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Zlatni retriver

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Published by: rampelstilski on May 02, 2011
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There’s a myriad of pests out there, and your Golden is apt to pick
up a few occasionally. But should you treat your Golden yourself?
The answer is maybe.

If you suspect your Golden has worms, it might be tempting to
treat him with over-the-counter dewormers. Unless you have experi-
ence with recognizing worms, however, this might not be a good
idea. Not all dewormers work on all worms, and some touted for
certain kinds of worms may not work well or may have adverse side
effects. All wormers are poisons,
and even those with a relatively
high margin of safety can cause
ill effects.

It’s better to have your Golden
diagnosed by a veterinarian first
and prescribed the proper medica-
tion. This way, you know your
dog is getting the right medicine
at the right dose for exactly what
ails him.

What about flea and tick medications? It’s always a good idea to
talk with your vet when trying to control those nasty bugs. Your vet
has the latest medications that have been proven to work for con-
trolling fleas and ticks. Even if you decide to buy over-the-counter
pesticides, consulting with your vet and a poison control center is
always a smart move because pesticides can interact with one other
and can even interact with certain medications you give your dog.

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