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From Prax

At the bottom of the Pouch of Shared
Acquisition is a folded note.

I have arrived in Glasston to find that a threat has attacked
the monastery where I spent my youth outside of the city.
The monastery is called Hallowfields, and the threat is still
unknown. Zurkin, a devoted and capable paladin of Pelor
and several other members of the Inquisition have accom-
panied me to track down this elusive threat. There is still
no direct evidence that the assault was engineered by the
Doomwrought or the Green Tongue, but it is my suspicion,
as they have clearly been targeting places which might reveal
the location that leads to the Vault of Torrid Springs. This
information, as far as I know, is not held in the monastery,
but that also remains to be seen. Many of the monks at Hal-
lowfields have been injured and the devastation is similar to
that at Eventide. Part of our duty is to secure the area and
protect it from intrusion again, and then we will investigate
and track down whoever did this. I will keep you up to date
on our progress.

If anything has come about in Brinswing, please send word.
It appears we are dealing with more than a country-wide
threat at this point for sure. For the time, I suggest we follow
leads that we have in our separate locations, but I intend to
reunite with you once this threat is uncovered and elimi-