The Cure.

Secrets everyone should know to become immediately successful with women.

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by Anonymous.

The Cure ©2010, All Rights Reserved

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or disassemble this book. Copyright infringement is a felony. All Rights Reserved. By using this book you agree to abide by all local and state laws and nothing in it is to be construed as legal. All Rights Reserved . A lot of hard work went into the production of this book and all parties involved deserve compensation. or distribution.000 monetary fine for illegally downloading and/or sharing/pirating copyrighted files. including first time offenders. medical or personal advice. let’s get into the fun stuff. You agree to protect this book from unauthorized use. In other words: You’re responsible for your own behavior. reproduction. decompile. The Cure ©2010. Your use of this book indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. United States federal copyright law provides up to 5 years in prison and up to a $250. Now that that’s been said. You further agree not to translate. The information contained in this book is well worth the price.5 Legal stuff ©2010 The Cure: Secrets everyone should know to become immediately successful with women. By reading this book you also understand that the information contained in it is opinion based and is to be used for entertainment use only. It is the full responsibility of the reader to investigate any scientific claims and research accordingly.

" "there are no Magic Pills. it will make what once seemed hard flawlessly easy. All Rights Reserved . and women will be naturally attracted to you. dating. it will be on developing you at the core. even (strangely) science and business available. By applying these techniques you'll see serious improvements immediately. it will teach you to become an Alpha Male/Leader rather than having you act like one." some even say it takes 10 years of practice to become good with women! The truth is none of that has to be true if you focus on the right things. Any good psychologist will tell you that it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. In other words. your actions and words will fall into place. The techniques listed in this book are a collection of knowledge that have come from years of research in some of the greatest works in psychology. No matter where you are. The techniques for personal development in this book have been tested. Some books suggest "It takes a lot of hard work to become successful with women. The Cure ©2010. or if you've been studying it for years. Once you do some simple work on your core personality. tried and proven true in studies all around the world. No matter who you are. These techniques can be applied if you're just starting to learn about this subject." You are about to begin an exciting journey in Personal-Development that is nothing like you've ever experienced. Congratulations on your Purchase of "The Cure. The difference between this book and others is that the emphasis will not be on actions and words. you're going to notice significant improvements in your overall skill.6 Introduction. The beauty of this is that there's no end to the amount of success you'll receive from following the ideas in this guide. and by day 21 you will have formed new. productive habits.

....................................................................................................................................... 6 Every man can be successful............................. ....................................................................................................................................................................................... what's the difference between men who are successful with women and men who aren’t?................................................ 39 Four types of women........................................................................................................................................................................................ All Rights Reserved ........ 11 About the Author ...................... 37 Repetition is key..... 86 Basic Sexual Positions ............................................................................................... .................................. 9 This book is scientific ................................................................................................................................................. ............... 34 What are beliefs? .................... ......................................................................... effect the outside world.............. 18 Think Positive! ............................................................. ................................ 94 In conclusion..................................................... ..................................... ......................... .................................................................................................................................................... 47 Myths about women.......................................................................... 80 How to be awesome in bed.......................................................................... ..................................................................................... ....................... .................... 79 Beyond the mind .... 19 The Subconscious Mind..................................................... 62 Girls with boyfriends............................... 38 Killing doubt........................ 39 The Importance of Focus........................................ 95 The Cure ©2010.................................................................................................................................................................. 75 Self-Hypnosis......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 68 The human emotional scale............................................................................... 41 The three types of men................................... 93 Some Stuff About Relationships............................................................................... 56 Facts about women...................... 63 If you have serious emotional trouble or negative beliefs .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 15 Before we go any further........................................................... .......................................................................................................................... .................. 31 The “Magic Key” to women............................................................. 12 What will this book do for you........... ............................................................................................. ....... 8 What makes this book unique ........ 46 Alpha Male Attitudes: . ...................................................................... 86 The Female Erogenous Zones ............................................................ 67 What is confidence?............ ......................................................................................................................... 44 How to get from Nice Guy to Alpha............................................................................................................................................. 58 When you can't escalate physically in one sitting....... 15 So.................................... ............................................................ ................................................................................ 61 Threesomes.................... 63 Always maintain control of yourself...........7 Table of Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 68 The 3 Selves............. 72 Brainwaves ............................................................ 20 So how are some men naturally successful with women? ............................................................................................ 78 Time Line Therapy...... 76 The Easiest Key for Changing the Self-Image......................................................... .................................................................................................................................................................................................... 64 Don't let the outside world affect you............................ .............................................................................................................. 57 How to get women in bed as quickly as possible............................................................................ 29 Deeper into the mind............................................................................................................

All Rights Reserved . take notes if you want. the simple reason is. they may be lost forever. Don’t just read this book. blanks and questions so you’ll never wonder how anyone did anything again." So if you can be however you want to be. It doesn't matter if The Cure ©2010. Most books on this subject will tell you which actions they took and what words they said. They’re going nowhere. This book will work just as well for someone who’s just starting out as it will for someone who’s been studying dating for years. because if you don’t. most people who are successful cannot verbalize why they are. that's what nature intended for you. live it. There are some people actually believe they were born to fail. and body language are just very small pieces of the puzzle. Don’t be one of these people. Some people actually believe that their personality is just “who they are” and there's nothing they can do to change it. so take it all in. This book has been written with the sincere hope that you'll never need another book on dating again. You are being given some of the greatest information ever put on paper.8 Every man can be successful. Truth is: words. It is meant to be read slowly and all the information taken in and internalized. and the authors who can are only scratching the surface of why they’re really successful. why is some of this stuff so hard to learn? Well. This book will fill in all the details. Think about how to apply these ideas to your own life and just enjoy the information. Make the decision to stop thinking "I am how I am. In fact. actions. This is why you had such a strong desire to pick up this book. By using these concepts there's no reason that you can't start improving everything in your life now. any ‘aha’ moments. and that's just how I am" and start believing the truth: "I am however I choose to be. The fact is every man has the ability to be successful with women. write down ideas that flash into your head.

skinny. consider yourself to be physically unattractive. It doesn’t matter if you’re bald. do it right now. it is scientific fact. The problem is what works for one guy. it is a hypothesis. no matter where you are. This book focuses on methods that have been proven to work for everybody. I’m not knocking other authors on the subject. This book will focus on you and your core personality. you can make drastic improvements. but I promise I will not The Cure ©2010. That's way too much stuff for most people to remember. While I do provide personal insight. Again. If a method works for many people. What makes this book unique? I've read almost every book available on this subject. If a method works for everyone who applies it. not when you finish this sentence. and start to figure out the way you want to be with women. Right now. Other books on the subject focus on techniques. Good lord. how often to blink. doesn't necessarily work for the next guy. body language you have to use. Pick-Up Artist himself. and while there's some good advice in these books. If a method works for one person. or have struck out with every woman you've ever liked. All Rights Reserved . completely let go of the past and start deciding your future.9 you're Brad Pitt. what you have to do. Not when you finish this book. whether or not you should buy her a drink. or if you’ve never had any success with women. Mr. most of them focused on the author's personal experiences of what worked for him. I will try to keep a scientific basis as much as possible. it is a theory. it will be impossible for you not to see results. etc. etc. and when you apply them. etc. busting a woman's chops. don't have 2 dimes to rub together.

pick-up lines. or ways to hypnotize women. this book will show you how to get women to come to you. or “pattern” is completely ineffective if it's not coming from a guy who doesn't have some key things straight. We're going to cut through the layers of social conditioning and beliefs you may have about women so that you can become the absolute best version of yourself in all areas. which when changed will transform all the symptoms. neediness. and many of the things other books promote are all symptoms of predominant mental attitudes. In other words. Getting girls will just be a byproduct. and more importantly. and as a matter of fact. how to change it. How's that sound for a reward? As we go through the chapters we're going to piece together this so called puzzle of life. Any pick-up line.10 make you memorize any patterns. once we change the cause. Body language. By the time you're done reading this you'll have a full understanding on why some men are successful with women. and why some men aren't. All Rights Reserved . The systems that promote that may or may not work. The Cure ©2010. stories. we'll change the effect. This book will show you how to maximize your potential and by doing so you'll become a happier person and you’ll have beautiful women naturally drooling over you. This book also will not focus on manipulation of women. but either way it's much easier and effective to go to the core of the results. story.

relationships. anecdotal evidence is a collection of people's personal experiences. If you want to research a specific technique. The techniques for personal development presented in this book have been empirically proven and when I discuss a technique I will reference the name of said technique if you would like to research it further.11 This book is scientific. I highly suggest writing down the name of the author (or book) and check it out. If you want to further your research on certain topics. Most of them you can get from the library and I will only reference the best of the best. but those will only serve as examples or techniques that have been proven empirically. In laymen’s terms: This shit works. I will provide other reading materials for you to continue your studies. While this book focuses on women. because they are considered to be unreliable. If you're unfamiliar with the difference between anecdotal and empirical evidence. career.whether it be financial. or literally anything you can think of. these universal concepts can be used in any area of your life that you want to achieve success in . All Rights Reserved . The results you will see will be dramatic and immediate. Encyclopedias and Wikipedia will be extremely useful. I may provide personal experiences and viewpoints. The Cure ©2010. I have deliberately left out most techniques that are proven only with anecdotal evidence. while empirical evidence is proven using the scientific method under controlled conditions. When I talk about a specific author.

I would wonder "Why would she like a guy who didn't treat her very well?" and other common thoughts that teenagers have. I landed a couple of pretty girls. I was doing everything to the T. tried it and it just felt awkward. I still wasn’t getting the results. Throughout High School I was just as confused as most guys about women. and still not getting the results all these gurus promised. I changed my voice tone. Perhaps I didn’t even think it was possible. nothing could be further from the truth. In the back of my mind I knew there had to be an answer. All the books on how to become a pick up artist. I knew the information had to be out there somewhere. so I began to study.12 About the Author. I looked at the guys who were getting real results vs. I tried saying what they said. The Cure ©2010. but it was nothing major. the guys who weren’t and on an instinctive level. I must have been naturally successful with women. While I respect the work they’re doing. I found materials on Body Language. but nothing happened. so much so that I gave up on it for a while. Fast forward a few years I met some guys who just made picking up women look so easy it was unbelievable. how to attract women. I read all the dating books out there. I knew there was a reason some guys got all the girls. All Rights Reserved . The thought just never occurred to me. and it was like it didn’t matter what I words I used. It was then and there I decided I wanted it all. For a while I didn’t really care that much about having tons of women attracted to me. I had an idea of what they were doing differently. I tried doing what they did but it never worked. If you're thinking that since I'm writing this book. how to seduce women and as much as I tried I was only getting tiny results. I just wasn’t getting results from it.

and not just regular girls. Within weeks of doing these things. All of them had lists of things to do and say and if you didn’t follow them. books on Cybernetics. I kept working it. and working it until some very funny things started happening to me. All the things I had learned from the dating community said that learning to meet women would be hard work. I was noticing dramatic improvements in my results and within about 60 days. these were women just as beautiful as you see on TV and in Magazines. I applied the techniques for Personal Development on myself that they suggested. I was going to have to understand people. Gradually peace and order came to my mind. My attitude began to change very quickly. None of this made any sense to me. I would go out. Girls were calling me several times a day. If I wanted to understand women. I worked them and worked them. That wasn’t true. and they were far different from the ideas I found in most dating materials. I didn’t have to do any of the things they suggested. That I would have to go out there and approach many women to become successful. They just loved my new attitude. When I talked to women. Just kept working on my mindset. you couldn’t get anywhere. and tons of other subjects to the point where I would typically know more than many professional psychologists or psychiatrists I’ve met.13 I decided I was taking the wrong approach on this. All Rights Reserved . The Cure ©2010. materials on human behavior. I started reading some pretty heavy psychology books. and women would stare at me. I started reading some real deep stuff on the inner workings of the mind. Women would literally get nervous just taking to me. they would give me signals to take them home almost without me doing anything. This was not normal for me.

I hope you're as excited to learn this as I am to teach it. and DVDs. and I’d actually be able to tell them. The Cure ©2010. eBooks.14 People would ask me how I changed the way I did. These methods have been tested on thousands of people. I’ve seen so many people make dramatic improvements in their lives it’s ridiculous. All Rights Reserved . This is the end result of years of study. The purpose of this book is to put all this information and experience into an organized format so that you. From people who have read every seduction manual on the planet to guys who have never had any success with women. can stop wasting time on gurus. I really believe this is the last dating book you'll ever need. and finally get all the results you've always wanted to get. because your life is about to change. the reader. practice and priceless knowledge. and nearly all have seen almost immediate results. This is my life's work.

So. found a woman to settle down with and went back to square one using these concepts. Then I taught it to others. I'm being serious. The Cure ©2010. you'll see how to achieve it. or sleep with a bunch of extra women this book will work for you. I’m sure you can think of guys like this. Simple enough. got bored of it. land a great girlfriend. picked up women across the globe. but why do many men lack the success they desire? If you asked any man if he wanted to be successful with women he would say “of course.15 What will this book do for you? Whatever you want. You might even be one already. Whether you want to pick up the types of women you see in fashion magazines. date supermodels. If you can write it on a piece of paper. what's the difference between men who are successful with women and men who aren’t? Success is defined as: achievement of a set objective or goal.” but how many people actually are? It’s estimated that only 20% of the men get 80% of the women at some point in their life. I've dated more fabulously beautiful women than a lot of the great seducers in history. Guys like this may not be the most physically attractive but they always seem to know exactly what to say to women. had threesomes with supermodels. What makes men like this so different? Why aren’t all men successful? Why are so many men unsuccessful? Why do so many men fail? The simple answer is: because they conform. All Rights Reserved .

What they’re exposed to on television. They do things because the rest of the world does them.16 They learn all the wrong things from all the wrong places. Men being taught to “be a nice guy” and “you have to make a lot of money to attract women.” Comedians that joke about how poorly their wives treat them. But why do people conform to people who have the wrong attitudes? If you asked a man “Why are you bringing that girl flowers?” he would most likely say “I don’t know… that’s just what you do. How can someone succeed if they have no direction? They have nowhere to go. So why do people with destinations succeed? The Cure ©2010.” If you asked him “Why do you take women on dates?” he would likely respond “that’s just how it works” You see. Now think of someone with absolutely no destination. If you’ve read other books on dating. but had no map. You see. These types of things have lead to the sterilization of men. the people that fail to achieve success they desire are the same people who let things such as other people's opinions bring them down. Even if they made a wrong turn they could ask someone how to get where they needed to go. All Rights Reserved . They let the rest of the world shape how they behave. They are shaped by exterior circumstances. He would likely drive around in circles hoping he got somewhere. these people don’t know why they do what they do. you already know this. They have a general idea where it is and they know they would just have to start going south. they could still make it to Florida. These people lack direction. All these things lead them to believe the wrong things about how men should act. Think of this scenario: if someone wanted to make it from Maine to Florida.

but we literally cannot do otherwise.17 Well. and lack of confidence that you may have experienced in the past. Every great leader and teacher all down through history disagreed on many subjects. Read that again." – Jesus “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. let me tell you a little something that I’ve definitely yet to see in a book of this nature. and after exhaustive research he presented The Cure ©2010. so is he. What we think we become. you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. “The mind is everything. neuroticism. headaches. Not only do we become what we think about. either way you are right" .Henry Ford Napoleon Hill spent the majority of his life studying hundreds upon hundreds of the world’s most successful people first hand to find the secret of their success. We become… what we think about.” – The Buddha "As a man thinketh in his heart. You will see that all the things you want in life just seem to fall into place and from now on you won’t have the stress. Here’s the key to success and the key to failure: We become… what we think about. but it was on this one idea they were in total agreement on. from this point on your life will never be the same.” –James Allen "Whether you think you can or think you can't. If you understand the full significance of what I’m about to tell you. which if you understand fully will change your life immediately. All Rights Reserved .

while this is one of the most effective books available on the subject. Study everyone who's ever been successful at anything and you'll realize they all had this belief.. to freakin’ Jesus has agreed upon. None of the ideas we'll discuss are hard and this book has been designed so everything can be done from either the privacy of your own home or out in the field. They won’t make you "act like" a guy with a shit ton of confidence. and where people got the idea otherwise. The real truth of the matter is that you can do whatever you want to do. All theology and science since the beginning of time have told us this. I need to bring up a few words of warning. are you going to listen to Joe Schmoe 1994 Honda Accord down the block who isn't going where he wants in life or are you going to listen to what pretty much every great leader in history from Abraham Lincoln.) "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve" was the key of their success. the rewards will be tremendous. If you're able to chew bubblegum and walk at the same time. Again. Self Esteem. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! Did you think they were kidding? Start proving it to yourself right now. no matter where you’re starting. but there is a huge difference between knowing and applying. Again. All Rights Reserved . You need to understand the concepts and follow the ideas listed. and Self-Confidence. You can memorize every word in this book from front to back. Trust me. Before we go any further. but the ones who do live fabulous lives.18 his findings in his amazing best seller: "Think and Grow Rich. They'll The Cure ©2010. I have no clue.. The exercises in this book are designed and proven to significantly improve Self-Image. to Henry Ford. Your average Joe Six-Pack doesn't realize this. you'll be able to live the life you want to live by following these exercises. to Albert Einstein." (Write that down and check it out. but that's not going to guarantee change.

If you think in negative terms. you'll get negative energy back. you'll get the results you want. you will receive negative results." “Energy always returns to its source of origination. You put positive energy in. You have a choice to plant positive thoughts in it (for example "Life is really going well for me. Think Positive! Remember. If you think about the results you're getting. All Rights Reserved . actions. Growth is an essential part of life. get positive results from negative thinking. With this you can literally create your own life or you'll be doomed to others creating it for you.” You put negative energy in.19 make you be a guy with a shit ton of confidence. Once you start applying these exercises you'll have all the evidence you need around you. by law. this will increase your skill enormously. You absolutely cannot.") but regardless of what you decide to plant in there. If you think in The Cure ©2010. and it has to yield the crops. you'll get positive energy back. You can plop whatever seeds you want in it. This is. feelings.") or you can plant seeds that will grow into misery (such as "I'm such a dick. Think of the mind as a fertile garden. you'll become the type of guy who gets the same results. the crops will manifest themselves in more thoughts. without question the most important concept you'll ever learn. If you think about the results you want. "For every action there is a reaction. we always become what we think about. you're either not doing the exercises. and finally results. No matter where you are skill wise. Another word of caution: apply the ideas suggested for at least 30 days before you start judging the results. No way. Studies have shown that the people who use these ideas and exercises for at least 30 days see significant improvements in their lives. or you're the one exception to science. so if you're not seeing the results.

so it's a good idea for you to plant seeds that when fully sprouted will make you a better person. the results will come back to you right on schedule. It's automatic and subconscious. you will receive positive results. For example "I'm just the type of guy who dates 12 women a month. So think positive! If there’s any lack in your life. For example if you have to pick up the phone you don't have to think: "Alright my muscles are going to need X chemical. in the present tense as if it's always been true.." or "I am dating the woman of my dreams" and list all her qualities. Get the picture? Your subconscious takes care of it and moves you right into action. If you say "I'm fabulously successful with women". The Subconscious Mind. You don't have to consciously think when you type. If you say "I'm such a loser" your subconscious takes care of the rest. You plant the seeds you want. you'll just perpetuate more lack. It's that simple. You probably don't like hanging around with people who are in a shit mood.. you always have to have something mentally before you have it physically. It is absolutely impossible to get positive results from negative thinking.20 positive terms. give it no attention. All Rights Reserved . Write it down. write it down and you'll be The Cure ©2010. is start picturing in your mind’s eye exactly how you want your life to be. Get it? Got it? Good! Now the first thing you need to do. before even reading any further. When you look at the lack of anything. Here's the key: over 88% of all our behaviors are subconscious. I'm going to have to move Y muscle at Z degrees." you just think "Lemme pick up the damn phone. You don't have to consciously think when you open a door. Remember. and we always become what we think about." Your subconscious takes care of the rest. Even if you consider it to be a huge goal.

• Your statements need to be written in the present tense. • Your statements need to be specific. Do not phrase any of your suggestions negatively. This is called Autosuggestion. but he made the mistake of writing “I am not shy anymore” and he got no results. After he emotionalized the statement. I told him to do this exercise. He read it daily. All Rights Reserved . Write something that moves you emotionally. The Cure ©2010.) • Your statements need to be personal. For example one person I helped out with this had a terrible problem with shyness.” feel the emotions of this and read it daily. within a month he was getting women’s numbers. outgoing leader. and when you do it in a relaxed state it’s called “Autogenic Training” which has been proven empirically. The more detailed the better. I had him write down “I am a master of getting women’s numbers.” He started improving within 2 weeks. for example: "I do not strike out with women" is a terrible suggestion. and while there's a lack of controlled studies for this idea. Your subconscious mind does not understand the word "not" and it will interpret it as "I do strike out with women" and give you those results. which we'll talk about later. • Your statements need to be positive. it's generally accepted as a way of installing beliefs. but he forgot to emotionalize (feel the feelings of getting women’s numbers) and he got no results. Good thing we caught it and switched it to “I am an ultra confident. (“I am not” statements will not work.21 surprised at how fast it happens by following a few simple techniques. Another person I helped with this had a problem getting women’s numbers. Make sure they are "I am statements" because "I am" statements alter the Self-Image.

I drive a 2004 BMW 745. I date the most beautiful women in the world. and as you go over them some more. Add shit. For example when I first learned this concept. I have fun around women. aside from The Cure ©2010. and my body language completely conveys that. I assure you. I handle myself with raw power all the time while still having fun. I was dating 4 women per week. It was insane for me to even be thinking of things like that. All Rights Reserved ." I read it daily once before going to sleep and once as soon as I woke up (this is the best time to program your subconscious because your brainwaves are in a relaxed state called "Theta. they’ll literally turn into fact. and my business makes $16000 per month. At first. Add all the crazy ridiculous things you want in your life.22 This is one of the most important exercises we're going to cover in this book so it's absolutely essential for you to really think about what you want out of all areas of your life. these ideas will seem like a fantasy. I am completely confident. Rewrite it. Within 60 days. I ooze dominance and raw masculinity. some of the things I wrote down were "I love making conversation with women. that just as sure as it will get dark tonight that if you follow the concepts in this book you'll achieve exactly what you write down. I put myself in a relaxed state for 30 minutes a day (you can do more. and be as detailed as possible.") When I wrote this. my business was making $16000 per month and everything on my list was a tangible reality.) along with reading it twice daily and within 1-2 weeks I started seeing results. I literally had nothing. but as you play with them they’ll soon turn into theory. I date 4 beautiful women per week. Write down what you want in every area you can think of.

At first it may be hard to change a way of thinking if you've been practicing it for a very long time but by repeating an idea over and over again you'll create new Neuropathways in your brain and it will get progressively easier. All Rights Reserved ." You'll consciously and automatically start taking more and The Cure ©2010. • Words • Feelings (positive) • Visualizations Statements that are not emotionalized with positive emotions as well as belief (just fake it) will have no effect on the subconscious mind. The problem is. Doing this in a relaxed state is called Autogenic Training if you would like to research it on your own.) It’s very strange. Your thoughts when emotionalized (mixed with feelings) cause your actions and your actions cause your results. most people let their results control their thoughts and emotions.23 the car (which came a few months later. Change your thinking and shortly you’ll start having thoughts like "Hey maybe I should head out to the bar tonight and meet a few women. That's all there is to it.. The best times to read your statements are: • As soon as you wake up • Before you go to sleep • When in a relaxed state And don’t forget to emotionalize and visualize when reading your statements. and that's why they never experience substantial change. The amount of time it will take for you to see results is based on how often you do the exercises. so it’s important if you want new results to do them! Repetition is key. but I assure you. it works..

Again. One word of warning with this is that a lot of people get caught up because they start looking for the results to show right away. in my opinion. preferably in a relaxed state. 4) ??? 5) PROFIT! I got this diagram on the following page from Bob Proctor who is. 2) Read it daily before going to bed and after waking up while visualizing and feeling your statements. viewing your world the way you would like it to be. Thurman Fleet. It's as simple as that. the steps for this process are as follows: 1) Write your life exactly as you want it to be. and if you start noticing a lack of results. His "Born Rich" Seminar on DVD is one of the greatest collections of human knowledge available to man. and it will become the way you want it to be.24 more steps until one day: boom all the things you've put on your list are reality. You repeat your new attitudes with feeling and visualizing over and over again. The feeling is inexplicable when it happens. I highly suggest checking it out. and it will become a fact. It shows exactly how it works. the lack of results will be the goal your subconscious strives for. 3) For even faster results read it as often as possible. The Cure ©2010. If you want results. the greatest financial guru of all time. just keep doing your exercises. The diagram was originally made by Dr. A seed doesn't grow instantly. All Rights Reserved . Don't let anything from your past or present control your mental state.

or those thoughts will control your actions. These people are the innovators of the world. Don’t let your past or present results control your thoughts and emotions. All Rights Reserved . and your actions cause your results. This is their secret. They are proactive and make changes in the world. regardless of what's going on around them and how many people tell them they will fail) and they can see the results come out. They are completely inwardly directed. thoughts when mixed with emotion cause your actions. The Cure ©2010. who sat and built the world's first car while everyone told him it couldn't be done. Look at Karl Benz. The way ultra successful people operate is they choose how they think and feel (not caring what people think. They are the leaders in society.25 Again.

You are the boss who gives the orders. Your current results are just an effect of your past attitudes. The ideas people hold in their head always manifests itself into results. temporary defeat. Never give up and results must show. Not only was he not getting the success he wanted with women but he was also about to get evicted from his house. that is either feared or revered. All Rights Reserved . The Cure ©2010. You'll probably meet with failure.26 Remember: Formula for losing: Results -> Thinking -> Actions -> Results (Letting your results control your thinking. and getting far better results) Read that part over and over again. and your body is the ship that moves in the right direction. Some may say "I don't want to picture myself as successful when it's obvious I'm not. and getting the same results) Formula for winning: Thinking whatever you want -> Actions -> Results (Letting your thinking control your results.Andrew Carnegie One guy I was helping out with this stuff was in a real terrible spot. "Any Idea that is held in the mind that is emphasized. will begin to clothe itself immediately in the most convenient physical form available" . that will make you believe that it isn't going right." and I'd like you to know that it's just kind of thinking that keeps people where they are. your subconscious is the crew that carries out the orders. Looking at a lack of results is a vicious cycle of failure. Just build a picture of success on your mind and an exact replica of that picture will pour out into your life. but persistence is key. Read Napoleon Hill's Chapter in “Think and Grow Rich” (available for free on the web) on Autosuggestion.

music is my life. to see herself winning the competition. All Rights Reserved . She also won it 2 weeks later. The fame is inside of me.27 I knew he was stressed out about the women situation but he came to me asking for advice on his housing situation too.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then when I moved on to the movies I used the same technique." . and his results will be much different.) I told her to go over every detail of the competition in her mind. the title was already mine. Universe title. Before I won my first Mr. I told him: if he could see himself as the type of guy who is successful at whatever he touches. Another woman I was helping with this really wanted to win a quite famous competition (which will remain unnamed. He felt better immediately and within a month he got a nice raise at his job. “The mind is really so incredible. one day the lie is true. was able to pay his landlord what he owed him. I know for a fact he would act differently. She won that competition right then and there. I visualized daily being a successful actor and earning big money. I walked around the tournament like I owned it. You're saying a lie over and over and over again. I'm going to make a number one record with number one hits. 'Music is my life. "It’s sorta like a mantra.' And it's not yet. and he was able to be out there meeting women. I sat him down. told him to make a list of what he wanted and to study that list as often as possible. I had won it so many times in my mind. and then. it's a lie.Lady Gaga The Cure ©2010. You repeat it to yourself every day. how it would feel when she won. You could see the emotion on her face.

I found out I was going to make ten million dollars for Dumb & Dumber. Bruce Lee.Jim Carrey A letter Bruce Lee wrote himself when he was a struggling Martial Artist and read daily: "I. just before Thanksgiving 1995. and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want. I put that check in the casket with my father because it was our dream together. All Rights Reserved . “Bruce Lee The Cure ©2010." Andrew Carnegie “I wrote myself a check for ten million dollars for acting services rendered and dated it Thanksgiving 1995. I will live the way I please and achieve inner harmony and peace. and much more than I need.000. will be the first highest paid oriental superstar in the United States.28 "I am no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind. And then.000. Starting 1970 I will achieve world fame from then onward till the end of 1980 I will have in my possession $10. But this power of mind is a universal one.” . In return I will give the most exciting performances and render the best of quality in the capacity of an actor. I put it in my wallet and it deteriorated. available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest.

” So. it wouldn't be hard for people who were taught the right attitudes to have success with women. how does one develop this mindset? Aside from what we’ve already done: the best way is. there's a cute girl over there. Imagine it as if it's always been true. Now those learned experiences turn into self-talk and beliefs. It may have been attitudes they picked up from their parents." Until people get a handle on their mindset. we must first be something” –Gothe If this sounds a little silly. why don't I talk to her and pick her up?" while someone who is who doesn’t have that conditioning would say "Why even bother. Now if you’re wondering if this mindset can be developed. People who weren’t brought up with those attitudes have to develop those attitudes in order to achieve the success they want.29 So how are some men naturally successful with women? Well. As you go through your day. the answer is “absolutely. and/or it may have been through experience. All Rights Reserved . somewhere during their lives they learned the skills necessary to be comfortable around women. keep that mindset and write down new personality traits you would like to install. ever. I'll put it all together so it makes a lot more sense. in your mind’s eye to picture the amount of success you want with women as if it's happening right now. ever. they will never. “Before we can do something. right now. I'll just fail anyway. Once these beliefs take root in the subconscious mind: that The Cure ©2010. As for the people who naturally have those attitudes. but not all of us have had that benefit. scratch the surface of what they’re capable of. for example: a man who is successful with women would think "Hey.

It is essentially a goal seeking cybernetic mechanism that man was built with. This is how we get ahead or fail in life. One of its main jobs is to take whatever goal you impress upon it and move it into reality. Whenever you talk to yourself.30 you’re extremely successful and it feels good to be this successful. you open a lot of new doors for yourself. your brain will automatically start figuring out ways to attract women into your life. even if imagined. it was discovered that your subconscious mind is not a mind at all. In Dr. thoughts and emotions you hold in your mind are positive or negative. So realize that everyone talks to themselves. Your subconscious mind doesn't care if the pictures. and let your subconscious mind start moving you in the right direction. Maxwell Maltz' groundbreaking bestseller “Psycho-Cybernetics” released for his non-profit Psycho-Cybernetics foundation. When we have a success at anything this is the reason. feel grateful for all your successes. Once you learn how to consciously control this mechanism. This is just how we're wired. Whether you realize it or not most of our behaviors are completely subconscious. The Cure ©2010. and moves it into physical form. It merely takes what you impress upon it. All Rights Reserved .

You have your conscious (thinking) mind. That failure gets stored as another file (memory) and it becomes a self dooming cycle. This is sometimes referred to as the unconscious mind or limbic system in the brain. even if "good luck" was literally dumped in their lap. Think of your mind as a computer. Your conscious mind can be likened to the windows you have opened on your computer. If someone conceives themselves to be a failure type personality. All Rights Reserved . and behaviors) mind. the files on their internal hard drive will automatically cause that person to fail. When you need a bit of data. beliefs. Your subconscious can be likened to a hard drive. and you have your Subconscious (feelings. how many techniques they learn. you call up the bit of data you need and it causes you to do the things you do. The Cure ©2010. and act the way you act.31 Deeper into the mind. no matter how hard they try.

Most of the dating/pick-up advice you find in books is completely subjective. While I do talk about a few personal experiences and techniques. with whatever files and beliefs you want. All Rights Reserved . these attitudes manifest themselves in poor body language. The Cure ©2010. it's not going to be easy. and (most importantly) we'll show you how to change said conditioning. Changing files on a computer is a pretty easy thing to do. and he will inevitably fail at what he's trying to do. Then that failure goes into the subconscious mind and now it's even more evidence that he'll never be successful with women. which in turn will create as much success as you install. What we're going to do is learn to replace whatever files and beliefs you have now.32 For example if someone believes (whether legitimately or not) that they're not successful with women. Your parents may have programmed you. a nervous tone. they try talking to a woman. how that conditioning is giving you the results you're getting. but if you don't know how to do it. the vast majority of information will be completely factual and work for everyone. They believe just because they observe something that it's absolutely true. insecurity. but you can change it. neediness. Subjective vs. meaning it's the author's experience. Before we get into more actual techniques we're going to lay a foundation because this is where many people get confused. We need to look at: The way your mind has been conditioned. There's a huge difference between facts and opinions. Objective realities.

All Rights Reserved . it can be changed for someone. From now on instead of asking "does this belief fit with my old conditioning?" ask "Will this belief bring me where I want to go?" The Cure ©2010. regardless of if it’s true or not. and that imagined interpretation will inevitably become your reality. If someone believes they are completely successful with women. successful guy. feed the data in their brain and force them to act to act in ways that are congruent with their new. then they will be completely successful with women. It's really as simple as that. and beliefs can be changed. confident beliefs. unsuccessful manner their central nervous system will pick that up. People always act in accordance to what they believe to be true. Since beliefs always create your reality. Even if something is true for 99% of people. make a habit of not believing everything you think. Someone starts thinking over and over and over again that they're a confident. reality is completely open to interpretation. Therefore your results can be changed. Your beliefs create your results. then they will be hard to get.33 Aside from the Laws of Physics and other Laws that are scientifically proven. What does this mean for people? If someone believes that women are hard to get. they’ll start to know it and the second they start acting in an unconfident.

It's actually the key to almost any problem people can ever think of. but it can be built. The exercises we've discussed so far will help you build all the confidence you want.34 The “Magic Key” to women. "How do I get a promotion?" Confidence. So what's the magic key that will unlock everything you desire with women? Confidence. All Rights Reserved . "How do I achieve more success with women?" Confidence." The only reason someone’s not good at something is because they lack confidence and assuredness in that area. Plain and simple. I can really care less if you think that you're "just not good at ____. The Cure ©2010. Confidence can never be faked. "How can I do better in my English Class?" Confidence.

Have you ever watched the Discovery Channel where they talk about the Alpha Male getting over 80% of the women? The same is true with humans. and that's done by fixing your inner talk. The Cure ©2010. People like this just make others feel good around them. and confidence is essentially the same thing. When you're in a state of confidence your body actually vibrates at a higher rate than someone who's depressed. People like to be around people who have a positive energy and this positive energy is just a physical manifestation of positive emotions. who is far above the Jerk. and become the dominant Alpha Male. regardless of the evidence. Practice seeing the positive in things. You have a different energy. Get a handle on your confidence to gain dominance. which will get you the girls. Real Alpha males are typically very nice people. Your success with women will be in direct proportion to the confidence you have. you will succeed. When you know you'll succeed. All Rights Reserved . they're just not nice in the sense that they let people walk on them. Certain religions call this "Faith.35 People talk about dominance." which is defined as "Belief in the unseen. Regardless of your religious views the emotion of “Faith” is an essential emotion to develop. It's the arrogant "Jerk" that has to prove everything to the world and brag to people." It's belief that something will happen.

ever reside outside of yourself. confident man to come and sweep them off their feet. find out what her "type" is. Have you ever seen someone who is consciously controlling their body language? It's almost like those TV shows where someone is talking to someone through an earpiece and they’re repeating what The Cure ©2010.. Confidence in a man is as important as beauty is in a woman.. A lot of dating books tell people "Don't be needy. not the actual cause of the problem. When I'm talking to a woman. They can change their words all they want. That’s it. Whenever people need something they are trying to fill an emotional void. Don't make this mistake. because people don't have a clue as to what they want.36 It's as simple as that. find out what her "sign" is. A woman wants a confident Alpha Male. Don't try to fill the void with "stuff. Whenever you need something or someone you increase the chances of never having it. I'm just ironing out the details. They want a real. You want your happiness to be there no matter what happens. Do not confuse this with arrogance or being attached with a specific outcome. I know it's going to turn out the way I want it to. All Rights Reserved ." "act confidently" but what good is it going to do if the reader actually lacks confidence? “Neediness" is a symptom. because knowing you'll succeed and needing to succeed makes a world of difference. It's impossible for someone to not act needy if they really are needy. Someone can't pretend to be independent when they don't really feel independent. so they just make shit up." fill the void emotionally and all the "stuff" will come into your life automatically. You don't have to analyze a woman's psyche. I know I’m going to get the best possible outcome. That causes extreme incongruence and manifests itself in all sorts of strange behaviors. but that neediness will still show in other ways. Your completion should never.

how does one change beliefs? By simply thinking a new thought over and over. The emotionalized thoughts people think over and over become familiar and comfortable. Fix the Self-Image. It's just awkward. You ask for the wrong stuff they'll be right at your doorstep The Cure ©2010. if someone wants results to show they have to install new beliefs. and by perpetuating that belief you’re perpetuating the results" You see again. Again. regardless of if it is. When you break down what beliefs are. So if a belief is a thought that you think over and over again. it's obviously that I’m not as great as I want to be with women" and I tell them "all the evidence around you is just physical results from your beliefs in the past. That's what the exercises in this book will do for you. What are beliefs? A belief is an idea. but you can never get rid of the cold by stopping the sneezing.37 they're saying. while the masters believe and then see. Alter the Self-Image to whatever you want it to be. Even knowing this. fix all the symptoms. You wouldn't tell someone who has a cold that the cure would be to stop sneezing. You ask and you'll receive. At first it will be a lie. The difference between average people is they have to see to believe. It doesn't matter if it's a lie. The problem is in the Self-Image and Self-Esteem. Read that a million times. All Rights Reserved . then it will become more and more familiar until one day it’s a reality. some people say to me "look at all the evidence around me. premise or proposition that a person holds to be true. A belief is a thought you think over and over again. a belief is a thought you think over and over. Once someone thinks that thought over and over again it becomes familiar and now they have a new belief. reality is completely subjective. they're just repetitive thoughts that people eventually come to believe. would you? You can get rid of the sneezing by getting rid of the cold.

You believe it even more.38 with a big red ribbon. more productive thought more evidence will show up. you will see it. They look at how they can get what they want as opposed to the reasons that they "can't. and I suggest the same. You keep thinking that new. Napoleon Hill suggested cutting the word "impossible" from your dictionary. No way around it. try to read this book as many times as possible. So instead of looking at "facts" that other people created. When you learned how to drive a car you had to do it over and over again until you got it perfect. you know inside something has changed. start taking control of your own destiny. By a few days you'll probably forget most of what you learned. While on the outside it may appear that not much has changed. Figure out what you can do." A belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over again. As you keep playing with these ideas in your mind your old conditioning becomes weaker. If you have to "see to believe. In this book you may find some of the things I say repetitious. and you'll believe it even more." Almost nothing is impossible. it's no different with this. As humans we learn from repetition. All Rights Reserved . So in conjunction with repeating what you wrote on your list. The people who get on in life don't believe in that silly word. Keep playing and The Cure ©2010. not what you “can’t. but that's how we learn as humans.” What's possible and impossible are largely a collection of beliefs people hold. but if you keep reading it the ideas will quickly become fixed in your memory. Repetition is key." you'll never see it. and keep believing it. The best way to make absolutely no progress is by talking an attitude of "I'll believe it when I see it.

As soon as you focus on what things you don't want.. and one day boom. Remember. your mood lowers and you lose all ability to fix that problem. The point I'm trying to make is to stop focusing on what you don't want to happen. All Rights Reserved . If you're trying to get off an exit on the highway. the easiest way to fail is to start doubting. Your The Cure ©2010. everything’s different. As soon as you figure out what you don't want. Killing doubt. your subconscious goes "oh yea?! A new goal?! Let’s do this!" Focusing on something that makes you feel miserable is nothing less than destructive.39 keep playing with the ideas. As soon as you think of something you don't want. just replace that doubt with your new mental picture and never let yourself finish off a negative statement. you don't focus on the guardrail. Observe your negative thoughts objectively. just replace it with something positive until that little negative voice shuts up. and you wouldn't want that. they'll bombard you with their own theories about women and it can be enough to throw you off course. realize you are not your negative thoughts. I tell people “whenever you have a doubt. and disassociate yourself from them. If you talk to a friend that doesn't know the inner working of the mind.” “If you happen to think negative. you focus on the exit." The Importance of Focus..” Eckhart Tolle calls this "Watching the Thinker. If you focus on what you want. solutions will just start flying into your head. Focusing on the guardrail will probably cause you to crash into the guardrail. from that figure out what you do want and focus on that.

For example. and will inevitably cause the employees to resent him. He thinks they don’t do anything right. So if you focus on negative things. keep up the good work. All Rights Reserved . When you feel positive emotion. Instead try focusing on the positive in life. Negative Focus > Negative Feelings > Negative Results. They like this feeling of pride and continue to create impressive results. and moves that idea into physical reality. Your emotions are very sophisticated vibrational indicators and when you feel negative emotion that means you're placing your attention on the wrong thing. it will throw you in situations where you experience more negative things. It just takes whatever you give it. When they go into his office he typically gives them sincere compliments such as “wow. are useless and other insulting things. No one likes this type of boss. The Cure ©2010. have you ever noticed that people who complain about how things are going seem to get more negative circumstances? And the people keep themselves in a good mood seem to get positive things? Start paying attention full attention to how you feel. What good does he do anybody? None. Take that stance on everything.40 subconscious mind doesn't care what you feed it. For example.” and the employees leave with a sense of pride. That resentment turns into lack of morale and just perpetuates more poor results. you guys really did a great job today. let’s take a boss who complains about his employees. On the other hand when you have an employer who focuses on the good in his employees they’ll want to do more pleasing things. it means you're focusing your attention on the right thing.

and she'll want you to take her home. • The Alpha Female. or any combination of those things. Just because she's not looking for sex doesn't mean she doesn't want sex. I got really good at spotting these types of women. (Assertive) The "Alpha Female" is outgoing. and it's paid off tremendously. it only means that she's not specifically looking for sex. continuing conversation with them while escalating physically. We'll talk about the Physical Escalation Order later. All Rights Reserved . or not looking for sex. This book is going to focus mostly on mental state. When the "Alpha Female" is on the prowl for sex she'll typically be at the bar alone. you can date them. and finally (sometimes within 15 minutes) she would give me signals that she wanted me to take her home. they're fun to be around. start talking or dancing. the most fun types of women. strong. so it may take a little more time before she wants to have sex with you. I would kiss them. When the "Alpha Female" is not looking for sex. escalate physically. in my opinion. which is the most effective way I've found to escalate physically with any type of woman.41 Four types of women. because she's waiting for a man to approach her and take her home. When she is looking for sex all you have to do is approach her confidently. In my experience there are 4 main types of women. and they're good in bed. that doesn't mean that it's difficult to get her in bed. I would just walk up to them. You can sleep with them. social. The Cure ©2010. but I feel it necessary to go into a few specifics I've found in my interactions. confident. Typically she is either looking for sex. They are. until kissing turned into making out.


• The Tease. (Aggressive) The next type of woman is the "Tease." Somewhere during her life this woman learned that she can make men do anything she wants by teasing them a little bit. These women were the hardest for me to figure out, but doing so has opened up a bunch of new opportunities. You can tell these women because they flirt sexually with all types of men and as soon as the men flirt back she'll shut them down. The answer to these types of women is simple: don't flirt back sexually. Don't be over complimentary on their looks when interacting with them. They love compliments on their personality though. Complimenting these women on looks may make them uncomfortable which may cause her to start ignoring you. She got what she wanted, she now feels powerful. Just hold your ground and let her make all the moves. I've found girls like this, let them do all the work, and had them in bed in less than 40 minutes. The key is just to let them act like the one who’s in control, since she has an aggressive type personality.

• The Nice Girl. (Passive) Next on our list is the "Nice Girl / Good girl." These women are cool as heck, but sometimes they're not great in bed. It really depends. These women typically take the longest to get in bed because they've been socially conditioned to think that they should hold out for sex. Again, this doesn't mean that you can't sleep with them right away, but I find it takes at least a couple of hours of talk to get them in bed. These girls; just be nice to them, escalate physically, and boom, you'll have them.
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• The Promiscuous Girl. (Aggressive, Assertive or Passive) And the last level of females is the "Promiscuous Girl." Notice I didn't call her a "slut." You never ever, want to call a woman a slut either to her face or behind her back. It's her decision to sleep with as many guys as she wants, and she has the perfect right to do so. Don't put her down like most beta-males do. Don't even think negatively toward her. I feel the need to digress for a second: along with not thinking of women as “sluts,” don't think of women as things such as: "hot little pieces of ass," or anything along those lines. Realize that they're beautiful wonderful creatures, and hot little pieces of ass ;D. You see it's all about context. I can call my girlfriend a hot piece of ass, but she knows I really respect her. She knows I'm half joking while complimenting her on her attractiveness. If you said that to a woman as soon as you met her, I guarantee she'll feel utterly disrespected and want nothing to do with you. It’s all about context. But back to the topic of calling women "sluts." This is the biggest thing that women are afraid of being labeled, and by disrespecting anyone, you're also conveying low status. Whenever you disrespect someone else, you disrespect yourself. We'll get into that later.

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The three types of men. You may say "There are many types of men," but in general there are 3 main categories that men fall under. "Nice Guys," "Jerks" and "Alphas," And the difference between them is where they fall on the self-esteem/emotional scale, which we'll go into later.

• The Nice Guy. (Passive) The "Nice Guy" is not a place you want to be. If you happen to be here, just realize it's a starting point, and from here we'll grow. "Nice Guys" are the type of guys who bring women flowers, take them on expensive dates, and get nothing more than a kiss on the cheek. Sucking up to a woman is a great way to convey low status. Because the "Nice Guy" wants others to like him, he'll often keep his thoughts and feelings repressed in order to not offend anyone. In doing this he gives up his rights and, ironically, people respect him less for this. This leads to the "Nice Guy" being taken advantage of and disrespected by people. Women will say things like "he's just like one of us girls," “I can get him to do whatever I want,” etc. Definitely not the type of guy you want to be. Even if you do happen to land a girlfriend and you're in this group she's likely to walk all over you. If this is you, I feel your pain. Just realize it. Fortunately there are many exercises in this book than can get anyone from Point A to Point C quite quickly.

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I'm sure you can think a few of these guys you The Cure ©2010. stares at others. but they do have things in common. All the women want him. What we want to focus on is being Alpha at the core. The "Jerks" respect him. sometimes reaches goals (but steps on people in the process. insults people. (Assertive) This brings us to our final group. as long as you're not an actual hateful person. They come in all different shapes and sizes. (Aggressive) The next level on the male pecking order is the "Jerk. This guy seems to do ok with women. but if you want to bust peoples' balls that's completely fine. brags (either subtly or blatantly. the “Alpha Male. but being a "Jerk" is not a great way to be. They're not happy people and the women who date them are usually not happy either. The men want to be him. They're king of the hill. He interrupts people. All Rights Reserved .) and generally tries to act better than others.) tries to control everything. There's nothing wrong with busting peoples' chops." Now as soon as you heard this word you may have conjured up a picture of a big macho bully. he hurts others to avoid being hurt.” The "Alphas" are the leaders of the pack. but that's not what an "Alpha Male" is at all." Some of the ways you can spot the "Jerk" are by his arrogant behaviors.) • The Alpha Male. tries to talk over them. This is a common misconception of the “Alpha. The "Nice Guys" respect him. (Side note: it's okay to be a dick if you're funny about it.45 • The Jerk. Women may settle for this man when there are no other options. but as soon as a man in the next group comes along she'll leave him faster than he knows it. tries to intimidate people.

While the “Alpha Male” is nice. Again. The Cure ©2010. gets to the point while speaking. makes good eye contact. values himself equal to others. Your subconscious will take care of all that for you. you may have to go through "Jerk" on your way to "Alpha. How to get from Nice Guy to Alpha. never tries to hurt anyone (and even helps them. All Rights Reserved . uses a normal conversational tone.) reaches goals in a way that benefit everyone. Don't worry about being this type of guy tomorrow or next week. and this is where this book aims to take you. You can't make it from Maine to Florida without going through the states between. These are the men that women will do anything for. He lifts people up while the “Jerk” tries to push them down. he difference between "Nice Guys" and "Alpha Males" is that the "Alpha Male" is nice out of love and the "Nice Guy" is nice out of fear. It's just part of the process. Unfortunately. respects others. you want to see yourself as already being this type of guy regardless of if there's evidence otherwise in your life. and acts equal to others.46 know in your life. (We'll go over this even further when we get into the human emotional scale but essentially. Alpha Males are typically very nice people and inspire others. This is the level that this book plans to take you." It may be hard (or impossible) to jump right from "Nice Guy" to "Alpha" just like that. The confident Alpha Male speaks openly. This is the level of man that gets women begging to do all sorts of deviant sexual things with them. as stated before. participates in/leads groups. if you're in the "Nice guy" category. Bananas and masking tape? Don't ask.

even in the bad which makes them happy. they get tons of women. their angry expressions. No one wants to be around a miserable guy. Their personalities are depressing: The look on their faces." And while that may appear to be the case.) Alpha Male Attitudes: • Be Happy. We're not talking about walking around with a cheesy grin on all day. the real answer is that they get women because they're happy. The people who are happy just look on the brighter side of life. but you want to have an internal happiness. All Rights Reserved ." "I'll be happy when I get this girl. gloomy people are simply not fun to be around. their complaints and the way they try to make people feel sorry for them. The trick is that as soon as you become happy.” etc. If you get upset a lot life is just going to put you in more situations that will make you upset. These people never achieve happiness. no matter if he thinks the reasons for his misery are valid or not. They are constantly chasing it like a dog chasing its tail." “I’ll be happy when I get this promotion. the higher you will be on the human pecking order.47 the higher you bring yourself on the human emotional scale. These symptoms are none other than a physical manifestation of the negative emotions they're feeling on a consistent basis. People believe they have good reasons to The Cure ©2010. Have you ever noticed that guys who are successful with women are happier? It would be easy to trick yourself into thinking "of course they're happier. their tone of voice. Negative. You just have to own your happiness until owning it becomes a habit. They see the good. everyone will treat you differently and your results will change. There's a myth you have to watch out for surrounding mankind where they think "I'll be happy when X happens" or "I'll be happy when Y happens.

it's natural for you to have fun and be happy. enjoy the ride. You picked up this book because you wanted the happiness of getting women. Don't take life to seriously. Everyone loves nice things but don't just be happy when you get to your destination. regardless of what's going on around you. Again. Have fun with people. No matter what others say. If you really break down human behavior you'll notice that they everyone wants the same thing: Happiness. all the good things you've wanted start moving toward you. I’m just being realistic" That's absolutely fine if they want their futures to be full of the same. joke around. it will become a fixed part of your personality and you'll start to notice everything going right. and there's nothing wrong with that. • Expect the best. If you want women to be The Cure ©2010. Everyone wants everything they want because they want to feel better. You always have to expect the best outcome to get the best outcome. Someone wants the latest phone because they think it will bring them happiness and there's also nothing wrong with that. I guarantee you'll get almost immediate results. but who cares? Do they really want to create more of it? They may say "But this is the way that it is. Are you wishing for good things but expecting bad things? This is one of the easiest ways to fail. Try it. All Rights Reserved . Now once we turn that happiness into a habit. The best part about this is you always have access to the emotion of happiness. If you don't enjoy the ride you'll never get to your destination. it's an absolute law of life that you have to have something mentally before you have it physically.48 be upset. And once you feel happy.

If you look back at experiences in your own life. If you're not getting the results you want. practice. It may sound strange to some. after some practice and after you do some work with the Self-Image. I had him shift his perception toward her behavior and expect the best outcome. He told me that his girlfriend kept starting fights with him. and no matter how much he tried he couldn’t get her to stop. So if you're having a hard time expecting the best right now. it will become belief. While changing a habitual way of thinking may be hard at first. but that's how the mind works. and you will come to expect it. you have to change your expectations. practice. you don't always get what you want. but you always get what you expect. When there's no doubt.49 attracted to you. positive or negative. One guy asked me for advice on fighting in his relationship. I told him that by trying to get her to act a certain way he was actually perpetuating the problem. See. you have to assume that women are attracted to you. he thought of the outcome he wanted. you'll see this is exactly how it works. It resulted in him changing his attitude and whenever she brought up a fight. He would just change the subject because of this and within a few days he left me a message saying that everything was fine between them. And through this we can change our results. As a result his words changed from words of defense to words of normal conversation. Once you start to expect it. This is the huge difference between wanting something and being ready to receive it. All Rights Reserved . more and more evidence will show up and there will be no doubt in your mind. this will be easy and natural for you. you get what you want. When you keep thinking something over and over again. just practice. The Cure ©2010.

50 • Out of your league? Guys sometimes ask me "how can I get this girl that's out of my league?' I say: “Why would you strike yourself out before even getting to bat?” I've yet to meet a girl that was out of my league. get confident. Don't get jealous. Respect them and love them. never put another person above yourself. After a little practice with this book. Envy implies that you can't do what they do. and it's because I believe that and feel that. Some people suggest taking the attitude "She doesn't want me? That's her loss!" and I don’t feel that’s productive either. You also have no reason to act higher than anyone else. You're getting all the secrets of confidence. You can do anything they can do. The second one gives you a feeling or warmness and love. If you want success. and ironically that will get you the women. As far as women being out of your league. Not just to get women. you want to take this view on everything. that I experience that. All Rights Reserved . because that's not the type of guy that gets results. you'll definitely be able to do what they do." Read both of those statements and see the feeling response you get from them. just because it feels good. The first one just gives you a feeling of arrogance and assholism. The men who are truly successful think "She doesn't want me? It's both of our losses because I really liked this girl. so you should have no reason to make yourself lower than anyone else. The Cure ©2010. We're not talking about being cocky here. but never put them above yourself. We’re talking about a healthy confidence.

you don't have to worry about "am I being too needy?" "Am I waiting long enough to call her?""Am I approaching her at the right angle" like other materials suggest. but make sure the girl you're getting into a relationship with is a great girl. We just do what's in our heart and get the results we want. Also. and then if she's a great chick you can jump into a relationship with her. Get good at sleeping with women as soon as possible. but that instantly puts them into the Relationship or Friend category. We don’t worry about what to say or what to do. and if we do. All Rights Reserved . we bring ourselves right back up. Confident people don't play that shit. I typically sleep with a girl long before I'm considering a relationship or not. The Alpha Male can literally say anything and have woman falling for him." Alphas don't think that way." they take it to heart and say "I really suck with women. As much as society disagrees. Some guys take girls on all sorts of fancy dates and buy them all sorts of stuff. instead of taking an objective view on it. We never get down on ourselves. We learn from our mistakes and keep at it.51 • Relationship before sex? This one is your choice. there's nothing wrong with being a man. • Don't take failure personally When some people have a bad experience. My personal advice is: Don't make the mistake of letting a girl string you along for 3 months just to get some sex. Matter of fact. There's a big difference between waiting for sex because you want to. The Alpha Male genuinely gets to know them instead of trying to pay for their attention. I encourage it. The Cure ©2010. for example "I failed with this girl. and waiting to have a relationship just to get sex. There's absolutely nothing wrong (in my opinion) with sleeping with as many women as you want while waiting for a great chick to come your way.

The Alpha expects the best outcome. Don't look for what’s wrong in situations. If you want to achieve far more success in life. Never try to impress others by bragging. The Alpha looks on the bright side of life. For example while writing this I burned my neck pretty bad.52 • Optimism. When you try to impress people. brag about things. they know you're trying to win their approval. Just don't worry about what others think about you. Look for how you can improve situations. but it's always best to look for the good in things. look for what's right. All Rights Reserved . I hope that leaves a badass scar haha. Let them impress you. They have a much better time when they're the ones who feel impressive. and never insult yourself.” What you actually think and what you tell people you think are 2 separate things and so many people mess this up I can’t even count them. Instead of focusing on the searing pain I thought to myself "Wow. As George Carlin said “People who say they don't care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don't care what people think. This is why women are attracted to “bad boys. and I’m not saying you have to be like this. • Don't try to impress people.” “Bay boys” don’t need to impress anyone. they'll respect you less and typically pick on you or ignore you. insulting others. The Alpha looks for solutions instead of dwelling on problems. People feel a lot better about themselves when you make them feel impressive. When you try to impress people." I know this is a little extreme. start paying attention The Cure ©2010. but don't make the mistake of just telling people you don't care what they think.

Confident choose their own feelings and people know that people will act in a way that's pleasing to them therefore people react that way. The Cure ©2010. but you can change their response to you. Stand up for yourself.53 to the little voice in you and pay a lot less attention to other people’s opinions. when you put the blame on anyone else. The problem is. No one can make you feel anything you don’t want to feel. feelings and needs. ever an appropriate response. so below. all you have to do is change your thoughts and emotions. The Alpha says what’s on their mind and respects yet doesn't fear other people's responses. All Rights Reserved . • Assertiveness Assertiveness is power. As within. To fix it. he just trusts (expects) that everything will work out. as above. You can't always change people. Start to treat yourself better and I promise others will. feelings and needs of others. what people say about you and how they treat you is largely a mirror reflection of how you're treating yourself. you give up your ability to change anything. The results in your life are mainly a result of your previous thoughts. • Taking responsibility for your life This is the toughest one for people to accept. The Alpha Male expresses his opinions. He doesn’t need to insult or threaten people. You see. Blame is never. while respecting the opinions. so without. which changes your actions. feelings and actions. but once you do you are in complete control of your life. no matter how justified it seems. Assertiveness is standing up for your right to be treated fairly.

if you got a nice card for someone and they just tossed it to the ground. it's only because you're hiding from that trait in yourself. Even learn to appreciate everything including your "bad" experiences because without them. would you want to do that for them again? Appreciation and love are almost the exact same emotion. The Alpha Male isn't afraid to give someone a genuine compliment because he sees the good in people. That doesn't mean just simply saying "Thank you. you would have never learned." it means genuinely appreciating things that people do for you. Alphas live in good emotions and appreciation is one of them. I hate to break it to you. appreciation should not be limited to people. but when you criticize others. Appreciate what people do for you and they'll want to do more. Also. The Jerks criticizes others in an attempt to make themselves look better than they really are. • Respect The Alpha Male always respects others unless they blatantly disrespect him. and people love to feel loved. Think about it. The Cure ©2010.54 • Appreciation. The Beta Males give compliments to butter people up. Decide how you want to be. All Rights Reserved .

focus on what you can give. In any situation. All Rights Reserved . He is not selfish and makes decisions that will work out for everyone. Fall in love with giving. His decisions are firm. focus on what you can give them. Learn to laugh at yourself. This is where the Jerks and Betas mess up. right? Take that stance on everything. Don't worry about what you'll receive. do whatever you have to do to develop an awesome sense of humor. Everyone knows that women say they want a man who can make them laugh. • Decisiveness The Alpha Male knows what he wants. Watch some comedy programs. Develop the ability to find humor in all the stupid shit people do. Many guys want all the profits without giving. How you can make women feel worthy and accepted. hang out with people who are funny. This book is technically just a spot on your hard drive or a few dollars worth the paper. • Humor Humor will be one of the biggest factors in your interactions with women. The Cure ©2010. He believes in his own decisions so other people believe in them as well. but the feelings you can give them. The Alpha Male knows he makes women feel good and he’s rewarded for this. but if you get valuable ideas from it. You can't get something for nothing. the person who is most self assured is the Alpha Male.55 • Giving Do not just focus on what you can get from women. When he says something there’s no doubt in his mind. Remember: you can't have something for nothing. Not necessarily material things. They try to receive and not give. it's well worth the price you paid for it.

Which guy do you think she’ll prefer being with? The answer is obvious. I've heard all sorts of ridiculous theories about women such as: "Women only like men with money. her job." whatever it is. meaning of course."? Well. she would up and leave that douche in 30 seconds flat. So if you see a woman who's with a guy who doesn't treat her well. his mortgage. those are completely subjective views." "women only go after jerks. If a real man were to go and talk to her. he only picks on people to cover up his own insecurities. cracking jokes about her. his job. making her laugh and having a good time in general. Now that we're getting toward the middle of this book we're going to debunk a few myths about women. The truth of the matter is that while some women may go for jerks. People are usually attracted to other people who have an equal or higher level of Self-Esteem. Do you really think she cares about that boring shit? Absolutely not. it's only because she doesn't feel she deserves to be treated well and … her beliefs create her reality. Now in the next scenario you have a man cracking jokes about himself. The Cure ©2010. they're not true. talks about his 401K.56 Think about the following 2 interactions: A woman goes out on a date and the man asks her all sorts of boring questions about her life. moms are right. it's typically because they're insecure themselves. That guy she's dating really is no prize either. All Rights Reserved . Myths about women. from a psychological perspective. I’m sure you’ve heard moms say "don't worry about that bully.

and they'll disrespect them for it. you know exactly what I mean.57 Back to the subject of "Women only like men with money. If you already do this." also avoid the mistake of paying for women too much. but don't be a douche. If you live this way for a month. The Cure ©2010. you’ll never want to go back. If you allow their attitude to affect yours you’re admitting that they’re a stronger person. and you’re no better than them. She’s looking for is a real man who can treat her with respect. People live by the pain/pleasure principle which is why you want to avoid being a jerk. Have you ever seen one of those girls on TV who say things like “I just want a nice guy” and then just goes back to her abusive ex-boyfriend? Well that’s because she’s operating with a different definition of “nice. Guys who buy a woman too much stuff most likely have an attitude of "I bet I could never get this girl unless I paid for all her stuff. Create strong beliefs to create a strong reality. Certain people may be complete douchebags. Life is about balance. but a woman can tell when someone’s trying to win her affection just by buying her stuff. Facts about women. It's okay to be a gentleman." and remember beliefs create their reality. A man who is strong and decisive. What women want and what they say they want are 2 different things. A man who knows what he wants out of life and how to get it. They'll respect you a lot more if you don’t have to buy their attention. Everything people do is to gain pleasure and avoid pain. and that manifests itself in their attitudes. Make sure that their time with you is the best part of their day.” What she’s looking for is an Alpha Male who commands respect and can also act kindly. but that makes it even more important that you treat them with respect. All Rights Reserved . Don't be a sucker. People have problems of their own. but if she's short 5 dollars for a burger don't be a dick.

so don’t push too hard. One of women’s biggest fears thinking she’s being used or thinking of herself as a slut. After you approach and start having conversation you want to start escalating physically. start to take the lead and escalate physically. then her (3) back.58 How to get women in bed as quickly as possible. While doing this.” You don’t want women to feel slutty or used when sleeping with you or she’ll regret the experience. once she's comfortable with that touch her (2) legs. The most effective way I've come across is gradually start touching her because if you make too big a jump she'll probably get scared off. This is a general guideline that you can change if you'd like. then the (6) lips. When interacting with women you want to keep yourself in a sexual vibe. but I find it very effective. then her (4) face. If you’re dealing with a tease you should let her do a good amount of the work. Women have a defense mechanism where if you come of too blatantly they'll automatically put up their sexual defense and think "all this guy wants is sex" or “he’s trying to use me. she'll pick up that sexual energy and start to feel sexual herself. you guys won’t have sex. After that you can (5) kiss her on the cheek. For now: start with touching her (1) hands. If no one moves forward at all. The Cure ©2010. We'll get into a woman’s other erogenous zones later in the book so you can develop your own style. All Rights Reserved . There's a human mating system. For this reason it's usually a bad idea to talk about your sexual intentions with women.

you can do this when you kiss her but you don't want to make it too obvious. (11) "accidently" rub her vagina with your knee or other part of your body (social norms may make her hesitant to let a man touch her vagina. then (8) kiss her neck. and then when she's really turned on you can start (13) taking off her pants. The Cure ©2010.) then (15) have sex. (14) finger her (or eat her out. (10) kiss her stomach. (7) Make out with her.) (9) touch her stomach. just enough to turn her on.) (12) rub her vagina above her clothes. (forget the breasts. All Rights Reserved .59 Get her somewhere where you can have privacy because you're about to move toward sex.

move down to her neck. Study the paragraphs on escalation. include it in your visualizations (which we'll talk about later. but every girl and every man's skill level is different so be careful. When you get good at this you can start sleeping with women in as little as 20 minutes. If she gets resistant you can tell her something like "I never have sex on the first date" so she doesn't get defensive. All Rights Reserved . then you can start moving down the list as she's ready. The Cure ©2010. move down the list further.60 Try to gauge her sexual arousal level by reading her body language before moving to the next level. Kissing a woman's neck directly gets her sexual organs aroused.) and once you go out there and try it will be almost second nature to you since you've "practiced" it so many times. Once she's responding to that. For example: if you're kissing and she seems like she's into it. She may become resistant if you try to move too fast.

" Other books suggest getting an email.61 On a similar note. The Cure ©2010. be completely respectful and go back to kissing her.. You can also text her right away with a smiley face or some shit. If she objects to something you're doing. you're not going to start putting the moves on her right then and there. For these situations I don't suggest trying to call her like every other guy does. confident persistence is key. If you didn’t have confidence in your goal you would never persist. I know many guys who still get women after they’ve said “no. More attractive women get hundreds of calls like this per month. and you don't want to just be another guy in the crowd. All Rights Reserved . as people check those more often. Asking for a digital form of communication will lower her defenses a bit and separate you from all the other losers calling her. but I find they respond faster when you communicate on Social Network Sites. you can just comment on one of her statuses then start talking to her in Private Messages and set up a time where you can hang out. When you can't escalate physically in one sitting. There are going to be times where you can't get her in bed as quickly as possible. When I’m talking to a woman and I’m about to leave I’ll say something like "Hey you mind if I text you?" Or "Hey mind if I add you on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter.. where if you called her right away you would look like a huge loser.” The difference between the Bill Gates' of the world and your average Joe Schmoe is persistence. If you get her on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter. For example if you meet a woman at the supermarket. Persistence = confidence.

you'll be really surprised at how many opportunities present them self to you. The way to pull this off is the same body-part/touching order as above. Gauge which one of the girls is the Alpha Female. The Cure ©2010. Kiss Girl A. lesbian couples. If you do. The reasoning behind this is that the Alpha Female has a greater chance of getting jealous. Just alternate between women. If you want threesomes. then move to the less Alpha Female. Try to get them as comfortable as possible. The best types of women to try threesomes are: best friends that don't mind kissing each other. or a girl you're dating that is open to it.62 Threesomes. The idea behind this is that you want to get them both comfortable but you don't want to give too much attention to one girl or the other one may get jealous. Kiss Girl B. touch Girl B's face. 2 random girls that you alternate attention to. Touch Girl A's face. etc. but it's a good idea to include this in your visualizations (that we'll get into later) so when the opportunity presents itself you'll be ready. and make moves on her first. make sure you include that in your goals list. All Rights Reserved . This is a bit of an advanced move. Don't try to force them to do all sorts of stuff that they're not comfortable with.

" but at the same time if she's willing to cheat on her boyfriend he's probably not satisfying her. so it's something you'll have to decide for yourself. The Cure ©2010. and she won’t even think about sleeping with another guy or risk ruining her chances with you. All Rights Reserved . you want to see the best in everyone. ever. If she looks like she’s been on Maury a few times. but you also want to love yourself just as much. Fine. If there’s someone you just can’t love. This one is completely up to you. If you have feelings of resent that you're carrying around. You want to love them. someone kicked your puppy when you were 8 years old. Also.63 Girls with boyfriends. If you do those 2 things she won’t have any complaints about you. You may want to live by "do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You want to love women. but you never. want to need them. Doesn’t mean she will cheat. More than that. This is a personal morality question. Anyone who messes up this formula will find themselves in the eternal pit of distress. You have every right to be angry at them. but just realize that carrying around that mental baggage is only hurting you. just realize that it destroying you mentally. ever. On another note: to protect yourself from getting your girl picked up: just be a man and also treat her well. it just means she has a higher chance. ignore them and stop thinking about them. watch the types of women you date. And remember: the man who fears losing his girl is sure to realize that fear. Always maintain control of yourself. Now another important thing is that you always maintain control of yourself. probably not a good idea.

but keep trying. If you're not familiar with EMDR. The Cure ©2010. It doesn't take away the memory. Cognitive Behavior Therapy. or Neurofeedback. All you do is focus on the painful memory in detail. and other painful memories/beliefs. It's used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. but all negative ideas as well.. All Rights Reserved .you may want to consider EMDR therapy. Other than that. try to bring all the pain to the surface. just realize there's no use crying over spilt milk. Thinking about it will just perpetuate more misery and failures in your life. In studies it's been proven to eliminate PTSD in War Veterans in fewer than sometimes 5 sessions. So if you have some issues with people in the past. As you go through each eye movement you'll notice that the negativity gets harder and harder to feel. EMDR is a type of psychotherapy that was developed to resolve symptoms resulting from disturbing past experiences. but works for more minor things as well.64 You cannot fully love yourself until you love others. and when you apply this all the pain will be eliminated from that memory/belief. where traditional therapy would take years. This is very useful if you have painful memories/beliefs that are holding you back. you'll feel virtually no negativity toward it. just let it go. It's kind of like stirring up a pool with dirt and leaves at the bottom so they float to the top and then they're removed. I highly suggest doing this with not only all negative memories. Pretty soon you'll find it almost impossible to feel any negativity toward the subjects you use it on. How you feel about others is only a reflection of how you feel about yourself.. make it as vivid as possible. If you have serious emotional trouble or negative beliefs . EMDR stands for Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. but when you think about it.

3) Move your eyes up in to the top right corner. What this process does is correctly links up different quadrants of the brain to where the negative feelings are eliminated. All Rights Reserved . and try to do that through the whole process. about 20 times. The Cure ©2010. your eyes move different ways and access different parts of the brain. about 20 times. For example when you're thinking of a feeling your eyes move to the bottom left. 4) Move your eyes up in to the top left corner. 6) Move your eyes rapidly back and forth horizontally between the bottom left corner and bottom right corner. When you think of something. but for anyone who is curious as to how it works I'll explain it here. Here’s a brief version: 1) Think of a bad memory or belief 2) Feel all the bad emotions of that memory or belief. 5) Move your eyes rapidly back and forth horizontally between the top left corner and top right corner.65 The information in this paragraph isn't necessary for you to use it. When you're remembering something visual your eyes move to the top right.

8) Move your eyes rapidly back and forth vertically between the bottom left corner and top left corner. about 20 times. The Cure ©2010.66 7) Move your eyes rapidly back and forth vertically between the bottom left corner and top left corner. All Rights Reserved . If it doesn't then chances are you should try again. 9) Move your eyes rapidly back and forth diagonally between the bottom left corner and top right corner. or get it done professionally. all negativity surrounding that event/belief should disappear. about 20 times. about 20 times. 10) Move your eyes rapidly back and forth diagonally between the bottom left corner and top right corner. about 20 times. If you do this correctly.

your cat may have bit you when you were 2. and maybe these are legitimate problems. Also. Also. All Rights Reserved . Most are reactive. The Cure ©2010. which is extremely effective. but you can't do that at home. Wipe the slate clean and start fresh today. There are 2 types of people in the world. and watch the results pour out. just realize that it takes a little practice. Your life may have sucked 2 minutes ago. don't act like it doesn't bother you. we'll get into Hypnosis later in the book. effect the outside world. but there's no use in dwelling on them and letting them control your future results. so the solution to this is to actually not let anything get under your skin. seeing yourself living that lifestyle. Proactive and reactive. If there's a horrible story on the news. Don't let the outside world affect you. but just start building your new life. actually don't let it bother you. If someone makes an off comment to you. Just keep doing the exercises in this book and you'll automatically become a stronger person. You may have had an alcoholic dad. never blame circumstances for any of your problems.67 Neurofeedback/Biofeedback is considered to be a little more powerful. If it's hard at first. focus your attention elsewhere. There's nothing more attractive to women than a strong man. People can tell when you're acting. The types of men who do not achieve the type of success they want are reactive and let others affect their opinion.

Confidence is assuredness. Confidence is being dominant without being domineering. The top is high Self-Esteem. Contrary to other books on dating confidence does not mean being in control all the time. You obviously want to get as close to the top of the order as possible. but it’s actually very simple. just broken down further. whether it be toward yourself or toward the weatherman. or. if it's the emotion you're feeling. just let it happen naturally as part of your new personality. the bottom is low Self esteem. Confidence is being in control without being controlling. It doesn't matter in which direction you focus these emotions toward. and being able to follow when it's necessary. All Rights Reserved . a guy who has to be in control. the bottom is insecurity. Being able to take the lead when it's appropriate. The top is confidence. confident leader has to be a good follower. The human emotional scale is essentially the same as levels of confidence. it's the same emotional frequency as if you hate yourself. The human emotional scale.68 What is confidence? Many people find the word “Confidence” hard to break down. Just realize if you've been on one emotional level for much of your life. There's nothing more of a turn off to women than a guy who tries to be in control. As you start moving up the ladder you'll notice all sorts of miraculous things happening in your life. A good. you're going to want to move that emotion up the ladder as much as possible. it’s only because you’ve practiced it and may take a little while for you to start moving up the ladder. If you hate the guy down the street. Don’t try to be a confident guy. even worse. so either ignore him or change your feelings toward him. but don't be discouraged no matter where you are on the list. Confidence is belief. The Cure ©2010.

JEALOUSY 20 – FEAR. PESSIMISM 150 – ANGER.69 700-1000 – LOVE. ENTHUSIASM. BLAME. Remember: wherever you find yourself in this scale. By moving up this list you can literally get good with women without even having to talk to them because once you move up the scale. HATRED. DEPRESSION. it's only because you've practiced it. HUMOR 600 – PEACE. PASSION 540 – JOY. CONTENTMENT 310 – WILLINGNESS 250 – NEUTRALITY. FRUSTRATION. The Cure ©2010. HOSTILITY. DISCOURAGEMENT 30 – GUILT. REVENGE 75 – SADNESS. ANNOYANCE. POWERLESSNESS. UNWORTHINESS. BOREDOM 175 – PRIDE. EMPOWERMENT. BELIEF 400 – OPTIMISM. All Rights Reserved . SHAME Study that or write it down because it’s important to remember. HAPPINESS. ENLIGHTENMENT. they'll just enjoy being around you. APPRECIATION. If you want to move up the scale. GRIEF 50 – APATHY. you just have to practice being in better emotional states. REASON 350 – ACCEPTANCE.

but as long as you don't break any laws or put anyone in harm’s way. try to move up the ladder. The Cure ©2010. People would rather others feel uncomfortable than have them feel uncomfortable. People will do all sorts of things to keep others from expressing your Anger. but no matter what. and the easier it is for you to stay there until it's your dominant emotion. Don't worry if you can't be in the state of love all the time. Expressing Anger feels much better than repressing Anger and nature is always calling you to the best emotion. This may be a little tough at first. The emotion you're ultimately trying to reach is love. It’s important to remember that you usually can't immediately move up 6 rungs on the ladder. So wherever you are on the scale. When you love the thoughts.) they can’t make their way up to Happiness (the dominant emotion in the Alpha Male) without going through Anger (the dominant emotion in the Jerk. All Rights Reserved . If you try to reach too high. but it's best to be on the upper levels as much as possible. When you start to think thoughts that feel better. go for it. you become addicted to those thoughts. and the more you move up the more it becomes a habit. it will be too drastic a jump for your mind to make and you'll just get thrown back to the emotion you were reaching from. it’s hard to move down it. If someone’s at Fear (the dominant emotion in the Nice Guy. just reach for a thought/feeling that's higher than the one you’re at.) It’s part of the process. where a man’s completion resides somewhere outside himself. Not needy love that you see in corny romantic flicks. we're talking about a pure love where you just feel a warmness toward life and other people. And when you love a thought. it becomes hard to think thoughts that feel worse.70 The great thing about this is that studies have found that once you move up the scale on a particular subject. That’s why you feel the need to express your anger. you'll love the results you get.

and the only way to fix it is start replacing those misogynistic feelings with more positive ones. The root of the problem is at those negative emotions. You'll notice as you start putting out higher level emotions people will respect you more. The Cure ©2010. All Rights Reserved . When you think about women. Until he comes to terms with those feelings he will remain unsuccessful. go out of their way to do kind things for you. and notice what your results are now that you're thinking and feeling Y. as the way that you feel about certain subject indicates how well you're doing with it. do you get upset. When a man is misogynistic and bitter toward women. Notice how your results were when you were thinking and feeling X. etc.71 Use this scale on particular subjects. just feel better about the subject and let everything fall into place. you know that he’s low on the scale and is not successful with women. Don't worry about changing circumstances and everything around you. or do you feel appreciative and happy? Your emotions don't lie. As you move up the scale watch how differently people treat you.

as soon as the room gets cooler than what it’s set at. feelings. A person's Self-Image is the mental picture someone holds of themselves. but think of the Self-Image as a thermostat. In 1960 Dr. By learning to change the Self-Image you gain serious levels of confidence and skill. thoughts. You will never. you literally cannot act otherwise. It dictates what we can and cannot do. More important than this.) Self-Esteem (feelings/subconscious.) and Self-Confidence (actions/body.72 The 3 Selves We're going to talk about the 3 Selves that work in harmony with one another. new patterns of behavior effortlessly become second nature. Maxwell Maltz released arguably the most important psychological discovery of all time. and finally results are 100% consistent with your Self-Image. Have you ever met someone who tries and tries and as hard as they try they keep going back to their old patterns? This is because of the Self-Image. You will always act like the type of person you conceive yourself to be. • The Self-Image. When you change the self-image. ever out-perform your Self-Image. behavior. a mechanism picks up the deviation.) and ways to improve all of them. you change the personality. When you set a thermostat to 77 degrees. The Cure ©2010. and still see very small measurable results. At the very core of your personality is The Self-Image. Self-Image (thoughts/mind. You may have heard this analogy before. When you change the Self-Image. sends a message to the heating/cooling system and the temperature is brought back on course. This is why people can learn all the dating techniques in the book. Even when they do see results it's because the Self-Image has unconsciously been changed. All Rights Reserved . All of your actions. It’s much faster to go to the source. and finally results. Humans are wired the same way. behaviors. The Self-Image dictates the boundaries of accomplishment in our life.

You should also work on improving your emotions during the day. talk to a woman. I'm really good at getting women’s' numbers. The Cure ©2010. Now that we've covered the Self-Image.73 Where does our Self-Image come from? A lot of places. Your past positive or negative experiences. we're going to get into Self-Esteem. but your emotions will never lie. All Rights Reserved . In the next section we’ll learn how to use visualization as a very powerful method of changing the Self-Image." But here's another trick. for example: "wow. Whatever the case may be it's essential for you to change your Self-Image if you want to get real results. Your feelings indicate if you are choosing a positive or negative thought. the Self-Image is altered. These feelings will largely be based upon The Self-Image. your feelings will improve. so when your start working on your Self-Image through visualization. now you have a tough time talking with women. Your central nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience. You may have been raised in a family where sleeping with women before marriage was considered wrong and your parents passed that belief along to you. Your mind may lie. How do we change the Self-Image? Through successes. It can come from the environment you were raised in. The higher up the thought is on the emotional scale the better. which are feelings. A new belief is installed. • Self-Esteem. When you go out. and get her phone number.

you're going to get much better results. and all sorts of strange behavior. If you move up the scale to something better like Joy or Belief. self consciousness. and the results will take care of them self. Self-Confidence is the actions you take based on Self-Image and Self-Esteem. That does not mean you do not have to act! What it means is that your actions will be largely automatic and fun.74 This is your body’s way of telling you if you're thinking a thought that will cause you success or will cause you failure. it's just a matter of practicing them. Many people try to change their actions and words without first changing the emotional state they’re in. The actions that someone takes who are higher up the emotional scale will be far different than the actions someone takes who are low on the scale. All Rights Reserved . awkwardness. You change the core. and wonder why they keep getting the same results. • Self-Confidence. that Fear will ultimately manifest itself in nervousness. The Cure ©2010. These feelings are always available to you. If you chat up a woman in the state of Fear.

Meditation. Calm. and Hypnosis Delta 1-3 Hz .Relaxed. The Cure ©2010. You are in a Theta state before going to bed and upon awakening. Dreamless Sleep. You are also in a Theta state during Hypnosis. so use these states to your advantage. Creative Visualization Theta 4-8 Hz . The best state to be in to reprogram your subconscious mind is the state of Theta. Throughout the day your brainwaves are in different states: Beta 15-30 Hz . Normal. Meditation and Deep Relaxation.Awake. we’re going to go into a little background information.Deep. All Rights Reserved . which is why this book suggested reading/visualizing your statements at those times. Meditation.Deep Relaxation. Self Esteem and Self Confidence. Alert Consciousness Alpha 9-14 Hz .75 Brainwaves Before we get into the techniques of altering Self-Image.

The Cure ©2010. For 30 minutes a day. this doesn’t mean dangling a watch in front of someone's eyes and making them act outrageous. which many people find great for putting them in a relaxed state. We'll go over the reasons why later. a shy person who is under hypnosis can be convinced that he is a great public speaker. make sure it's Theta. Jeffrey Thompson. especially when combined with visualizations. put yourself in a relaxed state and picture yourself exactly how you want to be. instantaneously. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for installing beliefs. No. and through repetition of these suggestions can actually become a great public speaker. For example. All Rights Reserved . That's not what real hypnosis it. as if you have always been that person.76 Self-Hypnosis Aka Autogenic Training. You can also get Relaxation CDs. My favorite being the Theta Meditation System from Dr. but no matter what if you get a relaxation CD.

As you inhale. where you won't be disturbed for at least a half hour 2. 3. imagine the tension slowly falling away and they start relaxing.77 1. or anxiety. Imagine each part of your body relaxing more and more. don't try to force the thoughts away. The Cure ©2010. Imagine you are at the top of a flight of 10 stairs. you can decide to start going down 10 more steps. You may find that thoughts keep intruding. 4. feel all the negativity and tension leaving your body. Take deep. Observe them objectively. Each step should make you more and more relaxed." After each step you are going further and further down into the deep treasuries of your subconscious mind where you can start programming new ideas. When you begin. Beginning with your feet. When you're at the bottom. Go to a quiet room and sit or lay in a comfortable chair or couch. If this happens to you. stress. Go down each stair feeling more relaxed as you do. When you exhale. By now you should be extremely relaxed. slow breaths. realize that you are not your thoughts. Notice whatever tension is in your body. 5. All Rights Reserved . Close your eyes and work to rid your mind of any negative feelings such as fear. 6. or just start installing your new beliefs and especially visualizations. you might find it difficult not to think. As you go down repeat the word "down. and then let them fall away. feel the relaxation penetrating your body.

This is a way to gain experience without gaining experience. relax and vividly imagine practicing the thing you would like to fix. For example if you're having trouble approaching women. Again. to Wayne Gretzky. a new belief is formed because of that and you get stuck in the same spot. and the results speak for themselves. You’ll likely find yourself surprised when you start acting this way in real life with no conscious effort. As a result of imagining the way you'd like to be with women. and case studies have shown that visualization is an effective way of installing new behaviors. Real life experience can be a pain. Check out “Golfing with Your Eyes Closed: Mastering Visualization Techniques for Exceptional Golf” Let’s face it. or even believe it works. and countless others use these techniques. it may take a little longer to erase a lifetime of behaviors and replace them with a perfect life in 21 days. synthetic experience is just as effective as real experience. You don't have to try to consciously act that way tomorrow or next week. you will start forming memories. All Rights Reserved . Just realize this method has been used on thousands of people. (for example you're nervous kissing them) the easiest way to solve this is through synthetic experience. as part of your visualizations. but most people see dramatic improvements within that timeframe. vividly imaging all the little details of you succeeding at all the things you're trying to change. your brain will take care of all that. and that's the way you'll act in as little as 21 days. The key is not to measure how much it’s working on a day-to-day basis. If you fail. Almost all modern sports legends from Phil Jackson. to Tiger Woods. The Cure ©2010.78 Visualization: The Easiest Key for Changing the Self-Image. Granted. So if you're having a problem with women. Studies have shown that synthetic experience is exactly as effective as real experience. Before you go to sleep daily.

Write that down. but instead of visualizing how you want things to be. Remember an experience that bothers you and replace it with how you would have wanted it to be. including this one. you go back in time and find bad experiences from the past and replace them with positive ones. and repeat the visualizations daily so they’re ingrained in your memory and the old ones seem like fiction. and read it after you're done reading this. It’s essential that you visualize very clearly and vividly. The Cure ©2010. Maltz' groundbreaking work. All Rights Reserved . so don't forget to pick it up.79 Visualization is a very important concept in this book because positive thinking alone may be rejected by the subconscious mind if it doesn't have any "evidence" or it’s not congruent with the Self-Image When you vividly imagine an experience. Time Line Therapy is a very powerful process for erasing and replacing bad memories. Maxwell Maltz. It's hard to find any modern effective Self-Help book that hasn't been directly influenced by Dr. You put yourself in a relaxed state like suggested above. your nervous system and mind has all the evidence that it needs. take it out from the library or buy it. Time Line Therapy. Essentially the beginning steps to this process are the same as Autogenic Training (Hypnosis) and Visualization. An absolutely essential book to pick up on this subject is "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Dr.

First we're going to go over some basic stuff. How to dress better than you thought possible. the best way is to wear Armani and Fendi. Models are going to show you how to dress in a top-of-the-line way. I shouldn't even have to mention this. The Cure ©2010.80 Beyond the mind Now that you have some tools to work on your mindset. Women always notice guys who pay attention to the details. If you're trying to get fashion chicks that wear Gucci and Prada. You obviously want to shower and brush your teeth daily. You'd be surprised at how many Armani T's I picked up for under $20 there. That's not to say if you dress like a punk rocker you can't get a Gucci chick. All Rights Reserved . and some shampoo that you like. pick up a Hip-Hop magazine that features models dressing the way you'd like to dress. it's just a lot easier. dress and take care of yourself. the easiest way is to dress like a punk rock guy. I wouldn't suggest changing your entire style just to get a different type of girl. some good smelling shower soap. we'll go over some ways to improve the way you look. Get some good smelling deodorant. If you're trying to get punk rock chicks. figure out what kinds of girls you're going for. If you want a Hip-Hop style. Pick up a few fashion magazines or pick up magazines that feature the style you want to adopt. but it's very important to figure out what your style is. It really makes a difference. Find what you like from them. First. Grooming 101. and even if it's expensive clothing you can always get good deals on brand new clothes on eBay.

They figure out what is so appealing about it. Pretty soon you'll have a much better idea of what's attractive and what's not. around 80% of the profits come from 20% of the products. figure out what's so appealing about it and copy what’s appealing. look at the celebrities you admire.) In the early 1900's Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 80% of his peas were produced by 20% of the peapods. Take what works and amplify it. if you have a T-shirt that is giving you the responses you like. In most businesses. get more like it.81 The Pareto Principle (The 80/20 rule. All Rights Reserved . try to find a nice vintage T-Shirt shop on the web. When he looked at society he realized that 80% of the land was owned by 20% of the population. You want to take this approach on how you dress and even how you act. A company puts up a few web pages and notices which get the best responses and disposes of the other ones. figure out what about is so attractive and get more t-shirts like it. If you admire a celebrity that wears vintage T-Shirts. If you find that a particular sense of humor is working on a certain type of girl. The Cure ©2010. Also look at guys that are getting the success you want. amplify that. Cut out what isn't giving you the responses you want. Delete the ones that aren't getting responses. In business this is called split testing. They use this principle to cut out the bottom 80% of products and amplify (and learn from) the top 20%. but to figure out what works and what doesn't work and develop your own style from there. To figure out what the top 20% that is working. The idea isn't to copy them. We can use this principle on the way we dress and interact with women. If a photo you post on Facebook gets a lot of comments. make a new layout based on that and see how they can improve it. In your own wardrobe. If a certain necklace is getting you attention.

Different combinations of colors are good ways to match up your personality with your looks. Black. The Cure ©2010. with white writing. Different colors are appropriate for different vibes. you only want 2 or 3 colors in your outfit. As a generalization. All Rights Reserved . Grey. and Browns) It's really about personal preference. If you wanted to wear a hat with that outfit. so just pay attention to some fashion pictures. Blue is good for summer. Matching. and look at your outfit to judge if it looks good to you. Black T. Red represents love. learn from them. Here's the basic idea behind matching. Green represents vitality and nature. Black represents power. You can use Contrasting colors (for example Black on White. the best bet would be a white hat to match the white writing.) or the safe bet: Neutral colors (for example any combinations of White.82 The Basics of Color. White represents friendliness.) Harmonious colors (for example White on Off-White. Color is one way of expressing yourself in fashion. For example Blue jeans.

or if you want to be unique just keep testing them until you find one that you like. Trust me. All Rights Reserved . Just like everything in life. Be careful around the pubic region because if you nick anything it's going to hurt like crazy. Once you get into it you'll probably find that you like the good feeling chemicals (endorphins) it produces. I would suggest picking up one of those $15 hair trimmers and using that instead of going at it with a Bic razor. Go to the counter at any upscale department store that carries colognes and ask to try a few scents. razor burn in the Johnson area is no fun. Besides that. It's up to you. but you can usually get better deals on eBay or other places on the web. back. Shaving. the gym is also a great place to meet chicks. and pubic region. or at least get a few tips from people at the gym. This includes chest. I highly suggest getting a few basic guides on this. You don't want to get all hot and heavy with a girl then when it comes to take off your clothes you look like a grizzly bear. Learn how to use the various equipment at the gym and you can even find some useful guides on the web. Working out. It's not nearly as bad as you think. The Cure ©2010. You can ask the man/woman behind the counter what's popular. starting is the hardest part. It's up to you if you buy it there. Picking out a good scent is important.83 Cologne. but I highly suggest shaving off any unnecessary hair.

Bars. The Cure ©2010. let alone maintain a conversation and you'll have to compete with 100 other guys trying to get their attention. The best places to meet women are in your daily routines. and this is a great place to strike up a conversation with women. Remember your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. the music will likely be too loud for you to even hear yourself think. Where to meet women Most people look for women in all the worst places. All Rights Reserved . the book store. You can still pull it off.) These are all great places to strike up random conversations.84 Keeping your place clean. clubs and parties are the cliché spots to meet women. whatever. The last thing you want to do is take a girl home to a dirty apartment. chances are your mind is cluttered. different classes (such as meditation. and there are many disadvantages to this. but in my opinion it's making things harder on yourself. Once you start talking to her just make her laugh a little and get her number. at the bank. You can talk about working out. ask for tips and all sorts of things. so if your place is cluttered. Women also know that most men who talk to them at the bar are only trying to get in their pants. which I highly suggest taking classes on anyway. the movie rental store. You can ask for advice on movies. what food is good. We mentioned the gym earlier. First off. Do you want to talk to a girl all night then when you bring her home it looks like 11 tornados of horse shit flew through the place? Women value cleanliness much more than men and they'll notice a guy who takes care of his living space. but many women become jaded from all the approaches. Talk to women in the supermarket. This is fine. so clean that shit up.

A lot of girls pick pictures that make them look a lot more attractive than they are in real life (and sometimes even fake pictures. All Rights Reserved .85 The Internet is iffy. HotOrNot. Make sure you avoid Adult-Oriented dating sites. Yahoo Personals. Woome. OKCupid. With these you should be able to find as many women as you like without even having to leave home. By far my favorite paid dating site is eHarmony. Ask for her email address and search for that address on Facebook or MySpace to get a better idea if she's legit or not. AIM chat rooms.) so make sure you're getting the real deal. There are tons of attractive women on eHarmony just looking for a man to sweep them off their feet. Craigslist. The Cure ©2010. Most of the women on there are A) Hookers B) Porno Scams C) Girls with STDs or D) Men. The paid ones are the best place to meet women who are serious about dating.com. Date Hookup. Just make sure you get a bunch of pictures before you meet the girl. Other than eHarmony there's also Match. and Parship. Mingle2. MatchDoctor. and Connecting Singles. Lavalife. There are tons of free dating sites such as PlentyOfFish. WebDate.

The non-sexual zones (hands . the moment you've all been waiting for. I'm going to put these in order of comfort. All Rights Reserved . how to get her screaming with pleasure. When you first start it's best to "accidently" touch these areas (all of this is assuming she doesn't try to rape you. Psychologically these steps are designed to lower inhibitions and increase the emotional comfort of the both people. Side note: If she jumps down the list before you do. you can start touching her leg. if she touches your leg. Depending on your skill level and the girl.. Now. Let her get comfortable with each touch. but when you get to the more sexual things (making out-intercourse.. you can move through these zones very quickly.86 How to be awesome in bed. so the top of the list will be things that you should start with and move your way down. If she objects to anything. The Female Erogenous Zones An Erogenous Zone is an area of the human body that when stimulated will cause sexual arousal. you have full permission to repeat the same touch. For example. there are many women that will take the lead and even some women that will just jump your bones) and then you can intentionally touch them. Don't worry about following this to a T. You can do these pretty much anywhere. stop what you're doing and move back a few steps. This means that she's comfortable touching you and you can touch the same spot. The Cure ©2010.light kissing) will likely take the most time. but again you don't want to make too large a jump.) you're going to want to have privacy.

All Rights Reserved . Follow the same steps as the above body parts for "accidently" touching. In some cases just touching her arms in this way will cause sexual arousal. (Side Note: At this point tickling is appropriate.) The Cure ©2010. A good way to "accidently" touch her leg is when you crack a joke. then you can touch her on purpose. After she's comfortable with this.87 • Hands and Fingers The hands are the best place to start because most females (assuming you have some sort of rapport with them) will be open to this. it's still important in building comfort with your touches. then purposely touching. for example: holding hands. just touch her on the knee with the back of your hand. then you can purposely touch her hands. At first you can "accidently" touch her hands while making a comment or you can reach for her hand and ask her to follow you. • Arms The skin of the arms (especially: the inner arms and the inside bend opposite the elbow) contain many nerve endings and are very sensitive. • Legs While this isn't technically considered an Erogenous Zone. The same way you touched the hands "accidently" you can do with the areas on the arm. The fingertips especially have many nerves and are sensitive to light touch. which many women find arousing. Brush up against her arms while making a comment a few times.


• Face and Hair. The main problem men face when getting ready to kiss a girl is knowing if she’s ready or not. Touching the face and hair in an important step in getting them comfortable for a kiss. For the "accidental" touch you can point out that they have something on their face (whether they do or not) and wipe it off. When you purposely touch their face or hair, do it in a romantic way. You can even look into their eyes and say something sweet. You want to feel warm and loving when you do this. You can even whisper something sweet in her ear (which is another Erogenous Zone.) Trust me; if a girl is letting a guy do all these so far, she's ready for a kiss. • Mouth (Light Kissing) If you want, you can touch her mouth before you kiss her. Don't go for a full on make-out session the first time you kiss her or you'll look like a complete retard. Go in for the kiss, do it romantically and don't use any tongue yet. • Kissing (with the use of tongue.) Now at this point it starts turning sexual. The following steps will cause actual sexual arousal. If you get her turned on enough (regardless of if you're in the location where you plan to have sex,) she'll probably want to go somewhere where you can have sex. If you need to, you can think of some reason you want to show her something up in your place. Perhaps watch a movie. Some women will be comfortable with making out in public, but a lot won't. If you want to play it on the safe side bring her somewhere you can be alone for a little while, even if it's just out to the car. You can say something like "I'm not sure if I'm comfortable doing this in public, did you want to go to X?"
The Cure ©2010, All Rights Reserved


While you're kissing her, touch the back of her neck. You'll see why in the next Erogenous Zone. • Neck The neck is a very sensitive area for both men and women. Kissing and caressing this area is very arousing to most people. Also the back of the neck is very arousing when you touch it. Most women I've talked to say that getting their neck kissed is one of the biggest turn ons. Definitely use this to your advantage. Stay kissing the neck area for as long as possible because it's A) not overtly sexual and B) a huge turn on for them. The more you do it, the more aroused they'll get, which makes the next steps much easier. Some women even like being bitten gently on the neck. If it's the first time you're with this girl you may or may not want to hold off on this. • Ears You can completely skip this area if you want, but if you want to make things interesting go for it. Licking her earlobes, whispering or breathing softly in her ear may also be very pleasurable for her. • Chest This one you have to watch for. Some women are uncomfortable with their breasts and may respond negatively to this. It's not a necessary step, and it may be better to just skip it completely. • Stomach/Abdomen Many women find touching, kissing, biting, licking, caressing of the abdomen to be very arousing, especially around her pubic region. Some women even find it more arousing than direct stimulation of the genitals. Kiss her stomach, kiss the tops of her hips and stay there long enough to get her juices flowing.
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• Pubic Area/Vagina This part is very important. Be careful down here because all women know that if a guy is touching their vagina they're most likely going to have sex. A lot of times you will meet with resistance here. Here are few tricks to overcome this: Before you even think of removing her panties "accidently" touch her vagina. You can go back up to kissing her, position your torso between her legs and "accidently" start rubbing. After that, you can start dry humping. The idea here is to get her extremely sexually aroused without throwing up any red flags. If she says anything about this just respond "don't worry, I don't even have sex with a girl until I've known her for a while," and keep turning her on. Get her good and wet and keep dry humping her. If you want you can flip her on her stomach and rub her ass. Once you're rubbing her ass you can sneak in the back and play with her vagina through her panties. Sneaky? Yea. But women are naturally conditioned to hold off on sex, so we have to get around this. Again, if she objects to something, just step back and hold off a second. Go kiss her neck again and turn her on. A lot of times when women resist, it's simply because they're not turned on enough. Sometimes when you just get them turned on enough they'll make the moves. When you're rubbing her vagina from behind, don't insert your fingers just yet. Just rub the outside of her panties, right above her vaginal opening. After that, move up to the clitoris. If you're not sure where the clitoris is, it's that little hooded button that's right above her vaginal opening. Rub that very lightly. This is very sensitive for women. After that, move her panties to the side and start fingering her.

The Cure ©2010, All Rights Reserved

You have the vaginal lips on the left and right side and between that is the opening. The clitoris is another erogenous zone on a woman which has the most nerve endings anywhere in her body. At this point you can eat her pussy (if you want. You can lick or finger this spot. Bonus spot: The G-Spot. or now that you know where it is. Start fingering her and after a few minutes of that remove her panties. Place your finger or fingers in there and you'll feel a small lump that almost has the texture of a golf ball. use sexual positions that stimulate that. Bonus spot: The Clitoris. Once you lift up the hood a woman's clitoris is right underneath it. but don't yet. The G-Spot (aka the Gräfenberg Spot) is a wonderful and marvelous place for women.91 She's probably at the point where she just wants to have sex now. It is said to have as many nerve endings in the small little tip as a man has in his entire penis.) Do it for a little longer and she'll definitely want to have sex. Rub that with your fingers.) or keep fingering her (or both. To find the clitoris. picture a woman's vagina. The G-Spot is typically located one to three inches up the front (closest to her stomach) vaginal wall. Ask her if she can flip over because it's uncomfortable fingering her like that. because too much pressure on it can be painful for women. did I also mention to make sure she's the legal age of consent? You definitely want to do that. Right above the opening is a little button shaped hood. The Cure ©2010. Oh yea. but be very gentle. All Rights Reserved . USE A CONDOM FOR GOD'S SAKE.

This will force your middle and ring fingers to go in and out of her vagina (and/or anus) which looks like a fluttering butterfly. To do this one place both hands together and go toward her vaginal opening. It will take a few times to get perfect. The Cure ©2010. but she will thank you greatly. Your middle and ring finger go into her vagina. All Rights Reserved . Both pinkies will either slide in the anus or just move them out of the way. Gently open and close your hands by separating your palms. Your Index fingers will be on both sides surrounding the clitoris. depending on what she's into.92 Bonus move: Venus Butterfly.

The first way is to have her get on all fours and you penetrate from the back. And try putting a pillow under her backside for even deeper penetration. In this position. The woman lies on her back with her legs apart. • Missionary Position This is the most basic sexual position. but we’ll go over the most common ones. • Woman on top There are different variants of this position depending on the way she is facing. • Spooning In the spoons position both the man and women lie on their sides facing the same way. • Doggy Style This can be one of two ways. Another way to do this is to have her lay on her stomach and penetrate that way. or even more if you get creative. Alternatively. The woman lies on her side while the man penetrates her from the back. the man and woman face each other. All Rights Reserved . This is called the cowgirl position when she is facing you or the reverse cowgirl position when she is facing away. The Cure ©2010.93 Basic Sexual Positions There are literally thousands of sexual positions. while the man squeezes between her legs. A nice variant is to put her legs over your shoulders or put a pillow under her backside to penetrate deeper. You can lightly pull her hair while you do this. the man can sit or stand while in this position.

They both know that each other has separate lives and they respect each other. So. Be the man who makes her feel protected. Arguing is a low-status thing. You see. centered Alpha Male. Get her nice little gifts just to let her know you’re thinking about her. You’re getting higher on the emotional scale and hopefully the woman you find will be just as high. but if you tell her you love her too early you may scare her off. Since you’re on your way to becoming a calm. The Cure ©2010. because a good relationship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Be the strong man in her life. Instead compromise. everything tends to turn out well. They don’t have to be expensive. Hold off until you’re pretty sure she’s ready. Like I said earlier this book will work for whatever you want it to work for. All Rights Reserved . Be someone she can love. And remember the section on giving. you found yourself a keeper? Congratulations.94 Some Stuff About Relationships. The Alpha Male and Alpha Female love to give and their rewarded greatly for this. My only word of warning is to watch the “L” word during the beginning of relationships. so it wouldn’t be complete without a little relationship stuff. you won’t have to worry about all the petty things couples fight about. When you have 2 people high on the scale that love each other. most of that stuff happens because people are low on the emotional totem pole. Be someone she can depend on. but don’t need each other. It’s fine to give her compliments and tell her she’s beautiful.

Feel good. Don’t worry about all the stuff that guys normally worry about with women. My email is: anonymous@datingcurebook.95 In conclusion. Even if it’s not apparent to you right now by working with these ideas you’ll be sure to see how wonderful the world really is. P. Be happy. Just have fun with them and the relationships and sex will take care of themselves.Please email me and let me know how you liked the book whether you loved it or hated it. All Rights Reserved . See the good in life. Read this book a bunch of times until your mind is literally saturated with the information. Realize that you create your own destiny and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.com The Cure ©2010. . LIFE IS MEANT TO BE FUN! I know you can succeed.S. so let’s do this! Your friend. Anonymous.

96 Check out our site if you haven’t already: datingcurebook.com Add us on Twitter: twitter. All Rights Reserved .com/datingcurebook The Cure ©2010.

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