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25111 April 2011

Mr. Santhosh R,

# 34'12. 12'h Cross,

15'" A Main. Magadi Road. Bhuvaneshwari Road, Bengaluru ·560023.

Dear Mr. Santhosh,

On behalf of Techpark Hotels Private limited., (the Owning Company of Ibis Bengaluru Techpark and Novotel Bengaluru Techpark and hereinafter referred to as the Company). we have pleasure in making you an offer ot employment as Technician for Ibis & Novotel Bengaluru Techpark (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel).

The erms and conditions 0 this appointment are as follows .


SUbject to the terms OC ills letler our emoloyment with the Hotel will begin on 1-1 June 2011.


In 11 S posmon ot Technician yOlJ ·,,11 report to the Directo of Engineering of the Hotel or the Executive nominated by t e Management In this behalf The Hotel may make cnanges In your reporting structure and JOb responsibilities at any llme.A copy of the Job desctlptlol1 laid down or your oosmon will be Issued on your JOining.

You Will be responsibte for orklng closely with members of the Leadership Team, Department Heads and the employees under your SUpervision, maintaining harmoruous relations at all times.


a.Baslc Salary

You ~1lI be paid a basic salary of Rs. 5,500 1- per month (subject to deduction of income tax as per localla 5) pa'fab1e monthly In arrears

b. House Rent Allowance

You WI I be paid a House Re Allowance per month @ 40% of your Basic Salary. (subject to

deduction of income tax as er localta. payable monthly In arrears

c Special Allowance

You II II be pard a Spec a Allo' ance of RS.2000f - per month (subject to deduction of income tax as per local la W') pa,able rnon hly In arrears Please note that no statu ory benefits are payable on this Allowance

f'n, Qge<llI!1I Dlf ... :

"" 4G . ~ •• AIHl"Io tlllg,rr,Ot!j)lll'lm."r.a1 :.,,,,.

SI'l Gu:e. Ring Ra.JO!. AmbtlP<JT. iO'WW._.t<4m

Bt"9 I"'\I-;~ Q37 ~nllll •• In~" _ l>Itnol

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d. Conveyance Allowance

You will be paid a Conveyance Allowance of Rs.2,500/- per month (subject to deduotion of income tax as per local law) This IS payable monthly in arrears.

e. Medical Allowance

You ill be paid a Medical Allowance of Rs.SOO/- (subject to deduction of income tax as per local law) This is payable monthly In arrears

The Hotel salary programme provides performance based salary reviews for future salary progress on.


Your position will be classified as Level 2 In the organization structure and aU benefits applicable to thiS Grade will be accorded 0 you as under

a. Provident Fund

Employers' contribution to your ProvLdent Fund wUI in keeping with the terms and provisions of the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Ac 1952

b. Medical Benefits

You your spouse and upto two dependant children will be enrolled in a suItable Group Medical Insurance scheme as per Hotel policy.

c. Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

You will be SUI ably covered under a Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme as per Hotel policy.

d. Mobile Phone

Your entitlement to a mobile phone wm be as per Hotel policy and the requirements of your job position

e. In-house Facilities

Your entitlement to use of in-house facditles of the Hotel will be as per Hotel policy on opening of the Hotel.


Your entJUement to Privilege Leave. SIck Leave, National and Festival Holidays will be In keeping with the provlsions of the appncabte statutory legLslatlon in Bengaluru, Kamataka as well as Hotel policy.

ConUnued ....... J

Page 3 Please note that these holidays and the rules and regulations governing these may be amended from

me to time. In view of the nature of the Hotel's business. the Management reserves the right 0 subs· ute alternate days in lieu of the actual public Holidays on a one-day to one Public Holiday basis. Approval of your immediate reporting authority must be obtained pnor to you proceeding on your any kind of leave


You will be responsible for your own accommodation and the Hotel has no liability In this regard.


You will be responsible for your own transportation and the Hotel has no liability in this regards.


The initial three months or your employment will be deemed as Proba.tionary Period Either party may, Without furnlshmg reasons, terminate U1e employment during this probatJon period with no Irabrl!ly other than for time worked. The Management reserves the rrght to reduce I dispense with or extend your probatJon penod at Its absolute discretion, Upon successful completion of your probationary period, you will be notified In writing. Following the successful completion of the Probationary period either party may terminate thiS agreement by giving one month notice in writing or payment of the equivalent of one month salary In lieu of such notice. No type of leave may be availed during trus notice period ami you will be required to fuffill your professional duties for the entire duration of the stipulated notice period.


Your place af appolntmet'lt ,vIU. at present. be In Bengaluru, Kamataka. You are however liable to be transferred to another departmen post or place whether in existence or coming into extstence hereafter, either at Ihe place of posi ·on or any other place where the Management may establish I open its branch later on. Upon such transfer, the rules and regulations applicable to such a post or at the place of transfer will automa "cally beCome applicable to you. Depending on the contingencies of service andlor employment, you may be transferred to work in any section department or division of the Hotel The Management may depute you on a temporary or permanent basis within the depanrnent or to any other department based on exigency of work


All proprietary business dala, business plans, financial projections and results, customer informalion, computer programs and SImilar matenals, and Information made avalfable to you during your employment are the sale property of the Hotel

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AI such materials and information shall be held by you in the strictest confidence, and shall not be shared or disclosed to any thlrd parties or otherwise utilIZed except in the routine course of performing your dunes. This restnction shall continue loapply even after cessation of your employment with the Hotel. All documents, data or other requisites therefore shall be retumed to the Ho el upon cessation 0 your employment with the Hotel.


IJIIithout prior written consent of the Management. you shan not indulge. engage or interest yourself either directly or Indirectly hether for reward or gratuity In any work. investmen or business 0 her than In the course of the performance of your duties in the Hotel.


a. It is the Hate! policy that a registered medical practitioner appointed by the Hotel conducts a preemployment medical examina ion The cost of such examination wI1l be borne by the Hotel. This offer of employment is subject to you being declared medically fit to carry out the duties and responsibilities Inherent in this pcsinon,

b. The law of the Country of India and the State of Karnalaka shall govern the provisions in this offer of employment

c. During your employmen you ill be bound by the service rules and policIes of the Hotel which may be framed and enforced from 'me to time. You will also carry out and abfde by any instructions, house rules and omce orders issued by the management from time to time

The Hotel reserves the ngh 0 amend or alter these at its discretion Without any notice thereof, and these will be deemed to be the terms and conditions governing the terms of your employment

cllt Is understood that Illis employment IS being offered to you on the basis of the parnculars submitted by you In your application for employment However, if at any time it should emerge that the particulars furnished by you as a part of the joining formalities. are false, Incorrect or inaccurate, If any material or relevant information has been suppressed or concealed, if you are engaged In any fraudulent actIVity. rrusconduot, or if your performance is not up to the expected standard this appointment will be considered ineffective and irregular and would be liable to be terminated by the Holel forthwith Without nonce. This will be without prejudice to the right of the Hotel to take diSCiplinary ac ion against you for the same.

e. You shall not at any lime during the term of your employment with the Hotel or thereafter, under any circumstances, direcUy or indirectly solicit the Hotel's and} or any of its affiliates' personnel to leave the employment of the Hotel andl or any of lis affiliates or apply for employment with any third party or encourage such personnel oi Ihe Hotel to take any action or inaction thai may adversely impact the performance by the Hotel of Its obligations under this Letter and I or any other comrae: or adversely impact the ability of the Hotel to carryoul its normal business actiVities. You further agree that you shall not engage in SOliciting business or allied business thai IS In any way simflar, identical or competitive With the business, activ1Ues. services of the Hotel, or with those customers of the Hotel with whom you had any contact, during your employment with the Hotel and for a period of one year

after your employment ceases ith the Hotel Cont.lnued ••••.•. 5

Page 5 f. You shall keep the Hotel mformed of your late-st postal address and other contact details at aJJ limes and intimate in wnting incase of change of such address or contact detailS. Any communication sent to you by the Hotel on your last known address shall be deemed to have been duly served notwithstanding the fact that you have changed your address.

9 During the course of your employment with the Hotel you may be required to undergo s~eclalizea training(s) I skill and , or knowledge enhancement I developmental program to enable you to effectively discharge your current or new responsibility assigned to you

In such cases the Hotel may propose that an agreement, in the form and manner acceptabte to the Holel be entered Into between the Hotel and you.

Sucl'l agreement shall primarily Intend to ott set the expenses Incurred by the Hotel towards your speCIalized training I skill and I or knowledgeenl1ancement In the event that such an agreement Is executed between you and the HOlel, you Shall be governed by the terms and conditions of such agreement as well. Which shall be considered as an integra.'1 parcel of thIS Appointment Letter In the event of any conflict in respect of any previslcns between tl'le contents of this Appointment Letter and Buell agreemenl. the provisions of such agreement shall take precedence.

Sanlhosh, we lake this opportunrty to Wish you every success 10 your challengIng new assignment and you have a successful and rewarding career with the Hotel.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

For IbfsBengaluru Techp,ark and NovolelBeng.aluru Techpark

I San sh, confirm that I fully understand the terms and conditions ,of my employment a,l Ibis & Novotel Benga.luru Techpa.rk and I accept this offer or employment and shall report for duty an 1 It Ju'ne2011.

Santnosh R

An naxura 1:; Tota'i Cost of iEmployment Statement

Santhosh R

Desi nation



level 2

Director of En




Teehark Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

Date 01 .Jeinin


II local Status


Annua,J Benefits


Gross Rs.l Month Gross RsJ Annum

5500 66,000

2,200 26400

Medical Allowance





Cnn¥e anoe Allowance

5 ecial Allowance



Total Gross A








Total B



Statuto Benefits

Em 10 er PF Contribution 12%



Em f() er ESI ContrlbuUon @ 4 75%..:..=.._ ;- .::..60=!3~r__----------'-7.L:2=3..::..9____l

Total C

1S 159

- II'lR Gross

HOlJsing Allowance To secure Uve Out Accommodation paid for by the Employee
trom Housing Allowance equivalent to 40% of Base SalaIy
Special Allowance May be reclassified at Company discretion
Provident FUnd Employer Contribution to Employee India Provident Fund Is
12% of Basic Salary. The Employee is also required to make a
contribution of minimum of 12% of Basic Salary to India
Provident Fund
Medical Coverage Medlclalm coverage for Self, Spouse and Two Children as per
local Medlcsl Plan enrolment in Group Personal Accident
Insurance for self ortly as per Ho el Policy
All components of the Compensation Package are subject to
applicable Taxes, which is solely the responsibility of
Employee and the Hotel bears no responsibility