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Social Superstar by Bobby Rio

Social Superstar by Bobby Rio

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Published by Salman Chowdhury

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Published by: Salman Chowdhury on May 02, 2011
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Written by Bobby Rio
Originally Published: 07/21/2008

If you want to have the ability to call a girl up every night of the week for
a late night booty call; you need to be good in bed.
It doesn’t matter how great of a pick-up artist you are; if you don’t
perform in the bedroom you will never be able to create a life of
unlimited options. Sexual options with women stems from building up a
network of women who love having sex with you. Women who still want
to sleep with you even after they realize that you’re not boyfriend
material. That is true sexual power.
In this lesson I want to give you guys some tips for improving this area
of your life. I recently wrote a post about becoming a better lover where
I discussed the art of reading the signs that a woman is giving you and
continuing to push her in that direction.
Above all this is the number one trait of a good lover. You need to be
able to recognize what a woman is enjoying. You need to tailor
everything to the girl you’re having sex with at this particular moment.
You need to make her feel like you know her inside and out. Even if she
knows you’re a player, she has to feel an intense sexual connection with
This starts with the kiss. If she is a slow passionate kisser, slow your style
down so your tongues mesh together. If she’s an aggressive and
dominant kisser… sit back and follow her lead. She’ll walk away thinking
you were the best kisser in the world... simply because you mirrored her
You’ll need to increase your stamina. If you want a mind blowing sexual
session it has to last more than ten minutes. If you know you’ve got a
habit of finishing quickly than make sure you extend the foreplay. Use
your hands and mouth to create intense sexual tension. Explore every
area of her body until she is practically begging for it. Most girls really
enjoy receiving oral sex… learn to read the signs she is giving you and get
her pussy gushing from the oral.
But even after some powerful foreplay you need to follow up an even
more powerful lay. Increase your stamina and last longer by focusing on

Social Superstar


pleasing her rather than how good you feel, using breathing patterns, use
positions that you’re less likely to finish with, and by practicing. You also
want to build up your energy level as well as increasing your testosterone
level which will only fuel your fire in the bedroom.
Everything listed above are the fundamentals needed to become a better
lover. Below I’ve listed some general tips to improve the overall

More tips to be a better lover

1. Shave. Having stubble on your face can irritate her and make things
like kissing and oral sex a lot less pleasurable for her.
Groom Yourself. The more you take care of your body the more
likely she’ll be inclined to want to give you oral sex.
Smell Good. Wearing nice smelling cologne can intensify the sexual
desire she feels for you. Just a small spray is best… or go for that just out
of the shower smell.
Give a good massage. Having a little knowledge of some sexually
erotic zones of a woman’s body will go a long way. Watch a video on
giving an erotic hand massage or a video on giving a foot massage.
Aim for the G-spot. Don’t obsess about the g-spot. But having an
idea of where it is and how to hit it will increase your likely hood of
making her cum. If you’re clueless about the G-spot read an article about
how to find the g-spot

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