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The Redemption of Kirk Martin
MAR/APR 2011 Volume 16, Issue 2

Brandon Heath • Josh Wilson • Francesca Battistelli • Scott Holt Shawn McDonald • Amos Lee • The Civil Wars • Black Dub

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The revolutionary new Yamaha DSR-Series takes portable active loudspeakers to the extreme limits of their potential.4wrd. DSR provides a listening experience that redefines high definition sound reinforcement. Don’t take our word for it.. deliver SPL up to 138dB High-power DSP and discrete 24-bit AD and DA converters result in superior S/N ratio and dynamic range Digital FIR-X tuning provides the smoothest possible frequency and phase response 48-bit DSP D-CONTOUR Fail-Safe Protection Multi-band dynamic processing maintains consistent clarity at both high and low output levels Extensive 3-way DSP protection ensures fail-safe operation of all vital internal components Learn more about DSR speakers at www.. with PFC switching mode power supply. HF 450W)* high-power Class-D amps. Designed through the application of advanced Yamaha digital and acoustic technologies perfected over several decades.visit your favorite Yamaha Live Sound dealer for an extremely impressive demo. 1300w All-new 1300W (LF .

M ax Crace THe STrInG experTS . brilliant tone and superior. long-lasting quality. Battle photo . MI 49037 USA Zombie ep available now everywhere tdwpband. 2813 Wilbur Ave.4447 ghsstrings.” Andy Trick The Devil Wears Prada GHS Corp.ROCKHARDER “I have always preferred GHS strings due to their amazing.

com Published by the Adolph Agency Inc. We are joining forces with Hal Leonard Publishing to produce a line of books! These will be written by some of your favorite columnists from both Worship Musician and Christian Musician magazines. Judy and I head out for the Dallas Guitar Show where we will be joined by Mitch Bohannon.artful worship band. we are blessed to be launching a new facet to what we do in training and encouraging musicians in their calling. Kevin Wilber Accounting: Debi Davis Advertising Sales: bruce@christianmusician. (writer and reviewer for our magazines). It is a large guitar show with several guitar personalities playing during the event. Good stuff. If this is any kind of precursor to the economy bouncing back. CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. I was honored to get an advance copy. We will have an exhibit booth there for this three-day show and we are sponsored by G7th Capos.COM MARCH/APRIL 2011 7 . Come by and say “hi” to us if you can. We hand out our magazines and try to be who we are in the midst of this mainstream event. and our good friend Brian Doerksen with his Street Team: Mike Adolph. I even got to write a quote for it. Suite C PMB Website: Customer Service: Brian Felix. brian@christianmusiciansummit. It’s going to be a blast! In April. Part 1 24 Guitar From A2Z by Roger Zimish Open Chord Voicing 26 Selective Hearing by Shawn McLaughlin Brandon Heath Josh Wilson Francesca Battistelli Scott Holt Shawn McDonald Amos Lee The Civil Wars Black Dub 30 5 Cool Things I Saw @ NAMM by Bruce Adolph 34 The Fretboard Less Traveled. Also this month we have our first CMS Mini-Summit. March 26th in Tacoma.. These will be available in printed and eBook versions (rejoice all you iPad-ians). the one word that kept popping up on the convention floor (everyone from large companies. as well as some other talented folks that you just have to meet.Features Odds and Ends… I can’t believe it is already the Mar/Apr. Jesse Hill & Winston Design & Layout: Matt Kees Proof: Toddie Downs. down to small ones like ours) was “optimism”. What is really cool is that the producer of it is a fellow believer and they even have a small church service for the exhibitors on Sunday morning before it opens to the public. We see this as another way we can help improve musicianship and inspire talent – all to the glory of God! Thank you for what you do by supporting our efforts – we truly cannot do it without you. and of course we’ll have lots of our “Love One Woman… Many Guitars” t-shirts for sale there. It seems like we just got back from the Winter NAMM Show in January. Puyallup Washington 98373 Phone: 253. and I really loved it! It reads just like Doyle is sitting in your living room telling you stories of his travels. judy@christianmusician.5001 Email: Editor & President: Bruce Adolph Vice President: Judy Adolph.655. It will feature the new. by Rich Severson Inversions 36 Ask Joe by Joe Riggio 46 A Christian Musician’s Legacy by Bryan Duncan CONTENTS Interviews 20 Benny Prasad The Most Well Traveled Musician You’ve Never Heard Of 40 Kirk Martin The Redemption of Kirk Martin Christian Musician 4227 S. City Harmonic. Speaking of which. Lastly in our odds and ends segment.christianmusician.445. Meridian. WA. issue. then it really is a reason to be a bit more optimistic as many retailers were placing orders to restock their stores with new gear.1973 Fax: 253. This is a one-day conference.. our readers… Lord Bless Ya! Bruce & Judy Bruce & Judy w/ Brian Felix & Ricky Skaggs 8 Bassic Communication by Norm Stockton Intro to Solo Bass Arranging (Part 4) 10 Guitar Workshop by John Standefer It’s Easter Time 12 Drumming Dynamics by David Owens A YouTube Vortex 14 Vocal Coach’s Corner by Roger Beale The Piano/Keyboard Utilization 16 Product Review by Ed Kerr Yamaha Motif XF8 18 Show Us Your Groove by Rick Cua Couples in Ministry: Double Blessings or Double Trouble. This month our friend Doyle Dykes releases his book “The Lights of Marfa” (Moody Publishing).

with the exception that the B Major chord is voiced as a B6 chord in the fourth measure to accommodate the melody (more to come!).normstockton. Norm Stockton  E               13 14 14    16 16 14 B    13 14 14 E    13 14 14 E B6      14 14 E       13 13 14 © 2009 Stocktones Music 8 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. I know I indicated last issue that we’d be getting into the actual execution of the piece this time. we’ve been on a journey over the last few installments of Bassic Communication exploring the fundamentals of solo arranging for bass. As you might recall from previous installments as well as the provided chart this time. exclusive discount prices. as well! Blessings & see you next time… (Adapted from curriculum in the Grooving for Heaven instructional DVDs) Norm Stockton is a bassist/clinician/ solo artist based in Orange County. As you begin your own solo bass arranging endeavors. Once we dive into playing the piece. While there. but upon further thought. but important to have a solid understanding of this before combining chords and melody for our actual arrangement. 5th and octave. As always. :^) Anyway. I definitely encourage you to evaluate and make your own artistic decisions.Intro to Solo Bass Arranging (Part 4) Welcome back to the woodshed! For those of you just joining us. interviews. harmony and rhythm involved in a solo bass arrangement of the traditional Christmas tune. there are subjective aspects to some of the musical choices involved. I always prefer this to dealing with a bunch of ledger lines (as all of you keyboardists and wind players out there scoff loudly!). the benefits to our overall musicianship are profound (I encourage you to check out our earlier installments for more on this). but his 2nd solo project (“Tea In The Typhoon”) has been receiving widespread acclaim from media around the and on Facebook & Twitter for much bass-related info and fun. Visit Norm at www. clinic invites.COM . be sure to check out his blog (The GrooveSpot) and register for his e-newsletter (the groove update) for tips. the “8va” indicates that the notes are played an octave higher than written. He spends much of his time touring and recording with worship artist Lincoln Brewster. We’ll isolate the verse section this time. We’ve been evaluating melody. That progression repeats in bars 3 and 4. the basic chord motion for the verse is I-V. As I’ve mentioned before. The first bar has an E Major chord played with the 5th as the lowest note. CA. Angels We Have Heard On High (Gloria). I’ll explain why I made certain choices. While this material obviously goes beyond the normal scope of our role in a typical ensemble. I felt it would be helpful to quickly look at the chord voicings and forms around which the melody will be played. Bassic Communication Intro to Solo Bass Arranging (Part 4) Solo Bass Arranging Chord voicings around which melody was played Verse Section "Angels We Have Heard on High" (Trad. The E Major chord on beat 3 returns to the chord form in the first measure. The B Major chord in the second measure is technically a B5 chord (or “power chord”). Christmas Carol) Arr. it’s pretty straightforward stuff. and more. in that it contains just the root.

com/anthem .Stud io mic in your guitar? TRU MIC TECHNOLOGY ANTHEM • TM "I have only dreamed that someday technology would allow this quality of sound outside the walls of my recording studio." Louis Drapp .Recording Engineer Experience for yourself at www.lrbaggs.

10 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. I hope you have fun with this and enjoy the new twist to this great song at Easter time. it’s set to a bossa nova beat (or similar). This song is normally done as a sort of choir anthem with the big build at the chorus. .John Have you seen John’s free ‘Praise Guitar Lessons’ online yet? Go to CCLI TV and start the weekly lessons today. Simply go to www. An odd catch to this is that you need to change chords just before the barline instead of after it like usual. chord. The chords are pretty jazzy and the fingerings are very specific so you’ll need to work on them for awhile yourself. Rhythmically. chord’ pattern as indicated in the first measure of the chart below. And even though there’s nothing wrong with the way the song was originally written. chord.COM . The chords are the same for the verse and the chorus. I thought you might enjoy a more intimate arrangement for a nice change this Easter.It’s Easter Time The whole premise of the Christian faith and our hope of a future in heaven is derived from the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. by the way. And make sure to look over John’s calendar at www. And while you’re there. So… I’ve set up a special page at my website where you can download a quick little audio file of me playing this to hear what I’ve recorded for to find an event near you where you can hear him live. Then you can hand the chart out to the rest of the band for a rehearsal. praiseguitar. bass. While holding a chord in your left hand. Our celebration at Easter time is built around the fact that He lives! And I don’t know of a song that expresses this wonderful season better than Gloria Gaither’s “Because He Lives”. I think it would really help if you could hear this played in order to get the idea. you probably know by now that I like to put a little different twist to my arrangements. cruise around and check out the rest of the site! See you next time. the right hand plucks a ‘bass.

“I said to the Lord.” Doyle Dykes Doyle Dykes 978-0-8024-0037-6. give me a job to do and I will always tell people about you.” use your smartphone to access the QR code .99 One of the world’s leading fingerstyle guitarists & master story teller Doyle Dykes shares his encounters with an amazing God. $10. watch Doyle! standard data rates may apply The Lights of Marfa includes links to hear Doyle’s new and unreleased song “Lights of Marfa” and many other hits such as “White Rose for Heidi.

DaveOwensDrums. Bebo Norman. I hope this inspires you to have an educational YouTube vortex of your own. Crystal Lewis. Maranatha Worship Leader Workshops and for over 2 years he was the house drummer for the Los Angeles production of The Lion King. It is easy to spend hours looking at educational material there. It’s amazing how much great stuff you can find on YouTube. www. Harvest Crusades.A YouTube Vortex I have a student who is always using YouTube as a resource for developing his drumming abilities. Play it very slowly at first and get it in your “muscle memory” before you speed it                     3                                32nd note single stroke roll                             8th note bass drum  3   3  3                  3  3             3  3                      3     3 3      3     3    12 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. It is written in 3\4 and it repeats twice. The 16th note triplet lick my student was interested in is halfway through the 3rd bar. Paul Baloche among others. I only transcribed a few bars but there is a wealth of information in this small part of the solo. 2008 Drum Solo HD 4” and you will see a wonderful solo by Jojo. I put it at the end as an exercise. Cheri Keaggy. Blessings. California. His home church is Plymouth Church in Whittier. This transcription starts at 1:43 into the video. He asked me to figure out a lick Jojo Mayer is doing in this solo. He has played for Billy and Franklin Graham Crusades. It makes it much easier to pick apart. I call it a YouTube vortex when I get sucked into it for an hour or so. David David currently tours with Fernando Ortega and has worked with Sara Groves. Go to You Tube and type in “Jojo Mayer in Cegled 26 Apr.COM . The best way to listen to this is to record it and put it in Audacity (a free download) so you can slow it down. Tommy Walker.

our free iPad app that works with any PreSonus digital .2 provides ten aux mixes. StudioLive is a trademark of PreSonus Audio Electronics. And then get a StudioLive. Introducing StudioLive Remote. Ltd.4. “front-of-house” can be anywhere in your church! Up to ten praise band musicians can control their own monitor mixes1. and connected to the StudioLive via FireWire. Combine StudioLive Remote with Capture (2-click multitrack recording program).ith our new free iPad app.presonus. Studio One is a trademark of PreSonus Software. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple. well…graphically. Available January 13th 2011 at the Apple App Store. plus Studio One Artist DAW. Baton Rouge USA • www. Get the whole story on our web site. EQ and more for multiple channels at once. VSL. Adjust the graphic EQs. StudioLive Remote. affordable live mixing/recording solution ever. W monitor mix levels. and your church has the most versatile. 2 Requires a laptop with wireless. running Virtual StudioLive (VSL). mutes. panning and processing. panning. the 16. It gives you hands-on control of channel levels. Tweak 1 The 24.4.2 give you six. Inc. ©2011 PreSonus Audio Electronics. all rights reserved. Click for a closeup Fat Channel view.

Now after reading this you may be wondering why a vocal coach is recommending singers to learn some basic piano. His teaching and coaching facility. If you see an A play an A with your left hand. Grab a fake book or chord chart that has chord symbols above the staff. people have developed some books that have keyboard diagrams for every chord type. there is a way to develop this skill fairly quickly. Now go back to your fake book or chord chart and sing the melody with just the left hand playing the root of the chord. But the skill that really needs to be developed is finding these notes in different octaves. In days not years. If one person can do something. college. To start the process of playing the piano. Practicing chords in a root position is a good way to become familiar with chords on the keyboard. PO Box 87136. I told you you could do it. 14 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. Now you know and I know that there are many types and flavors of chords available to singers. Just find the note. You are using two hands while So let’s try out this skill by finding the bass notes in a song. Relax.COM .The Piano/Keyboard Utilization I have run into hundreds of people who let me know that they used to play the piano. grad school. This makes you look versatile and is a big emotional change for your audience. dedicated to the teaching of contemporary and commercial vocal techniques. You are now accompanying yourself like a real piano different combinations with which to choose from. Now go sing well! Roger Beale is one of the nation’s foremost vocal coaches. Repeat this until it is “really” easy and then move on. It comes down to three things. A vertical arrangement of the notes is called a “voicing”. Your bass part is now established. a lead sheet. obtain a chord chart. diminished. you are now on your way to becoming a piano player. But wait there’s more. win situation for a singer. If there is more than one chord per measure. Focus on things that are easy. A chord is quite simply two or more notes played at the same time. He also offers vocal clinics and seminars. he has worked with Grammy and Dove award winners and nominees. and minor 7th flat five to mention just a few. In addition. use the keyboard. You need to play songs that you want to sing and then practice everything in small parts that are manageable. Repeat this until it becomes easy. If you were to ask them why they quit they usually say. and now in my own vocal teaching studio. It is just a matter of recognizing the patterns of the black keys. or a fake book which I mentioned earlier (a collection of chord charts in one book). The reason I am discussing playing the piano is that if a singer is looking for a way to accompany themselves. Now find the bass notes from the chord symbol for your left hand. Now take the song and sing the melody as you play the base notes of the chord. Then observe this pattern in different parts of the keyboard. It has been my observation that the music they were practicing was too hard and the music style was not something they could relate too. “I did not like to practice”. play them. minor. Developing keyboard skills is a complete win. To summarize a bit. One way to practice is to play the root position chord in both hands. this is the way to get started. web site: www. Fight the urge to think you “get it”. E. is involved in the management and care of the professional voice. and G. Now let’s look at some chords. The left hand will be an octave below middle C and your right hand will be one octave higher above middle C. as well as assistance in recording sessions. Number one: it allows the singer to understand the harmonic structure of a song. It’s that easy. one must find the notes on the keyboard. If you perform with a band have them take a break and sing a song by yourself accompanying yourself on the keyboard. You will understand the song completely. They are grouped as two notes then three notes. The basic voicing of any particular chord is called the “root position”. song list. To do this you must quickly develop piano skills where you play music instead of just practice. This basic “root position” usually means stacking the chord tones in intervals of a 3rd from the root. Your communication skills are enhanced and you will move the audience to a deeper emotional response. there is something like 100. It is like a picture book of the chords on a keyboard. I have seen people develop this skill quickly while in high school. Get the book that has the chords that look like a keyboard. Second: you will understand harmony in a new manner and if you are interested in developing your improvisational skills. The Voice House. You will need to find a song you like. You become a singer and a musician. major 7th. another one can do it. Just go to a music store and have them order it for you. If you have not mastered this skill it’s easy to This is step one. Some of these you have heard called major. They also indicate that they regret giving it up and wish they could play now. Start looking for notes by orienting yourself to middle C. minor 7th.thevoicehouse. Roger can be contacted at: The Voice House. Instead of struggling trying to learn one-byone what the notes of a chord are. College Park. Then play your song with the root of the chord (one note) in your left hand and one chord per measure with your right hand. Roger is founder and host of the Christian Singers Workshop (www. (404) 822-5097 e-mail: voicehouse@mindspring. Many of his students have won prestigious vocal competitions and scholarships. GA 30337. Third: if your show. Play the base notes in the two octaves below middle C. Middle C is in the middle of the piano under the brand name of the piano. augmented. So for C major these notes are C. Then put it all together and sing. He presently works with professional singers in all areas of musical performance. I expect that most of you can name the pitches on a keyboard. or set needs a change of pace. You can now add a chord in your right hand and play the bass note in your left hand and sing the song over that chord structure. Don’t worry about rhythm and time. You are now accompanying yourself at the keyboard. The next question is what were they practicing and why didn’t they like it. not just the words and a single note. This will add another dimension to one’s singing.christiansingersworkshop.

It’s your voice. Use it. you can take complete control of your vocal sound with ease. Simply plug in your mic and get those chart-topping vocal sounds you listen to everyday – live – with our VoiceTone Singles line of affordable effect pedals for singers.voicetonesingles.You’re only a step away from perfect vocal tone With your talent and TC-Helicon vocal effects. EQ & Dynamics | HardTune | Doubling | Reverb .

Like I say. I tell myself it’ll only be 5 minutes. The list of new features is a long one. The variety of styles contained in the library of performances here is staggering. Mine already is after just a few hours. In the performance mode. rich textures. This instrument can remind you why it is you love playing keyboard and take you to musical places you never thought were possible. I’d been satisfied with grand piano sounds in the previous models of the Motif. She’s learned to expect it. For years I’ve used the performance mode in my live playing setup so that I can easily fade in and out between the four sounds of my choosing. Use the faders and you can scrutinize the killer drum part you’re hearing. Internal voices can be brought out as you play. With well over a thousand voices at your disposal. from the softest pianissimo to a string-rattled fortissimo.COM . Spend some time playing the Motif performances and you’ll find yourself rearranging familiar songs and bringing new freshness to what you contribute as a keyboard player. My wife has been warned. The string sounds are very convincing and feature multi-samples that allow you to play with great expression. I’ll be gravitating toward the S6. for a total of 1. The sonic scope of the XF8 is difficult to summarize. organ and Rhodes. without any sort of cut off in the sound as you change sounds. the answer has two letters. But performances that use arpeggiators take you way beyond what four basic sounds can MSRP $4. It truly is an amazing. No rehearsals now. tap the “perform” button and you’ll begin to get an even greater sense of what the XF8 could bring to your worship music. Bass parts will be realized based on the chords your voicings suggest. 4 distinct sounds are accessible at once. You suggest the chords.039. Your list will be long. the arpeggiators do the rest. 16 MARCH/APRIL 2011 immersive experience to play this S6 sampled grand piano. typically grand piano. Start listening through the banks of patches in the performance mode and this is when the odds increase that you won’t see your family for a while. Then it’s an hour. pad. Lots of playing. the weighted action helps you exploit the dynamics built into the great samples.99 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. Though there are many acoustic piano sounds resident in the XF8. After listing your favorites from the extensive voice library. while impressed by these and other tech specs of a keyboard. We call my home studio a black hole at times like this. Yamaha has sampled their exquisite S6 grand piano. Here are some bullet points from Yamaha’s website: • Comprehensive high sound quality. The sound of bows on strings is undeniable as you strike keys more forcefully in the lower register. The cause is a big box that UPS dropped at my home a few days ago. including an enormous 741MB of waveforms • An additional 128 voices and 8 drums kits. Kathryn Scott and Brian Doerksen as part of Integrity Music’s seminars4worship and was impressed then.353 high-quality voices • Reproduction of the unique. I can finally dig deep into the instrument. I played the XF8 last Fall on tour with Paul Baloche. count on spending lots of time exploring the library and playing. your first question might be “How’s the piano sound?” Well. no tearing down after an event. and the resulting sound is stunning. It turns into 20. natural. But this is different. I can’t control myself. Spend some time playing the S6 grand piano and you could realize very soon that you forgot you’re playing an electronic keyboard rather than a real grand piano. Again. Truly astounding. If you’ve felt like a lid was on your expressive potential as a pianist because of the limits of sampled grand pianos. these four sounds can easily be layered as well. but this S6 sound achieves a new level of realism. the lid is gone. S6. you’ll need lots of time to listen through them all. It is mind-boggling to hear AND play the variety of sounds and effects and textures you’ll find here. By using the faders. Built into the XF keyboard are 7800 types of arpeggiators. warm sounds of vintage instruments through VCM effects • 384 types of performances based on approximately 7800 types of arpeggiators • improvement of usability thanks to the use of a new GUI • Cubase AI – a DAW software application from Steinberg • Scalability through standard-equipped USB and Ethernet and the FW16E option Many of you are like me in that. the very happy day when Yamaha’s new Motif XF8 keyboard was delivered. ‘Til your arms hurt playing. You’ll love the S6. Use the faders and let an arpeggiated synth part be all that you use of the four sounds. Each of the four sounds can trigger arpeggiations to result in supersophisticated. www. The hammer action of the weighted keyboard helps you achieve incredible levels of dynamics. scrutinize the sounds and see what’s new here. And you’ll want paper and a pen on hand to note your favorites. No one’s sure when I’ll come out. So helpful in live worship.PRODUCT REVIEW Yamaha Motif XF8 by Ed Kerr It’s happening again. Strumming Spanish guitars or power chords are produced the same way.

com .831.0999 .425.All Genuine Cowboy All Genuine Mahogany Don Edwards 50th Anniversary Commemorative Cowboy Singer Model 2011 NAMM Editors Choice ©2011 SANTA CRUZ GUITAR COMPANY Handmade. Handed Down. santacruzguitar.

and make a plan to deal with it. Working together we have the opportunity to share many experiences while gaining many mutual memories. the people perish…” Some translations say. If you don’t have one. And don’t fret if it changes…. you’re a team. the people perish. If you do not live in God’s order. and to be an instrument to advance the Kingdom of God. We are imperfect human beings living in a fallen world. Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church. Ecc 4:9-12 says “two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. Also. Your second priority is your spouse. FYI: God always does His part. God really means what He says. Then when you are working together you are not likely to expect your spouse to be responsible for something where he/she is the weakest. isn’t that why you are doing what you are doing. Have a statement of purpose for your ministry. As we mature. Judging by the turnout. First. Or. You both will find greater productivity with less friction. We also get to share a common vision and work together toward the same goal. and your neighbor as yourself. The results can give you a springboard to discuss and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It may need tweaking from time to time based on what new revelation God is giving you. THEN. There will be times when responsibility that is usually yours will need to be taken care of by the other. He comes first. you may think you can do better in a certain area. be all. but its not your responsibility. There is power in agreement. Keep it simple and make sure it covers what you both believe you are called to. Something happens when you look at things on paper. so it’s really on you two. shape or form.Couples In Ministry: Double Blessing or Double Trouble Part 1 . It happens both ways. And no one test tells it all. If it does. there will be a high price to pay. Your third priority is your children. not flying solo. remember it. trust that the other will do their part. and trust that God will do His part. being in agreement as a couple and as a family.” Jesus is quoting Deut 6:5. then you are out of order and your life and your work will suffer for it in some way. (Eph 5:22) Love one another. and the questions we were asked. These priorities are all worked out as the motive of your hearts. Not only is it not a nice place to be. Here’s Part 1: Before we talk about some challenges and guiding principles related to this topic here are some of the wonderful benefits of couples working together in ministry. who are gifts from God. and with all your strength. it’s ministry. remember it’s not the sum of who you are. Whatever you do don’t turn into Smeagol the Gollum from Lord of the Rings crying. or without prophetic vision. our work/ministry takes us away from home and many times from our spouses and family. KEEP YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT Not long ago Diana and I had the privilege of teaching a class on Couples In Ministry at the Christian Musician Summit in Redmond. Everything you do in ministry should revert back to this mission statement. Wives be subject to your husbands as to the Lord. You will use it for years to come. work on it together. For most of us. We will mess up! Know it. keep in mind a personality test is not 18 MARCH/APRIL 2011 God has prioritized what is important and in what order. Ministry never comes before your marriage. to walk in obedience to His calling for your life. but you don’t want to be thrown under the bus either.” How much more is this true for the two who are married! Working together requires trust. You will get much further down the road of ministry together than alone. “Without revelation. and with all your mind. OK…here we go… TAKE A PERSONALITY TEST One of the best things couples can do before starting to work together is to take a personality test. the things we thought of as a weakness may actually be strength when seen from a different perspective. my precious”. But taking the test may dig out something you didn’t know about yourself or your spouse. Washington. This helps to keep you on track. DON’T BE TERRITORIAL Always Rick & Diana Cua the end all. I’m sure you both know what your personality is and that of your husband or wife. Taking the time to answer questions about yourself makes you take a good hard look. Trust that you will do your part. When you trust each other. It is very rewarding. So the Lord God comes first.Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision. you will have a lot of time together. With Bruce’s invitation we decided to do it for the magazine. which we all need from time to time. In fact. That does not come by just taking the test but by taking the results of the test and unpacking it together. In Luke 10:27 Jesus says “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. to give glory to God.COM . then you have peace of mind and peace of heart. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR SPOUSE’S BACK Don’t throw your spouse under the bus. we realized that there was much interest in this topic. in two parts. “precious. In the next issue we will continue with more thoughts on how to make working together wonderful! CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. but a tool to gain greater understanding. So as you choose which test to use.

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and He has provided everything for me to make it through. I grew up going to Sunday school and church meetings. Read on about this remarkable “musicianary”. “Nope. I heeded the call. I was born in a Christian family. That’s when I really started to walk a Christian Life. “Even though you feel 20 MARCH/APRIL 2011 useless I still need you. At age 16 I found out that due to the steroids.COM .    CM: You had some serious health challenges when you were younger. it was wild. Yes. My immune system was failing. Tell us how that has affected you. for His power has been made perfect in my weakness. I checked out his guitar too. and I started to develop rheumatoid arthritis. and very soon I became the shame and curse of my family. In fact. but honestly. due to being a failure academically. I have never heard of the guy”. Part of the Indian Culture was that. My Dad was an aerospace scientist and I failed all his expectations. but going to church was only a tradition. I was told that I would never fly. so sure enough later that day this small statured Indian looking man can up and introduced himself to me. It was in 2002 that God gave me the vision to travel to every nation and share His love through my Testimony and Music. I asked Phil and he replied.” I heeded the call and asked Jesus to come into my life. 60% of my lungs had been damaged. He had a humble spirit about him and he was very courteous. What I carry with me though from that encounter is Benny’s friendly smile. and He has sustained me each day. feeling hopeless and depressed. even though I had nothing to offer other than my broken and shameful life. CM: First. Benny was friends with Phil Keaggy and he had politely asked me if it was OK for him to stop by and pay a visit to Phil while he was in the area. My desire to travel was never my plan. wow. and when I was 2 years old I was given the wrong medication and ended up taking high dosages of Cortisone steroids for 14 years. He had cut holes in his guitar and had implanted small bongo like drums into the guitar’s top. I contemplated committing suicide. NY. health concerns have restricted a bit of my travels and music ministry. I had to try and live up to my father’s expectations. being the first born in the family. and how it has impacted your desire to travel and share your music and your story. I can transform your life and make you a New Creation. although these physical ailments still are a challenge. CHRISTIANMUSICIAN.”Have you ever seen Benny play his special guitar?” I replied. Today. During that time I attended a Christian Youth Retreat and on the second day I heard the voice of Jesus saying.When I first met Benny Prasad I was at our Christian Musician Summit Conference in Buffalo. God’s grace has been more than sufficient for me to face them. I was born with asthma. Phil wanted to see him. how did you come to know the Lord in India? That seems rare in itself. At 16 years old. I’m sorry.

I stayed healthy through this journey and God sustained me. I’ve been so grateful to God for Tommy believing in me and investing into my life. In 1999 when I was doing my School of Music in Missions at the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in New Mexico.2 degrees Fahrenheit. while studying in the Bible Seminary I picked up an old. In fact. So I prayed to MARCH/APRIL 2011 21 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. So I waited for guitarists to break their strings and I collected the broken strings and tied them together and put them on the guitar.God’s grace is more than enough for me to face each day. despite me being the one with serious physical ailments.40 a month. I still remember in Feb. When I was 19 years old. With 1 sheet of guitar chords from the songbook “Scripture In Song” I practiced songs and chords every day for about 7 hours and in 2 months God transformed my musical abilities and I became one of the best guitarists in my Bible Seminary. warped. 2002 when I did my first International concert tour in Latvia. I had to use 3 different drivers and 3 translators as they all fell sick due to the rigorous schedule. but after the first day of lessons the guitar teacher told me not to come to class anymore as I had no musical talents at all. which was my first new guitar that I ever had. I was strictly told that I could never share my faith. Tommy Coomes came and blessed me with a brand new Taylor Guitar. I did not have enough money to buy guitar strings as my savings those days was $0. That really saddened me and I really wanted to share my journey of life and my walk with Jesus to the world. I could not sing to the right tune or play to the right beat. The temperature was -20. and I was scheduled to do 22 concerts in 2 weeks and travel 1864 miles. And yet. string-less guitar.COM . All glory to Jesus! CM: When did you start playing guitar? And how did the inset drums and added harp strings develop as a part of your playing style? I wanted to play the guitar at the age of 15. In 2004 I was invited to perform at the Athens Olympic Games for the official welcoming of the South African Athletes and Delegates and also at the Cultural stages.

So in 2007 when I was invited to perform for the Opening Ceremony of the World Military Games. I’m so glad that I can tell the world that I have never charged for any of my concerts. and if they don’t hear from me by a certain date. and in turn I’ve saved a lot of money and was able to use it for better reasons and causes. In all these travels.$3936. I remember a week before I arrived in Kabul (Afghanistan) the Indian Embassy was bombed and 40 people were killed including the Indian Consulate General. finances was one of the first things I thought of. CM: You have a unique way to fight loneliness when you are in a foreign country. Visa’s . I really salute their passion for the lost. I’m grateful to Karen Lafferty who has been my mentor and role model in terms of being a “Musicianary”. but God knew it was going to happen. In fact. and Personal Expenses . Internet-$9. I’ve learned that “arrogance” and “ignorance” can cause a lot of trouble. I’ve taken these steps only because God told me to do so. I stay with host families and not in hotels. I called it a BENTAR. No one came prepared for this. and teachings. Phone-$19. every year I inform my parents and my church about my plans to enter and exit these countries. 2009 a 6 year old boy from Equatorial Guinea 22 MARCH/APRIL 2011 (Africa) came and gave me two 50 cent coins and said.348. I’ve learned to live a simple and content life as an artist.$26. 7 continents including Antarctica and did over 300 concerts. but this is the reality of my life – In 2009 I traveled outside India for 244 days – 50 countries. 6. 22. “Benny. True happiness and contentment does not come from having a house. At lunch time Pastor Mike came to me and said.    CM: Tell us about being a Christian and seeing firsthand persecution in your travels.” He gave me the offering. but sharing the story of the transformation that Jesus did in my life and the Hope and Peace that we find in Christ. I’m called to live the life of Musicianary and not a Superstar. I had the opportunity to share my testimony back to them. even to the point of knowing that their life is in danger. car. I was in Tajikistan. Every country I’ve been to I paid cash for my plane tickets (of course Jesus being the provider). When God called me to be a musician and a missionary.41. I slept in the studio of a host family and was able to give that $1000 to a 26 year old American Girl who was dying of cancer.Jesus to help me to design a guitar that the world had never seen before. I’m fully aware that part of being a Musicianary could mean laying down my life as a martyr. when they asked me questions. then it means I’m in prison or killed. the greatest joy I have is not performing music. 40% of my travels take me into dangerous and persecuted zones. business-class travels. In my country. My expenses are based on my needs and not on income or wants. I had designed a 54 String Guitar and that’s where the harp concept came together. most of the time a musician is a symbol of being financially broke and also of instability. Miscellaneous-$174). For security reasons I cannot share too many details.. No one knew me.COM . 2009 I was ministering at a small country church in Kentucky called “Big Bone Baptist Church”. I know this might not be practical. Only the sick need a doctor. concerts. He asked the congregation to pray and if they felt led by God they could come and place the offering on the table. Even my CD’s are available on any amount of donation. What’s the point of going to a country when everything is going smoothly? The best time to share love. in my 32 years of ministry I’ve never seen something like this. It’s God who directs giving) On Feb.. The biggest challenge for any traveler is Continued on page 32 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. So I flew to Kabul and had a wonderful time and even met up with the Afghan Minister of Culture and was able to share my story and music. I told him that it was very clear that the Lord had called me to go to Kabul for such a time as this. they took up an offering and they blessed me with $912 . For example – (I have never asked for money or shared my needs to anyone. I’m a missionary with YWAM and I’ve learned to “Live by Faith”. God gave me the idea to put mini-bongos in my guitar and it became the world’s first Bongo Guitar. instead of spending $1000 on the hotel for my stay in Beirut. Soon after my message Pastor Mike Jones came up and told the congregation that he felt led by God to take up an offering for me. God assured me that He would be my provider. Hotel-$59. I have never been in debt in all my life and Jesus has been a faithful provider. People were attracted to come and have a look at the guitar and in turn. sometimes days before or after I’ve been there. 2008 after I finished the concert for a poor community in Belize. My expenses outside India were – Tickets for Travel . In my sermon I mentioned that I have no debts and that Jesus provides all my needs and that the Lord even gave me an extra $5000 for my 2010 travels. I’ve learned to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Food$139. On Nov. For example. please tell us about it. But it comes from living a content life with what God has given us and being faithful and grateful with the little things in life. In 2006 I was invited to perform on the Cultural stages at the FIFA World Cup in Germany. But it was not a practical guitar for my kind of travels and performances. I designed a 20 String BongoHarp Guitar which has really served all my purposes and conditions well. etc. I’ve learned to live a simple life. fancy cruises.$528 (Taxi-$128. peace and forgiveness was when Kabul was going through turmoil. It was $32. I’ve learned to make money my slave and not my master.179. On Nov. I’ve seen my close friends killed in the mission field. 27. and the Deputy Ambassador of India in Tajikistan came up to me and pleaded with me not to go to Kabul as there was no Embassy to take care of me if I was in danger. India. “This is for your ministry”. CM: How did you fund your travels? Can you give us some examples of how the Lord has met your needs? The funding part has been one the key questions that the world is asking me. expensive restaurants. | (1) - .Chris Tomlin and Collings Guitars Chris Tomlin and his 1999 Collings OM 42 SB Serious Guitars | www.

I’m keeping the chords in simple root position names to not complicate things for this lesson. The basis of most of these chord voicings are triads with the high E and B strings left open to ring out.COM . but play on the electric as well. www. Example #2: The chord forms in examples 2 and 3 are used in the song “Hosanna” from Hillsong United. leave the high E and B strings open so they ring out. The second chord. 5 and 6: Chord forms are found in the song “I Will Search” from Israel Houghton. As in example #2. and the acoustic guitarist can cover everything from full-out open chord driving rhythm to light finger style parts. BBE Sound and PedalTrain Pedal 24 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. In example #5. Blessings. In this lesson. Guitarist Dave Matthews uses this technique as well. You may already be playing these songs in your church band and may or may not be familiar with these chord voicings. Roger is an award winning guitarist from the “Songwriter Showcase of America” Roger is available for private lessons and at The Covenant School of the Arts in Lakeland Fl. Example #4 is a less-is-more approach. This gives a nice balance of sound and structure for the music. let’s look at some popular and not so popular open chord voicings that will work primarily on acoustic. and leave the low E string open as well. F#m7 /E.rogerzimish. As you play each chord. and your third finger stays on the same note (B) as a pivot point. You can also try adding the root bass note to each of the chords as well. In Example #3.” The chords we are using are open E major shapes and one minor shape. the E to E Maj 7 is an easy one note move. My goal here is to help inspire you with the sound of the open chords so that a creative flow from GOD will start in you to create a new song and enhance spontaneous worship. Example #1: This chord progression is similar to the song “I Can Sing of Your Love Forever. There is less movement in between the first three chords. the low E and A strings will be left open along with the high E and or B strings. See you next time. public or private. The chords move up the neck. let the high E and B strings ring out where applied.Open Chord Voicing Many modern praise and worship bands have at least two or more guitarists. Email: rogerzimish@yahoo. In some of the chords. The root notes are all found on the A string. Again. I’m keeping the chords in simple root position names to not complicate things. The last measure has a long chord slide from the B 2nd fret to the E 7th fret. Example #6 is moving major triads up the neck. G&L Guitars. Examples 4. Endorses Greg Bennett Design Guitars by Samick. one on acoustic and the other on electric. notice that the bass notes precede the chord forms. is also known as F#m7 (add 4) /E. The electric guitar can use a little distortion along with the Edge U2 echo

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thankfully. these songs seem placed in the mix to give the album some variety. However. These high points are. Leaving Eden is not the artistic success some crave.” “As Long As I’m Here. quite effective. Also showing some originality is the jaunty.” a soulful duet with Dave Barnes that offers the comforting news of Christ to a girl who has gone through a particularly trying time. already charting with the infectious single.” “Angel by Your Side”) or the more universal circumstances of the previously mentioned tracks. “This Is the Stuff. This dude is a MONSTER guitar player and it says a lot about his taste as an arranger that his songs are memorable for more than just his axe slinging. sensual brand of Southern pop-rock that highlights his songwriting ability just as much as his otherworldly guitar playing. “And it washes over me.” All ballads. that voice!) largely transcend the occasional concession. (“Hundred More Years. The song is quite different from the bouncy piano pop of Battistelli’s debut. asks questions without offering easy answers to the problems that can plague humankind. adult pop is fresh enough to improve the tenor of most Christian radio stations nowadays. each of whom could be labeled the “great white hope” of Christian retail and radio for 2011. Heath is still a purveyor of truth that can give comfort and hope to even the most jaded listener and his brand of mature. guitar-pop that features gigantic choruses and speaks in broad language that leaves little to the imagination. I’ll just say that Scott Holt is a southern boy who. folkpop artist Josh Wilson’s second full length and third overall disc on the EMI Christian/Sparrow imprint. and the parts that don’t can be skipped over with one button push on your music player of choice. What If We. The title cut utilizes a winning piano figure while telling a story that. it’s only water. Starting off with the ukulele-fueled track. Toto. Holt formed his own band and started making records. Add a few indie artists. yet Holt is a talent in his own right. but it is hardly an abject failure either. “Give Me Your Eyes. co-written by producer and ace tunesmith. “Know By Now” and “Always Only You” are heavy on bouncy pop ala Jason Mraz and John Mayer. but the strong talents of the artist (oy. acoustic “Shine On Us. as well as several releases from artists traditionally associated with the mainstream music world. adult pop of these two songs is largely echoed throughout the whole project. And that is something to take note of for sure. who have released spiritually aware albums that bear more than a passing influence of biblically-based themes. but it is highly contagious. Leaving Eden Brandon Heath Reunion/Provident We begin with Leaving Eden.” The new record is an unqualified success from a commercial standpoint.” give the disc a hint of depth that would not be there otherwise. After ten years on the road with Guy. Southern pop. As a result of these circumstances. The title track is also a sure-fire hit with its anthemic quality and a striking similarity in method to “Give Me Your Eyes. Dire Straits. work exceedingly well.COM . Kudzu Scott Holt Gracenote Records Without much room for a history lesson. Casting Crowns and other stalwarts of the Christian radio waves. giving it a consistency of sound that its predecessor lacked.” and the disc highlight. the need to sell records somewhat compromises what could be a first-rate album. mid-tempo.” Both songs feature an observer’s commentary on the falsehoods and failures of a worldview without Christ as its anchor. became the second guitarist for blues legend Buddy Guy. and Minnesota funk ala Prince and The Time (especially on “That Girl”) are all portions of Holt’s unique brew.” an observation of how mercy is often best seen as a cycle – it is best received when freely given to others. unfortunately. Ian Eskelin. “Only Water. is it a doozey! While definitely influenced by his blues background. This track is followed by the contagious “Emily. It seems like an effort to answer the criticisms that the debut record sounded too much like Sara Barelleis (which I kind of liked). jazz. but end up being the strongest element of the disc. the eagerly awaited follow-up to Brandon Heath’s breakout 2009 Reunion/ Provident release. who also pairs up with the singer on “Motion of Mercy. The organic arrangements and more esoteric lyricism of “It’s Alright. The elements of the album that work. that talent is brought to the forefront with the beautiful instrumental take on the classic hymn “It Is Well” as well as the beautiful acousticorchestral worship track “Sing It” that opens and closes (in a reprise) the disc.selective hearing by Shawn McLaughlin We have an interesting set of artists to review this issue. See You Josh Wilson Christian/Sparrow Next up is See You. Like the previous two releases. Battistelli is largely concerned with encouraging others through her writing. “Your Love. the drum programming and lightelectronic. While not overtly spiritual.” a statement of encouragement and comfort that hits just the right spot for the Christian radio crowd. Steely Dan. The most noticeable strength of this album is Wilson’s incredible facility with the acoustic guitar. which included the seemingly omnipresent radio single. This is his fourth album. In fact. Hundred More Years. the computerized bleeps and drum machines on Leaving Eden become monotonous after a while. since What If We was very eclectic and showed off Heath’s strengths as a writer of songs with melodic ingenuity and creative imagery. juxtaposed with overly produced. like a single river’s stone. adult pop arrangements that skimp a bit on the piano-fueled pop that was so winning on the debut.” a lovely folk-pop rambler that also houses some inventive instrumental arrangements with exotic percussion and light orchestral elements. whether drawn from real life experience. that is somewhat to the disc’s detriment artistically. Holt says that each song was written in a state of prayer and they are best seen as warnings of the emptiness a life lived in search of pleasure and things of the world. While not everyone’s cup of tea. Eskelin frames Francesca’s typically emotion-laden vocals with strong. soul.” Battistelli ruminates on all the circumstances – good and bad – that God uses to draw us closer to Him. changes everything. but has no power on its own. Kudzu will find a place in the collections of those who are fans of great Hundred More Years Francesca Battistelli Fervent/Word Francesca Battistelli is the next big label hopeful (Fervent/Word) with her highly anticipated second album. The Stylistics and many other American stalwarts. I hear elements of Atlanta Rhythm Section. Still. He essays an elemental. with melodies that those two haven’t shown the capacity to write as of yet. Truth be told. this is anything but a blues record. and this constitutes a nice smorgasbord with which to start the first half of 2011 (though a few of the albums were released in late 2010). Elsewhere. the occasionally over-produced pop-rock on Hundred More Years sounds too much like Mercy Me. and boy. folk. at 19 years of age. R&B. We will look at four major Christian label artists. and also a tad more subtle than a large portion of the disc. Country. Of no small coincidence. the track was 26 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. The Eagles. sounding far more original in light of the album’s homogenized sound elsewhere. Listeners who were taken with the creativity shown on the past disc need to realize that the huge popularity of “Give Me Your Eyes” comes with certain expectations regarding airplay and the inevitable label desire for radio-friendly material that sells enough units to continue making records.

feels like forever Shawn McDonald Sparrow Records “Closer” actually does have a very arresting hook. Calexico). been marginalized to a fairly small niche as an Americana or folk artist. deeply personal ideas and making them accessible to the masses. especially wound NOT STRETCHED OUT OF TUNE! CHRISTIANMUSICIAN.” another find that elusive balance rhythmic feast (with hypnotic keyboard and fine between commercial harmonica work).shubb. manages to build inventive soundscapes that expertly arranged strings and a fervent lead are heavy on snaky rhythms and exquisitely vocal to intoxicating 707-843-4068 is still the best today! Like your fingertip. Result: the strings are learn more at www. In the person of producer Joey Burns (of the indie alt country band. adding layers as arranged strings. It bends the string over the fret. While McDonald is not fluent in gift off with “Control..American music as well as anyone who wants to see an example of how great guitar playing can be used in service of equally great songs.” then explore love and loss on songs like “Stay” and “Learned a Lot. We worked with a laboratory to scientifically formulate a special.” shamble through the old-timey softshoe of “Cup of Sorrow. obviously. The thicker the string. Lee finds an empathetic friend who lives in Lee’s comfort zone. he can inject social commentary on songs like “Violin.” then go all Stevie Wonder for the soulful tango “Hello Again.” Ever the moving target. custom rubber material that behaves just like the flesh of your fingertip. especially when his moves are as deft as Amos Lee’s. McDonald has always been an accessibility and artistic reach that the previous three artists didn’t alchemist of the highest order and shows this quite achieve. mind you. sampled percussion.COM MARCH/APRIL 2011 27 . textures and hip-hop tricks. Closer is most remarkable for taking emotional responses that beating one over the difficult. After the devastating with his wife.” or “Behind Me Now. Mixing the acoustic approach of folk music with the gospel-tinged passion of soul gives an artist plenty of room to operate. stretching it sharp. and not get stretched across the fret. Comfort zone doesn’t mean a limited range.” the evocatively with impressionistic prose. McDonald.” While Lee has. funky opening track releases his newest “Better www. Looking for the love in a drop of rain Mission Bell Amos Lee Blue Note Records Largely known as a folk-influenced artist with a soul singer’s heart. McDonald says far more achingly simple campfire folk of “Rise. Thoroughly engaging and endlessly a less direct approach can sometimes unlock creative. Another standout is the manages to effectively hip-hop/folk amalgam “Eyes Forward.” do some classic Philly call-and-response on “Flower.” in which he mixes delicate the purely melodic hooks of Wilson et al. he finger-picked guitar. as well as subtle electronic the song progresses from spare beginnings. It allows the string to sink into the rubber just enough for it to relax. heretofore. SHUBB The best capo for intonation for the past 30 years info@shubb. Closer. What other less gifted lyricists say “Control. He can pull out a country waltz on “Windows Rolled Down” and “Clear Blue Eyes. spiritually-tinged project that tells tales of love and loss. McDonald uses them as an accent.” and finally raise a heartfelt spiritual cry on “Jesus” or “Cup of Sorrow. the more drastic the effect.” McDonald keeps it simple with the with large brushstrokes. and is the sure-fire hit on the record.” that encourages leaving the past in Sparrow Records longthe past. He also pours a Strings can be heard all over Closer. Most capos use a material to press the strings that is too hard. and while lot of sweat and blood into the lyrics – largely that can often raise up a red flag on a Christian about the need to stay close to God – written pop record. Mission Bell certainly bears witness to the fact that his talents are more than ready for a much larger audience. Amos Lee comes forth with a personal. the search for truth and the need for forgiveness. Trying to find change in the old mundane Everything I do just feels the same Spending my life out in the desert Closer Been gone so long. Take perfect young adult worship song if ever there these couplets from the title cut and note how was one.. Looking for the color on a shade of gray has them in spades.” “Out of the Cold. a trick that takes head can never evoke.shubb. and and insistent groove. with its beguiling slide guitar accents player. while he was going through a brutal divorce not as means to an end. some awfully huge chops. but Shawn McDonald it is songs like the spare. without overwhelming the end result.

” Black Dub weaves its way through moody styles. but efforts like Acadie. but boy. tireless worshipper of Christ Black Dub Black Dub Jive Records Trip hop. California. this beautiful disc is produced by Charlie Peacock. Shawn McLaughlin is a hard working dedicated. having worked with icons like Bob Dylan. U2. Trixie sets herself apart with deep. a minimalist duo consisting of John Paul White and Joy Williams. White hails from Florence. “Dance Me to the End of Love. But here he wisely gets out of the way. In the end. earthy and is perfectly complemented by just his acoustic guitar. The overall effect provides substantial drama. Let me just say that Williams’ and White’s chemistry is so provocative. and For the Beauty of Wynona 28 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. a study in betrayal and redemption.Barton Hollow The Civil Wars Sensibility Music A master thesis in the less-is-more ethos. menacing rumble of “Love Lives. and most famously. both physical and spiritual. and a proper amount of atmosphere. When Joy sings passion. New to the equation are the vocals of Trixie Whitley. He is less well known for his solo albums. the latest chapter in Daniel Lanois’ amazing musical odyssey. originally from Santa Cruz. her voice is drenched with tears and angelic grace. lilting and wrapping around each other with just the right amount of vocal control and tension. Everyone’s souls are lifted with the spiritual rejoice of “Canaan. is introduce music fans to the impressive pipes of Whitley. though. it’s almost obscene. Most of the songs explore that dichotomy with appropriate poetic charm. Emmylou Harris. The daughter of the late Chris Whitley. What the album really serves to do.” Lanois’ work with expansive sonics comes into play as well. Kicking off with the dark. Lanois gives us a strong album top to bottom. powerful vocals that provide the wrenching emotion for this album. there is a provocative re-working of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back. with a Santana-esque aura to it.COM . “Ring the Alarm” combines gritty vocals with a near frenzied orchestral arrangement. has she matured in the years since her last Christian market release. She is no stranger to Christian audiences. adding just the right accents with keys. who is not noted for restraint in most of his production work. various stringed instruments. Barton Hollow is certainly bound to inhabit many a “Best Of” list by the end of 2011. Willie Nelson. “Last Time” is funk-infused with a grungy guitar line. gospel. This album sees Lanois team up with his longfavored rhythm section of New Orleans bassist Daryl Johnson and drummer Brian Blade. Robbie Robertson. The vocal lines are amazingly arranged – soaring. now resides in East Nashville.” are definitely worth your time. Shine. Alabama and Joy Williams. What may prove to be more important in the long run though is his introduction of one of the most vibrant voices to come along in some time. confident. The blues serve as the basis for “Surely. down tempo. As a bonus. dub reggae. This record is a must own. whether the subject is the complications of love as in the stunning “Poison and Wine” or something darker as heard in the haunting Appalachian groove of the title track. and early’60s surf instrumentals collide gloriously in Black Dub. Peter Gabriel. while John Paul’s voice is more terrestrial.” while “Nomad” boasts a smooth R&B flow. Daniel Lanois needs no introduction to anyone. His own guitar solo on “Slow Baby” whisks you away. Unbelievably realized for a debut. Barton Hollow is the debut studio long-player for The Civil Wars. Surprisingly. The band’s name evokes the image of trying to find a pocket of safe ground in the midst of a minefield and is largely a metaphor for relationships. He is arguably the leading record producer in the world. Memphis soul.” as well as a cover of the Leonard Cohen song.

painting. & d new 1 da bran e great vibe lined. 2011 with Brenton Brown ... Livermore. y events. WA smaller.. lifornia eve Northern Ca from our ss than an hour Livermore (le MAY at the Chapel at Crosspoint Buffalo. Westlake Village.. WA 11 & 12.... Tacoma.. drama. 2011 NOVEMBER will be our event. CA SEPTEMBER sis of the beautiful oa year in the our 3rd tropolis Phoenix me at Scottsdale Bible Church.for Christian musicians.. 2011 at Overlake Christian Church Redmond.. photography 16 & 17.and more! CMS@theChapel will also feature SeminarArts. 2011at Our Savior Lutheran Church. 2011 Paul Baloche * Gungor Kari Jobe * Laura Story John Mark McMillan Audrey Assad A Ragamuffin Band Norm Stockton Group . NY 13 & 14. songwriters....ChristianMusicianSummit. AZ OCTOBER 14 & 15. Scottsdale. Oakland & at Cornerstone Fellowship.. this the flagship od! r. 2011 nt. graphic design. leaders. CA OCT 8.. indie artists and technicians to improve skill and inspire talent all to God’s glory! for info & to register. Praise G our 9th yea **Christy & Nathan Nockels & **Paul Baloche **just confirmed MAR 26.. www.. sam stream your team training for *date change with Brian Doerksen & The City Harmonic at Calvary Community Church.. for the workshops for film..) now in San San Francisco..

no matter what you say – hitting a rubber cymbal just doesn’t do it for drummers. is the birthing grounds. in one way or another. These were so unusual that Zildjian even had a different booth for them across the aisle from their regular exhibit space. I was hanging out in the TC Electronic booth and I saw a few of the company reps who have come to our Christian Musician Summit conferences. all prices are MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) . “Why didn’t I think of that?” This year my top 5 picks were pretty easy to select because I was so excited about each one of them. Already in the March/ April issue of Worship Musician you will find a review on the Wickstrom Grand Theatre acoustic guitar. WA. And traditionally. Way cool! Hall of Fame Reverb: $149 Shaker Vibrato: $129 Corona Chorus: $129 Flashback Delay & Looper: $169 Vortex Flanger: $129 No doubt in due time you will see full-length product reviews of each of my “5 Cool Things I Saw @ NAMM”. CA every January. The entire guitar is hand built by Craig Wickstrom in Olympia. Not only that but it is made in America! PM-16 mixer price: $399 IM-16 input module: $599 DM-8 distribution hub:$299 the signature patch via the mini-USB as new patches are added. and know the asking price… you will see why it made my list. “Did you see what these new effect pedals can do?” I took the bait and am glad I did. I try and do a mix of items across the board but sometimes the products just about select themselves because they are. What this unit delivers is a way for the worship 30 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. Pretty cool stuff from the Great Northwest! Grand Theatre Acoustic : $2. breaking new ground in and of themselves. What you are left with is a very good sounding cymbal that is now much quieter than usual. We started talking and they said. but you can hit the footswitch and utilize the custom patch as well. but this time around it weighs in with more features and is ½ the price. This gives you two settings The Gen 16 cymbals look as cool as they sound and there is even a special mic system per pedal and you can keep changing available to bring it all home to your Front of House guy. Drummers rejoice… now you can feel good about hitting real cymbals! These will also have some studio applications as well. What is ground breaking about this new product is that some of the same guys who designed the popular Aviom product developed Elite Core. w/ 3 Dual Condenser Mics & Controller/Module. because 50% of all digital drums (electronic kits) sold go to churches. photo by Brian Gillies First up is the Gen 16 cymbals made by Zildjian. Once you hear it. the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim. All Cables & Mounting Hardware: $949 Second item is the PM16 personal mixing system by Elite Core.500 or so musical equipment companies converge and show their new wares. Why is this so important to many of our drummer buddies playing in churches? Well. It is a fun place to be if you like gear and there is always something there that makes you think. Each year 1. team / band to mix their in-ears to their liking. see the craftsmanship. So not only can you use the settings you dial in for yourself with the control knobs. There is a mini-USB port on the pedal. Anytime you get to say “more features and ½ the price” you are onto something.5 Cool Things I Saw @ NAMM by Bruce Adolph In the cycle of life for musical instruments. Each of the pedals in this new series from TC Electronic has the ability to download a custom patch of signature settings from the website. cantilevered neck and high end tonewoods make this guitar more than interesting to play. you heard me right.COM Continued on page 38. effectively taking away about 75-80% of the volume. An offset sound-hole.695 My third item was found almost by mistake. What they have done is systematically drill lots of small holes in a great set of cymbals. Zildjian GEN 16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pack 14-18-20. Yes.


2) When the concert is over.g. is not lonely. Honestly I don’t know the value of having a world record. When a CNN news reporter asked me how I felt having achieved this World Record. I’m reminded that I don’t deserve to even have expectations. I replied to him saying. airports. The key is to hear His voice and to act with obedience no matter how foolish it looks to the eyes of the world. God is indeed very CM: Tell us what a typical concert of your faithful in providing our needs regardless of which country we are in. how did you stay encouraged? Yes. 95% of the time the value of an individual is more precious than response has been that the testimony has had any amount of wealth in this world. He who began a good work was faithful to complete it and I’m a testimony of that. CM: When facing difficulties on the road. That has really helped me in staying sexually pure. trains. but I really want to wait on the Lord and get His direction for the next step. My passion only keeps renewing rather than dying down. I decided that I would rather give up my comfort than my character. “I don’t know the value of the world record but I do feel very grateful to God for the privilege of traveling to every nation and sharing the testimony of a transformed life. both with my going and coming and also with who comes in and goes out. page 22) LONELINESS. but the verse that convicts me and puts me in my place is. then why more impact than my music.. but rather. days. etc.). etc. I can truly say that by God’s grace I have never slept with a girl.bennyprasad. I followed the call and truly. Staying with a host family keeps me engaged and helps me to adopt them as my family while away from home. either with the way concerts are organized or the way I’m hosted. CM: You set the World Record for And finally. So now I’m waiting on God for directions for the next step in my life. and in times when things don’t go my way. I have not had a salary and yet I could travel to 245 countries including Antarctica debt-free because Jesus was my 100% provider. 245 countries on 7 everything you need to accomplish the task! continents in 6 years. and our music and ministry has become a job. I play 5 profile is. once we’ve lost our passion. when God calls you to do traveling to the most countries in the something. what would that be? my identity in the concert. And when we are lonely there are a lot of sinful thoughts and actions that can creep into our lives. and 22 Visit www. Three ways I was able to keep away from loneliness was1) Host Family – Every country I went to. 2) For what am I doing this. I don’t run away to my room or hide in the green room. “Consider others better than yourself” and. 3) I sleep really well on planes so that travel time on planes. What was that ceremony like? CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. then loneliness can really creep in. I spend time with the audience. Cuba. what are your plans for the future? I’m waiting on the Lord for my next step. He is 100% faithful to provide least amount of time. (except in countries where it is the law that I needed to stay in a hotel.. I stayed with host families regardless of how uncomfortable or challenging the accommodation was. When I stayed with a host family I was kept accountable. I did interviews with the Media to share the testimony of how God has used a broken vessel to make history for His glory. as I’ve not worked for it. In 2002 God gave me the vision to travel to every nation by 2010. CM: If you could tell other Christian musicians one thing. e. North Korea.Benny Prasad (cont. Well one thing I would love to share with Christian Musicians is to never allow Money and Comfort to define your ministry and call. Money and sex are some of the most challenging temptations in the life of an artist. Is it all about Christ or is it about myself? As a human the flesh dictates “putting up the price”. These testimonies give me a sense of purpose and increase my passion for doing what I am doing. The privilege I have is to share my testimony in every performance. “Do to others what you expect them to do to you”. By doing that. As musicians. it’s very true that there are disappointments on the road. Time spent waiting on God is never wasted. and many times I get to hear testimonies of how the concert or the message impacted their lives and brought them hope. There are so many invitations from all over the world to represent them on an international level.” CM: Now that you have the record. As of now I feel called to go into the closed and dark places to reveal the Light of the Creator. I get to remind myself from where I started and to what extent God has allowed me to reach. In all of these situations for me to stay encouraged I had to constantly remind myself of 2 things 1) Who I am in Christ as opposed to finding 32 MARCH/APRIL 2011 I did not have a ceremony for accomplishing the task of this World Record. or how high your music entails? A typical concert lasts 1 hour. different instrumental songs on my 20 String How do we measure the value of an Bongo-Harp Bentar and in between each individual life? Is it worth it if a man gains the instrumental I share my testimony or the story whole world and loses his soul? No! So if the of a miracle experience. That’s been the have we lost sight of our call and decided to base our ministries on money and comfort? goal of every concert in my travels. That keeps me for more info. 6 months.COM .

From their roots in southern France to the streets of San Francisco. Find your voice.lagguitars. Lâg guitars are inspiring a new breed of player all across . Electric www. Featured in this ad is the Stage Range T300DCE Dreadnought cutaway.

In Cmaj the chords factors are C E & G. all of these chords are considered Cmaj chords but each one has its own quality of 5th fret 2nd string. every (1) (2) (3) chord can also be played in many locations on the fretboard. Inversions This is one area of the area of playing guitar that can be very beautiful but confusing. (1) Notice how a root position chord has the root as its lowest note. C E&G or C G&E.COM . hearing and memorizing music theory called “Theory For The Road” which can be found at www. It explains everything in detail and includes audio music illustrations on keyboard and guitar. and ear training. Transposing them to other keys also helps. This next example (2) shows how the name of the inversion changes with the lowest note even if the other chord factors are still the same as the first group. (4) Rich has a 6 CD audio program for learning. If E the 3rd of the chord is the lowest note it is 1st Inversion and if G the 5th of the chord is the lowest note it is called 2nd Inversion Quality of Sound Just as the note “E” can be played at four positions. Next time we’ll explore inversions of more chords. each has its own character. 34 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. The first note of each group determines which inversion it can be titled. Here are some more inversions of a simple “Cmaj” chord that you might find interesting and hopefully inspiring. If C is the lowest note it is a Root Position chord.GuitarCollege. its own quality of sound.” Like the title indicates. Til then may God bless your hard work. each sound a little different. 9th fret 3rd string & 14th fret 4th and www. An inversion refers to the relationship of the lowest note of the chord to the other factors of the chord. Not only might we play the same note in different locations or string groups on the fretboard but we also rearrange the sequence of notes. The quality of sound is even more pronounced with inversions. E G&C or E C & G and G C&E or G E&C. Those simple 3 notes can be rearranged many ways. I hope to introduce you to some new ideas and concepts that will hopefully spur your creativity and excitement about the guitar.GuitarCollege. Each one is still a “Cmaj” chord but each sounds a bit different. open 1st string. Again. a 1st inversion has the 3rd as its lowest note and the 2nd inversion has the 5th as its lowest note.Bruce Adolph and I have been planning to change the theme of my article for some time devoted to learning guitar we decided to switch the article from “Essential Theory” to “The Fretboard Less Traveled. Let’s look at a simple Cmaj chord. Notice when you play the note ”E” on the different strings. Since I’ve been playing and teaching guitar for 40+ years and have web sites www. (3&4) Remember if you want to get these voicings into your fingertips you’ve got to use them and plug them into songs.

Easy and accurate tuning. Now at any fret. TUNERS. Tune in dark and noisy environments. . Light turns from red to green when in-tune. Clip on headstock or at any fret. Lifetime By OnBoard Research Corp.

Joe Riggio is a professional guitar repairman/technician and recording engineer. from Seattle. are found in many classic designs. where 2 coils wired together. WA.  So I usually have it set to position 2 or four where there is no hum or barely audible hum. for my ears. the result is a cancellation of the hum.  Since the 1980’s. as well as using them myself. but doesn’t do anything about when the pickups are used individually. like the ones in your Strat. I tell them that it’s the nature of the beast. Unfortunately. Most of them are a design where 2 coils are stacked. there have been countless attempts and products that have been accepted and adequate for lots of players. wrapped around some sort of magnetic material. These are available in many common sizes and are a direct replacement for their targeted design. this has produced a sound that is similar to single-coils. but yields a substantially different tone. That’s a nice plus when you’re in those positions. such as when the switch in your Strat is in the 2 and 4 position. are made up of one coil of wire. from earlier pioneers like Paul Tutmarc. I’ve heard from our sound people at church that when I have my pickup selector on certain settings they hear a hum. but also have the inherent hum that you are experiencing. They produce a very sweet and stringy sound.ServiceGuitarRepair. in series. and also eliminates hum. Both sounds are loved and commonly found on famous recordings and stages. for many.COM . in a double-wide layout. Gibson P-90 and countless others. one on top of the other and wired together to eliminate hum. has been to design a pickup that has the tonal properties of a or “humbucking” design was created.. to eliminate the background hum. I highly recommend them and have sold sets to many satisfied customers. the dual-coil. named Seth Lover. In my opinion (and I have installed and heard just about all of them) the DiMarzio “Area” series of pickups is a fantastic design that sounds like a single-coil. What’s going on here? Basically: single-coil pickups. He can be contacted at ServiceGuitarRepair@gmail. This dual-coil design eliminates the hum found in single-coil pickups.  I have personally avoided this design for years because. As designers and engineers (sometime during the 1940’s) further developed the design of magnetic pickups. The most noted and recognized version was from the Gibson Co. with the design credit going to an employee of theirs. You are experiencing humcancellation in the 2 and 4 position of your Strat because of another common work-around: when 2 single coils are wound in reverse direction from each other and of opposite polarity. when they are both live in the circuit. website: 36 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. the compromise was not ever worth the result..Ask Joe by Joe Riggio Q A I have a Strat that I purchased a few years back and I like it (love is for people) anyway. based in Tacoma. Stratocaster. For decades the challenge. Although there are other examples of the design. but missing some of their sparkle and other favorable characteristics. are sitting side-by-side. but without the hum. He owns and operates “Service Guitar Repair” and “House Of Sound Recording Studio” He has a deep love and knowledge of vintage guitars. Telecaster. as well as modern and loves to share his passion with others. They are also among the least expensive available.

We tone test every one piece African mahogany neck. We cull every tone wood for the right grain. Because I will also send along a check for $200 when you purchase a Bedell Performance. Monitor or Award guitar during April and Revolution. I’ll send you a Two Old Hippies bandana and a $25 Gift Card at www. There is not a stitch of laminate in any Bedell – just pure cured wood that has been carefully stored for three years or Some restrictions apply. If you will drop into your favorite acoustic shop and try out any one of my Bedells. To Play One is To Love One twooldhippies. The feel and sound are incredible…but you must experience them for $200 Rebate Building the finest handcrafted. Promotion runs April and May 2011. 2011. all solid wood acoustic guitars is a dream come true. stiffness and beauty. No strings attached…unless you fall in love with it.bedellguitars.TwoOldHippies. .

At the core of the Kronos is it’s nine (yes nine!) engines. Tap into Incubator today! Now sometimes I get teased for not showing as much love to the keyboard department as I do the guitars. But I have to tell you. page 30) Do you know the 7 hidden pitfalls that can turn it into a nightmare? The typical emerging artist attempting to follow their passion for an indie artist ministry will spend years longer than they hoped and will invest thousands of dollars more than they earn in their efforts. I haven’t been this excited about a new keyboard since Yamaha announced their DX7 back in the 80’s. OR 97419 Bruce . and sets the bar pretty high for others to follow. arpeggio madness. Want to know why? More importantly. disillusionment. I was sold on it at that point with the realistic piano sounds but then they went on to the Fender Rhodes type patches (an entirely different engine runs those). to vintage analog synths. stirring strings and ended with sampled drums. Copyright 2011 Incubator Creative Group · Post Office Box 245 · Cheshire. is presenting a revealing online seminar series that exposes the seven hidden pitfalls. and I hope will turn yours too when you get a chance to experience them. Brian and I walked away just shaking our heads. They will experience confusion. If you only have room for one keyboard on your stage or in your studio. want to take a better route? Incubator Creative Group. Sadly. the Kronos delivers a piano sound that never even loops… not once! That is how much memory power and number crunching is going on internally. a Suitcase 73 model no less . Get a FREE ‘online seat’ at the early bird webinar by visiting the special website link below. Kronos (61. Their new Kronos keyboard/workstation is a game changer in the world of Free online seat is offered for a limited time and subject to change without notice. a 22 year veteran in music ministry incubation. you need to go play the Kronos. 76. Incubator has cracked the code on the biggest obstacles to making your ministry dream a reality. IncubatorOnline. From there the demonstration went to Hammond B3’s (another engine employed in making those killer sounds). frustration. Brian Felix and I went to a press party the night before the convention started presented by Korg. the most common result is a failure to transform a calling into a sustainable ministry. What they unveiled that night in a 90-minute presentation was truly amazing. They played a John Klemmer type tune and it sounded like I was sitting down at my very own Fender Rhodes (which I actually do have one. 88 key) Estimated street pricing ranges from $2999 to $3799 MINISTRY W E B I N A R S E R I E S Presented by Incubator Creative Group TM Get a FREE ‘online seat’ at the Early Bird Ministry Entrepreneur™ webinar by visiting the link below: So there you have it… 5 Cool Things I Saw @ NAMM that turned my head.Dreaming of an Indie Artist Ministry? 5 Cool Things I Saw @ NAMM (cont. Utilizing a solid state hard drive (I didn’t even know there were solid state hard drives) that seems to have enough memory capacity to light up a small maybe that will quell some of this anti-keyboard talk amongst my peers… Ha!). a high degree of discouragement. and too often. angst.

GregBennettGuitars. I’ll never go back.dustinburkeband. and even after a year of exclusively using this NASHVILLE Available only at quality independent music stores nationwide… .com Electric Guitar Line of the Year www. After sound-check I rarely have to retune my guitar. Visit them at at www.Dustin Burke of The Dustin Burke Band of tune and has great tone that cuts through the front of house mix.” “Two things I need as a guitar player/frontman is a guitar that never goes out Dustin Burke and his band are living the dream. rich sound I’m getting from a solid body acoustic. The Greg Bennett Blackbird delivers both of those every night. I still can’t get over the warm.

At one point. they did the best they could with what they were given. They didn’t tell me ‘til later. There were just some unfortunate circumstances that put me in a position where I started making bad choices.alone it seems the only thing that I can feel.This is one amazing story of how God will reach down into a person’s lowest low and darkest night. and the dreams will pass in vain of the many souls that I will steal. so I moved up there and played with those guys— getting even deeper into all types of drugs. I was constantly picked on. some jocks cornered me and smacked me around. we became one of the biggest bands in Michigan. and renewing the talent He had originally given. for our genre. The deeper I got into the music. I grew up thinking the Lord was angry with me and that I had done something wrong. “Yeah. I went to Virginia Beach. I joined the Army and was kicked out with an honorable discharge my 6th week. I was a very rambunctious. can you give us a little background of the events prior to. which brought more feelings of rejection. another kid who was also a drug dealer came up to me and said. the darker I became. There was always a big rift between my father and myself. “. I went to work at a store stocking groceries. “Man. I was taking every drug I could find.. but then I came along. I was the fourth child in the family. because I was afraid for my life. will no doubt encourage your heart and show you just how far the Lord will go to show you His love. There’s a line in it that says. After more friction with my father. Things were starting to really open up for us. we put some bunks in a bus and started traveling. So. the principal and vice principal are on their way right now to pull you out of this next class with an officer.. There are things I did that I don’t even want to talk about.” but also that He “sometimes punishes those He loves. but they were literally scared.. and his and Lesley’s music.. Later. with more and more hate. Even teachers made fun of me—I was the joke of the school. I was trying to sort through all of this as a young man. The music morphed from what it had been. creepy. Strangely enough. it’s a little hard to pinpoint. I was carrying a gun everywhere CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. Especially if you feel like you’re too far gone for God to touch you or use you again. when I was young. just before the third hour.” redeeming and restoring the man.” and traded him some drugs for the gun. into me singing about “stealing souls from God. and ended up in Florida. I went down a very dark road and began living a very hateful and perverse lifestyle. but then a couple of guys left the band. and leading up to the time when God really got a hold of you? Kirk Martin: Well. but I had gotten myself in trouble to where I needed to leave New York right away or I was going to end up in a pine box. I joined the band in the winter of 1989. but their singer/guitar player was a flake. At one point. I ended up homeless and having to steal. I found out I was adopted. To this day. at what point did you put together the metal band you were in? KM: I met a couple guys who were in a metal band up in New York City. Kirk’s story. After a while. Is it true?” I said. a couple of boys who were much older than I was. those jocks have no idea how lucky they are that they’re still alive. I heard that you brought a gun to school. I was drinking a lot and stealing money from my father for drugs. molested me. I think he was done after child #3. his frustration and anger came out on me.COM . 40 MARCH/APRIL 2011 By the time I was in high school. Y’see I used to think that God was behind all the bad things that happened to me. I was so humiliated that I went home and got my father’s gun and brought it to school—I was going to shoot those boys in the head. AH: Kirk. and within just a short period of time.” AH: Wow. and do whatever it took to survive. loss and confusion. because I was mentally unstable. I was so filled with hate. I moved back to Michigan and cut my hair.” One of our most popular songs was called “Molded Mind”. I ended up taking that out on myself as well as others. KM: Real creepy! Well. off-the-hook kind of kid.” So. fight. which he put in the trunk of his car. I was raised in a good Lutheran home with parents who did everything they knew to be right. just so we can get a picture of where you’re coming from. where my car was stolen. I went to church and heard how “God loves you. I met some more guys who had already started a metal band. Shortly after. and pull him out of that “miry clay. Aimee Herd: Kirk. and that God would be mad. They told me I’d better not tell my parents because they [my parents] would hate me. He was struggling with some things himself (like making peace with God) but unfortunately.

or love. Talk about what happened next. I began to realize what I had done. and he wore a little black yarmulke and a trench coat. I didn’t know what to think. “Your father desperately loves you. I ended up going out into this field by his house and. The presence of God— which I didn’t understand at the time—was so incredibly heavy on that bus. I had never told anyone that in my entire life. but I think it’s the spirit and the heart that drives the music. a guy who had been working as our manager called and said.” and he walked out. Make your own way and crush anybody who gets in your way. AH: Like Jonathan Maracle from Broken Walls says. I decided to change the name of the band to Hate Plow and call the first album “Christian Lies. I don’t think music is evil. Then the guy got up and said. My musical ability seemed to double because I had become ultra-driven at that point. the only people who meant anything to me anymore. so I jumped across the table and screamed every foul. Our bus had broken down and a guy who really liked our music had welcomed us into his house. but you are very important to him. sound asleep. He was about 5 foot 3 with a white bushy beard and hair. He’s just doing the best that he can. falling to the ground. I got hooked up with a couple other musicians who were better than those who left. in and of itself. I began to curse God and spit at the name of Jesus.” So. I took on this kind of “self-ism. I felt an air of peace around me. “Jesus sent me here to tell you that He loves you. I jumped up and ran after him because I had to know how he knew all that. and to MARCH/APRIL 2011 41 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. 1994. and I really thought I had a chance. I literally rolled out of my bunk onto the floor and begged God to kill me.” KM: Jonathan is a good friend of ours! AH: So now. I never saw him again. When the guys left the band. he gave the name to another band. “And He wants you to know that He wasn’t responsible for those young men molesting you when you were a little boy. when I walked away from the deal. I know God didn’t leave you in that state of hate back then. this man just looked me in the eye and said. but I was drinking a coffee and smoking a cigarette when this old man walked in. “What’s up pops?” I said. he said.” At that time. a big red nose. It honestly freaked me out. “Jesus loves you and He’s waiting for you to turn your face toward home. He literally didn’t budge.” where I only believed in myself. at 3:30 in the morning.COM . For the first time in my life. gut reaction was to jump up and rip his eyeballs out of his head.I went. and the music I was writing just seemed incredibly dark. AH: Yeah. and I’ll twist and take as many people as I can to hell with music. so to speak.” AH: What did you do after the man told you this? KM: I felt like someone had cut my feet off and all the blood had drained from my body. JC Dwyer owned that name and decided to give it to me. Now. and we started to write some very ugly music. “What’s up pops?” He answered.” Two days later. “Look. I bet it did! KM: I flew home to Michigan and put together a recording budget with a big studio I knew there. My philosophy was: Make your own destiny.” The interesting thing was. He came in. got coffee and sat down right across from me. I feel like God pulled the little boy out of me and let the little boy see what the man had become. “What’s up dad?” He said. I looked up at the top of my bunk and saw pictures of my nieces and nephews. it was just when things were starting to get going for us. but when I got my composure back. and I was just as mean and tough as nails. Most people were scared of me—I could walk across an intersection and hear people locking their doors! But. there’s a record label and they want to know how much you would want to go into the studio and what budget you’d need to record. “What’s up dad?” (Imitating me) I got mad because he was mocking me. I hated God because I thought I was being punished for everything I had done wrong. the bus shook violently for a few seconds and it woke me up. I was getting ready to put everything together. he called them by name. But before I could get my feet to tell the rest of my body to jump. Later on. I got really scared and began to cry and weep. disgusting word I could possibly think of. “The instrument is subject to the heart of the musician. and everything that had been done to me. KM: I was sitting in a fast food restaurant in the early morning—I was rarely awake in the early mornings. I didn’t believe in my parents. I began to claw the earth and said. I was literally paralyzed by what had just happened.” My first. The guy had to have been no more than 15 or 20 feet ahead of me. I was laying on the bus. Immediately I got in his face and said. because the new guys just played and were “hired guns”. He only understands what his father did to him. or God. “Satan. went behind a row of hedges and just disappeared. he turned a corner. give me what I want. It was so heavy. AH: Amazing. On June 17th. The whole experience caused me to really ponder in my head what was going on. KM: And then he said.

I got a call from Jonathan Maracle of Broken Walls. it wasn’t the same. I began to listen and fall in love with worship.take me to hell because I knew that was what I deserved.” That’s when I began to experience the presence of God for real. “Well. I woke up the next morning and there was a “shift”. and I just ran to it. He dealt with me. victorious end to a bitter. “Well son. the Ojibwe brother next to me. He had gotten saved during an attempted suicide. When I went home. I cried myself to sleep. all the fathers whose teenage girls I had violated wanted to kill me. the grass looked greener. the clouds looked fluffier. “Oh my God. “Try these for 30 days. I was able to walk away from drugs.” He told me. took the shell out. I feel very strongly that you should come to this conference up in Ottawa. and the hate.” The first words out of his mouth were. I’ve sold my soul.” Shortly after that. Pastor Bill told me he’d be there in 15 minutes. and put it in the next room. and if things don’t change. because it was never yours to sell. I had no understanding of the hate that had filled me [up to that point]. mysteriously showed up at my house with a Bible. and it freaked me out! A friend. all the husbands whose wives I’d slept with wanted to kill me. During the next 2 or 3 weeks I developed kidney stones. but I know you couldn’t have sold your soul. I pulled the hammer back and put it to my head. I need to 42 MARCH/APRIL 2011 take you to church. passed out from the pain. here’s a Bible. it just disappeared. “You’ve been like a father to me. AH: So. I never went back to pursuing that recording contract. but the one thing I struggled with was sex. “You know. I’ll give you back all your music.COM .” I walked into that church and the first thing I saw was the cross and the altar. I had done some First Nations ministry with Johnny on a couple of occasions. I got on my face before God and begged Him not to leave me in that state. I don’t know about where you’ve been or what you’ve done. and I had no clue why I felt that way. When I woke up after that night. he’s been like a father to me. and at one point. God directed me to another church where Pastor Bill Tulip took me under his wing. One day I was sitting on my couch and it finally hit me that I had told Satan that I would take people to hell with me if he would give me what I wanted. CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. I picked up the phone with my other hand and I called Pastor Bill. tell me how you met Lesley? KM: After about 3 or 4 years since I’d been clean from that. who used to hang out with the band. I fell down and began to weep uncontrollably. Things just looked different. When I hung up the phone. but what it did was it took my mind off of killing myself. I wept so hard.” I got angry at that. There was a little note that said. is there something I can help you with?” I said. and I called my mom. I began to weep and cried myself to sleep. I’ve sent so many people to hell. it was the first time that I didn’t understand how I felt. and now it’s been 11 years since I struggled with pornography or sexual impurity. Nothing seemed the same. sat on my bed. Canada. When I got high. He came in and gently took the gun out of my hand. all the policemen in the county wanted to arrest me. I had no idea why I had had this hate for people. and put one round in my . I woke up in the hospital—they’d given me some morphine. “Look. He doesn’t love me and this is never gonna end. This old man—maybe about 70—who was a guest minister came up to me. He called and told me. One night it got so bad that I went home. taking your own life would not be a very career enhancing move. I realized that worship is the key to opening up a relationship with God and His presence. put his hand on my shoulder and said. or the band. God told me to come here. I told him I’d like to but that I didn’t have money to get there. and to this day he has never turned his back on me. When I woke up. who told me to come home. but I’m gonna blow my brains out right now because God’s never gonna set me free from this. “Young man. every CD I had ever owned was gone. It was a glorious. and there was a bag with a pile of Hosanna CDs and Vineyard worship cassettes. He said. bitter struggle. I’ve done so many horrible things.” I happened to have been sitting in the car with an Ojibwe Indian Christian brother when Johnny called. and God stuck me right back in that same community.44 Magnum. I said.

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log onto: www. and Dean Markley strings. 44 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. I’ll be sitting there with my guitar and something will come to me.” But with Lesley. do you two write together then? LM: Yes. even before we were married and play and sing. to bring healing.. “Les. even before any ministry. For more information on Kirk and Lesley Martin. Pastor Mark Cowart of Church for All Nations called me out of the congregation—I was just a visitor that night.. KM: I kept talking about her with Jonathan and others backstage at the conference. I saw this brunette angel walking up the aisle! As I looked at her. “Live at CLC. and know that I’d been with God and that God is with me. and to purchase their music. God would release me and they would hear my voice and my story. I was backstage tuning up my guitar. It makes playing keyboards very difficult for Lesley. KM: I had started some metal stuff before we met. you have the worship albums: “Covenant.” and the live album. “When you fell from heaven?!” Marriage. “Did it hurt?” She said. I’ll buy you a plane ticket right now.95 Songchart: What a Savior • A Few Moments With… Lowering the Bar 0 US $5. We’ve been told so many times that there is a “glory” that shows up when we minister. he didn’t even know me. But when it came to talking TO her.. Lesley uses Yamaha keyboards. KM: It’s funny. came up and told us that they too were molested. but that this was their day to get free and be healed. LM: Something tangible. “Did what hurt?” I said.COM LM: And that’s happening during the worship time. “Kirk. and I asked her. grab a paper and pencil and write this down!” I write most of the music part of the songs. KM: A lot of times. it’s true. Issue 2 03 Brandon Heath * Josh Wilson * Francesca Battistelli * Scott Holt Shawn McDonald * Amos Lee * The Civil Wars * Black Dub Selective Hearing US $5. Now. and as I peeked out of a gap in the curtain.. Jackson electric guitars.95 Can $6.” It never really came to fruition until just recently.. emotionally and mentally. EMG pickups. It’s just God’s presence that’s filling the room and working on people’s hearts. and I use some alternative tunings that are really off-the-hook and uncommon. I’ll be so stuck on one thing and unable to get away from it no matter what I do. three children and 8 years later.” AH: That’s so cool. He said that young people would hear this and come to Christ. KM: We’ve seen people get healed physically. She had me completely tonguetied and I hadn’t even talked to her yet! Finally it was Lesley’s mom who introduced us. Improving Musicianship | Inspiring Talent Blessings Raindrops through the The Freedom and Restoration of Yamaha Motif XF8 Product Review: Broken Walls The Redemption of Kirk Martin MARCH/APRIL 2011 Volume 9. LM: It’s not “Christian metal” per se. I’ll .and just worship. but I didn’t have peace about it. People who. were you aware of any of this at the time? Lesley Martin: (Laughing) My mother noticed him staring a little bit. But. KM: Here’s the mind-blowing thing about it: when I had been a Christian for about three years. I was out in Colorado Springs. Lesley had never even sung before.Brian Moses.. and God has opened up the doors for me—besides the beautiful worship music that Lesley and I write—to do this metal project too. you’re going to understand what to do and why.MusicforHarvest. we were working on the worship projects. or the lyric that completes the song. But we’d just sit in the living room. it was the third time I’d ever heard the voice of God audibly. KM: I felt like the Lord told me.95 74470 95962 5 5 Cool Things I Saw @ NAMM Kirk Martin plays Taylor acoustic guitars exclusively. it’s metal about Christ. LM: I had heard the rough cuts and I liked it. AH: So. after hearing our music and my story. we’ve literally led thousands of people to Christ together. said. He said that there would be “millions of young people who were waiting to hear your voice. AH: So. and we both had our eyes on him during the conference. I kept telling him. “I don’t know why. and uses uses Kyser Musical Products. here it is 17 years later. and we had a baby. I didn’t know what to say. A couple years went by.” At the conference.95 Can $6. although the music was awesome. Issue 2 03 Record Reviews 0 74470 58440 7 Know Jesus Collective * Brenton Brown * Parachute Band Brandon Heath * Lakeside Live * Daniel Bashta Wickstrom Grand Theatre Acoustic Guitar Product Review MAR/APR 2011 Volume 16. I really think God’s going to use you in that area as well as the worship. Lesley. It’s all about telling the world about God. and I threw her in front of a microphone. and the lyrics are 100 percent Christ-centered. I’m so sure of it. “That’s the girl I want you to marry. and telling the metal community what God did for me. And.” The music [on the metal project] is solid. when the time was right. you always hear the joke about “you complete me. That’s our passion: worship to bring His presence. but this time. Lesley will just have that—God will give her that moment in the music. I’m going to put you right back where I found you. LM: I’d been playing keyboards for a few years before I met Kirk.” but I read that you’ve got a metal project in the works. but I think you need to go to that conference.” “Reflections.” He said that they wouldn’t listen to someone else’s voice but. “Kirk. LM: (Laughing) I know when it’s a “Kirk” chord. and He said. I think you need to work on that metal project.


But experience of slowly losing the things you are in front of “musician” tends to banish you what a gift to communicate to ourselves the good at – in his case. We and dependency on others for the smallest of what we were into. assembling words and from a list of the best even without a stroke. longer the hip way to “worship. A Christian Musician’s Legacy 46 MARCH/APRIL 2011 CHRISTIANMUSICIAN. insights. through his whole life! booking inducted into the Christian music Hall of Fame in 2007. and road manager all wrapped It was specific and came up in one. I wondered about the frightening “Pentecostal Polka.COM . Duncan.. And I know that God but God himself in most cases.” give it to people who don’t even acknowledge he will resolve and sustain that music. a harmony the masses.. It’s Until God spoke to me probably off to the left in the reed section. radiorehab. LP. understand the part God mainstream? has asked us to play in it. With the Sweet life! It’s the most original Comfort Band. And He has the gall to music that is my life. love we feel from the master musician. structure. Does I heard a wonderful sermon once about trying our legacy come down to identify a song when you can only hear the to our expertise? Is it in harmony part. upon hearing it.” he said just two months ago. CCM artist for the worst of hardships. I can. Rogers might have sung. don’t be Owner of Red Road Records and Host of Radio Rehab at  www. I’m Going There. Heaven with the giant “cover will hold a symphony of stacked harmony parts tune” that is blanketing the like that. agenda. however. my dad. God has placed you in the orchestra. he sat at the piano and to anyone who receives. or to fit in might not even sound cohesive to itself. He worshipped me with his thirty years.   Because downloads aren’t available. tune. feel his influence. But then. too. Harmony’s to God’s melody. “Nobody should have to live like in church because his style of music was no disgruntled with the “newbies” because they this. Keep playing one gig at a time until out in his interpretation God finishes the packaging and adds the shrink of music. Music is a wonderful thing that God hands out the gift I have found from Him. It’s Alzheimer’s scrambles your thought process.By Bryan Duncan   A Christian musician before the phrase was He loved Western style swing. as he watched my style finish his life. relegated to near helplessness what still stands? Hopefully not just some label the sustain pedal of your own instrument. the kind Roy coined. And I follow Jesus because played and sang “Heaven. then solo and concerto anyone can ever now with the Nehosoul band. “Christian” what we play or how it will affect them. I’m thinking rpm’s on an movement too with that jazz flavor. some brand name like don’t get to choose who will resonate with details of life. you can feel His foot on of banishment. God knows the Just a few months ago. I trust God and follow Jesus Suspicions are that perhaps your popularity is I don’t play anything like my dad would have Christ because my dad did! merely a plank in the party platform of another played it. write! If you have moved beyond the same four chords and seven words we use in church. Seven years after the onslaught preferences replace his own in church. listen to that tone! We are Christian passion that took him musicians because we have a music director. He stopped playing music from a stroke. and said. the reward is Your part might not even make sense to you. though. And we will. “rewarded” by some sort passions? When the dross is burned away. He saw of Alzheimer’s. I put a melody wrap. that the musical side of the Portland area! my dad’s brain was intact till the day he died. Thank God. Reverend Daniel R. It’s almost impossible to tell our ability to impress without the melody line. that classic musician’s sense of nonconformity keeps you from communicating to anyone I’m not even sure King David would be a big to all that is unoriginal. trusting where way of acknowledgement. Him in the slightest. I found it draw these days as a harpist. and play the grace notes God has written my dad had little in the out and placed in front of you. I’m his first born and I had the privilege He never said much about the changes of sitting at his right hand as he struggled to in popular music. and two years spent recovering them fade. I found myself a little miffed that after fifty So I say here’s the legacy: Keep yourself in years of service to God. In fact. that I gave your dad a but man. except maybe in smiles at even the most dissonant of chords in my efforts when I’m focused on resonating with interesting. He liked inside chord passed away at 78.” In some circles. in his heart that never ceased to sustain through Bryan Duncan.” I had my questions about the final years of So what do we pass on with regard to our don’t hear a “demolished thirteen” in the chord this Godly musician.

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