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40000 3months

23 june july august 2sep


(a) A completed application form (Online application is highly recommended)
(b) Application fee (non-refundable): 60,000 Won(c) A copy of the student’s
transcript or diploma from the last school attended (d) A photocopy of the
student's passport (A photocopy of the Alien Registration Card, if you have) (e)
For those who wish to obtain a student (D-4) visa (either ① or ②) ① An
Original Sponsorship Letter: The sponsor would have to be Korean and be
employed in Korea.② Financial document (certificate of deposit balance over
$3,000 (USD) or certificate of remittance or exchange)▶ All documents must
be postmarked by the deadline above:(a) should be submitted online. (b)
should be sent to the personal banking account. (c) through (e) should be sent
to the KLI, either by email, mail or by fax.All countries except Japanese,
Chinses, Taiwanese and Hong Kong: and
Korean-Japanese :, Taiwanese and Hong

1) Fill out and submit the Online
Registration Form 2) Complete
your Online Application Form
with an essay and submit the
application documents * The
webpage will provide personal
banking account information for
the application fee3) Payment
of Application Fee* The
screening process for an
application usually takes 1 to 2
weeks.4) Notice of Admission:
The KLI will inform the student of
acceptance to the program and
provide personal banking account
information by e-mail.5) Tuition
Payment: Upon receipt of the
KLI acceptance by e-mail, the
student will need to pay the
tuition fee for the applicable
term. 6) Final Confirmation e-
mail: KLI will send a
confirmation e-mail after
registration is completed.

Those who wish to obtain a student visa may obtain a certifiacate of admission AFTER registration is completed. .