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IT282 / IT 282 / Week 2 DQs

IT282 / IT 282 / Week 2 DQs

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Discussion Questions
 Describe the steps needed to install a Windows® operating system.
 What are common challenges faced when installing a Windows® operating system?
Discussion Questions
 Describe the steps needed to install a Windows® operating system.
 What are common challenges faced when installing a Windows® operating system?

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DQ 1

While setting up a window operating system the user should follow these measures correctly to achieve success. Measure 1- Switch on the PC and insert the Windows CD in the CD-ROM drive

Measure 2.Now the user will be questioned a number of start up questions for instance. position the Windows CD back into CD-ROM drive and once the screen appears with the latest Windows installation procedure will carry on Measure 11.Then the user will select one of the formatting alternatives and click enter Measure 8.Then you will highlight the unpartitioned area and click enter Measure 7.Push the reset button on the PC and let the CD to boot Measure 3.Following the system has rebooted. click enter Measure 9. enter precisely how it's on the case Measure 13.Once the Welcome to Setup shows up on the screen.After that it will inquire for the item key that is generally on the CD casing.To verify that the user desires to format the HDD. modem dialing option click .When it loads the screen will show up Windows license contract . area. When this is finished click next Measure 12. during this reboot take away the Windows CD Measure 10.After that it will inquire for the computers name. press enter to carry on Measure 5. language alternatives and customize. there the user will read the contract and press F8 key to proceed with the set up procedure Measure 6.When it boots a blue screen will show up on the screen and it will state “Windows Setup” Measure 4.Following installation the computer system will offer a countdown till reboot.

Reinsert the Windows CD into the CD-ROM you will be asked to the Setup the Internet screen click next Measure 19.next Measure 14.At the user name screen. fill in the user together with any other names which will be accessing the computer system in the places presented Now Windows Operating System is finished and ready to be accessed and the CDROM may be taken out.The Microsoft screen will show up click next Measure 18. click No now. The difficulties which a user may be confronted with are. Week 2 DQ 2 There are several parts you should know about when you set up a Microsoft operating system. click next Measure 20.Now ensure time and date is right or else change it and select next Measure 15.Network Information window will show up and you will select usual settings and select next Measure 16. to update to Windows XP you should have at least 2-GB partition available. based on which operating system you choose to set up the first thing that you should think about is.At the Internet Access screen.Now take away the Microsoft CD from the CD-ROM drive and reboot the device Measure 17. One more problem . Have I got RAM? For example. and Windows 2000 requires an at least 650 MB.

for a few persons is finding out what file system to utilize. One problem which most users don't know is if the operating system which is presently set up even qualifies for an improvement. Lastly. But. backing up your information is essential since when the new operating system is involved all earlier information will be removed until. even when it is a dual boot is it suggested to save the files anyway incase there are set up problems where there is a possibility of loosing all information. this is a dual boot. .

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