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Major Demands of C&M Department for Eradicating long

pending Anomalies & Problems

Give similar Pay and GP to C&M Engineers

This is to kindly draw your attention towards a severe issue of discrimination in pay
scale of a Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant-I (5500-9000), pre-revised, which has
been kept in pay band-2 with grade pay 4200 in the 6th pay revision. A CMA-I works
in C&M organization under Mechanical department having a minimum qualification of
Degree in Engineering (Metallurgy & Chemical) or Master degree in chemistry. Despite
that it has been given parity with the Diploma Engineers for the last three pay revision.
On the other hand, Section Engineers with equivalent qualification of
BE(Mechanical/Electrical/Civil/Electronics etc.) or M.Sc (Physics/Electronics) and
Depot Material Superintendent(BE in any discipline) have been assigned a pay scale of
12540 + GP-4600.The following table depicts the whole picture of extreme injustice
with C&M Engineers.
Designation Qualification Pre-revised New pay Revised
Scale band(6th PC) Gr. Pay
(Rs.) (Rs.)
Section Engineer B.E. (Electronics)/ 6500-10500 9300-34800 4600
(Signal & Telecom) MSc(Physics/Electronics)
Section Engineer (Mech / B.E.(Mech/Elec/Electronics/ 6500-10500 9300-34800 4600
Elec/ Civil / Met.) Civil/Prod/Metallurgy etc)

Depot Material Engineering Degree in any 6500-10500 9300-34800 4600

Superintendent discipline.

Metallurgical/Chemical B.E.(Metallurgy/Chemical) 6500-10500 9300-34800 4600

Superintendent (RDSO)
CMA-I B.E(Metallurgy/Chemical) 5500-9000 9300-34800 4200
M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Para 3.4.7 & 3.5.7 of sixth pay commission clearly mentions that “all posts in
Subordinate engineering cadres carrying minimum qualifications of a degree in
engineering and Post Graduation and having an element of direct recruitment should
be placed in the running Pay Band PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800(then) along with the
grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-
11500.”Despite recommendation from the 6th Central Pay Commission to give all
Engineering Graduates & Post Graduates a GP of 4600, the Railway Board has
overlooked the order in the case of C&M Engineers. Therefore, it is requested to grant
similar Pay and GP to CMA-I as given to other Engineering Graduates and Post
Graduates in Indian Railways.
2. Upgrade all directly recruited CMA-I to CMS-I

Upgrade all directly recruited CMA-I (B.E. or M.Sc.) to CMS-I (4600 GP) w.e.f.
1.1.2006. The new direct recruitments of B.E. or M.Sc. candidates be taken in CMS
post (4600 GP) and fixing their minimum basic pay at Rs.12540 + 4600 GP as
applicable to other B.E. or M.Sc. candidates in Indian Railways.

It may be noted that Ministry of Railway in its Gazette notification RBE-103/2008,

First Schedule-Part A Section-II dated 04-09-2008 has fixed entry pay of Rs. 12540 for
direct recruits appointed on or after 01-01-2006 in Grade pay of 4600, i.e. minimum
total pay of Rs. 17140 (12540 + 4600), where B.E in
Mechanical/Civil/Electrical/Electronic, M.Sc. (Physics/Electronics), as Section
Engineers and B.E. in any discipline as Depot Material Superintendent are directly
recruited. Since CMA-I posses the same equivalent qualification of B.E. (Met/Chem) or
M.Sc.(chemistry) so they should also be given the same entry pay of 12540 with GP of
4600 effective from 01-01-2006.

3. Upgrade all senior most supervisors to Group B posts

The CMS-I in C&M Department have very least chances of getting promotion to next
higher post of ACMT, as the posts of ACMT are very few in Indian Railways. A CMS-I
got stagnated in the same post till his retirement. Also CMS-I are denied, to sit in
LDCE as well as getting PCO/incentive in PU/Workshops, while their counterpart
SSE get benefit of PCO/Incentive and chances of promotion to ADME/AEN etc. So
they are very embarrassed and feel humiliated despite being equally responsible in
good out- turn. Hence it is requested to upgrade all CMS-I to Gr-B( ACMT) posts
viewing their stagnation in the same post till retirement, and less promotional
chances due to meagre availability of ACMT posts.

4. Re-designate C&M Engineers similar to their Mechanical counterpart

It has been a long time demand of the Chemist & Metallurgist (C&M) organization to
change the name of the post CMA-I (chemical & Metallurgical Assistant-I) similar to
other Engineering graduates & Post Graduates in Indian Railway. The matter had
been raised to the board of 6th pay commission and the pay commission was agreed
with demand. The 6th Pay commission in its report in Para no.7.36.89 & 7.36.91
has presented its view that “issues relating to change of designation etc.are
best decided by the administrative Ministry keeping in view of the
functional exigencies”. C&M department was the only department for which 6th
Central Pay Commission had recommendation regarding change in designation, but
unfortunately it was overlooked by the Railway Board.

The true Engineering Graduates are suffering from low morale when it is seen that a
Khalasi or Technician with qualification of Matriculation and ITI in the same
Mechanical Department got promoted and called Junior Engineer, Section Engineer,
or Sr. Section Engineer, but a CMA-I having the required qualification of Degree in
Engineering & P.G is given a name that is unknown or strange for its working unit
officers and Mechanical Department itself. Therefore, it is requested to designate
C&M Engineers similar to their Mechanical counterpart, as JE(C&M) and SSE(C&M),
viewing their educational qualification.

5. Give ACMT a GP of 5400 after completion of 4 years

As per 6th Pay commission report all Gr-B officers such as ADME/AEE/AEN/AMM is
automatically upgraded to a GP of 5400 after completion of 4 years in that post but
an ACMT (Asstt. Chemist &Metallurgist) remains in same GP of 4800 for lifetime.
This is great injustice. It is very unfortunate that ADME/AEN/AWM etc. who is
junior to ACMT in terms of length of service is being given a GP of 5400, while an
ACMT being senior is still given a GP of 4800.

Therefore, it is requested to abolish this great injustice with Gr-B officers of C&M
department and maintain equivalency by giving similar, GP and facilities to ACMT as
given to other Gr- B officers in Indian Railways.
6. Restructure the cadre of C&M Department

The cadre strength of C&M department before and after 6th CPC is as follows:-

Designation Pre-Revised Scale Existing Revised GP Percentage distribution

Percentage after merger(6th CPC)

CMS-I 7450-11500 37% Rs.4600

CMS-II 6500-10500 33% Rs.4600

CMA-I 5500-9000 20% Rs.4200

CMA-II 5000-8000 10% Rs.4200

Since both the post of CMA-I (BE or M.Sc.) & CMA-II (B.Sc.) are directly recruited
with 66 .33% and 50% DR quota, with different educational qualification, their
merger in the same GP of 4200, is anomalous. Like Mechanical department, there
should exist two posts in the two GP structure of 4200 and 4600.The CMS-
II(Existing strength 33%),CMA-I (Existing strength 20%) and CMS-I should be
merged to form the upper GP of 4600 and the post of CMA-II should be increased
from 10% (existing) to 30% to facilitate better promotion chances to non-supervising
staffs in the C&M department. The post of Laboratory Assistant (5200-20200/GP-
1900) should be scraped as their recruitment qualification and nature of works are
suitable for Medical Department. Instead of Lab Asstt., a technically qualified ITI
candidate having knowledge in physical & chemical testing should be recruited for
the C&M cadre in Pay Band-1. There is also an option of complete replacement of Lab
Asstt. by the Mechanical staffs (artisan).

7. Increase the Post of Group A & B Officers in C&M Wing.

The poor situation of this futureless C&M organisation is due to unavailability of post
of C&M officer up to Railway Board level. Executive Director (M&C)/RDSO, is the
only post that is in Special Administrative Grade. With the expansion of Indian
Railways there is a need to increase the posts of the Chemical & Metallurgical staffs
and officers as well. A single CMT (Chemist & Metallurgist) which is equivalent to
Divisional Mechanical Engineer (DME) post is handling the C&M works of at least 2-
3 zonal Railways/Production Units, while about 10-20 DME or equivalents exist in a
single Division of Indian Railways.
Posts Grade Pay No of Posts
HAG Rs 67,000- NIL
SAG GP 10,000 1
Add. EXE. Director GP 8900 2
Dy. CCMT GP 8700 10
CMT GP 6600 24
ARO (RDSO) GP 4800 46
ACMT in Zonal Rly/P.U s GP 4800 56

It can be seen from the above table that out of total 15,500 Gr-A&B officers present
in Indian Railways, the C&M department has never crossed 150 C&M officers since
the inception of this department. Therefore adoption of following pattern is
requested for the survival of this department.

• One C&M Officer should be posted as a Member in Railway Board and each Zone/P.U.
should have at least one post of C&M officer equivalent of Chief Mechanical Engineer
• Each division should have at least one post of Deputy Chief Chemist & Metallurgist
(Dy.CCMT), equivalent to Sr. Divisional Mechanical Engineer (Sr.DME).

• Each Electric Loco Sheds, Diesel Loco Shed, wagon repair shops, yards etc., should have at
least one post of CMT equivalent to DME/DEE/DEN with about 1-2 Assistant Chemist &
Metallurgist (ACMT), equivalent to ADME/AEE/AEN, to assist him.

8. Give PCO/Incentive allowance to C&M Staffs.

Chemical & Metallurgical Organization is engaged in testing and certifying of all
raw materials and vital safety items like Wheels, Axles, Springs, Bogie frames and
controlling production-processes in the manufacture of Rolling stocks / Coaches,
thereby assuring usage of standard materials and ensuring safety of travelling
public. The Railway Board Management Services has considered C&M
Organisation as the back bone of entire Quality Control and
preventive maintenance exercise of all Engineering departments. No
components or materials can be fitted or used in Indian Railways without
certification from C&M staffs. The C & M Organization of Indian Railways is
primarily responsible for quality control & consequential safety on Indian
Railways. Their duties include checking & testing the Raw materials used in the
manufacture of Rolling stocks to exact specifications to avoid the use of sub
standard materials in the production repair & maintenance of Railway Coaches,
Wagons and Locomotives. Safety items like Wheels, Axles, Rails, Bogie Frames
and Springs etc. supplied by the Production & Repair Shops, Firms & Suppliers
etc. are tested and certified by CMT Staff. All the testing has to be done on a time
bound basis to ensure productivity and efficiency in production, repair and
maintenance of Rolling Stock and punctuality of Train services – even while
ensuring optimum safety & quality control. The C & M Engineers conduct Failure
Investigation of Railway components involved in derailment and accidents and
making suitable recommendations for preventing further failures & deficiencies.
They are equally and directly responsible in the better out-turn of all Production
Units, Workshop sheds, yards etc, but unfortunately they are denied any
PCO/Incentive as given to their Mechanical counterpart. This is extreme
exploitation of the intellect, highly qualified and Expertise man power in Indian

9. Merge C&M cadre completely with Mechanical or Make it Autonomous

It is quite evident that C&M wing has no parent department to care of its human
resources as well as several ongoing problems to C&M staffs. Railway Board
consider it as Miscellaneous Cadre. When privileges/facilities are to be
given to C&M staff, Administration consider us Miscellaneous cadre
and we are denied of such facilities or benefits, but when out-turn
becomes necessity then we are Mechanical people. Confusion remains in
the minds of Rail employees when it is also assumed that we are under the control
of RDSO. Whoever is our department controller, we are denied to be benefited like
the other Rail employees. Our nature of work, job profile clearly is a part of
Mechanical Department, but unfortunately we are treated like step-brothers in the
same department. There are several instances when the man power of Mechanical
department is not provided to C&M department to execute any work assigned,
when needed. This is because they see C&M wing as not a part of Mechanical
department. The proper solution is the complete merger of this cadre in the
Mechanical Department, so that the man power may be used wherever required,
for better execution of work in minimal time.
Since C&M wing works as the quality assurance and certifying authority of all the
components and products of Indian Railways, sometime there are chances of
manipulation in the original quality report or certification, by the Mechanical
Officers, as per their need, which may be compromising with the safety of Indian
Railways. Hence this department should be given autonomous status or make it a
separate department working independently, if it is not possible to complete
merger with Mechanical department.

10. Allow C&M Engineers to sit for LDCE.

It is very unfortunate that despite possessing the higher qualification of B.E. and
M.Sc. as required by Railway, the C&M staffs are denied to sit for LDCE. On the
other hand Mechanical staffs possessing the qualification of Diploma can sit for
LDCE. It is not always essential that being a Gr- A or B officers you need to be
master in the field for which you have been selected. Also the major work of an
officer is planning and management. It may be noted that the BE in
Metallurgy/Chemical have depth knowledge in the field of Mechanical as the
curriculum till their 6th semester in 4 years BE course used to be exactly same as
Mechanical Engineering. So it is very futile argument that a C&M Engineers who
qualifies for LDCE is of no use as they lacks in Mechanical field. The Railway
Board has violated the recommendation of 6th Pay commission Report where in
para no. 6.1.17, it says that any employee can sit for LDCE for upper post if he/she
possesses the required qualification. The detail of the report is given below.

6.1.17:- The Commission recommends that 10% of the vacancies hitherto filled by
direct recruitment for all posts in Group B and C (apart from those in pay band
PB-1 with grade pay of Rs.1800) will now be filled by Limited Departmental
Competitive Examination (LDCE). All employees possessing minimum
qualifications prescribed for direct recruitment shall be eligible for this
examination irrespective of their present grade and the period of incumbency
therein. Thus, even an employee in pay band PB-1 with grade pay of Rs.1800 will
be eligible to appear in LDCE for a post in PB-2 with grade pay of Rs.4800
provided he/she possesses the necessary qualifications. This will be over and
above any existing scheme of LDCE for filling up posts in various grades.

Therefore, it is requested that the C&M supervisors should also be allowed to sit
for LDCE, viewing their educational qualification and vast work experience in the
same Mechanical department.


Dinesh Kr. Das/CMA-I