Ozone Layer & It¶s Depletion

Presentation by :Subodh (09-ME-116)

. ‡ It is situated 15-18km¶s above the earth¶s surface. due to CFC¶s and other greenhouse gases like CO2. ‡ It has rapidly increased over last few years. the slow and steady decline in the total volume of Ozone. ‡ It¶s progressing globally except in the tropical zone.What is Ozone Layer & It¶s Depletion ? ‡ Ozone Layer Depletion refers to ‡ Ozone Layer is a triatomic form of oxygen found in Earth¶s upper atmosphere.

release of harmful chemicals into atmosphere.. Ocular manufacturing industries/factories etc. .. depletes Ozone. etc. y Man made factors like deforestation.Causes and Effects of Ozone Depletion y Pollution from y Effects of UV Radiation are :y Skin Cancer y Immune System Damage y Reduction in Phytoplankton y Damage to DNA and skin cells y Diseases like Neoplasia.

y Eye Protection for children using goggles.Prevention Measures of Ozone Depletion y Protect the skin against solar radiations using skin creams with SPF y Catalytic Converters must be used in vechiles. .

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