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Published by: rampelstilski on May 02, 2011
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Some people decide to get a puppy as their Golden ages. The idea
is to help mitigate the pain of losing the beloved pet when the time
finally arrives. This can be good or bad, depending on the circum-
stance. If your Golden is very old, he may look on this new puppy as


Feed your Golden according to his weight and activity level.
Don’t necessarily switch your Golden to a senior diet unless
he’s gaining weight, his activity level has decreased, or he has a
physical condition that warrants a change in dog food. Many of my
senior dogs still work and are active—and get premium performance
dog food.

Retriever Rewards

Chapter 18:The Golden Years273

an interloper. A puppy will take most of your time and energy—
leaving little time for your old dog. Your Golden may feel neglected
and may become aggressive or short-tempered with your new pup.

However, some dogs tolerate puppies well. Sometimes a puppy
can spark new life into an old dog. Something new and exciting can
shake an old dog from the routine enough to make him feel young
again. Some older dogs are quick to become the puppy’s aunt or
uncle and are delighted to show the ropes to the newcomer.

Whether another dog or puppy is accepted largely depends on
you and your Golden. If your Golden gets along with other dogs
and puppies, getting a puppy might be the right choice. At the same
time, you must make your Golden feel extra special. Don’t stop
doing things with her now that you have the puppy—otherwise she
will associate the lack of attention with the appearance of the inter-

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