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Belonging ALMOST

Belonging ALMOST

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Published by: Matt Elliott on May 02, 2011
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English- Belonging essay rewrite

belonging is essential for all humans in order to sustain our total wellbeing. this idea and importance of belonging is shown in “Romulus my father” and my two chosen texts: “edward scissor hands” and “Good Will Hunting”. “Romulus my father” is a memoir, that shares the need for belonging and the strength that comes from it, through the narrating character Raimond. the use of a memoir helps to show emotional attachment adding to the encapsulating feeling that the story alone provokes from the reader. Raimond describes his father as such; “my father was not merely skilled, he was a man of practical genius.” the use of the words “not merely” and “genius” emphasise how much Raimond respects and admires his father. recently after moving to frogmore, raimond describes to us the landscape and his new surroundings. in this description he says; “A dead red gum stood only a hundred metres from the house and for my mother became a symbol of her desolation”. though this emotional description we are shown the impact that christine(mother) has had on raimond. the use of a metaphor, likening christine to the dead red gum, enforces the idea that she is incapable of receiving the necassary connections from romulus and raimond, much like the red gum, is unable to survive in its natural environment. christine cannot sustain a sense of belonging and in turn we are shown the disasterous effect his has on her. the use of the word, “dead” also further explains the extent of the sense of detachment from the family that christine feels. in chapter 5 raimond describes his inability to connect with the other farm boys, as unlike them he doesn’t enjoy hunting and killing rabbits. he then tells us of the time he went to try and kill some rabbits in an attempt to fit in with the other boys. the flowing descriptive language in the lines. “for the first time in my life i was really alive to beauty, receiving a kind of shock from it.” show how he now connects with the landscape around him, as he speaks of it with such wonder, foreshadowing a relationship with his surroundings to develop further. still in describing that event, the use of metaphors sum up the compelling nature of the landscape and highlight what he sees as important in his life. “the surrounding trees were a dark clump amid the silver-coloured grasses. even from this distance i could see the light of the kerosene lamp in the kitchen.” the use of the “kerosene lamp” as almost like a beacon for the strong connection that he receives from within his household, while the descriptive language and imagery used in revealing the landscape to the reader emphasises the strong connection that he feels from the environment around him.

the movie “edward scissorhands” displays the negatives of not belonging in a variety of settings. Tim Burton captures Edwards inability to belong and emphasises them through a number of different cinematic and dramatic techniques. edwards scissorhands are a symbol of how he is both literally and figuratively unable to connect. the soundtrack changes as we are first shown the house that edward lives in. it changes from welcoming soft music to medium pitched short, piercing ringing tones, much like carnival music that gives the audience a sense of detached curiosity.preparing the audience for a character that is drastically different from what we consider normal. the newspaper articles that edward has collected in his room show how he is on the outside looking in, on a world

the film “Good Will Hunting”. provides an excellent example of the effects of belonging and of not belonging. we are also shown how this has affected him in his adult life. where the camera is positioned so that we can see out the window but are also able to see the reflection of inside the cabin. through these aspects we are shown how a lack of belonging has affected Edward negatively. . as an orphan Will did not feel a sense of connection from his foster families. this idea is also emphasised through the use of costume. to watch Will through most of his daily life. where the camera is positioned from Will’s perspective. living in south boston has a certain stereotype that is fullfilled by most who live there. the cinematic closeup on Edward's face during the barbecue scene. alone and sad. the use of reflections in these shots. as he is very low in confidence. help to create a trapped feeling. an example of this is the train ride home.unknown to him. This symbol depicts his desire to belong. he collects them with an almost perverted obsession. even though he is smarter than them. as we are told and shown photos of beatings that Will had received in his childhood. displaying him as an outcast and a novelty. but instead views society through a black and white reprint. reveals and strengthens how afraid and startled edward is. through these texts we are able to see and understand the importance of belonging. there are many shots all through out the movie. though the main character Will Hunting we are able to see the mental and social effects of his long term predicement. isolate edward as he stands out from the rest of the community who wear bright primary colours. you would not suspect that he is any different from this. that is used to show the emotions of edward. the black clothing and crazy haircut. emphasising how Will doesn’t fit in with the university professors.

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