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Date : 05 April 2011
Year : 1 Utarid
Time : 8.45am – 9.45am (60 minutes)
Subject : English
Number of pupis : 30
Topic : Animal Sounds
Previous Knowledge : Pupils are able to identify some of animal sounds

Level 1 : Pupils say out animal sounds

Level 2 : Pupils write the animal sounds

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to :

a. Say out animal sounds.

b. Write the animal sounds.

c. Spell and say out the words pertaining to the topic
animal sounds.

Thinking Skills : catergorized and description

Media Pengajaran : Lap Top, LCD, Eduwebtv

Values : To love and appreciate ourself.

Source : Eduwebtv

an Mendengar ) Closure Conclusion Selected pupils are ask to tell the class about the Klip Video Song about Animals Sounds. (Tayangan Senyap) Pupils are say out animals sound Part 2 Games Pupils are ask to listen to • Games imitation from the video. (Pemaham an Mendengar ) Part 1 Identify the animal sounds Pupils watch the video Klip Video clips. importance of loving and ( Pemaham appreciating ourself. . an Mendengar Pupils are again ask to sing ) the song about Animal Sounds. Klip Video “ Animal Sounds “ (Pencarian Pupils spell and say out Harta loud the words about Karun) animals sound. CONTENT PUPILS ACTIVITY TEACHING SOURCES AND MEDIA Set Song about Animal Sounds Pupils watch the video Klip Video Induction clips. Pupils will guess the animals base on sounds from video. Part 3 Worksheet Pupils are ask to complete Klip Video the worksheet based on the (Pemaham video clip shown.