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love poems

love poems

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Published by: syazairi on Sep 03, 2008
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It's not healthy for someone to think about another, like i think about you.

it's not normal for someone to call another every night to get their voice mail. but still smile because its your voice. it's crazy for someone to kiss another person and never want to let go... because i want to, so i know I'm on your mind at some point in the day. it's weird when people say they love someone, since they couldn't possibly know what love is until they've been inside my heart.

SOMETHING BOUT U…. I never knew the reason why you were so different to the rest Something about you caught my eye Your the only one i've ever truly loved and cared for But yet the only one who has put me through so much pain Sometimes i sit here and wonder was it me or you? Did i do something so wrong in my life, that you were there to pay me back? Why couldn't you love me the way i loved you? So many questions and never any time for you to answer them I try to move on so many times Hoping there will be another love better than you Those times i have sat there and cried every last drop that i could Yet no one can wipe those tears away Only the one that caused them I never knew what an effect someone could have on me Until you came along If i could go back in time to the moment we met I can re assure you, you would not be in my life now They say life is a challenge to see whether you are strong enough I wish i could just give up sometimes I would love to see how you are when you no im gone Any different? I hate that i feel so lonely when im in a room full of people All thats on my mind is you

I thought to my self You were the first person i fell in love with But really i think your the first person just to break my heart

Falling deep
Im dreaming of a dream of love called you, im waiting for your kiss to take me home, i'll hold onto you like i'm holding onto life, can you feel my love filling you pushing through, i'll show you what it is to be loved, kissing you softly in the dark, i'll protect you from the broken hearted, on my journey to you i've been pushed and shoved, no longer a me and you theres just us, with that first kiss you gave me, you killed the loneliness i didnt even know was there, this love caught us off guard like bein hit by a bus, loving every moment that you look at me, a heart broken into a million pieces, then came along you an put it back together, you bring out things in me i never let anyone see, Erin i am falling into the deepest love with you, i love the way you make me constantly feel, how you bring out the romantic fool in me, i will forever be loving and taking care of you!!

You Have It
I miss your kiss, your hugs, your every smile. It feels so long since I've held you tight like such a while. I hate it I love you, you mean everything to me. These feelings you cannot grasp, the extent of them you cannot see. The thought of you not in my life makes me lonely, it makes me sad. I no longer have a hand to hold, no more special times can be had. I want us back, to be happy once more. I cannot take this my heart is too sore. For your forgivness I beg, for a second chance I plead. You in my life is all I need. You make me laugh, you make my heart race. With you it beats at an unbelievable pace. I want us back, to be together again. You have taken captured it, my heart has been stolen.

Hey you
Hey you It's me Do you remember me We use to go out some years ago

I'll never forget you You're the one that stole my heart No that's not right I remember I gave it to you Do you want to know why Because you looked me in the eye and you treated me with respect You made me feel Like I never felt before You always paid close attention to everything I said and to everything I did You used to check on me and make sure I got home safe You'd call me on the phone and want to talk to me for hours and then we'd say goodnight and see each other in the morning You wanted to spend time with me and you weren't ashamed to bring me around all your friends You became my first Real Love and I was just calling to let you know That you will be my last No I'm not committing suicide or anything close to that No I just came to the conclusion That no matter where you or I end up I am going to always love you and I am going to always cherish the moments we shared together and I just wanted you to know

A simple message For Hey you From It's me I Love YOU It's everything I haven't said that I am so very close to saying....Baby You are Beautiful and I Thank God every day for bringing you into my life and showing me what true love is all about. Hugs and kisses ...Goodnight

Oh, How I Have Missed You
My dear I miss you more then the stars in the sky. It feels like such a while since I have felt the warm sensation of your soft delicate lips on mine, since I have had your incredible fingerers inter-tangled in my fingers. It feels like so long since I have been able to gaze deep into your eyes such as the very depths of the sea. Ms. it feels like such a long time since I have looked intently at your face as it's beauty is radiant. You leave me speechless in awe of your perfection but my dear there are not any words to describe how in love with you I am. God has blessed me with a wonderful gift, an amazing present; the gift of you and if he takes you from me then he might as well of just taken my heart, my soul, my life along with you. You are my, life my, love my everything. I have fallen in love with you and I never want to stop falling unless it is into your lovely arms.

Slowly Walk Away
Kiss me once for the good times Twice for goodbye Pull me close if you love me Don't let it die Hold my hand tightly And never let go Keep me close to your heart You'll never know How much I love you And how much I care No matter what happens I'll always be there So as I leave you On this bright afternoon Know that I love you And I'll be seeing you soon.

Let Me Go
Follow me, take my hand I will show you something new Lay with me under the stars Let me stay here next to you Sing the song that's in your heart Chase the dreams that shine through Hear me now, you need to know That I will always love you Please forgive me for I have sinned My weakness caused you pain So I tell you that I'm sorry As I kiss you gently in the rain You hold me tighter in your arms You're afraid to let me go I say I love you many times I need to make sure you know Do not follow me this time, I need you to stay where you are

Just promise me that when I'm gone You'll keep me close inside your heart.

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