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. Human Essence What are the key points that help Agile Methodologies and the ͞New-Socialism͟ to have success? Freedom Creation Diversity Union Common Purpose Shared Knowledge Continuous Learning Shared Responsibility . ..

freedom and diversity are preconditions for self- realization. . Human Essence According to Humboldt.

.. Human Essence We guys that work in an Agile way know. how great it is to have some freedom working in a different way! .

.. Human Essence Humboldt still says that. may justly be suspected to not understand the human nature. ͞Those who do not understand it. and be accused to turn men into machines͟ Wilhelm von Humboldt .

Ford. Fayol and others did that? . Human Essence Taylor.

Human Essence ͞What happens when the world cares more about unique voices and remarkable insights than it does about cheap labor on the assembly line?͞ Seth Godin (Linchpin) .

The Implantation Process ͙͞is grounded in empirical process control theory͙͟ Scrum Guide (Ken Schwaber / Jeff Sutherland) .

͞ Salvador Allende . The Implantation Process ͞Socialism can not be imposed by decree: it is an ongoing process.

errors committed by revolutionary movements are infinitely more fruitful than the infallibility of the cleverest Central Committee͟ Rosa Luxemburgo ..The Implantation Process ͞..

. The Name The word ͞Socialism͟ has been used a lot and is almost always associated with untruths.

Forget the basic idea. The Name The word ͞Agile͟ was also been widely used and became a fad. .

Communities have to be in the control of their lives. The Name "Working people have to be in the control of production. No virtual slaves.͞ Noam Chomsky .

The Name We must understand the values and principles behind the practices and not just execute. We are not Cogs! No Virtual Slaves! .

Are we facing the beginning of the ͞New- Socialism͟?      .