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The Task of a Student of the Mysteries

The Student is to acquire a general intellectual knowledge of all systems of
attainment, as declared in the prescribed books. For this course of reading the
Student should consult the curriculum officially approved by the AßAß.

The Student is expected to show a thorough acquaintance with the books
referred to, but not necessarily to understand them in any deeper sense. On passing
an examination, he or she may be admitted to the grade of Probationer.

The Oath of a Student of the Mysteries

I, being of sound mind and
body, on this day of , 2007, do hereby resolve
to fulfill the Task of a Student of the Mysteries.

With sincere aspiration, an open mind and unswerving perseverance, I
shall apply myself to the task of studying the curriculum of AßAß, and thus
do the necessary groundwork to acquire fitness for the Great Work. In no
less than three months from this date, upon passing an examination, may I
be admitted to the grade of Probationer of AßAß.
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