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Medical Terminology Statement: The structured approach of this medical
terminology class is designed to offer definitions of word parts common to
this specialized vocabulary and insight into the construction of medical


Introduction: The Integumentary System, which makes up the outer covering of
the body, serves many important functions beyond appearance. For the
average adult, the skin occupies a surface area of approximately 3,000 square
inches. Therefore, the skin constitutes the largest organ of the body in terms of
surface area. Skin covers the entire body. The actual area and weight of one’s
skin is dependent on one’s height and weight. Skin is a tough, elastic, protective
shield that is self-regenerating. The importance of the integumentary system to
a human being is not due only to the many functions the skin performs but also to
the many diseases and injuries it suffers.

Read the textbook’s Functions of the Integumentary System.
Read the textbook’s Functions of Skin.
Read the textbook’s Functions of Related Structures.
Read Structures of the Integumentary System.


(Instructions: Find the definition of each item, write it down, and memorize it for
Quiz Twelve. Go to Vocabulary List Instructions for how to use this Vocabulary

cutane/o, dermat/o, derm/o, -derma (skin)

Epi- (epidermis)

epitheli/o (epithelium)

kerat/o (keratin)

melan/o (melanin)

lip/o (lipocytes)

seb/o (sebum)

hidr/o (hidrosis)

pil/o (arrector pili) ungu/o. onych/o (unguis) acne vulgaris sebaceous cyst seborrhea anhidrosis hyperhidrosis hirsut/o (hirsutism) alopec/o (alopecia) koil/o (koilonychia) crypt/o (onychocryptosis) -phagia (onychophagia) albin/o (albinism) viti/o (vitiligo) purpur/o (purpura) erythr/o (erythema) lupus erythematosus -phyma (rhinophyma) urtic/o (urticaria) -aria (urticaria) xer/o (xeroderma) gangren/o (gangrene) granul/o (granuloma) . 2 pil/i.

. The spelling questions will come from the medical terms in and out of parenthesis. 3 papill/o (papilloma) -opsy (biopsy) incisional biopsy excisional biopsy cry/o (cryosurgery) blephar/o (blepharoplasty) rhytid/o (rhytidectomy) General Quiz Tips: Know word parts.