El Sol y La Luna

A gentleman ishung in theafternoonsky Sitting at the centre of everything, shining Like a gallantknight in shiningarmor, Hisrays of hotheatbecomehisstrongwhitehorse Waitingtocarryhisfair lady intothenight.

His lady waitsforhimtopayhernotice. Herimperfectfeatureslighting up as he Sendshiswarmthtowardher. Absorbinghislove, Shebrightens, theentireworldbasking in the Glow of her celestial bodyhung in thenightsky.

Thegentleman'swarmth and luminositynourishesher, givesher Strengthamongthedeceitfulwhispers of herjagged Companions in thenightsky. Challengingtheheatwithicystares, Theyremindherthatsheisleftalone as he Shineshislustrousfacetowardstheworld, shebeing Thefarthestthoughtfromhisbrilliantmind.

Herloveforhimisevermoreconsuming, insatiable. Thetwowillnevermeet, onlyabletoexchangeglances Fromacrossthedawn and duskskieswhentheir Colorswhispertogether; theytell of the Affectionscarried, thepassionatelusttotouch, hold Grazethelips of theotherbeautifulbeingthatisimpossible.

Notall hope islostforbrilliant gentleman and Bewitching lady. Eternallytogetherthoughperpetually Apart, they are nonethelesshungtogether in the Wide widesky, no mattertheyear, month, or Day; no matterthe time, place, orweather. The Pair, El Sol y La Luna, eternallyapart and Perpetuallytogether.

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