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Zlatni retriver

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Published by: rampelstilski on May 02, 2011
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What do you intend to do with your Golden Retriever? Show him
in conformation shows? Work him either in hunting or retriever tri-
als? Or maybe you’re just looking for a good all-around pet. What-
ever it is, look for the right Golden for the job. Some breeders breed
strictly for working or show, but some breed for multiple purposes.

When you’re looking for a Golden for a specific purpose, ask
what titles the puppies’ parents have obtained. I’ve never met a
reputable breeder who wasn’t delighted to show you photos of the
parents, grandparents, and relatives in the working or show environ-
ment. Most will haul out stacks of photo albums of their “kids”
performing in the field or the ring. You may end up spending hours
looking at endless photos of Goldens whose names are long with
titles that are even longer! Although you may come out of the ses-
sion bleary-eyed, you’ll know you’ve found someone whose Goldens
are their passion and who is very proud of their dogs’ accomplish-

Both show and working lines are fine places to look for pets. But
be careful! Some dogs from working lines can be more active, due to
the energy needed for successful working ability. Talk with breeders
to find out whether puppies from their lines are more active.

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