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Acitretin Drug Interactions

Acitretin + Alcohol

There is evidence that the consumption of alcohol may increase the serum levels of
etretinate in patients taking acitretin.

The clinical significance of this interaction is unknown, but it is suggested that it may
have some bearing on the length of the period after acitretin treatment during which
women are advised not to conceive.

Acitretin + Contraceptives

There seems to be no evidence that the reliability of the combined oral contraceptives is
affected by acitretin, and they are the contraceptive method of choice with teratogenic
drugs. Progestogen-only oral contraceptives are not generally considered reliable enough
for use with teratogenic drugs.

Contraceptives should be started one month before acitretin and continued for 2 years
after stopping acitretin. In the USA, it is standard practice to recommend that a second
form of contraception, such as a barrier method, should also be used. This is because,
even though hormonal methods of contraception are highly effective, they do, on rare
occasions, fail.

Acitretin + Food

The absorption of acitretin is approximately doubled by food. Acitretin should be taken

with food or milk to maximise absorption.

Acitretin + Tetracyclines

The development of ’pseudotumour cerebri’ (benign intracranial hypertension) has been

associated with the concurrent use of acitretin and tetracyclines. The manufacturer of
acitretin contraindicates its use with tetracyclines.

Acitretin + Vitamin A

A condition similar to vitamin A (retinol) overdose may occur if acitretin and vitamin A
are given concurrently. The UK manufacturer of acitretin says that high doses of vitamin
A (more than 4000 to 5000 units daily, the recommended daily allowance) should be
avoided. Similar advice is given by the US manufacturers.

Refer: Stockley’s Drug Interactions

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