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In Search of a Song Volume 305

In Search of a Song Volume 305

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A chapbook from Miriam Lock's class at EBC High School in Bushwick. 1997
A chapbook from Miriam Lock's class at EBC High School in Bushwick. 1997

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Published by: Ten Penny Players, Inc on May 02, 2011
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Isaiah Laverpool

Isaiah Laverpool


A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirecrors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Miriam Lock Teacher

East Brooklyn Congregations School for Public Service in Bushwick Shirley Edwards


Stephen E. Phillips superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs

© 1997 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts


Love is in the air

Love is everywhere Some people fall in love Some love is up above Love is in your heart

In a relationship love

is the main part

Love is a strong feeling

Love is higher than a ceiling Sometimes it feels warm and tight like a glove

Everybody should

show love.


A Day I Remembered

A day I remembered was when I first went to an amusement park. There were a lot of kids my age with their mothers and there was so many rides.

I went on a ride and the

exit was a different side of where my mother was waiting

for me.

So I walked down some stairs, there were strangers on my rear and I started getting scared.

My heart was beating, beating and beating. I t sounded like this Bump, Burnp!l Bump, Bump!! Then my mother just called me and I was happy.


Something that I have that is valuable is a chain

with a cross given to me by my grandmother. My grandmother said,

"Here, this chain is to be carried on forever

so when I die you cherish this and give it to your

grandchild. "

It's not worth money but it's worth the love of my grandmother

and that's worth everything to me.


I l

What I think is worth fighting for is my mother.

My mother is worth fighting for because she raised me and disciplined me


I love my mother because she has a lot of love

and pride for me.

To tell the truth I would die for my mother any day.

I'm grateful for being alive to see another day.

I'm also grateful for coming to school.

I'm grateful for coming to school because

I get to learn

something new about the world, people and things.

Every day I'm grateful for something ... and that's living


My fantasy is to play football

but everybody tells me I'm too small Because there are big guys out there As big as a brick wall.

Right now I'm too young and I got to grow practice and get bigger.

There are games that are played in rain, sleet and snow

I say to myself as long as the sky is blue

I will live my fantasy and it will come true.


T en years from now I want to play in the NFL

I want to be a running back or a wide receiver.

Football is my favorite sport. If I don't play football I want to be an


My nwnber one dream is to be a nice father

with a job supporting his wife and kids.


Someone whom I respect

Someone whom I respect is my mother

I respect my mother 'cause she showed me much love when

I was growing up and still is

I love my mother more than anything in the world today and in the future. I respect

my elders greatly, but I respect my mother.


In Search of a Song Volume 305


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a waterways publication

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