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(19:04:08) Willie: Kinkyclawz enters the channel.

(19:06:14) Kinkyclawz: Evening all! *curtseys to Willie then looks around* Now t
hen. Tidying up, I guess. *puts the Being Human soundtrack on and begins cleanin
(19:22:16) Willie: keepmakingtea logs into the Chat.
(19:22:24) keepmakingtea: EVERYBODY!
(19:22:32) keepmakingtea: EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE OF LOVE!
(19:22:41) Kinkyclawz: JD!! LOL
(19:22:48) Kinkyclawz: Hello! *hugz* How goes it?
(19:22:53) keepmakingtea: Hi, KC!
(19:22:58) keepmakingtea: It's good!
(19:23:09) keepmakingtea: We have kittens here.
(19:23:18) keepmakingtea: They turned up on our porch.
(19:24:18) Willie: Eileen enters the channel.
(19:24:24) Eileen: Hello
(19:24:28) keepmakingtea: EILEEN!
(19:24:37) keepmakingtea: *Hugz KC, then Eileen.*
(19:24:39) Eileen: How are you two????
(19:24:46) keepmakingtea: I just got in.
(19:24:53) Eileen: *hugs JD*
(19:24:56) keepmakingtea: KC is rocking to the BH soundtrack.
(19:24:57) Eileen: me too
(19:24:58) Eileen:
(19:25:02) Willie: Fang enters the channel.
(19:25:07) Fang: hi
(19:25:09) Eileen: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!
(19:25:11) Eileen: HI!
(19:25:17) keepmakingtea: Hello, Doctor!
(19:25:32) Fang: woah I'm sure it was just KC when I clicked on the chattymajig
(19:25:34) keepmakingtea throws pom poms to Eileen.
(19:25:35) Kinkyclawz: Hallo Eileen! Hiya Fang!!
(19:25:36) Fang: silly willie
(19:25:45) Eileen: lol me too
(19:25:50) Eileen: i saw KC only
(19:26:04) Eileen: JD is wearing the invisibility cloak
(19:26:04) keepmakingtea: Eileen and I haven't been here 10 minutes yet.
(19:26:07) Kinkyclawz: It was, we are multiplying. like Gremlins. *realises she
shouldn't ahve turned on the sprinkler system*
(19:26:22) Kinkyclawz: Willie's playing, methinks.
(19:26:24) Eileen: KC!!!
(19:26:27) Fang: oh I thought Willie couldn't count
(19:26:30) Eileen: So it's your fault!!!
(19:26:30) Kinkyclawz: And that sounds wrong on so many levels.
(19:26:34) Eileen: lol
(19:26:45) Eileen: sound? there is sound?
(19:26:51) Kinkyclawz: *grinz @ Eileen* Yup, its me. what can I say? I was lonel
(19:26:54) Fang: less than two minutes, a new record KC?>
(19:26:56) Eileen: *takes out her earplugs* OH!
(19:27:13) Kinkyclawz: There is, Eileen, but its me singing so you might not wan
t to chance turning he volume up. LOL
(19:27:18) Kinkyclawz: NOOOOOO!
(19:27:31) Kinkyclawz: Definitely a new record, Fang!
(19:27:33) Fang: are you singing uptown gilr?
Hâ HHHHHHH!!! *feels blood coming out her ears*
(19:27:50) Fang: or uptown girl?
(19:27:56) Kinkyclawz: I can if you like Fang. I can dance too, but I dunno whic
h of those is scarier. lmao
(19:28:08) Eileen: uptown grill?
(19:28:10) Kinkyclawz: *puts her fingers in Eileen'\s ears to stop the bleeding.
(19:28:10) Eileen: yummy
(19:28:13) Kinkyclawz: Sorry.
(19:28:15) Fang: I think you should go to a doctor Eileen, that's not normal, er
a proper doctor I mean
(19:28:23) Eileen: thank you, KC
(19:28:26) Eileen: that's better
(19:28:29) Kinkyclawz: an Uptown Grill? Has it just opened? Do they deliver?
(19:28:36) Fang: I could do with some nice chargrilled chicken
(19:28:40) Eileen: but your the doctor, Fang
(19:28:46) Kinkyclawz: Its ok Fang, its only because she heard me singing.
(19:29:02) Kinkyclawz: I'm sure a Time Lord Doctor Fang fella can help.
(19:29:02) Eileen: chicken!!!
(19:29:18) Kinkyclawz: Grilled Chicken? Yum!!!
(19:29:27) Eileen: yum!!!
(19:29:33) keepmakingtea: Degnne won't be here, he just got back to the States.
(19:29:38) Eileen: *tries to find the phone*
(19:29:40) Kinkyclawz: Are you hoping for some grilled chicken too, my Twusband?
(19:29:56) keepmakingtea: Nope. I got fried chicken right here.
(19:29:59) Eileen: awww...
(19:30:01) Kinkyclawz: Aww, he said he cwouldn't be. Such a shame I didn;t manag
e to get mynumber to him in time for us to meet up on London.
(19:30:03) keepmakingtea: Nice and juicy, too.
(19:30:21) Eileen: yummy!!!
(19:30:30) Eileen: btw, KC did you get my tweet?
(19:30:31) Fang: some people will use any old excuse
(19:30:43) Kinkyclawz: *sneaks a piece of chickem from Jd's plate* Mmmmm, it IS
(19:30:57) keepmakingtea: "cwouldn't"? Is that a combination of "couldn't" and "
(19:31:06) Eileen: *sneaks behind KC's back*
(19:31:07) Kinkyclawz: your Tweet? Hmm, I think I must ahve missed it. Gimme a m
in and I'll scrol back thru replies.
(19:31:09) Eileen: chicken!
(19:31:09) Fang: Deg was scared of KC
(19:31:25) Eileen: you think, Doc?
(19:31:26) Kinkyclawz: LOL Not in this case, JD, but could be a good use for ano
ther time.
(19:31:32) Kinkyclawz: Fang, Deg is a wise chap then. ;
(19:31:33) Kinkyclawz: 0
(19:31:34) Kinkyclawz:
(19:31:55) Fang: it's understandable, have you seen the photos of KC?
(19:32:02) Fang: she has yellow eyes and claws
(19:32:06) Fang:
(19:32:30) keepmakingtea: I have pics of KC on my phone.
(19:32:36) Kinkyclawz: Ah, yes. That could be a bit off-putting to some people.
(19:32:44) Kinkyclawz: Shh, Jd, people aren;t supposed to know about those. OL
(19:32:45) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(19:32:57) Eileen: she has?
(19:32:59) keepmakingtea: Why? They're very pretty.
(19:32:59) Eileen: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhâ hh
(19:33:05) Fang: well you are sort of married, or twarried, or some such thing
(19:33:22) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(19:33:29) Fang: Eileen won't send me pictures, she has normal couloured eyes to
(19:33:31) Kinkyclawz: *blushes, gets all coy*
(19:33:56) Kinkyclawz: and yep, ts Twarried, Fang.
(19:34:02) Kinkyclawz: Eileen: just looking for your Tweet.
(19:34:22) Fang: (hopes KC was wearing contacts and stuff to make her wolfy othe
rwise I'm being a bit offensive)
(19:34:56) Eileen: awwww
(19:35:04) Fang: was Deg over here for some kind of wedding?
(19:35:10) Eileen: you want a pic of me, Fang?
(19:35:13) Eileen: *squees*
(19:35:24) Eileen: wedding? what wedding?
(19:35:54) Eileen: my blue eyes are just contacts
(19:36:00) Eileen: i have red eyes
(19:36:30) Fang: I think there was some minor wedding he was invited to, there w
as something about it on telly, he said it was a family thing I think
(19:37:01) Kinkyclawz: LOL Wonderful colour Eileen! They match my yellow eyes!
(19:37:01) Fang: uh oh KC hasn't confirmed that her eyes aren't really yellow, n
ow Eileen has red eyes
(19:37:06) keepmakingtea: Yeah, I think it was something like this: http://www.yâ av0FEhtLug
(19:37:19) Kinkyclawz: Oh, I saw a little snippet of that on the news, Fang.
(19:37:29) keepmakingtea: The news?
(19:37:33) Kinkyclawz: thats the one, Jd.
(19:37:33) keepmakingtea: Was there a murder?
(19:37:56) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, the wedding, it was slightly newsworthy. not sure w
hy though.
(19:37:57) Fang: just because Deg was there you don't have to think the worst, h
e probably has a nice family
(19:38:04) Kinkyclawz: no murders there that I know of....
(19:38:11) Kinkyclawz: lmao @ Fang!
(19:38:13) keepmakingtea: You never know about Deg...
(19:38:22) keepmakingtea: All that time in the insanity tree...
(19:38:23) Eileen: oh! Are those people important?
(19:38:40) Fang: yes Deg is very important, he does a cartoon any everything
(19:38:48) Fang: and his eyes are a normal colour
(19:39:00) Eileen: maybe he was the wedding cartoonist
(19:39:03) Fang: and he has over two pairs of shoes
(19:39:05) Eileen: they are?
(19:39:29) Eileen: oh wow!
(19:39:44) Kinkyclawz: A wedding cartoonist! What an amazing idea! Why didn;t we
have one of those at our Twedding, JD? LOL
(19:39:58) Eileen: he is rich then!!!
(19:40:04) Kinkyclawz: Fang, surely you jest... 2 pairs of shoes?! Really? Pfft,
who has 2 pairs of shoes. *laughs*
(19:40:04) Fang: wedding cartoonist, interesting
(19:40:14) keepmakingtea: Well, Al was going to do it, but he got preoccupied.
(19:40:20) Eileen: he must be rich, KC
(19:40:42) Kinkyclawz: He was too busy being our Twinister, my Twusband
(19:40:47) Fang: *worries KC sounds a bit like Belatrix from Harry Potter (the l
ast movie has an awesome trailer btw)
(19:40:52) keepmakingtea: He finally came out with this, but I don't think it ca
me out just right: http://alcooksnecropolis.files.â
&â h=595
(19:40:59) Kinkyclawz: He must be Eileen. Thats why he went to his little family
wedding thing in London.
(19:41:19) Fang: silly Deg, he got the year wrong
(19:42:11) Kinkyclawz: Aww, he even got the flowers that were in my hair (Twair?
)-how cute. But it is a bit wrong, isnt it? Everyone has too much colour in thei
r faces. LOL
(19:42:26) Kinkyclawz: I sound like Bellatrix. Such high praise! LOL Filthy Mudb
(19:42:27) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(19:43:51) Eileen: awwww you married 90 years ago?
(19:44:11) Eileen: *sobs* I'm not filthy!!!
(19:44:12) Fang: *is now worried that KC looks up to old Bella, that's a lot of
worrying, I may start to get worrylines ruining my youthful (not so) good looks
(19:44:20) keepmakingtea: Yes, Fang accidentally gave us a trip to the past.
(19:44:27) Fang: proove it Eileen
(19:44:43) Eileen: uhmmm, uhmmm *get out soap*
(19:44:52) Eileen: *gets
(19:45:07) Eileen: I use this every day!
(19:45:12) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, but you've got red eyes, Eileen so you can;t be a Mu
dblood. Just a vampire. Mwahahahahaha!
(19:45:17) Fang: to the showers!
(19:45:24) Kinkyclawz: *sniffs the soap*
(19:45:29) Fang: oh you were just pointing out how often you use it
(19:45:37) keepmakingtea: NO, DON'T SNIFF THE SOAP!
(19:45:41) Fang: KC are you dirty?
(19:45:41) Kinkyclawz: Fang, fear not. I'm just mental. Its fine.
(19:45:44) Kinkyclawz: No?
(19:45:52) Kinkyclawz: No soap sniffing. Okay.
(19:46:03) keepmakingtea: You don't know what's in that soap!
(19:46:06) Kinkyclawz: A leading question Fang.
(19:46:19) Eileen: what? whats wrong with my soap?
(19:46:22) keepmakingtea: So, a werewolf is now narrating Doctor Who Confidentia
(19:46:27) Kinkyclawz: I shall do the ladylike thing and refrain from answering.
(19:46:31) Eileen: hmmm... every time i use it my eyes get redder
(19:46:34) keepmakingtea: It makes your eyes turn red.
(19:46:40) Kinkyclawz: Nothing Eileen, but apparently I'm not allowed to sniff i
(19:46:45) keepmakingtea: Great minds, Eileen.
(19:46:52) Eileen:
(19:46:53) Fang: it's OK I'm sure you have impeccible personal hygiene
(19:46:55) Kinkyclawz: LMAO Oh, so I'd wind up with orange eyes if I sniffed it?
(19:47:03) keepmakingtea: Yep.
(19:47:14) Kinkyclawz: He is, JD? YAY!
(19:47:20) keepmakingtea: I knew a guy with red eyes.
(19:47:31) keepmakingtea: Yes, he is
(19:47:33) Kinkyclawz: I've seen none of DW this series so far.... I tell a lie,
saw the very end of last weeks. lol
(19:47:43) Fang: .... punchline? true story?
(19:47:44) Eileen: i thought the soap smelled funny
(19:47:53) Eileen: and im not sure its normal for it to be black
(19:47:54) Fang: oh did you see the bafta nominations?
(19:47:56) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(19:48:04) Kinkyclawz: The soap or your eyes, Eileen?
(19:48:08) Fang: being human nominated
(19:48:10) Kinkyclawz: Fang: YES!!!
(19:48:11) Eileen: the soap
(19:48:14) Fang: for best drama
(19:48:19) Eileen: cool
(19:48:21) keepmakingtea: The guy seriously had red pupils.
(19:48:21) Kinkyclawz: And is Russell nominated in Best Actor or did I read wron
(19:48:33) Eileen: red pupils?
(19:48:40) Eileen: what kind of school is taht?
(19:48:43) Kinkyclawz: WOW! Red pupils. Was he a teacher? Sorry, BRB getting a
coffee. might calm me down
(19:49:00) Eileen: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
(19:49:00) Fang: nah I don't think any of them got acting nominations
(19:49:03) keepmakingtea: Nope, he was a musician.
(19:49:04) Eileen: kc's in my head again
(19:49:12) Eileen: i see
(19:49:18) Eileen: teaching at a school?
(19:49:29) Fang: here's the full list
(19:49:30) Fang:â 2011/apr/26/bafta-tv-awards-2011-â nom
(19:49:43) Fang: cool, a red eyed musician
(19:50:03) Eileen: Sherlock!!!
(19:50:05) Eileen: yay!!!
(19:50:28) keepmakingtea: Damn. Why is Sherlock going up against Who. They're bo
th REALLY good shows!
(19:50:32) Fang: stupid hobbitses ruining Sherlock
(19:50:50) Fang: Poor Jason Watkins deserved a best supporting actor nomination
I think
(19:51:16) keepmakingtea: I think those nominations are for 2010, Fang.
(19:51:19) Fang: Robert Sheehan is definitly a lead and it's arguable that Marti
n Freeman is too
(19:51:22) Eileen: so does it mean that sherlock will be on later?
(19:51:41) Fang: they say 2011, it's just a bit behing the times
(19:51:44) keepmakingtea: Sounds like Sherlock will be in Autumn.
(19:52:18) Fang: it says 26th April 2011 on it
(19:52:40) keepmakingtea: The awards would be for 2010 work.
(19:53:00) keepmakingtea: Too much timey-wimey in your head, Doctor?
(19:53:03) Eileen: thanks for the info
(19:53:10) Eileen: *puts soap back in her bag*
(19:53:24) Fang: shame Tom didn' get any nominations as he and his sister both c
ould have won one (not that he should have been nominated it just would have bee
n cool)
(19:53:45) Kinkyclawz: Back! *hands round a few cups of tea and coffee she made*
(19:53:58) keepmakingtea: Mmm... Coffee...
(19:54:02) Kinkyclawz: would ahve been awesome in their household Fang!
(19:54:04) Eileen: *takes coffee* OW!!! Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:54:10) keepmakingtea: Ulp... A little strong!
(19:54:11) Kinkyclawz: Careful, they're hot
(19:54:12) Kinkyclawz: oh.
(19:54:20) Eileen: KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:54:25) Kinkyclawz: JD, come down off the ceiling!!
(19:54:32) Kinkyclawz: Eaileen!!!!!
(19:54:35) Eileen: *puts down mug and cools her fingers under the water*
(19:54:37) Fang: just like Goldilocks, too hot, too strong, mine is just right
(19:54:37) Kinkyclawz: Or Eileen. lol
(19:54:47) Kinkyclawz: And I have tea.
(19:54:50) Kinkyclawz: Just to be odd.
(19:55:00) Eileen: tung
(19:55:03) Eileen:
(19:55:04) Kinkyclawz: *hands 'round liquorice sticks too*
(19:55:14) Kinkyclawz: *fans Eileens burnt tongue with her hands*
(19:55:18) Eileen: with alohooooooool?
(19:55:29) Eileen: thank you!
(19:55:45) Kinkyclawz: *adds milk to Jd's coffee to make ti weaker*
(19:56:20) keepmakingtea: *Starts dancing to funky Russian music.*
(19:56:27) Eileen: FAng! you want milk, too?
(19:56:42) Eileen: *looks at JD and giggles*
(19:56:47) Fang: nah I'm more interested in your tongue
(19:56:53) Willie: RangerCM logs into the Chat.
(19:57:00) keepmakingtea: Ranger!
(19:57:04) Fang: oh I can't do that Russian dance without falling on my arse
(19:57:08) Eileen: what do you want with my tongue? *scratches head*
(19:57:10) Kinkyclawz: RANGER!
(19:57:11) Eileen: RANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:57:14) Fang: Ranger! it seems like it's been a while
(19:57:17) Kinkyclawz: *pounces* Hiya!
(19:57:19) keepmakingtea initiates group hug for Ranger.
(19:57:27) Fang: I'm concerenced Eileen
(19:57:31) Kinkyclawz: *group hugz at JD's initiation*
(19:57:36) Eileen: concerenced?
(19:57:43) Kinkyclawz: Fang, its a load of cossacks?
(19:57:43) Eileen: *joins group hug*
(19:57:45) Fang: *joins hug*
(19:58:01) Fang: cossacks to you and all
(19:58:04) Kinkyclawz: What are you concernced about Doctor Fang?
(19:58:12) Eileen: Cossacks!
(19:58:16) Eileen: or whatever!
(19:58:18) Fang: Eileen's tounge after her hot coffee
(19:58:22) Kinkyclawz: LOL *gives Fang a furry hat so he can play wiht his Cossa
(19:58:40) Kinkyclawz: Aww, you should nurse her tongue back to health Fang*
(19:58:43) Fang: yay *happily plays with cossacks*
(19:58:45) Eileen: *blushes* with his cossacks?
(19:58:47) Kinkyclawz: Ranger? Are you ok hun?
(19:58:49) RangerCM: I can only type slowly. On my iPhone in the car.
(19:59:01) Fang: she's baffled by cossacks
(19:59:02) Kinkyclawz: Ohhh, I see! Aww, its brilliant you're here.
(19:59:06) Eileen: oh no, I feel with you, Ranger
(19:59:14) Kinkyclawz: I think most sane peiople might be, Fang.
(19:59:16) Eileen: *hugs again*
(19:59:24) Fang: Eileen has never been happier to be at her computer
(19:59:29) Kinkyclawz: We missed you, lovely!
(19:59:34) Kinkyclawz: LMAO
(19:59:36) Eileen: what are your cossacks doing, Fang?
(19:59:40) RangerCM: Lol
(19:59:45) Eileen: oh believe me
(19:59:48) Kinkyclawz: Scary question, Eileen!
(19:59:50) keepmakingtea: Cossacking.
(20:00:04) Eileen: how does cossacking look?
(20:00:27) Eileen: *takes back her tongue and puts it back in her mouth*
(20:00:29) Kinkyclawz: Believe me, you don't wanna know, Eileen It's hurt your r
ed eyes.
(20:00:33) Fang: that's a very personal question, I suppose it's only fair after
we detirmed how filthy you are
(20:00:35) Kinkyclawz: LMAO!
(20:00:47) Fang: your tounge was out of your mouth due to my cossakcs?
(20:00:54) Eileen: NOT filthy!!!
(20:00:55) Kinkyclawz: was that "determined" Fang?
(20:01:00) Eileen: *shows her black soap again*
(20:01:12) RangerCM: While I type I may miss comments so please repeat if I seem
to ignore you
(20:01:30) Eileen: *hugs Ranger again*
(20:01:37) Kinkyclawz: Ahem, sorry Ranger, we're on a wild and crazy non-topic t
onight so far. LOL
(20:01:39) Eileen: I feel with you
(20:01:51) Eileen: sorry for being so touchy feely today
(20:01:55) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, Eileen was on her ohone last week and it was diffic
(20:01:58) Eileen: i had the same problem last week
(20:02:06) Eileen: and i was a bit mental
(20:02:08) Fang: we found the defendent not filthy
(20:02:09) Eileen: *blushes*
(20:02:16) Eileen: YAY!!!
(20:02:24) Eileen: I'm cleeeeeeeeeeeeeean!!!
(20:02:24) Fang: Eileen would have had a break down if we had stayhed a bit long
(20:02:26) Eileen: uhhhh
(20:02:41) RangerCM: Eileen. We have our German exchange student with us taking
her on trip into the mountains today.
(20:02:43) Eileen: i hope that won't happen to you, Ranger
(20:02:44) Fang: her uncle helped to send her over the edge but we pulled her ba
ck on
(20:03:04) Eileen: over the edge?
(20:03:07) Eileen: OMG
(20:03:10) Fang: so have you been here since s3? thoughts?
(20:03:26) Eileen: say HI from me, Ranger!
(20:03:33) Fang: or not if you have been, I forget
(20:03:35) Willie: Euro1989 enters the channel.
(20:03:46) keepmakingtea: Howdy!
(20:03:50) Kinkyclawz: Alex?
(20:03:54) Eileen: Hello!
(20:04:01) Fang: hi
(20:04:03) Euro1989: I have been sitting in that bloody lobby for half an hour t
rying to figure that out kinky!
(20:04:21) Eileen: it's the entrance exam
(20:04:21) Kinkyclawz: Hiya Euro! lmao Sorry, you should ahve said you were comi
ng, I'd have met you!!
(20:04:31) Kinkyclawz: Everyone this is my best mate!! *hugz Euro!
(20:04:33) Kinkyclawz: *
(20:04:36) Fang: alex? you know each other
(20:04:37) RangerCM: She says hello
(20:04:45) Fang: well obviously, too late tpying that
(20:04:46) Eileen: Hello Alex
(20:04:49) keepmakingtea: Hello, Euro!
(20:04:50) Euro1989: Heyyyy everyone nice to be here!
(20:04:54) Kinkyclawz: Aww, Ranger! You're off to the mountains with your exchan
ge student? How brilliant?
(20:04:57) Eileen: hello to the german exchange student!!!
(20:05:01) Kinkyclawz: Welcome to the mad house!
(20:05:07) Fang: that was the shortest lived secret identity in history
(20:05:14) Eileen: Nice to meet you!
(20:05:18) Kinkyclawz: Fang: Yup! ^^ I'm no good with secrets.
(20:05:28) Eileen: it happens Fang
(20:05:29) Willie: WhiteHare enters the channel.
(20:05:33) WhiteHare: aha!
(20:05:35) Eileen: *snuggles closer to Fang*
(20:05:37) Fang: Hello
(20:05:39) Kinkyclawz: WhiteHare!!! *hugz* Hiya!!
(20:05:39) WhiteHare: hello
(20:05:44) Euro1989: You to! Well this is a bit more energetic then being on my
tod in the Lobby!
(20:05:48) Eileen: it's getting a bit growded
(20:05:49) WhiteHare: helps not to sit in the lobby then?
(20:05:50) Fang: *snuggles back to Eileen*
(20:05:57) Kinkyclawz: WhiteHare, Euro, gang have you any objections to me savin
g and sharing the chat log?
(20:05:57) Eileen: Hello WhiteHare!
(20:06:02) Fang: yeah the lobby isn't so great
(20:06:03) Kinkyclawz: WhiteHare... yeah! lmao
(20:06:14) RangerCM: Nice group here. Has it been this busy lately?
(20:06:15) Fang: I like the water cooler though
(20:06:19) WhiteHare: not been in before
(20:06:19) Eileen: How are you, Euro and whiteHare?
(20:06:21) Kinkyclawz: We all make that mistake... some more often than others.
*tries not to look guilty*
(20:06:24) Kinkyclawz: LMAO
(20:06:35) Kinkyclawz: Ranger: Aye a bit busy...
(20:06:36) Eileen: LOL KC
(20:06:44) Euro1989: Tierd Eileen been helping my friend move for past too days
been a bit manic! And yourself?
(20:06:50) Kinkyclawz: But not as much as it used to be. Tonight, the place is j
umping!! YAY!
(20:07:00) Eileen: I'm great thanks
(20:07:12) Euro1989: Good, its a lovely night for a chat
(20:07:13) Eileen: *tries not to step on any feet and snuggles closer to Fang*
(20:07:28) WhiteHare: about to be treated to music practice
(20:07:37) Kinkyclawz: Aww, is that because its getting "growded" Eileen? LOL Yu
though I didn't notice the typo, huh?
(20:07:43) Eileen: be careful with Vampy in the corner!
(20:07:50) Kinkyclawz: Ooh... is that gonna be as painful as me singing and danc
ing, WhiteHare?
(20:07:51) Eileen: and you better not touch the insanity tree
(20:07:59) Eileen: it can cause insanity!
(20:08:00) Fang: is it uptown girl?
(20:08:18) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, watch our for Vampy in Eileen's corner. He looks li
ke a pretty bush but he's got fangs (not Fang) and likes blood.
(20:08:21) Eileen: uptown grill!!!
(20:08:22) WhiteHare: lol no, she's pretty good actually
(20:08:28) Kinkyclawz: Its Uptown Girl again, Fang, I'm sure.
(20:08:43) Euro1989: shes been living in an uptown world I am guessing?
(20:08:43) Kinkyclawz: LOL Thats good to know WhiteHare. Or is that compared ot
my singing?
(20:08:49) WhiteHare: so do I know anyone in here apart from KC?
(20:08:54) Kinkyclawz: Apparently so, Euro.
(20:08:54) Eileen: *checks her ears*
(20:08:56) Fang: anyway I asked Ranger what she though of S3, I have to repeat i
t as she's hard of hearing but you two can answer too
(20:08:58) Eileen: okay, no blood yet
(20:09:09) keepmakingtea: Do you?
(20:09:15) Euro1989: Debz does EVERYONE know you! I love iT!
(20:09:18) Kinkyclawz: Eileen: my figners are still in your ears.
(20:09:28) WhiteHare: lol
(20:09:29) Eileen: oh! that explains it then, KC
(20:09:31) Eileen: thanks
(20:09:35) Fang: KC is well know all around the internet
(20:09:36) WhiteHare: yes, even met IRL
(20:09:42) Kinkyclawz: *blinks* Euro, you might want to rephrase that. I have a
sort-of reputation to keep! LMAO
(20:09:54) Kinkyclawz: We have!! *high fives WhiteHare*
(20:09:56) Eileen: *coughs and tries not to giggle*
(20:10:04) Euro1989: Haha ohhh I just read it back, lucky I know you really!
(20:10:30) Kinkyclawz: Have met Euro once or twice! *grinz*
(20:10:36) Kinkyclawz: *looks sneaky*
(20:10:43) Fang: wait you met KC Whitehare?
(20:10:53) Euro1989: Prestatyn 2012 KC, thats all am saying haha!
(20:10:53) Kinkyclawz: Fang, I think your question got missed...
(20:10:57) Eileen: does she really have yellow eyes?
(20:11:03) WhiteHare: oh yeah
(20:11:06) WhiteHare: and big teeth!
(20:11:09) Kinkyclawz: Euro: Oh yeah!!
(20:11:16) Eileen: ahhh!!! So you were right, Fang!
(20:11:17) Kinkyclawz: And not very celan teeth, were they? lmao
(20:11:18) Fang: whitehare/whitefang, who will be next in the white animal colle
(20:11:20) Kinkyclawz: or clean
(20:11:26) Kinkyclawz: LMAO
(20:11:41) Kinkyclawz: KC can't be white, that signifies purity.
(20:11:42) Eileen: but im clean!!!
(20:11:45) Euro1989: I liked KC using werewolves as vamps teeth, VERY economical
(20:11:49) Kinkyclawz: Eileen is clean!!
(20:11:50) Eileen: oh you were talking about your teeth, kc
(20:11:51) Fang: nevermind, introductions are more important
(20:11:54) Eileen: *wipes brow*
(20:12:03) Kinkyclawz: lmao My bak manager might not agree, Euro.
(20:12:07) Kinkyclawz: bank also
(20:12:09) Fang: how about a white, albinno werewolf?
(20:12:18) Kinkyclawz: LMAO @ Eileen! Yep
(20:12:25) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, albino werewolf!
(20:12:25) Eileen: im not white, im blue
(20:12:28) RangerCM: Oh just read back a bit. I thought s3 was amazing. Liked It
better than s2
(20:12:28) Kinkyclawz: What a good idea!
(20:12:29) Eileen: BUT clean!!!
(20:12:33) Kinkyclawz: with red eyes!
(20:12:39) Kinkyclawz: a clean blue with reed eyes then
(20:12:40) Eileen: yes!
(20:12:43) Kinkyclawz: red not reed!
(20:12:44) Euro1989: oh you should of seen the little husky wolf dog I saw today
! Beautiful!
(20:12:46) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:12:50) Fang: and the ending?
(20:12:52) Eileen: with a pet vampire bush
(20:13:02) Eileen: and a snuggle worthy doctor
(20:13:04) Fang: awww
(20:13:18) Eileen: aawwww
(20:13:31) Fang: there was a husky puppy near me but it's grown up now
(20:13:42) RangerCM: Sad but inevitable
(20:13:46) Fang: snuggle worthy? I'm hnoured
(20:13:48) Eileen: awwww
(20:13:55) Eileen: ;P
(20:14:12) Kinkyclawz: Awww!! Any husky pics, Euro?
Ranger: I have to agree. But I wasn;t keen on S2 to be honest, aside from a few
great scenes.
Fang: It now has manly giggles (a running joke from a previous chat, everyone)
(20:14:43) Eileen: what has manly giggles? Vampy?
(20:14:45) Kinkyclawz: Psst, Fang, I spiked the coffee with happiness.
(20:14:50) Euro1989: KC: Somewere, I will put it on your wall if I find it, it i
s on someone elses phone
(20:14:56) Kinkyclawz: The husky puppy that grew up eileen.
(20:15:03) Kinkyclawz: YAY! Cheers Euro!
(20:15:10) Eileen: ahh! I was about to get scared
(20:15:15) Kinkyclawz: LOL You'll need ot borrow the phone.
(20:15:19) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(20:15:29) Fang: I'm a but worried that KC knows everybody, it's like she's plot
ting world domination
(20:15:45) keepmakingtea: Hey, someone's gotta do it, Fang.
(20:15:48) Eileen: we'll stop her, Fang
(20:15:57) Eileen: two against all
(20:15:57) RangerCM: Lol
(20:15:59) Kinkyclawz: would I do such a thing, Fang? *slides the folder marked
"world domination under Vampy for safe keeping*
(20:16:03) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(20:16:22) Eileen: VAMPY!!! What do you have there?
(20:16:24) Euro1989: Haha I will be her right hand man
(20:16:24) Fang: by the way I've checked the profiles and it's a boy Alex and Wh
itehare is a girl, no embarrasing ladymaker issues tonight
(20:16:28) Kinkyclawz: And such absent quotoation marks can cause problems, can'
t they? lol
(20:16:45) keepmakingtea: Why not a blissfully mad woman like KC? It'd be no wor
se than what we already have.
(20:16:45) Eileen: thank you Fang
(20:16:52) Euro1989: Sooorrryyy yes I am a dude not a dudette! lol
(20:16:56) Kinkyclawz: LOL Damn, didn;t tell you for just that reason Fang. Damn
, you stopped my world domination by ladymaker plans! Drat!
(20:17:02) WhiteHare: hmmm, labelling it World Domination is a bit of a give awa
y. Try labelling it Car Service History or something
(20:17:09) Eileen: I admire your way of getting information about people
(20:17:19) Eileen: Duuuuuuude!
(20:17:23) Fang: oh yeah keepmakingtea (aka JD) and me are guys, the rest are wo
(20:17:38) WhiteHare: sweeeeeeet
(20:17:39) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, you say the nicest things JD (keepmakingtea for our
new ChatPackers)!
(20:17:39) Euro1989: As if KC bothers to take her car in, thats an even bigger g
ive away
(20:17:45) Eileen: HERE IS A HER!!!
(20:17:51) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, I'm in your head Fang!
(20:17:55) Euro1989: she just puts the key in an hopes for the best
(20:18:02) WhiteHare: lol
(20:18:22) Eileen: lol
(20:18:23) Kinkyclawz: Shhh, no sharing secrets, Euro! lmao Expecially after Jd
mentioned those pictures of me on his phone.... drat!
(20:18:55) Kinkyclawz: I get the feeling people don't believe I get my car servi
ced. *looks at her car, held together by rust* Hmm, you might have a point.
(20:18:55) Euro1989: Lol, be careful, otherwise I might get the makeup brush on
you again lol!
(20:19:04) Eileen: *checks under Vampy and reads "instructions to world dominati
(20:19:05) Kinkyclawz: NOOOOO!
(20:19:06) Eileen: Oh!
(20:19:20) Kinkyclawz: Ahem, its just a little light readong, Eileen honest
(20:19:30) Kinkyclawz: reading not readong.
(20:19:31) Fang: dong
(20:19:32) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:19:33) Eileen: light readong my ass!
(20:19:38) Kinkyclawz: LMAO
(20:19:45) Fang: what's that about your ass?
(20:19:54) Eileen: *tries to imitate Dean winchester's voice*
(20:19:59) Kinkyclawz: I'm busy laughing it off apparently, Fang
(20:20:01) Eileen: Nothing, Fang!
(20:20:05) Eileen: *whistles*
(20:20:17) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(20:20:32) Eileen: lol
(20:20:37) Kinkyclawz: Oh oh, I have to ask again. Whitehare, Euro. Have you any
objections ot me saving and sharing the chatlog?
(20:20:45) Fang: ****
(20:20:58) Kinkyclawz: Saving Stars minus 1
(20:20:59) Eileen: *sneaks folder out and hides it in her for further inspection
(20:21:09) Eileen: -1?????????????
(20:21:17) WhiteHare: no probs KC
(20:21:24) Fang: also feel free to say/ask anything that's actually on a being t
opic if you want, I tried to steer things that way but failed
(20:21:29) Kinkyclawz: *sneaks over to Vampy and feels about under his roots for
the folder*
(20:21:31) Eileen: where is the last saving star???
(20:21:39) Euro1989: course not lovely
(20:21:41) Kinkyclawz: LOL Fang, you were going against the tide hunny.
(20:21:44) Fang: closely inspects Eileen instpecting
(20:21:54) Kinkyclawz: Thankyou! *initiates a group hug*
(20:22:03) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:22:03) WhiteHare: well I know from experience that keeping chats on the chat
room topic is a pretty rare occurrence
(20:22:15) Eileen: please refrain from being on topic.... NOW!!!
(20:22:27) Euro1989: LOL Fang trying to steer this lot must be hard work
(20:22:30) Kinkyclawz: Especially hard in here as we're easily distracted... ooh
(20:22:35) Fang: well just vaguly being human based is a start, even if it is ju
st tea
(20:22:40) Kinkyclawz: Ahh, you're learning fast, Euro!
(20:22:47) Fang: yeah it's harder to steer than KC's car
(20:22:47) keepmakingtea: We do occasionally talk about BH or the cast.
(20:22:47) Eileen: distr.... oh shiny!!!
(20:22:53) keepmakingtea: Or things the cast has been in.
(20:22:58) keepmakingtea: Or other things.
(20:22:58) Kinkyclawz: Anyone want a cup of virtual tea? I brought loads in abou
t half an hour ago...
(20:23:00) WhiteHare: squirrel
(20:23:02) keepmakingtea: Or sex.
(20:23:05) Fang: or albino werewolfs
(20:23:11) Eileen: or us
(20:23:15) Kinkyclawz: Werewolf sex? *is insterested, gives Eileen the shiny*
(20:23:18) keepmakingtea: Okay, not really sex.
(20:23:27) Kinkyclawz: *is disappointed*
(20:23:28) Eileen: *takes the shiny* awwwwww
(20:23:30) Fang: well supernatural sex
(20:23:38) Fang: but don't get KC started on that
(20:23:40) Eileen: SUPERNATURAL!!! *freaks out*
(20:23:44) Kinkyclawz: Werewolf sex? *is interested again*
(20:23:44) Euro1989: Yeah I dont think spreading my Sex life about is really the
best course of action
(20:23:54) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:24:05) Kinkyclawz: you're not a werrwolf though so you're ok.... or are you?
(20:24:12) Kinkyclawz: did I miss those full moon forays?
(20:24:16) Euro1989: RAWRRR
(20:24:18) Fang: of sometimes we just have gilbert fun
(20:24:27) Eileen: *exchanges the shiny with SPN*
(20:24:31) Kinkyclawz: YAY! My best mate is a werewolf! Life is gooooood!
(20:24:48) Euro1989: haha I am very happy you knew what sound I was making
(20:24:52) Euro1989: makes life easier haha
(20:24:53) Kinkyclawz: *disappears into the cupboard and throws out a big pile o
f sticks*
(20:25:02) Kinkyclawz: Gilbert Fun?
(20:25:08) Euro1989: Were you going KC? Narnia?
(20:25:20) Eileen: *looks at Fang* what's she doing?
(20:25:28) Fang: poor Ranger, how is she able to keep up with this
(20:25:37) Kinkyclawz: No no, just our store cupboard. Its one of those cupboard
that hold absolutely everything. Like my suitcases.
(20:25:42) Kinkyclawz: Aww, are you ok Ranger?
(20:25:44) Fang: best not to think about it EIleen
(20:25:45) keepmakingtea: I love this song!
(20:25:46) RangerCM: May drop off soon. Poor cell service the higher we go
(20:26:01) Eileen: *hugs Ranger*
(20:26:02) Euro1989: I dont get it...
(20:26:06) Fang: aww Ranger is getting too high to chat
(20:26:07) keepmakingtea: Poor Goodwin.
(20:26:15) Eileen: *refrains from thinking about it*
(20:26:18) Fang: that a feeling I have a lot Euro
(20:26:18) Euro1989: brb
(20:26:31) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Fang!
(20:26:34) Kinkyclawz: Aww, Ranger!!!
(20:26:36) Kinkyclawz:
(20:26:47) Kinkyclawz: What song, JD?
(20:26:48) Eileen: Ranger!!!
(20:27:04) Fang: barbie girl? uptown girl? material girl?
(20:27:04) Kinkyclawz: What don't you get Euro... oh HB! Dark Blue? good choice!
(20:27:16) Kinkyclawz: I can sing all those if you want, Fang.
(20:27:18) Eileen: so many grills!!!
(20:27:19) Eileen: yummy
(20:27:31) Kinkyclawz: and still no grilled chicken, Eileen.
(20:27:32) keepmakingtea: I don't know what song. It's in Russian.
(20:27:34) Fang: here come the grills
(20:27:45) Willie: KnaveoG enters the channel.
(20:27:45) WhiteHare: OMG this is like high speed Twitter LOL
(20:27:47) Eileen: *is disappointed*
(20:27:50) Kinkyclawz: *sneaks some more chicken from JD's plate and shares it w
ith Eileen*
(20:27:50) RangerCM: Feel like Annie fading away
(20:27:57) Kinkyclawz: EWAN! Hello!!
(20:28:08) KnaveoG: Hey there
(20:28:13) Fang: Hey KnaveoG
(20:28:13) Eileen: *takes chicken*
(20:28:15) Eileen: thank yous!!!
(20:28:24) Eileen: Annie! Ah! Ranger!!!
(20:28:29) Kinkyclawz: Aww, come back Ranger!
WhiteHare: It is! But never fear, you get mostly used to it after a while. About
a year or so. LOL
(20:28:33) Eileen: Hello Ewan!
(20:28:33) Kinkyclawz: How are you Ewan?
(20:28:59) Fang: my girl, Boys And Girls, Brown Eyed Girl, California Girls
(20:28:59) Eileen: chicken!!!
(20:29:02) WhiteHare: yeah, I go in another chat room, but I know e1 there, so I
don't need to think too hard
(20:29:08) KnaveoG: Good. Yourself?
(20:29:08) Eileen: Grills!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:29:11) WhiteHare: and the in-jokes are different
(20:29:11) Eileen: *hugs Fang*
(20:29:23) WhiteHare: hi Ewan
(20:29:24) Kinkyclawz: Ah, our in-jokes are varied and different, for sure.
(20:29:29) Eileen: I'm great thanks, Ewan
(20:29:35) Kinkyclawz: If anyone is lost, just ask and we'll explain.
(20:29:57) Eileen: *does not mention the plotties*
(20:30:00) Kinkyclawz: Aye, not bad thanks Ewan! Not gottena round to designing
that tshirt idea you came up with but will get there.
(20:30:20) KnaveoG: I'm guessing Chicken = werewolves some how
(20:30:35) Eileen: grilled chicken!
(20:30:37) KnaveoG: In your own time Kc
(20:30:57) Eileen: or girl chicken?
(20:31:37) Kinkyclawz: We were just wanting grilled chicken but we could use it
as a tenuous Bh link as we\re not staying on topic well tonight. lmao
(20:31:47) Fang: Deutscher girl, Fat Bottomed Girls, Mysterious Girl , Only Girl
(In The World), Girls On Film, Girls Girls Girls
(20:31:53) Kinkyclawz: @ KnaveoG Okie dokie Ewan.
(20:32:04) Kinkyclawz: LOL You're working hard there Fang!
(20:32:10) Eileen: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!
(20:32:21) Kinkyclawz: could be girl chicken, but itn't that Hen-nything?
(20:32:24) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:32:25) Eileen: *steals r from Deutscher*
(20:32:44) Eileen: henny chicken?
(20:32:51) Eileen: *adds s*
(20:32:54) Kinkyclawz: could be
(20:33:22) Kinkyclawz: Anyone want some liquroice sticks?
(20:33:23) Fang: please note that I don't constantly post the names of songs wit
h girl in the title but make many well though out intellectual points
(20:33:34) Kinkyclawz: licorice sticks. I'll spell it less difficult-ly
(20:33:41) keepmakingtea: Oh, Fang here is the Doctor.
(20:33:53) keepmakingtea: On his 17.5th incarnation.
(20:34:00) Kinkyclawz: Fang does, he's he 17.5th Doctor (Time Lord)
(20:34:07) Eileen: *giggles*
(20:34:07) Kinkyclawz: Ooh I'm in your head now, JD.
(20:34:13) Eileen: yes, Fang does
(20:34:15) Eileen: *winks*
(20:34:30) Fang: was the wink really necassary?
(20:34:36) Kinkyclawz: *winks at eileen and hands over the eye ointment*
(20:34:41) Kinkyclawz: Yes.
(20:34:49) Kinkyclawz: and necessary too. lmao
(20:34:57) Kinkyclawz: you've all caought my typos tonight, right?
(20:35:00) Eileen: *takes eye ointment* I'm afraid yes, Doctor
(20:35:04) Kinkyclawz: Ranger, are you still hanging in there hunny?
(20:35:14) Fang: she's high
(20:35:16) Eileen: not all, KC some are still running around
(20:35:20) Fang: so I hop she's hanging in there
(20:35:21) Eileen: hope i don't step on one
(20:35:25) Fang: or hope
(20:35:31) Fang: damn typos
(20:35:38) RangerCM: Yep. Full bars now
(20:35:41) Fang: I have caought them
(20:35:44) Kinkyclawz: Damn, they'll join that runaway comma that hid under Vamp
y last week if we're not careful.
(20:35:44) Eileen: yay!!!
(20:35:48) Fang: you're in a full bar now?
(20:35:49) Eileen: Because you got high?
(20:35:51) Kinkyclawz: YAY! Fang has Typos!
(20:36:01) Eileen: damnit
(20:36:11) Eileen: commas and typos ganging up on us?
(20:36:15) Kinkyclawz: Thank goodness you're still with us Ranger. Its difficult
to follow on your phone, isn't it?
(20:36:17) Eileen: what has the world come to?
(20:36:23) RangerCM: Lol
(20:36:37) Eileen: Ranger is in a full bar and is high. hope that works out well
(20:36:42) KnaveoG: wats te think wid tpyos?
(20:36:58) Fang: i was gonna clean my room
until i got high
i was gonna get up and find the broom
but then i got high
(20:37:00) RangerCM: Yes.
(20:37:11) Fang: afroman was clearly filthy
(20:37:12) Kinkyclawz: *wonders where her world domination file went with the pl
an for typos and comma's to take over the world* *looks up and tries to look inn
(20:37:13) Eileen: YAY! Fang got it!!!
(20:37:14) Eileen: LOL
(20:37:26) Eileen: Your the only one who gets me, Fang
(20:37:31) Kinkyclawz: Who is Afroman?
(20:37:38) Eileen: uh i mean what i say, you get what i say!
(20:37:43) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Ewan.
(20:38:01) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Eileen and Fang*
(20:38:11) Eileen: you looking for something, KC?
(20:38:13) Kinkyclawz: Are you ok, WhiteHare?
(20:38:22) WhiteHare: yeah, just watching
(20:38:31) Fang: you don't remember the songâ eYsTmI
(20:38:34) Kinkyclawz: No. *looks innocent* no, no nothing at all. Was thinking
of being a blood donor for Vampy.
(20:38:49) Eileen: ah! good idea, Vampy!
(20:38:55) KnaveoG: Stared Jay and Silent Bob
(20:39:10) WhiteHare: may duck out in a bit or I will get nothing done this even
ing - maybe I need to schedule the whole of Sunday evening for chatting in futur
(20:39:23) Eileen: hehe
(20:39:30) Eileen: we all had to do it, Whitehare
(20:39:30) Fang: that is the best thing to do
(20:39:39) Eileen: it's hard but it gets easier after one year
(20:39:51) Eileen: I pwomise
(20:40:04) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, please do WhiteHare, we'd love for you to come back
and play every weeek! We love everyone who comes to play though
(20:40:14) WhiteHare: I'm in another chat session 7pm EST, which works out at mi
dnight, so I normally have stuff to do in the run up to it
(20:40:18) Kinkyclawz: *Vampy suckles on KC's finger*
(20:40:27) Fang: you need to show dedication to the chat, make notes before hand
(20:40:31) Eileen: *rubs hands* Yesh we dooooooooooo... *imitates creepy voice*
(20:40:32) WhiteHare: lol
(20:40:46) Fang: or just turn up and say the first thing that comes into your he
ad like the rest of us
(20:40:49) Kinkyclawz: We sometimes even set homework. Though I don;t do it. *st
cks a rebel label on her chest*
(20:40:53) Kinkyclawz: lol
(20:40:56) WhiteHare: can I cope with blog and Twitter and chat?
(20:40:58) WhiteHare:
(20:41:01) Kinkyclawz: JD, are you ok?
(20:41:08) keepmakingtea: Yes.
(20:41:11) Kinkyclawz: LOL If it helps, we're only 1 night a week.
(20:41:18) WhiteHare: true
(20:41:21) keepmakingtea: Just modifying Cybermen.
(20:41:24) Kinkyclawz: *sniggles with her Twusband* Good. Glad you're ok.
(20:41:24) Fang: he's just shocked that he didn't get Eileen's reference
(20:41:30) Kinkyclawz: Oh-kay.
(20:41:37) Kinkyclawz: See, my Twusband is a genius too.
(20:41:39) Fang: yeah I only get EIleen once a week
(20:41:43) Eileen: i want to sniggle too!
(20:41:50) Kinkyclawz: *is proud, and slightly high from blood loss*
(20:41:59) Fang: *sniggles with Eileen*
(20:42:00) Kinkyclawz: *sniggles Eileen, laughs*
(20:42:04) WhiteHare: officially other chat is Sunday night, but a few of us mee
t 9-11 most nights too - so a lot of my life is spent talking rubbish!
(20:42:12) Eileen: KC! You need to learn to pull the finger away earlier
(20:42:18) Fang: then you'll fit right in
(20:42:31) Eileen: oh then you will fit in here nicely
(20:42:35) Kinkyclawz: WhiteHAre, you'll blend right in here. We all talk rubbis
h and feed each others... madness?
(20:42:43) Eileen: btw, I'm Eileen from Germany
(20:42:44) Kinkyclawz: OOh, I'm in your head Eileen! Wooooo
(20:42:45) WhiteHare: probably, I just need to fit into your particular breed of
(20:42:45) Eileen: lol
(20:42:52) Fang: damn we're thinking alike tonight Eileen
(20:43:01) Eileen: lol we doo!
(20:43:04) Fang: it's high classs rubbish
(20:43:06) Eileen: *sniggles closer to Fang*
(20:43:16) Eileen: yes! excellent rubbish
(20:43:18) Fang: none of that rubbish rubbish here
(20:43:22) WhiteHare: lol
(20:43:24) Eileen: the best kind
(20:43:30) Eileen: the rub de la rub
(20:43:46) Fang: the what de la huh?
(20:44:05) Eileen: the rub de la rub
(20:44:15) Fang: I'm going to have to go and fight the forces of evil soon
(20:44:18) Eileen: doesn't even need an ish
(20:44:23) Eileen: or bish
(20:44:26) Kinkyclawz: Sounds like you've been sniffing that black soap again, E
ileen. LOL
(20:44:29) Eileen: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooâ oooooo
(20:44:34) Kinkyclawz: Can I have some?
(20:44:37) Kinkyclawz: *falls over*
(20:44:43) Eileen: Oh! that would explain it
(20:44:46) Kinkyclawz: My finger hurts...
(20:44:50) Eileen: *hands over soap
(20:44:59) Eileen: but I want it back at midnight!
(20:44:59) Fang: aww poor KC's finger
(20:45:10) Eileen: *hand over a band-aid, too
(20:45:22) Eileen: i need to apologize on Vampy's behalf, KC
(20:45:24) Kinkyclawz: It seems to have a vampire bush suckling on it. ( Clean r
eplies only please gang. )
(20:45:29) Kinkyclawz: Thankyou Eileen and Fang.
(20:45:29) Fang: why? is it like a Gremlin?? KC did mention them
(20:45:50) Eileen: nooo! My vampy is no gremlin
(20:45:51) Fang: you can't get the soap wet after midnight?
(20:45:56) Eileen: *checks birth certificate*
(20:46:05) Fang: stupid rule that is, how long after midnight?
(20:46:05) Kinkyclawz: The soap is a gremlin? Awesome!!
(20:46:15) Eileen: the soap?
(20:46:16) Kinkyclawz: prods it with her non-Vampy finger
(20:46:16) Eileen: uhhh
(20:46:20) Kinkyclawz: Its not furry?
(20:46:24) Fang: oh so it transforms like some kind of were soap
(20:46:25) Eileen: no!
(20:46:32) Kinkyclawz: Cooooool!
(20:46:36) Eileen: yes! a naked were soap
(20:46:42) Eileen: transforming after midnight
(20:46:48) Fang: the soap with bite
(20:46:48) Eileen: damn almost forgot, thanks, Fang
(20:46:49) KnaveoG: If the soaps a gremlin how do you avoid getting it wet?
(20:46:50) Kinkyclawz: *prods the gremlin-were-soap with interest*
(20:46:58) Fang: hehe, Eileen said naked
(20:47:02) Kinkyclawz: Ewan, these are the questions sent to try us.
(20:47:10) Kinkyclawz: thats how all the world's soap is produced!
(20:47:19) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Fang
(20:47:21) Fang: I did try to get it on topic, don't blame me
(20:47:21) Eileen: it is naked when its not furry
(20:47:50) Eileen: yes, the soap has to come from somewhere
(20:47:54) keepmakingtea: 3,000 monkeys!
(20:48:01) Eileen: you tried Fang, you tried
(20:48:03) Kinkyclawz: Eileen, I can't put this plaster/band aid on my finger. V
ampy is still stuck to me.
(20:48:07) Eileen: no JD! soap!
(20:48:17) Eileen: VAMPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
(20:48:23) Eileen: *gently pulls vampy off*
(20:48:27) Eileen: Sorry!
(20:48:27) Kinkyclawz: *tries to hide from the 3000 monkeys, manages to sniff th
e soap instead.
(20:48:39) Eileen: she sniffed it!!!
(20:48:40) Kinkyclawz: No worries. *falls asleep on the floor*
(20:48:42) KnaveoG: 12 to 3,000 how is that possible?
(20:48:45) Eileen: be careful!!!
(20:48:59) Eileen: the Doctor did it!!!
(20:48:59) Kinkyclawz: Yes, in here anything is possible Ewan. *is sleep talking
(20:49:00) keepmakingtea: Don't worry. We got 12,000 bananas.
(20:49:12) Kinkyclawz: YAY! *is sleep cheering*
(20:49:14) Fang:
(20:49:24) Eileen: keep the monkeys away from the soap!
(20:49:31) Fang:â to/11/30/27/11302755_gal.jpg
(20:49:38) Kinkyclawz: Oh noooo, images in chat. It makes the chat jump around!
*is sleep lamenting*
(20:49:46) Kinkyclawz: Thankyou for the link Fang.
(20:49:59) Kinkyclawz: LOL Cool poster also.
(20:50:09) Eileen: *pets KC's head* there there
(20:50:20) Eileen: lol Fang
(20:50:22) Willie: RangerCM has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:50:24) Kinkyclawz: Thankyou Eileen. *sleep thanks*
(20:50:28) Kinkyclawz: Aww, Ranger!!
(20:50:29) Fang: oops sorry, that's why the first rule of fight club is don't ta
lk about fight club, even Seth knew that an he used to point at planes
(20:50:29) Eileen: Rangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!
(20:50:35) Fang: aww Ranger
(20:50:37) Kinkyclawz: What\d you do Willie?
(20:50:53) Kinkyclawz: LMAO @ Fang! A valiant effort to get on a BH topic, Fang!
(20:50:58) Kinkyclawz: WhiteHare? Are you here hun/
(20:51:01) Eileen: Fang! Yo talked about the you-know-what!!!
(20:51:18) WhiteHare: yeah
(20:51:31) WhiteHare: still lurking in a slightly bemused state
(20:51:48) Eileen: bemused is good
(20:51:52) KnaveoG: Apparently it's hard to get people to join fight club when y
ou don't talk about it.
(20:51:59) WhiteHare: I am quite quiet - don't worry about me
(20:52:04) Eileen: it keeps the insanity at bay
(20:52:14) Fang: I was going to chat tonight but then I got high, I was going to
make typos but then I got high, now I have to go and I know why, because Ranger
got high, Ranger got high, Ranger got high, tralalalala
(20:52:31) Eileen: *sings with Fang*
(20:52:49) Eileen: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!
(20:52:52) Eileen: don't go!!!
(20:53:02) Eileen: I need someone to sniggle with
(20:53:14) Eileen: and vampy is not fluffy
(20:53:26) Fang: she was going to wave her pom poms but then she got high, she w
as going to sniggle up but then she got high, now Fang is going and she knows wh
y because Ranger got high, Ranger got high, Ranger got high, tralalalala
(20:53:45) Eileen: *sobs*
(20:53:53) Eileen: Fang's farewell song
(20:53:59) WhiteHare: rofl - what the hell are you lot ON???
(20:54:09) Kinkyclawz: Aww, its ok to be bemused. We are normally
(20:54:13) WhiteHare: and do you have any to spare?
(20:54:16) Fang: ask Ranger
(20:54:42) Fang: seriously goodnighte everyone, a blank screen awaits
(20:54:53) Fang: don't be scared
(20:54:56) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Fang. Lovely song. And goodnight, sweet Fang! To sl
eep, perchance to dream! Or watch the blank telly where Being Human and Becoming
Human used to play.
(20:55:15) Kinkyclawz: WhiteHare, this is our release after being so normal all
(20:55:23) Eileen: we're on black soap
(20:55:24) WhiteHare: ah
(20:55:25) keepmakingtea: Where did my clay go?
(20:55:29) Kinkyclawz: And you've met me, you know how normal I am. *blinks inno
(20:55:33) Eileen: good night Fang!!!
(20:55:34) WhiteHare: lol
(20:55:41) Eileen: *hugs and kissed him goodnight*
(20:55:41) Kinkyclawz: black soap, oh yeah. Smells lovely.
(20:55:54) keepmakingtea: Oh dear.
(20:55:57) Kinkyclawz: AWWWWWW! Fang and Eileen, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N
(20:56:06) Eileen: *blushes*
(20:56:14) Fang: *hugs and kisses back*
(20:56:22) keepmakingtea: EILEEN IS RIVER SONG!
(20:56:26) Fang: don't worry I don't hug and kiss everbody
(20:56:29) Kinkyclawz: Oooh!
(20:56:35) Eileen: I'm river song?
(20:56:36) Fang: goodnight
(20:56:39) Kinkyclawz: She is?!
(20:56:45) Fang: *tadis noise*
(20:56:48) Willie: Fang logs out of the Chat.
(20:56:52) Kinkyclawz: River Song is a mysterious character in Doctor Who who lo
ves the Doctor
(20:56:53) Eileen: ah that is good to know, Fang
(20:56:55) Kinkyclawz: Bye bye Fang
(20:56:55) Eileen: byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!
(20:56:57) Kinkyclawz: Oh, too late
(20:57:11) Eileen: *waves good bye with her ping handkerchief*
(20:57:24) Kinkyclawz: a pink handkerchief? Not a pink one?
(20:57:25) Eileen: awwwwwwwwwww
(20:57:29) KnaveoG: I thought it was TARDIS - Never mind Fangs gone.
(20:57:33) Kinkyclawz: ping also, I typoed wrong! lmao
(20:57:45) Kinkyclawz: lmao Its a but short the TADIS this week
(20:57:53) Kinkyclawz: a bit short too.
(20:57:53) Eileen: no a real pink one, the blue one is still in the laundry
(20:58:11) keepmakingtea: The dimensions stopped being relative.
(20:58:27) WhiteHare: ack I read that as pink TARDIS - the blue one was in the l
(20:58:40) KnaveoG: Ah that'll be the blood tests KMT
(20:58:41) WhiteHare: that would be different...
(20:58:42) Eileen: lol noooo, just the handherchief
(20:59:01) WhiteHare: dunno, a pink TARDIS might be quite fetching
(20:59:14) Eileen: hmmm
(20:59:15) WhiteHare: that navy blue is so last century
(20:59:26) Eileen: yes, pink is the new black
(20:59:39) Eileen: yay! now the black soap is pink
(20:59:48) Eileen: hope that won't change the effect
(21:00:53) Kinkyclawz: LMAO A pinkn TARDIS? Fang would love that!! Awesome sugge
stion WhiteHare!
(21:01:14) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, got to go ChatPackers! John Simm is on telly.
(21:01:28) WhiteHare: well I'm not a Dr Who watcher, so I can suggest anything
(21:01:50) WhiteHare: best go and get some RL done before next chat starts
(21:01:57) WhiteHare: will try to drop in next week
(21:01:59) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(21:02:07) Kinkyclawz: Please do come by!
(21:02:13) WhiteHare: yeah
(21:02:16) Kinkyclawz: You\ll be more than welcome.
(21:02:19) WhiteHare: see youse
(21:02:25) Willie: WhiteHare logs out of the Chat.
(21:02:28) Eileen: yes, please return!
(21:02:29) Eileen:
(21:02:31) Eileen: bye!
(21:02:32) Kinkyclawz: Seeya next week! Goodnight WhiteHare and sleep tight!
(21:02:36) Kinkyclawz: Oh, she's gone.
(21:02:56) KnaveoG: And then there were 5
(21:03:09) Eileen: kc did you see my tweet?
(21:03:14) Kinkyclawz: And, my lovelies, I'm going to get off myself, but I'll s
till be showing here.
(21:03:19) Kinkyclawz: I've not found it Eileen.
(21:03:31) Eileen: i wrote that i got my own nintendogs 3ds
(21:03:33) Eileen:
(21:04:21) Kinkyclawz: Oh, I replied to that one!!
(21:04:32) Kinkyclawz: I asked what you had.
(21:04:48) Eileen: oops
(21:04:49) Eileen: lol
(21:04:51) Kinkyclawz: lol
(21:04:54) Eileen: have to check it then
(21:05:03) Eileen: golden retriever
(21:05:03) Kinkyclawz: Thought you'd replied to that, was worried I'd missed som
(21:05:20) Kinkyclawz: ah, no rush. We're all chilled about that. Aww, how lovel
y! Whats he/she called?
(21:05:21) Eileen: lol noooooo just my scatterbrainidness
(21:05:31) Eileen: Sammy
(21:05:32) Eileen:
(21:05:37) Kinkyclawz: AWW!
(21:05:41) Eileen: btw im on tumblr now, too
(21:05:49) Eileen: so if you are i would love to follow oyu
(21:05:50) Eileen:
(21:06:13) Kinkyclawz: I'm not on tumblr, I've not succumbed to it yet.
(21:06:18) Eileen: lol
(21:06:35) Eileen: if you do you know where to find me
(21:06:36) Eileen:
(21:06:46) Eileen: btw what do you have? nintendog i mean
(21:06:49) Kinkyclawz: Not a problem.
(21:06:53) Kinkyclawz:
(21:07:02) Kinkyclawz: I have a beagle pup, she's called Amber.
(21:07:14) Eileen: awwwwwwwww
(21:07:28) Eileen: im so addicted
(21:07:29) Eileen: lol
(21:07:39) Kinkyclawz: And I have a female black kitten called Shadow and a fema
le grey kitten called Frankie. LOL
(21:07:47) Eileen: lol
(21:07:50) Kinkyclawz: Its so cool! I'm saving for another pup now.
(21:07:53) Eileen: i dont have enough money yet
(21:07:57) Kinkyclawz: me either
(21:08:01) Eileen: but i want to have a kitten
(21:08:13) Kinkyclawz: it takes a while to train and get enough for a kitten but
they're worth it.
(21:08:26) Eileen: yeah i bet
(21:08:26) KnaveoG: Is this about electronic animals now?
(21:08:29) Euro1989: Heylo!
(21:08:32) Kinkyclawz: Sorry, Ewan, JD, are you there?
(21:08:34) Eileen: lol
(21:08:35) Kinkyclawz: WB Euro!
(21:08:39) Eileen: sorry
(21:08:41) Eileen: wb!!!
(21:08:44) Kinkyclawz: It is Ewan.
(21:08:57) keepmakingtea: Me?
(21:08:58) keepmakingtea: Here?
(21:08:59) Kinkyclawz: Oh EWan (KnaveoG) this is Euro, he's my best mate IRL.
(21:09:11) Kinkyclawz: Are you here, my Twusband? LOL I think so, yes.
(21:09:14) KnaveoG: I was just trying to keep up.
(21:09:34) Kinkyclawz: Aww, sorry hun.
(21:09:43) Kinkyclawz: We do wander off on tangents sometimes. As you've noticed
. lol
(21:10:06) Eileen: sometimes?
(21:10:12) Kinkyclawz: Euro, this is Ewan, one of our regular ChatPackers
(21:10:21) Kinkyclawz: I was trying to make it sound good Eileen, go with it. lm
(21:10:27) Eileen: you understate
(21:10:31) Euro1989: Hey Ewan!
(21:10:35) Eileen: oops sorry!
(21:10:40) KnaveoG: Hey.
(21:10:43) Kinkyclawz: (John Simm is a bad boy in Exile. Cooooool!)
(21:10:53) Kinkyclawz: LMAO
(21:11:09) Kinkyclawz: Okay, I understated our off topic ness just a iittle
(21:12:03) KnaveoG: Tangents are fine it's keeping track of them that keeps the
brain active.
(21:13:10) Kinkyclawz: LOL Perfect logic!
(21:13:18) keepmakingtea goes to hunt up his clay.
(21:13:30) Kinkyclawz: Ooh what do you need clay for JD?
(21:13:33) Kinkyclawz: Can I help
(21:13:34) Kinkyclawz: ?
(21:13:58) Kinkyclawz: Ahh, sorry gang I said I was leaving about 20 minutes ago
didn;t I?
(21:14:30) KnaveoG: 8 and a half
(21:14:40) Kinkyclawz: Was it? Oh...
(21:14:42) Kinkyclawz: BRB folks!
(21:15:22) Eileen: hb!
(21:16:13) KnaveoG: up
(21:16:19) KnaveoG: catch
(21:16:25) KnaveoG: to
(21:16:31) KnaveoG: up
(21:16:36) KnaveoG: scroll
(21:16:41) KnaveoG: to
(21:16:48) Kinkyclawz: back
(21:16:48) KnaveoG: have
(21:16:56) Kinkyclawz: Mum desperately needed a back scratch,
(21:16:58) KnaveoG: will
(21:17:04) KnaveoG: you
(21:17:06) Euro1989: My eyes are failing me
(21:17:11) KnaveoG: later
(21:17:11) Euro1989: I think I need to call it a night
(21:17:17) KnaveoG: back
(21:17:21) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Ewan. Very good!!
(21:17:23) KnaveoG: come
(21:17:29) KnaveoG: you
(21:17:32) KnaveoG: if
(21:17:36) Kinkyclawz: Aww, well goodnight Euro. Will you be tempted to come bac
k, hun?
(21:17:42) KnaveoG: And it's done
(21:17:53) Kinkyclawz: YAY! WEll done Ewan! Thats cool!
(21:18:00) Kinkyclawz: I realised the secret after a sec.
(21:18:09) keepmakingtea: Back,
(21:18:17) Kinkyclawz: WB JD! Didya find it?
(21:18:19) KnaveoG: Still wanted to finish it
(21:18:24) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(21:18:24) keepmakingtea: Nope.
(21:18:31) Eileen: wb
(21:18:48) Kinkyclawz: I could lend you some but I'll be working with my own cl
ay on my days off.
(21:18:51) Kinkyclawz: HB Eileen
(21:19:01) Eileen: im back
(21:19:01) Eileen: lol
(21:19:13) Eileen: just threw sammy samething to play
(21:19:14) Eileen:
(21:19:18) Euro1989: Oh I will be back
(21:19:22) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(21:19:24) Euro1989: NIght guys xxx
(21:19:25) Kinkyclawz: WB Eileen.
(21:19:32) Eileen: Night!!!
(21:19:36) Eileen: ty KC!
(21:19:38) Kinkyclawz: Good news, Euro! *hugz* Take care
(21:19:41) Eileen: sweet dream
(21:19:57) Kinkyclawz: Night night and sleep tight Euro!
(21:20:07) KnaveoG: Night
(21:22:03) Kinkyclawz: And thats really me done for tonight too folks.
(21:22:11) Eileen: me too
(21:22:16) Eileen: will head off now
(21:22:22) Eileen: good night y'all!!!
(21:22:26) Kinkyclawz: Ohhh, gute nacht suesse.
(21:22:30) Kinkyclawz: good night!!
(21:22:31) keepmakingtea: I can escort you out, KC.
(21:22:32) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(21:23:11) Eileen: good night, JD!
(21:23:17) Kinkyclawz: Aww, ok Jd. Ewan, are you leaving too? would you like to
escort Eileen home?
(21:23:19) Eileen: Good night, KC
(21:23:25) keepmakingtea: Night, Eileen!
(21:23:34) Eileen: good night, Jim-Bob
(21:23:36) Eileen: oops
(21:23:41) Eileen: wrong show
(21:23:47) Kinkyclawz: Goodnight Eileen, JD & Ewan
(21:23:49) Eileen: *blows kisses*
(21:23:51) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Eileen
(21:24:24) Eileen: *vanishes*
(21:24:48) Kinkyclawz: Where's Eileen? LOL
(21:24:59) Kinkyclawz: She's good at that vanishing thing.
(21:25:01) Willie: Euro1989 has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:25:07) keepmakingtea Steps out to wait to walk KC home.
(21:25:10) Willie: keepmakingtea logs out of the Chat.
(21:25:17) KnaveoG: If the night is done I am gone See you round
(21:25:31) Willie: KnaveoG logs out of the Chat.
(21:25:38) Kinkyclawz: Goodnight Ewan!
(21:25:46) Kinkyclawz: oh, you're gone.
(21:25:57) Kinkyclawz: Shall we, eileen? lol

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