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Dear Clothesline Project Helpers

Dear Clothesline Project Helpers

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Published by: Cierra Olivia Thomas-Williams on May 01, 2011
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La Grande High School and Project H.O.W.

Clothesline Project for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Dear Project “H.O.W.’ers”: The Clothesline Project is a display of shirts with messages and illustrations that have been designed by survivors of violence-- or by someone who loves a person who has been a victim of violence. The purpose of the Project is to increase awareness of the impact of violence in our community. Since its beginning, the Clothesline Project organizers have been moved by the power of the stories contained in these shirts. Young people from around the country have joined efforts to educate by telling their stories, by hanging their shirts on a line, and by making connections with other survivors. These efforts are critical to the healing process and ultimately, to ending the cycle of violence (a vision we should never stop believing in). The impact of the Project has been widespread and promising. As of 2001, there are "Clotheslines" in over 500 communities and several foreign countries. We are gathering this packet of information for you in the hopes that you will want to join in creating the Clothesline project at La Grande High School. We will launch this on April 16-22 and have the Observer come and photograph your efforts! We can use recycled or personal t-shirts as well as cutting sheets into mini t-shirts—so there is no need to buy anything (from the templates that we have at the shelter). At some time in our lives, everyone will be touched by an act of violence. The Clothesline Project provides one way to give every high school student a voice and a place to be heard. Many survivors who have participated in the Project feel that making a shirt has been a great way to educate their peers while providing a space for survivors to play a part in their healing and recovery process. The Clothesline serves as both a moving tribute and a vital means of conveying the enormity of the problem of violence in all forms. Please help send a message to your community. Sincerely, Chris Martin and Cierra Thomas Project H.O.W. (Healthy Outlooks for Women) Group Leaders

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