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Bayerische Motoren Werke


(Bayerische Motoren Werke) 

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), (English: Bavarian Motor Works) is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company .  BMW was originally founded in 1916, by Franz Josef Popp.  BMW is known for its performance and luxury vehicles, and is a global leader in premium car sales.  Its current tagline has changed from The Ultimate Driving machine to Sheer Driving Pleasure & BMW- Joy of Driving

.  The circular blue and white BMW logo or roundel is portrayed by BMW as the movement of an aircraft propeller.History of BMW  After World War I. followed by automobiles in 1928-29.  The company consequently shifted to motorcycle production in 1923. to signify the white blades cutting through the blue sky. BMW was forced to cease aircraft (engine) production.

 The wide range of BMW activities in India includes: ‚ On 29 March 2007. BMW the establishment of a production plant in Chennai and ‚ development of a dealer organisation across major metropolitan centres of the country.  Till September 2010. BMW India is a 100% subsidiary of the BMW Group. BMW Group s investment in India will be increased to 1.1 billion Indian Rupees.8 billion Indian Rupees by the end of 2012. .BMW India:  Headquartered in Gurgaon. BMW Group has invested 1.

 Within two years of entering the Indian passenger car market in 2007. BMW 5 Series sedans and the BMW X1 in petrol and diesel variants. BMW toppled rival Mercedes-Benz to become the numero uno luxury car maker of the country.  In 2010. maintaining its leadership position in the category.  BMW India has employed around 400 people in 2010. the company recorded a 73 per cent growth in sales volume.  The BMW Plant Chennai has the capacity to produce 8000 units per year on a single shift basis. Up to 1200 jobs will be created in the dealer and service network by end of 2012. . The BMW Plant Chennai produces the BMW 3 Series.

 The famous blue and white roundel symbol is clear proof that the owner is driving a prestige car (or motorbike). .BMW: the most admired car brand in the world  BMW is one of the best-known brands in the world.  The symbol also identifies the brand as delivering the ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ finest design. technology. engineering and quality available in motoring today.

contains the car brands: Mini Rolls-Royce Motor Cars .BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke)  The pioneer brand within the BMW Group.

320d Highline and 320d Corporate Edition)  BMW 5 Series (523i. BMW X6. BMW Z4 Discontinued  BMW X3 (X3 xDrive25i. BMW 7 Series.Models Assembled/Manufactured Locally  BMW 3 Series (320i. X3 xDrive20d)  BMW M5 (Sedan) . BMW X5. 330i. BMW M3. 525d and 530d)  BMW X1 Imported  BMW 5 Series (535i )  BMW Gran Turismo (Limited Edition)  BMW 6 Series (650i). 520d.


the brand now positions itself with the pay-off: The Joy of Driving .BMW: Brand Essence The BMW brands stand for a promise of fascinating individual automobiles a promise we do and will keep .  Globally. BMW expressed its core identity in the US and UK in the slogan BMW the ultimate driving machine .  .  Twenty years ago. Part of this pledge and key to the brand inside the company is: Never build a boring BMW .

which it renamed BMW 3/15. white and black BMW spinning propeller roundel logo appeared on the grille and a six-cylinder model with the twin-kidney front grill was introduced a feature and point of recognition for every BMW car on the road today. . BMW licensed the Austin Seven from the British car manufacturer. In 1933.BMW: Brand Identity  In 1928. the blue.

Chris Bangle. .  The brand styling is carefully incorporated in the entire spectrum of dealer and customer materials . moving works of art that express the drivers love of quality . oversees 220 artists at BMW: We don t make automobiles as utilitarian machines that you use to get from point A to point B. showroom interior and exterior.BMW: Brand Experience  BMW believes strongly in the importance of product consistency. We make cars .collateral. Design Director.  A considerable part of BMW s success is attributable to its focus on the design of both its products and its corporate and brand design. design tradeshow environments and manufacturing facilities.

performance and exclusivity are the BMW brand s core values.  For BMW. . technology. performance is more than just the ability to accelerate quickly and take corners at speed it is a balanced harmony between beautifully designed and crafted working parts.  Research and development are ascribed high priority within the company.BMW: Brand Values  Quality.

innovative and aesthetic brand. dealership network as well as the spirit of the people. marketing.BMW: Branding strategy in India  BMW has aimed at a target group that drives the future of the country. and hence they have done well with a younger target group. .  BMW is perceived as a dynamic.  There are a few things that have helped BMW be different .the product. The average age of the BMW buyer in India is 40 years. sporty.

if you walk into a BMW dealership today. you will see that the place is sophisticated and you will be treated in a certain way.BMW: Branding strategy in India  Instead of having a huge advertising spend. BMW has developed more touch points where people can have a personal connect with the brand. .  For example.

BMW: Branding strategy in India  Innovative marketing activities that have built BMW brand in India that have helped us get close to the customer are like: professional golf tournaments wine tasting sessions events with fashion designers  BMW have also spent a lot of time creating a unique spirit within the company which have emotionally connected people within the organisation has made a huge contribution to its success. .

fleet owners and dealers. The financing option plays a very crucial part in the buying process further helping in increased customer satisfaction & relationship leading to improved bran experience. BMW launched its financing arm in India to service the credit needs of retail customers.BMW: Branding strategy in India  Last year (2010). India is a strong financing market and 80 per cent of the cars that we sell are financed. .

BMW call them the local heroes. the fundamental belief at BMW is to leave the selling to the retail people who have a local connect.BMW: Branding strategy in India  BMW does not have company owned dealerships. BMW states that. .  Selling a premium car requires a good network. Hence.it is wrong to assume that a company that is very strong in design and manufacturing of premium cars should also be the best in selling those cars. but retail partners.

a higher suspension as ground clearance in India is low.  For e.BMW: Branding strategy in India  BMW has one-global-brand-approach and that is their strength.: BMW has minor adaptations for the Indian road and weather conditions. .g. These include. and different intake filters as the air in the country is more polluted. these are minor changes to guarantee that products are running without any fault.  Every localisation would weaken this fundamental positioning of the brand.  But.

which they consider an important part of their product strategy & a perfect car for the Indian market since it is SUV (sport utility vehicle) style . Leading to building an brand image in this segment of car buyers & capturing a larger market share. luxury car maker BMW recently launched its least expensive nameplate -. in the Indian market which has a relatively small target group.the BMW X1. Therefore.has the ground clearance.BMW: Branding strategy in India  BMW believes that when you enter a new market. the business does not start with entry models. as per their experience they built a premium image for the brand through the high-end models. .  Henceforth in an effort to bring a new set of consumers on board.

BMW are developing premium-used car operation centres. . It will have a great atmosphere . and eventually they might buy a new car.BMW: Branding in India strategy    BMW to increase its brand equity by entering the used car market. but out of a 100-per cent dedicated floor in the showroom. as in turn it will help increase value for its customer as the resale value goes up. As per BMW the used-car business does not dilute your brand. it tends to do the opposite. These will not be sold out of the parking lot or the basement. It will allow a new set of people to experience the brand for the first time. where cars will be sold out of the dealerships. BMW is to run the used-car business in a professional way.with the same standard as a new car dealership.

Everyone in engineering.BMW: Branding strategy in India  BMW s essence has been. is and will always be driving pleasure  An unwritten law at BMW is that everyone who comes to work at the company has to love driving and has to know that driving pleasure is what the company is all about. instrument panel lighting. Details like the feeling of the steering wheel. . the suspension and reaction of the engine ensure each BMW feels the same as the last.  The BMW identity is tied to the experience of driving the machine. development. BMW believes strongly in the importance of product consistency. purchasing. controlling and manufacturing has to be focused on driving performance.

 In 2010. the company recorded a 73 per cent growth in sales volume.BMW s success in India  BMW toppled rival Mercedes-Benz to become the numero uno luxury car maker of the country. maintaining its leadership position in the category. .

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