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PO Box 1424, CV, CA 93924
Monterey: (831) 642-9600 A WORD ABOUT BACK-UP...
Salinas: (831) 753-9800 Backing up your important files is an essential part of maintaining
a computer system. All mobileTECH professionals recommend their
clients to perform a back-up of all files at least once every 30 days.
Bill to: During the servicing of your computer, many vital and sensitive
components of the system will be tested. Some of the tests, although
rare, can be destructive to a failing system. Measures will be taken
to avoid such happenings.
MobileTECH, it’s employees, and/or sub-contractors are not liable
for any lost data, program files, and/or programs due to servicing.

“I have read and understand the above”

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I authorize all work shown and agree to pay all charges as shown on this Service Order. I understand
that should collection action be required, I will be subject to additional charges, including finance
charges, as allowed by law. All returned checks
will be subject to a $25.00 service charge. X

Payments made by CreditCards will be charged an additional 3% of the total
invoice. The signature below authorizes mobileTECH to charge amount Subtotal
shown as TOTAL.
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