Nombre: _______________________________________ Español I Proyecto – El Pretérito “Personal Timeline” Due: _____________ Requirements: 1.

) Project will be done using 2.) Instructions for the site will be given in class 3.) Project must have your name clearly written somewhere on your virtual poster 4.) Project must have the title “Unos momentos inolvidables” (unforgettable moments)on the front. 5.) Project is to consist of a personal timeline: (beginning with your birth, to the present date) • At least ten events are to be included (you may have more) • Events should be evenly spread out throughout your life • Complete date expressed in Spanish for every event on timeline (estimate if you don’t know exact date, or just use month and year) • Events should be those you personally experienced or did. 6.) At least ten events must be illustrated with pictures, clipart and/or drawings. (You may bring in a flash drive with photos) 7.) Each event is to be identified with a complete sentence in Spanish, in the Preterite tense. Do not repeat verbs, therefore use at least ten different verbs. 8.) Sentences will be turned in on a separate piece of paper for a completion grade by the end of class on _________________________. The sentences will be returned with errors circled giving you the opportunity to correct errors before typing the sentences on the poster. 9.) The project is to be presented in Spanish to the class, and presentation should not exceed 5 minutes in length. Evaluation: 1.) Project is worth one test grade 2.) Poster will be evaluated on: • meeting requirements • correct use of Spanish grammar • neatness • creativity / attractiveness 3.) Spanish presentation will be evaluated on: • pronunciation • conversational flow • staying within time limit 4.) All projects are due on the due date and should be posted on the Glogster site 5.) Projects not turned in during class on the due date will receive 10 points off for each day late. Preparation: 1.) You will have two days in class to work on the project 2.) Make sure you have something to show me during the in-class work period so that I can proofread your sentences 3.) If you are going to use pictures, I suggest scanning them and emailing them to yourself or putting them on a flash drive.

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