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Published by: Tapani Henrik Saarinen on May 02, 2011
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Why Dilmunia?

Dilmunia promises to deliver a more balanced lifestyle. In Dilmunia, you will live in secure, comfortable dwellings with tranquil surroundings, filled with beauty and luxury. With expert healthcare consultants and medical facilities just a stone's throwaway, you will find that the dream of achieving the physical, spiritual and emotional equilibrium within yourself is no longer so elusive anymore.

AnAlternative Perspective Towards Living

& Wellness in Hospitality Stays

The experience of the various themed hotels reflects the alternative remedies such as traditional Chinese medicine, Thai herbalist beliefs, French-inspired hydro remedies and traditional hammam wellness.

An Experience of Lifestyle Attractions

Lifestyle attractions are savoured by indulgence in shopping, feasting, eating, relaxing and chilling out in environs that are inspirational and interactive.

An Array of Distinctive Ahodes

Living on Dilmunia, will represent a wide choice of options, including secluded villas, luxury condominiums, waterside, pierside and quayside living.

Interaction with Nature

Nature will be presented in a variety of themed gardens, waterways, wetlands and parks. These landscapes possess contrasting characters - interactive and also passive, quiet but loud at times, or even vibrant and yet languid!

Cherishing Health & Wellness

Dilmunia will be managed and operated by a core group of medical professionals, coupled with worldrenowned visiting specialists. Cherishing health and wellness is enhanced through having easy access to world-class medical facilities and services, the promotion of better living and the prevention of lifestyle ailments. These are achieved through alternative medicine, physical conditioning and therapy, as well as through diagnostic tests, dietary control & conditioning.

Enhancement of Life

Living on Dilmunia, amidst the lush landscape, insightful designs, professionally run amenities and lifestyle attractions, motivates an awareness of concepts of living, diet control, stress control, time management and the fostering of relationships with family and friends - ultimately leading to the Enhancement of life!

The Betterment of Sensory Perceptions

The environs ofDilmunia stimulate our senses of light, sound, hearing, taste and touch.

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