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Zlatni retriver

Zlatni retriver

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Published by: rampelstilski on May 02, 2011
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Signs of choking and breathing difficulty include gagging, coughing,
gums and tongue turning pale or blue, and wheezing. Do not muz-
zle your dog, and seek immediate veterinary attention. Loosen your
dog’s collar and anything else that might restrict breathing. Check
your Golden’s throat for any object that may be caught in it. If you
see something that you can remove with tweezers, do so. Do not use
your fingers, as you can accidentally push the item further down the
throat. If the item is lodged in the throat, try pushing on the dog’s
abdomen to expel the object.

If the dog is not breathing, give him mouth-to-mouth resuscita-
tion by closing his mouth and breathing into his nose. Ask your vet-
erinarian how to correctly perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
and CPR.

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