1)Sort itn array in ascending order. 2)Sort array in descending order.

3)Sort array in ascending/descending order as per user’s choice. 4)Calculate median of array elements. (Program 1 on page-174) 5)Calculate standard deviation of int array elements. (Program 1 on page-176)

FlowCharts and Algorithms Consider flowchart as a program n solve it in C(definition here is important) Wherever u read desing a flowchart take it as write a program)
6)Design a flowchart which computes the sum, mean and standard deviation of a number of elements in an array. 7)Design a flowchart which computes the sum of positive numbers and negative numbers in a given array. 8. Design a flowchart to find the largest and the smallest elements from the given array. 9. Design a flowchart which sorts a given list of 50 numbers in ascending order. . Modify the flowchart above to sort the same in descending order.

10. Design a flowchart to find out the duplicate elements from a given integer array. 11 Design a flowchart to insert an element at its appropriate location in a sorted array. Sort the array first if not already sorted.

12 Design a flowchart to delete an element in a sorted array. Sort the array first if not already sorted.
13. Design a flowchart to implement a voting result processing program which takes the names of candidates as input and then asks the user to cast a vote in favor of either of these candidates. It uses a voter identity number to prevent the same voter from casting the vote again. It continues like this till asked to stop the execution explicitly and then prints the result declaring the winner. Write programs to -14 Read an array of 10 city-names and print it.

15 Design an algorithm to find the position of the largest element in a~ one dimensional array.
16 Design an algorithm to find largest element and its position from each row of two dimensional array. 17. Design a flowchart to add the individual elements of two —2-dimensional arrays. 18. Design a flowchart to find the sum of each row and the sum of each column of a two dimensional array.

19. A manufacturing process requires monitoring the temperature of 3000 points. The temperature of a point can be in the range -4000F to +400W. Design a flowchart

that reads the temperature of these points and prints the points having the maximum and the minimum temperature.
20. Design a flowchart which asks the user to enter a vehicle brand (model) name and outputs a message classifying the vehicles as a scooter, a motorbike, an auto rickshaw, a family car, a multi utility van (MUV), a jeep, a luxury car, a cargo van or a truck.

21. Design a flowchart that will accept the name of one of the following countries as input and write out its capital and vice-versa: 22. CANADA OTTAWA ENGLAND LONDON INDIA NEW DELHI FRANCE PARIS 23. Design a flowchart to get entered, a number from the user and reverse &~sum the digits of that number. 24. Design a flowchart which stores a line of upto 100 characters, to be entered by the user, in an array and searches for a specified word in that line. 25. Design a flowchart for converting a lower case character entered into an uppercase character. [Hint: Use the knowledge of ASCII codes] 26. Design a flowchart that asks the user to enter either a character, a number or a punctuation mark and outputs a message specifying what user has entered, by determining the type of item user entered. [Hint: Use the knowledge of ASCII codes] 27. Design a flowchart to verify whether a character string entered by the user is a palindrome or not. [Hint: Store the elements of the string in an array. A Palindrome is a string which is the same as the original, when read in reverse.

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