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Abbreviation system


Abbreviation system
The following abbreviation system is used for all Volvo Wheel Loader

Attachment types

Attachment fitting type Grapples

H Hook-on GPGR General Purpose Grapple

P Pin-on HKOUT Heel/Kickout

Wear parts OPC One-Piece Clamp

BOE Bolt-on edge SORTGR Sorting Grapple

BOT Bolt-on Teeth SWC Swivel Wood Clamp

PRD Pre-drilled Cutting Edge TRLGR Tree-Length Grapple

SEG Segments TROPGR Tropical Grapple

T Point or Teeth UNLGR Unloading Grapple

Others WCP Wear Caps

NOD Normal Density Forks

SS Side Shift COF Combi-Fork

Type of application EXT Extension

GP General Purpose FFPSS Fork Frame with Positioner and Side Shifter

LM Light Material FLO Floating

RO Rock Application FTPH Fork Tine Positioner Horizontal

Buckets FTPV Fork Tine Positioner Vertical

BW Bucket Width LUFT Lumber Fork Tines

CCB Coal Chopping Bucket PAFF Pallet Fork Frames

GRB Grading Bucket PAFT Pallet Fork Tines

HIT Hi-Tip Bucket SSFT Side Shifter Fork Tines

LM Light Material Others

MPB Multi-Purpose Bucket HD Heavy Duty

REF Refuse Bucket LB Long Boom

SIT Side-Tip Bucket LD Light Duty

SPN Spade Nose Bucket MHA Material Handling Arm

SSB Sand Spreading Bucket SB Standard Boom

STE Straight Edge Bucket STD Standard

Points Variant Designations

AM Abrasive Material FF Flat Floor Bucket

AMX Abrasive Material, added wear material L Left Hand

GP General Purpose R Right Hand

with teeth and segments 2. 3.1 yd³.1 m³ / 4.1 m³ / 4. Abbreviation system 7 Examples L110F. with teeth and segments 2.4 yd³. . • Spade nose bucket.STE P T SEG 2.5 yd³.6 m³ / 3.7 m³ / 3. L120F • Straight edge general purpose bucket. – SPN P T SEG 2.6 m³ / 3.7 m³ / 3. . with bolt-on cutting edges.5 yd³. pin-on.4 yd³. • Straight edge general purpose bucket. – STE P BOE 3.1 yd³. pin-on. pin-on.

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