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eg I ily _. MANGALESHWARI NAGAR Initiay fishermen asked = some amount of land from utharakosamangai devasthanam(temple ‘complex).they provided 5 cent for each at first they called it as ‘ARANMI Later it was called ae’ MANGALESHWARI NAGAR'by the vilagers In order to honour the devasthanam they renamed it as mangaleshwari nagar There are totaly hundred houses, They got 5 cent of land from devasthanam for 8.20 per cent This land was got by Mr'Shanmuga sethu path's brother kasinatha dural which was given to the people by the vilage president R. Ganapathy serval Muthumari ‘amman temple was built by all the vllagers. The vilage people mainly used that stream for drinking purpose. They wsed local avaiable material for {heir houses ane other Dulings italy used ‘materia are mud, hatches bricks Later fn they used eament.coneetsete.,.The main occupation ofthe area was fishing Women where aso ined in fehing INO_ TYPES OF HOUSE | YEAR BUILT NO: OF PEOPLE | GENTS | LADIES | CHILOREN.