v<ll .... e. Take light cuts, usi[l:g the cross r~ed sc:~w to feed tht: _grindin.g .vheel iin .. n~ the compound res!: f~~d knob to feed the gtmQ1ng whee] across the valve face. Rt:muv£: just enough to t.r ue the face oJ the ,,·alve. A.lways use ill. grindlng wheel aI the propet composition, grain and ~rade.

S s; F'di!' 6.. CtlrY'alct "ci~h~ fur S.,ninK

ee pa.ge u... C."in~U ••• Wh.t'li !in R .. I!ljiol:1l to V9jI",c..

Both the "';;ll~ and the v;:L~v!: seat reamer ahould 'be grQund w,ithout changing thr:= !3e.tting of the (:ompm;md ;rest swivel SO ~h.~y will have ex<ict.:'tly the i!>8,me Single. To set l~p the lathe and gr.il:lJ!::ljll~ Q~~ taehraent for gF.Ll!li,ding ,f!, YSi~Ve seat r,~amer follow th~ instruetiens <t~ outlined OF! page :; fOir :sett;ll~ up tJO i1il"i.rJ,d <'! valve hC'..e_

T (I 2"l'lnd the valve sea't [learner rnourrt it 1]1 the valve chuck as ShOW[l in Fig, 7 at the lch_ The pao~ of the reamer is held and centered ill the chuck which in~ur~s th;t,'t the rC'El.mcr teet,"" w~11 be :groullJd coacentriewit h pilot,

Bolt the base of du::' Spr..Lhg ~ttop holder to the lathe bed as shown and 8<djust the poiur o,f t,h,c Sp~l n g ~ top approximately 1/1,6.inch a hove the la t,ho: eenre r poin.t$ a5 shown :in Fig" 8 below.

Rub a thin film of Prl1ssia[l h]ue OIlJ lh~ l<1,nci.s of d-l~ reamer bb.deg, W,ithout ~'mrtilli:gthe grinder molo.r bring tbA:l g[]ndilllg\'i'h(:;el ~lP ~o that i,t; j lI;l.~l touches the reamer b]<lde~, Hold. d.,~ 'Cutting: edge of the blade againsc the sp~ing stop and tun the who;::l by hand to mark rhe blade. This ¥I'i!]l show whedH::r lhi~ ~et~up isccrrect to duplicate the O]t.~gi.n<i:~ de~[ ... m;:l;,

Lock th!; carrj age by tightening thecar'l'iagelock collar serew. St&!rt the grinciel', Ho]d tbiE tcaIl:wl' hlade :fil"mly against the spring ,stop with one Jumd and tur'n CiI"08& feed screw witch rhe other hand unul I:~:u:' grinding wheel contaeta the:: reamer very lightly_ U~ing tbe compound rest ball crank, feed the grinding wheel (;~TduUy aeross the eeamer blade: Rept~~t the. grimhng op~:r'a~i.Q!l as outlined or!. e,"~h of the rem",jniul!' 'AttJt:.~ <;l,r the:: rt:~][I~I:. Rt::.uwyt: the .n:1:!,I.Ht::.r f.IVUl l~l~ (;h.u:d". allJdl!"e~m a valve SC8..t ~iO t~st the ti!!a:rncr :~oa: t[HJ,l:h dC<l,toai'lICot_

1ft he cleara nec is ~Qrn;;c t, a sm.;;:.o.th uni form 81.1 d!llce o.llJ the val,,~ ~e.at Will result when it is reamed, ] f there i~ .ImDt enough too~h. clearance 01'1 the reamer it w:iU not cut. and if ~here: J"~OO much eleaeance i~ will chs-Her-

If ilo<:''C-=8{:1ry, ndju3t th" apl".~l1LS: ;;l:Qp ro give ~ he blades !,[lon~ CIT less elearance as dC9i~~d. For mere clearance move thoe Rtop up and fei" l~ss d~a!"F.!I n.":!P. ITIInv,p' i t ~'f'>""n, Then repeat tne grinding and t!:~ting Y'!l'ti.! th,e desired .~8ul,!l h.a,~ bl!;en obtained.

By gl'i!1J.di~ng '~h.~ val",~ seat li'eit'Mel' lIsing the sumc s.ct·y:p ~,S that used for gt,indillJl!; the valve f.1;I,~e, the same .angle: wiU be pmduced r.>1lJ both the .i"t:--<lln~:r and the valve face. The valve will fit perfectly in the v ... lve seoat and shol,.lld not require lappin.g',

p~~ .. tFL p~I~·i_-I:iiIl'jj!'!lf C~~ll'IJd!inlJ' 'IN'iI!i~i!i I iI:nd.

S.~.i:"~ s.t~p r-.r."I, S~!!IiirlP-"'ninl:' 'Ei!:.'CI!!!ltr.T-IiII:J:i1lll

lfi"i~., '!k 1FruLifllt::,. Ci'~rndrn.g Whe~] 'wittlil,1!J ffi.aruuond JO-.rrf:l~r Ji. M in ~ SIl'<'~i~1 H"ldlnll:" :Ii"~.:tu",,' CI." ... ...,d to

, .. 11,0000>1< S!;,IJ,.:iIl", Qf L..the.

It is impotit<lnt ~I:tat the gll'inding' whed be true when grinding valves, and s:h,ar~ll~ ing reamers and CI!Hkn;,

A t;pe:ci ~1 duamQnd holding 6,lf.ture, fitted to the tailstock spindh:. i!> lJ:sc:d ffor thII>WOD"k, See .fig. 9. This fixtme ho]ds thr~ dLi-Unol:\cl at ~ 4)~ ::!,Il~l~ :roo tili1l wh!::u] !;!;,D",~uding vulves and v~lv~ !'I~Hi,tre~mer~ the grinding wheel may be ti"u<;>d! \II) ~'5 ,~fto;;n <'ill 1'I.o:l,~EIsary without changing the al1!'!jLJI::II: pc!sLtimru of the !'!leclric :l!"ri[lder.

Mount: the :g1'~lIlder ~111 the lathe. as .;xplalfi.ed on pa~e 3, adjU!';t the '(;,c;lmp.Qlind rest ilio a 45° angle, or any other desired angle. and lockit in position. Move the (:;a~it~.ag~ b<l:r:k Lmva,td th!! t<!'a~tc:u;k ~nd bring; ~h~ 'grindi.ng: wheel up dose 1:0 the diamOCld (not touching it) and lock thecaeriage to thcb~cl. by tigb.tcnl!l'l8: the carriage loek collar screw.

Start the g'r~nder motor and adjustth.e cT'<lssfeed !>C.r~wUl1ti~ thI:!F~!C[!; ui I:he grinding wheel just touches the point of the dliamond. Then feed the revolving' gtitldil1~ 'W.hed slQ""".~y back <t:mtd Forth il:Cf1QIS:5 the diamond by turning the baH cr:[!,nk em. th~fccd SC;I;E!W of the compol;!]1d rest slide. Tnrll'l in on the (!!'Qs,.'5 5lidoe: feed screw .00 I ee each time the wheel. is fed put the di.amond, RePf"<:It this until, the f.n:e .Q~ th~ ((['.LIu:lin,:; wh,~i:!;1 LI!;: tml:! Elnd !;lmOQth ~m the way arou nd,

E ~ i!ldtk G f~tI der A. Pre.::;i:; u on 100011

The elecrrie grinding atraehment ~s 11. PJ'e'· ~;"'~9n t:99i ,!',g),d ,~hQ'uld b~tre~t~o;l M such. l t S.kolildl. be used only for g::1'I'cci.Si.Of.i ~rii'id;l)g oD~rationg On valv~~, grinding cylindrica] w..."rk llf'l '~I~p,h.th", :;in-Ii f",~ ~~lf'1r1in!l" Vj;~~'" "",,,""~ reamers, ~u::ljI]5tabl!13 blade reamers, milling t:liItt~f~, etc. Do not use the grinding <J.tt<lcnment as a bench :grililder f9r I!l'rindin:g lathe tools, chisels, pUflchelS., !>[;.[ew drivf:r.s, e.tc. 0l:S this wm wear t~,e wheel. unevenly and. may throw it out of hfl.hul.(;e,

Flz, 'IV, E,I""l.le Gd"d:!H s .. t oIll ... ~5 .... n"J.. rOf' T~IU~]5.iir. th .... Gr.i nlli! ~Ti1ii' "h'he~l~

Val.ve servicing can be handled on any SJ.z.e or t}"~~ of South Be:l1d Ba,dk.Geared. .screw Cutting Lathe h'om ~;'"inch to 36-indl ~wi!iJ.g ind.lIIslvt:., U Y'Oti ;r",~['Jd M ~p=:i~ti7-!l:: !;In s!nElll automotive service WQ:rk: such ,as valves,

armatures. pistons, bushings, connectung rods, ot:tt{:., you \ .... iU require a l<1the of only small swing, Wi:!; will bl!: gl.ad I!o heLp you in selecting the size and typt> of 1:;Ii,th.~ mQ<.!;t ~~i1;~ble fot Y'Ou.~ requiremen ts,

Automobile .er.lgjru:~ valves made of stee], cast if<IlH Q[ special alloys, ~lJiy size OJ type, cam be eefaced by g:rLnd:~ng on a lathe fitted with the aboveequipmerrt which Ii:Qn~isit~ of an oele..;;t[lc grinder, precision valve chuck. di;!l[llond hold: neg fixtu fie and diar[lond dresser, Th!:; grinder m.;l.Y ~I~o< b{: y&Cr! Igor o<thcl" j nbs suclt as "gl'indi n g pistons. bu shings, reamers, hardened tools. etc.

Th.e Eledric G.t'~nde.I"~",iU prodLJ.~e a smooth. aecura te finish ont he valve hce <1!; it i~ lInusually I.>Inoot.hnun ni.ng and powerful. It h.fls large bearings ,d,i,J- •.. t., ;l;djl!;Ji~t;J:bh" fQi;' ..... ",,,,,1:.;1. ho:~vy precisl<Jn-ground shaft, and a. positive 'I?-!t ..... i.(;k oihng ~.y~tem_ Grinde.- OpP.'I'ares Jwm an ordinary lame socket,

~uiprrlol::n~ ~.t!lpplied with lh~ g!rir~!t:ler

consists 0'(; J.j HP-,. ITl5 R_P_M ..

o ~ph<ll.s~. 60- cycl~. IIO.V'o1i:) elee rric mo tor. V-bel t, belt gua~d. one Al u ndu m grinding wheel, (specify gr1'l:in 46N , gl".;lde 5B) cord, :switch and damp,

Wec('l[l supply the electric gri['lde:r Foil' e'V~ry !;L:l:cand '~ype of Seuth Bend la.thc f~Qm 9-inch bn 18~in(;h :;wing:. inclusive. Prices supplied on request,

The PlI'ed:sian V!lilvf:' Chuck is d.r;:R(;ri~ed QIl pag0 2- Prices carequese,

The Diamond Holdinre F~xtufle· clamps oll,~aihltQck spindle ,0:( [at bee. h holds ~he di<1ttlot'ld din:::ss~ r i.n eit hEr of t:""o poei tion!3: ·one at a 4 50 ~ ang]e fOIr valve work, "~flJ "J'I(~th!:r at a 90'<> dIil!de for p:iston, blllshi.ng and similae work.

V"'i·i.QIlI;!l othOl' fi.xtllre~ for ~p","i~~ dassm; of v~lvo!;! ~el"v'~ci:t)r are :il[lJstr~ted and described on pa:ge I,

'Gril'ld'ins Wlhlcel5; Ifor ValrioUis Kind~ Ol~ WOlllk

Although ~ single :griMing wheel mElY be u • ..J 1 ... [ ,!;="".J "ll,,,,'_'w,J ~. iIlJU.,~, ~...." l-o:;, r~~I1~~ OO!l1Ul;llill1:;· I;..:; ohtitl!ilicd boy U-lIi,n'li!: "ilrL1:r\l~ I;r."AI:!I> "f R'ri"di"i1 ""h~d3 fQ, 'v~:riom' lti"d" . ryI """1TJ. ",,,d. "-" ,,,." L i.", •. "",.h ,,'Lootot t.;.d:.,,;, ,,~~_ T!J.", ""b- .. ! .. t;",,,, ... t th", r:i,~h t "h",,,,·., th" gr...J:" of Nmton Gd(J;ding Wlwd recommended [or d.iikn:m.t h",l" ,~ "",,:1._

N!:!InItC gJ Wl,..::d {No.tom)

V.fII".::i ... _. ALutld!liJCI, ..

Gc.II..r:~dll.. __ . . _ )UI~ccl'-l.II:'. I I I I •

CiJ:;n, '11i'Qu ~ I C~""''''~H:lt)~1 I I· I

gt,·~l_ I. _ I I. AI.,~nd!l,t,n. I ~ I I I.

CI~t~~rI:il; To;:Il~. AL!JrJd'-lm _ .. _

AI'U'l' :n!lII'l'1. Ji.1 .. nr,)I.'n:I, 5ih,.,lIn-'!:=_ .. _.

hcmi.z~d Qlilc'tat~ion Oil 'lh(2: lC!l~he and TooI11 !Equipment.

An it"'I.t1k",.,j tgllilAl'to.tL.:m (Ill th .. l&.tl1.8 "-I'LJ tool" r;;quiH!d for 8 "iriJ.in:;;; V a, l,,~iS w~,nu k,,,, m .. ~l~ on req ucat, Spceify tile sizo of 1iIo.tn~ ""hio::h you .... ouM p:oororEllru:ll the genenLl elaae of '<'fOIl'.k. }'Q'Y wi;r;1ii to do ,HId! ''iI''l: ""ill quote OIl the size of lathe most pmct:ical for that work.

Special AUadhmenb FOil Servic,h'll8 Valves:

RQC:I~>2iJi .Arm G'ri'n din g

Fixtwrl2 .

A,djustable IHDld~ng Fix'bJlre

The Adj u ,t~L..'" Hohl I"if F." t ure, nbove, i. u",,,.j to ',,]itl the ~~lTirLI::: ~~,r.:* w;I~~n .!I:h.ilF{;i!T.IinJ::

·r:~r:~~~~u.5~~!j"·L~ ~~~ L¥;~ ~l~

Btao.:k flx~" t'<" Jj .. n r.:,,~ker Arm J: L~t" ... ':0""-0 -I!t Jilin t, All!.,~b. ",,,nt damp" .,,, I~t"" bed. P .,00

r! ~F~j!~,;r~~i!~:~l~~: ~ ~~~~r~ 'I~~~~.'

'fJH!.":d on r~u.e!St.

v ~Ino(:k ~ollding FbdUlre

Th~ V - Ella"t:, HQ]<I,Ln g F'Lx't ..... , "b<> .. e, i" ".~d, l., h~'J ""h'ol!l r.n fIIq ...... r'lin~ tt.ii .::noSi .:.:I~ tho: V,i:JjJVOI: sterne ,Ilod (or ",.-j""l'Ill:tl ""ml mL:l .. t-.L"i:i~ lI:)"po:; ......... h--c Llt"=,~I::I1JI d'~:r cl .. ~", nG" ~dJu .. lm=t_ Th~ ~Pl'l ication D~ lhi-!"= ~ ~ loll ~hllllil;IlI:, whkh 1~ "",[I in the A<lju~t..bl.., E-a"ldi.!!~,*", F lytLl f'.(" .l'bLl: the Ief't., 'L~ ~JII!JWIl il"L I-"i lot I j' P iii r.ii III .Aii:iI:~c.bme:['It

,uppioed """"" .. ""l.

:!>I!!:_ li!>, Sil,arp ... 1nl: ~ V~il",.' Snt 1M~ .. :r~~" ~"" ~ n~1P IJ "I~II'II .••. r.:~ilp 1c:.I·~!Jdh'i i:r \Vh~i::]_

:rL~~ ]] fi. T~!u;DJ!' tbe FiJi'(;~ [jill' a Rodier- A~m 1lJ,:;dl~ I!; ~1'!l"idH!1 !J7ll!ilU"iH .~I- O~~Lt!:-m:rI.1f Cl'iIVrll(:1 CUIl'VHjI'It' .... ,

lrl:ling Roeke:t Aruitl Fac:@

F~ 16·, "I:.ove. ",I",,,,," the I ~ t~.~ ""L u,p fur Lr" i'n,'Il' the curved fll':'c of S. Hl.:.ker ELrm used f:a.T """rb.",ao:l ViJ,h.·"", Th" '5id", 01 the ~fiod 'n~ ",,'1-l.ooi Ia uaed f'OI this I>F,,,,.,,l;,,,,,, andlth" &idOl'''''' Tl~"ot<;~h":>1.Jt rhe sv ... i_1 a t!olci to p~oJju"" .. 'iL)' de~i.-..cl nl.d'i,,~ to" the rock'~r ",rID ~~OCC, TM fixtu:re la "dju;;, L ... ble ("'I ,,11 "i:.:." of :,..,<"_k". arm._

TIL. R"" kec At,,, Grh.rli,,'iI "i.tu.ee, i:I.I:>[]~, i s u~d ~ llltdd -l!.LL r.:~~it" ... .:~t ~m~kl.'lli' AT'rri a wh..en t:n~ r inifi lJIp t b~ ,,',,'r!] I .. ,,~, Th« .. U",,1>J1(I-I"int· i:"i..t:. :i:n. t:b~ Adjl.:l.IIl'l::IIbh. Ho.ldi~lt:: 17'1 ~hll'Y: :SiIhO'wn i.i t ehe ere ... rreme l.:'tt i:JIn-d btl ?lJl':l[I,JtJ'Jhl,l ro:~.:' :;.ny rl'lldhJJ!i d':::iired, t'l:J'r i:lp!;J'l.it:al iOll ~f t~'" ~ It'''':.hm~., t .eo v.~_ 'f>_ ,t:>.k~ <>~ ~ t't" c'I"""" t ~~,,IJUctl Q~ r!:'I:I'IJ~:I!I:.

Rea,m,er and CIiIUe r G ri n dling

F~lI' Il".t I~ft. ;ah,n>'s another method f.::>r :gl"indin,'!l" aoollh.al'pcnin1{, reamers "",I .:;" Ll~nI -t1Jj the lathe, Th~~. m"l~,[~;1 .4ilfe~ from ~hl:! one 'Ilbo,"",' QilF)"'S';' 4 in. that a cop whcd i.'!' ~ 'f'~m.!!&11 .:iI a p~!i1in emery w"~.cl, ~rn:I the "pril'!lg 1!WP is set L{6· b..l.<J"" tt..."""i1l'Lt ,,~ tn~ ]lItne '0':',,''''''. instead ",f above 1 t,

CUI" ..... hoola ffiIIy be: u--l (<:Ir liri",j '''1'1 th .. "iLl .. fll.CC of curters u .. d '-'l~''''r ~E'",jal """de Pric!2& o~ (;111' ..... 1,,,,,],, in, v .... <1"<.1& aiees ~Jl.d1 fl:llil~~ "fill he '1 LI "Led on req 1J8B~_ For v<llv.:: iimd reamer !I!'": ,ill]!),!!;, h.owever, ......crooornlTl~d the Dhl :n. ",n:Le..-y wheel shewn iii! Fi."" 2, INL~ 1-

f.'J.~. i 1. GrlIldinl!' ebe End 0' ~ rl[!.-1Ii1 Mil ;:!'''rnl"il~I] 1='.11tl "'IRlO'!/l'f: SI)cIra'i f"lr ClA:liili.'f.ilLl 1:1[: Ad.i"B5'tm:~nt.

Gr~hdin!J El'ldi of Val'l"~ St~m

Fig, 1,7. ,~L.:,,,,,. ;J,,, .... s the l ... tho 5~:t. 'm i<:>r grinding the end ():~ the- valve ~l'em, The ... djuat'1tbio: srop permits rcm",,,,i"::l ~"'lO.Cll~ _lb.o i!Lmount J"" • ...,d frmn th., end aE ~h~ atem, I he ,or~du"t. eo:! ~OUIlj" 011 the cornpound resr f~~d ".":""'.',' ......,d. iill.'" in tllOus;:m<:lth~ of ~" i .. ch. ,,' .... M~ the op~'r"tQr l" (]b~~.L" ""',Y J.t,,,i,,,J elearance.

f'i!:'. lS- Mac:hiini'l'lg ! VIII,Yi! ~n L!lhe'

Repla1:t"mlfllt valves m~::.: 'be m~.,_~biil1r~ !:Corn!pl~te in tk~ L. t he. AT'll\' ::ii1J1 Lt...Lb.'I!i': In.:!! tA-r lnl ';1U~h r"J.R 'I:'..i. n r ....... e L .en .;;;oLJ .... L,.,d,. tlt~: I r;.:t:Il1bil!ll 1,,1 sed. L..t.l~ 'VtI~'L''I:!~ T1l'1.B.)" be c~IL down for ~nl:lill1.e!= T~!:luiril'!lg I5-mlllll]er iiI~z..:: Sil 11~ d aJd -u" t"lb:.-t'lL-L· t .... \rlOJ,l ""C:.. 'ILiL°), be r": ~t':J.:..t.:d (1C~r' tH~ '" r pH.d ... I I·~II"'.-


Vz!d¥~ ~Il'ril'll!a, oJ .aJ1l size 5 arid r.:,.'D~~ CiJJ1I be Wi:llund &f.'i i:;h!fl ~Fitt.-t:. 1"11 ~ :5iih!:lWr.i ,-..blQvt; . .A :s.p~.::II'iI~ iprinlli: I~dnd'in~ 'tooL 35. lJ~ed t.o M:1lI.ide th~ wire !JJ1J Lh .. ""',,,l .... ] ,,~out "..b!;:], (b .. ~plI'il"o~ ~ Wt"md. At· tachm, .. nl makes '"~'r;"I1:~ h"", w;r~ (1- l<l 3" I ~" in d.lrulfI!:!:il:l:'i'_ rwrLc..t: :".J'lIlp.pb~ uD F-fQ~:lif.::.

Gri odin'S,l ill P'P et Screw

T AlP'p'-i::t Adjustmg Scr.e:wrl. t:hDlt hewe bee eerse worn ~b"J"I,.i]d l)~ e: rfll,ll1!d ::I!fIU.Li ec Girl the ersd, .i:iJI dw.wn ZI bo ... -e .. te :1.' ~~Jll J~UII$]~hl:ii: th,== v~I'i!-e M~~-'llI, ttl BI"I~ eide !lind thr'QWtllg ~h~ ve lve o~,t t!-f .a.i",riliI1l1i11!1ll1t. Tl; .... se rew m4)' b~ h.oe,]~ tdth.er :in nhe 3" J iiW '!Jill ~'!Iell'~1:II1 ('1ii!i1 ek, RI:Fi :e;hr..!WI"!In r..f' ~n t,he I~n~r,.aw V~':LI'VIf CJr.u!:k:_

Fill;. 1'" T f!.li iifl9 V !ill",~ 'S£:I'it H Qi'I~

Valve !ea.t hone~ iIilJ7id: :,;;:'r:iJ'ldilll,!,: wheel ~ for '!:nJ.i.r.i:li:; V'1l1v .... ~oj":F'.It:S. ~r..1Il b,,, tnt-L:-.ri n b. ~nY' .. 1l~1:-.-' 'by '1,[I:FiI~rqJ llil~ iII:.riJLI~ r, ;:!II.tI i1~o'!.-"'JI t!lbo1.r-l;l "'''I.tlJ~IL-~ i" liIL-I:IthlJd .iM t.u mCII.Il.r.rL ~ rj_~l1mO:r.id dree.ee .. [m. rhe tool 'IJQslI: eJ ll:ie 11..1 tJie HlR.:! feed it li:1,C!r'aii.:ii tbe :IiILl Ff,111.!.-Ll hf ehe hene ~n 1,,..1' IT:lI::' I n In .. ~I tl,;po ,.''h .... -:.:1-:.

Re(illl..nc:~~nt "'·iJlv., ~1;]j_d"t:1 fGlII' 'Ulub:'j,u (:l:IIrs, OJ:' for '1' m'li rr~c~ rt::p.-...r:l. ~n-d R:II,,d,.cO::II- li'or o"'!fr~j:z:i: !JIr. 1iIn~ d~ raize valve tI terns ...:..t::IIJ 'hit' 1:I~l:Idc: '0'J.~' ~f (:A!:fit h'l"IrJ ",r steel <u oihov<D above. The l~tI.. ""~~, alsn be usr-d for "p.r;t WIg "w..'h.ln·lJ~ nnd br..1 .r jng,", m~Un:t:" re-plaOl!!mol!!!nt ,pat'~ij.. '='~'Itt~n~' ~c:r~'H,' ~h~I!!!~~:&J. ~~ .. ,

W;;;.~r'I VJ,h:1-I t~lpp v r..J;l :H1l;~'~Ldti h ... IjI:'CJull"ld tl ue ;.ntt ~qlll:l~ on Ilh~ .rl:lii-i!l, a!:l -tJLw""'llJ -tlJ1.J'ti!'I.'i!!I. !:IL~L+"I:" ..... i~~ th.~:r' """j[l net ojier-a'be lJTeIJ~r'h" _ 'rhe tZl;PJii~ L iit!- h~'ld jn ~ "elf-.~""t,.oT'lng 1-J""" l..fu:dv"' ....... L Laehe ('], ... ~k ..uuc~ ;rC'L'ut""C:IIJ whilt: H,'f,: ;jC'&fi:1j~s whee! h .Fc.cl a-:i:.;rutl~ lnll! ered o~ L hl~ ~5!'p"~'

TI;",~~"l1'Hi,,~In~l~,l I,d!"", ,1Iustmte~l:ld &sCT:ubc how 'to handle ~!.!::r .. ~ ]atgle ..... ork and gevcJ:I m9.jor auto S"TVt~ joh.!!.III.c~ro.in~ [[. t],~ I,~ i=~ ~~'up I"."".;~i .. e d.~.t i~ fOlllo~oo :1111. the mm;~ SU~~~£ ifl .shops and ol"'liIt!>!n the Umtcd StlltElS., Tbouaands (If mechanica 1Il"C wmiLthcsc buUt;t..,,, mt!,,,,. WOlrk. O",l~,l' ;"""',, of lh~ J"". your IrJ1.Ceb:Elnics-t~cy m",l' he i;, .. lpf'Ul_ . Bull~ti.fl~ .EI.i">e 6" ,,_9" in size Elnd oontnin from 8 to 160 p;;.8~' e~dl- W'I-I;i:n (;Irdertil'l.'g specify too tl~k~ of the 'hulD~~im; w.mtoo ~llId ~l,~y will he m<likd! postpaid olin receipt of price indiented. Coi III or ~~ ... f"I o;J .. >J,y ,~mIIHI'Y a,c<':"pt"J.

UH.c.w ~'" !l:;r:;I!Ri! LRlitl'il[l "['1ti!IJ1 CIJU.tiI'· .i3i:ts!':!' a!WLl~t~1R ,No. 35. c..xpJ~ In:ll;: ~n ~ Li:I i I ~1It! ..... ~.CI tdlill ["J~rJtL "-i::!.:r;i~I~:s. typr-:R ~f .r.:L!ltti"'r' bi ts FOIl' fat.he W'OII'-k_ Iii, p"~.' .• ;ze ~-~.~~. 5 ~ illlI~l.,.tj""", P.ie(> IHlft.PR1<l , ...... _ .. _ .. _1 !if •.

'''~~w 'U"j' 1i;1J'~ .!i~n:w Yhi[J"'Cii5.ds'" DLlnetlc N!Ji~ ,J.., .. ,A" E.~i!lbhL!:' Vodrkll~=!i ~IJI"""" tI.rc- .. d for,,;~ .mil ~(> ..... n·n· cut ~"',..,w t",...~d,. ;n tI,,, ~",~h.~. 2:4 P" [l:e •• ~; ... 'b~~.'J -. 1> ~ i.ll:~"t.~ ti"i:l~. Prlc. DOHpil.1di , .. ] 0"

~'Ji~ .. W' ~.I;I "'lrl UL::: ~I .II I!LIJll!l.1'I:' CWJlI.I:Jlu.ta.i""'l D .a.ud U.udi:-I·""" ~ M~ ... oi!iIl" 5l!.!!!~~t'tl ...

N~. :ii-A. fAyt"fIlfltl"",,, er.,,,t."n. Lnfr r rm"t;an ,m t.",jn<{ armature c.ommuti!l'to~~ anel U[Jd~H:Ii.l.Hil'1~ iI1LiC:u in rhl"'l ~d"I:, ! l ]';i;'E~:;! :::lJ'-~ ;f..' !I;, 9 " ! n 111 .. ~t ... tI~n.,. I'rk.. p" .. tp" i<l _ .... __ .... _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. __ .... _ .... __ ........ _ .. _ ... _ .... _ Hi<

'·RfiW rt~ Gb'-Jnd Viill~V~1ii L~cJd Sh..o::Lrp.cn 1R.lr,lIimt!rt~"i B,yl1lf'lil1 NIlI. ]r ~ALltiOm!5-t1 ..... i""} r l.~''iT!liti'll1rU;' lnf[]rmilt~!Ji(1'!j -on ur.ucl['l~ i:;J.I.Jlorn!:!b~~ Il:m~i.J~~

Vlll]ve~ .. ~h.a:r.pI!'Il~II1Io:' 'L'~hill HII:~II!! t ti'1~II r. ... '1l.':l'iJ, ':'I!I ttel':S., !::t.I!.. I' 2; lJi:5 p:e-ISi, Ii:ize

fI" ,,9", n ;Jhl.tr"'tia" .... te.ri <" ;.I".tp,lIo:I ... ,. ,.,,' , , .. , ,_ .. i 9<·

"'I!Hi[]J'N '~;[iI F~nitll~ P'i~ ~.oIJIL1~~1 '.B~IIQ:~ in No_ 9. (A.utam.oti .... e r, Con'l:llIin~ cil~· ti::l i led jn~ormZLt ion ;;JoJ1 (j I']h:!hl:ng :tI .. 'rJ-:!~·IfIL ... ~h~n r.d pi.~t00i]5 in ebe lnehe, f".i":rlllllllg ... Tld !tJ.onLnp: wrie t p~~. h'Ol~a. tI'\iLi, ! l fJ.i812l;;". :=JI::"L'" 6"':{,~"" 3 I

;]ill" i tll t~~fI._ P rlr~ p".I.l'nid _ _ _ .. _ .. __ llle:

r·HflW tiD M~Ik~ Ei:Ll~b'in:l: s" a~I]~ti[1J No, !?-S~ (;,::111 Ltl.lln.H IDr ~'1·Uil l,tJ~n ~ ... b ~~!~Iklme: bUilbill'"Jgs:~ Ia the mnn.dref s, pre=-=~ tLttt: .f.wJ rlill"n~ill! fLt~ U:

PlIi:'::,IJ.tJ1 ~i ~'l (I·· ~~ ". 1.1:1 Illu:: tr':l:t.on:s.... L:::II'i.ct! 'l'lij~tP6lid ..• _ .•..•..• _ .•..•..•..•. I~!::

~H1~... to, I}~r" R"b~P, !.;U .. d c .. ,," "tl~"!1 R ... ~~~' B"UM rIO N... Ii-C. ~ A,Lllo!'!I[7!!Clt1vel. ~]]u!!:'t.T.'nb~!:; :!Ir.id d~!::Ic.ribiIle. LI1I1! .I.1:!.~,!!I,;j\ :-lgOJ~ Phrl(!Tkl'l fllJ b-or5ul!Ii .. S tII-:.:.ill~~, Jud f. nl.ah 1.ltI:; r~b.::. bbit:b.cdl !:on.D~cti!1 Li: ,t'odEl b PiL:i:'t!~, ~'12e- 16".:.:9" I 2:~ iLLIJ ~til'i! HoO[] 1:1, P r tee .1'iu.RtprJjjd '1 !!I e

"'1~!I"i<""'" t'll! T~J:;t ne.d TI"I:Jt! Diili~r!!'![]ti.u.LI!!-.r Bulll!ll!n N~ .. 5·A., ~A,!lirnru". rlver • Co[1klinl:l ililrnpp It.Lun fin r~mov]n;::- th~ o~d rjll'1l~ I:I~"U·. t~~tlJ1.1i: ~-. .... d trukn1l: t.be I!'tng i'~~ r seee, tee L i 1]"':: bee i'in C;.:: w' ("I [I'~'!J"'" plfl10T'.1~, iII:~e, ~ ];I~¥" •• <!.l~· {."o;'J", 2 Q ilh ... t roll.ti"".. f' .L~ ""'. Ll'",j<.l _ .. _ .. _ .... _ .... _ .. _1.11<

~'Ho'W ~o M=!!.-!.;lIi[iHl fl)"wlLL"·,r-1-I=.Ji" ,ll:!iuLH~it~n ND. J. .. A., (:\,utcmotL'j,·.e ~ COl'] r r....·j,~n,.'llj In:rarrmi:llt~on !JilL cu rJlJllk:- d1ilwil flYYl1111-.:1:H f~n ~III·"'" :tif.11I1 LIj:=! r II~~ "cur,"" 6 p..'8"~, .;7-"" 6",,9", H ;Jju:~Ln>l;aJ''', Pri<:e ])a",ti!<1icl ...... __ .. lO<

~H~ ... ~o Tru<- B.,."'" Drums" BU.l1di". No. 'I-A. (A"l""",.lL"'''~, sLI'I.!'w:I- h·u!.'ll tu .ILIIIVlHl L Var !O'l~'" t7pl: t'Ii CL'<F b ~~:c dlt"lLITTU ir:i ti1:c In.thc ~ClT I!'1Jlnl!l' th" <lrurn ..., 'U.",L ;~ will b.. ~"'~<:<'ntr~e, '''~T\d ,'l'I<;! rruc, Hi

pag~::::lt e lze D~'ug,.;ln 40 :mUl!h·.al:gcn~. Perce poe.tpaad _ J.oc

~!WJt.:d: iC! Millku [iii tli.ci [_!iltit!J..~·· ~l1ll1"':t,'i''n N, ... ..1:4 Ilhl .. 1T."~~ ... nrl niL. :r.c.no.r::I. av~r 6 5 L1~duL p:rojJ:;'J;LtI r J;l'~ ~h" ]~tlnL!:l nrul :1.1 In]) ~Fi I I LIla i.1' ~ I-:""'Il~, :;::rim;d~r~, ~JJl:J !Jl~r L:J="'A. r!IJ I u.!bJe~t:l;, ,!I 1:;0 vnr roue modele euc.h "II :. [cur1 I !.'f~~1 IEifl.~ 1l:17I-g:~f1CS;, Iceome'tive s. ei ["'pJ~ne!j., ILI!'It~ 2:.9 1i:i&&k::~.J, B-jz~ e " ~9·' I 7.) m .. ~l ... l;a" .. i'rL,.., .. ""lpnl<l ". ,. .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _ .. _... . H~

HliIo'N ttl ~1lllE1 .~ Ll"ilthcn (32.I!ld !l!.dH:IOJ:i )1.. 'JhL~ i.~ i'!In :::!Iuthc.d'tillt~VJe iillJd i:n5trllc~.i~1l:! nltllIltl,fl1 rl}1"i t.h~ CiH'1:: ,ibOO JJiPerrr.tl~ CiF i.j, J:.n'l;:k.~.;IInr:d!, :l':c::r!!'!w lJ:ul:.ti[11.!;; laahe, Ll ;&:i .... -..::!l Ll.1!' r Ilri·l.hnnl·I~"I:II].H t)( h.1 ~ hI!! IJpl!!raticri in J;.1J.; l~1 U 'Wi 11'. nlu~'ti:L~I[]n.!!: r.:I va!l'uO'u~ chi !::i~~ a I' 'WG"rl:i:. Ccnt.:::l.in!i: 115.0

pii.G:~tI. -Hii...: ... • )~~ .... 3:!R ", Clnd mor·c- tb:::!lD 300 :iliuj5.lr.DIt~aJII:s...

'f1·il..'J; bOI:!~ i~ ueed .tL~ til 'h~!,J'Jtl,y ,.t"·~;(:t-~nci"" b.-.r.:-k by 1]~!lcEdp(l~t~ t!lIfIJ Dppre-nt'lc~:5 Ln. inQIJ ~t]":i.:'l L r;!'J~rn t e .. rl!!i i] ['tIlld 1:!]1.0i:;~ .un d rn~&in" ~~OP~I ~1t'J1t1 ~:i=I .rLl:=4!I UiiiL"d n.:S. Fl ti!':':~ boak by s~:!I.IdelJt! i.D ~d.Ll.c"ltiC!nii'l Lriilt:.tu. ti.on" h i. ~,,"~in.,J<)d th" n1,,"1 f'"p.!"-r jl'lIt '"," !<llb", ;,,~uJ'k I" ttL" 'I.'ror~d. M DT~ th;tn ~ minio.n ifludl:l h~.d ( OCI&-"'it'!~ ~Lr~ t[] U!:!~.

pn",,· po!otp,,[d _ _ _ _ .. _ _ .. ., ~~~

A~ LJ t-No_ -415-. VAg .... x ~f PHI Model Sout.h B~JLd "W"rk:shQP" Adjun",b]c ~-Io:ri!liOO1ital M"l".· D.i,,~ , F1-<:_k. Ceal"ed Screw CuttJng Pt..~ siion Bench Latlle.

Or;~ ,uf tf ... f,.,,,,,,t. "maUlath~ we 6a. v e O!il.'er built,

Pri~I!:" d Iii the. 1~8 motor clri_.ra!\~ fron> $7S.00 up.

At Rl:.-:ht l\:". 17-e U]~>l6' I 9l t Model South B"nd O".crh,cEld C~ufLtcrshaFt DTi='l, QLlic~ Ch!UliifC Gear. B~cJ..-c'=.."l .5",.....,. C"Lli,,!!:

Preeisjon Lath .. ,

A po!2lilar typ.; hLgb 'I,ufLlit}' ",.''''''5t.rm t~tn.,.

A. W1-NQ, 117·C Hi" K 6' 193 ~ MudelSouth Bend Ur.fie.rn.cath Belt: Mot.n Dri'V<::Il, Q1JiokCh .. ,,1!'" c.~ar. B,..d .. -G....,,~d. s~.~'W Cutting Preeillion Lathe,

A yr ... ct:t.:..l. "ffii~.;"'nt .. md p!lpub.r m",l:6r drlV~:Ei, lath".

Billow The plant of

the SQI! t h Bena La the Work ... ~ So",,~!-J Bend. Indian.~. Th.L!i "'illIU':n.~:= wu 'f<;M.Incled 'r} 1906 and h~ !!:"""""n .. on,] do;vilO\1l'Cd to a<) "r}t~llriK, OO~UPYLni: the buddin-ga I!Ihownh.!.re, which ~ve a floor spII.ce ,of l00.GOO 3<[J!JIU~ feet aM wnh ... g:wun.d ".,"" ~ 44 "-<;:fI':5 dev(!~ e!flalll!olvd:.- m th<c mlln'l-' f..."~u~,, ..f s._·tl. & . ..d BIl.clk-C-".,d s.:.~"w C .. tting .Pr.cdo;",,, L..d,~,

&uth Bend L..tk W=b SOUTH BE.ND.IND!ANA. u.s, A_

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