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WOYZECK Georg Buchner"

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1980), p.68.

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nN 1"31n" C''?Y17liT 1'Jl1j.'l ",., 01j7UiJ TNj N; ,nJlllnU r::>'t.lJ .11"~ "N' 'TnX 1'''l)) ;IN .OJ'" 111Uil ill i'ln,.,n n"p':2 n,.?l1l7 '1Jj'J ?W n'lI'i7ln nl'n';:mn 17l NY'J'il m ,7l,'j ,10lil 1J'"1,1N','nil t'J1!1:l,'J 'nn "Y';' 7tU ,r ;'C'!ln 117;3'3" .pt'll"Nn 'W ,n'7l'lDil n'1Xi1 nx ,'7lY1J N1i'l ,ll'J1l"n n"'jn; ,"YJUil" .C":2iil nx :lYj)7lW nu,:, ,i171Yl1"np'DC7lil ?::>J R;N •.• n'l"':;,n 'D-;31 '31'$ 1l'X" ,Jm:;, N,n

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m nm71 Tnl ,l11l'UJ1i1 "0 '.:u; mj?!)Oill o',yni1 n'03 ;':J ,1::1 ;31 ,n" .11'lW,g n,"y.D? :I, .::In"'lt.:l "11:Jl"i1l11l113nn '1iO Ill( ,Y1:JP?1 uo!)un 11N 'nnw? npl DR - "MW .111l'ltJ1g 7JJ' OO:l11n? l6w 71;,' U'R 1.D1C.::1W mnu "il ,K; - nrni'lil 01'0 11N Nlll1" 11'Tllj)'i1U 31ll11l1J'ftu 10':') 1'':1'113 1N i'!l'J"" i:mnn N1" 1910JtlI mnll "il!) (Mll,nN rJllnJ1::;' 21 i1l1nn (t}10.::1 26 :1l11311 111UYiU3 lI'UJ1llf'tu 123'::» 1''17 'nlll1' ''''I? 'n" ,Tl;':' ,i'~"1 1.::11 ",n'M" ,g10W mn1l ',n;, DN .(ml D~'1nlli1 nOlli1 lZl' Y73J1WItJ 113:;') rlN';Ii1 "lO illl71 711!l nTnlln i1'n" O'J1lUN,n D"i');3i1 'ltu:l 'W'N""l1;1!)"Ob ON - "'",'.D vi.r" nt'N lu,n' ':Jln~'

* Georg Buchner, Sfuntliche Welke und Briefe. Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe. mit Kommentar. Hg. von Werner R. Lehmann. Munchen. 1972

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