AK47 amendment sheet v1.

7.0 Dictionary
Add the following entries:2D6 Throw 2 six sided dice and add the scores. D6 x 2 Throw 1 six sided die and multiply the result by 2. Infantry group - group of figures on foot armed with small arms, RPG, HMG, ATGM or mortar. Heavy weapons – RCL, towed guns or towed AA. Armour – Light tanks, armoured cars, APC’s, MBT’s. Air – Attack helicopters, armed helicopters, fast jets, light attack aircraft.

9.3 Points Costs
Infantry group with small arms (rifle, AK47 etc.) Infantry group with RPG or HMG Infantry group with mortar Infantry group with ATGM Towed gun with tow Towed AA with tow Truck Tank Armoured car (tank gun) Armoured car (AA, RCL) Armoured car (HMG) APC, Half track, Carrier APC with HMG APC with AA or RCL APC with tank gun Extra to add ATGM to tank, APC, A/C RCL with crew RCL mounted on truck or jeep HMG mounted on truck or jeep AA mounted on truck Attack helicopter Armed helicopter Militia 7 14 20 35 20 25 15 60 40 35 30 25 35 40 45 20 15 20 25 30 60 40 Regular 10 20 30 35 30 25 10 60 40 35 30 25 35 40 45 20 15 20 25 32 60 40 Professional 17 27 36 40 40 35 10 85 50 45 40 30 40 50 55 30 20 30 35 42 85 50

Trucks, Half Tracks, Carriers and APC’s may carry up to 4 groups. APC’s with HMG, AA, tank gun or RCL mounted may carry up to 2 groups. Groups with small arms, RPG, HMG, ATGM and mortars are classed as infantry, RCL’s, towed guns and towed AA are classed as heavy weapons.

15.2 Arrival of units after the game start (Late arrivals)
Add the following sentences to the last paragraph. Units are not eligible to fire or be fired at on the turn they are placed. In the next turn count moving if they move, stationery if not.

15.3 Units arriving by helicopter
Add the following sentence. “Groups landed by helicopter count moving on the turn that they land.”

19.3 Collateral Damage
Replace the second sentence with. “These rules use a method whereby any group 2” or less away from a target that is hit is eligible as a “collateral” target.”

19.5 Small arms
Remove the last sentence.

19.12 Mortars
Mortars must have a clear LOS to a target as per the LOS rules. Exception, friendly groups/vehicles do not block a mortars LOS as they would for other weapons. Also, a mortar may fire up to 6" beyond any enemy group/vehicle that blocks its LOS to a target.

It does not count as a unit or group lost for morale or victory points! 19. Man portable ATGM’s move as RCL.6 saving roll if it moved more than 12" from its previous position that turn (except if attacked by AA). RCL. Helicopters ignore all terrain and template restrictions on movement. +1 vs the rest +1 Firer is professional quality -1 Firer is at over half range (not ATGM) -1 Firer is militia quality -1 Target in templated area -1 Firer moved this go -1 Target is A/C.6 indicates group 2” or closer is pinned. a killed result is exchanged for a pinned result". +2 vs the rest Attack helicopter +2 Armed helicopter +1 ATGM +0 vs infantry and air. Any weapon (except mortars) may shoot at a helicopter. +0 vs the rest HMG. Score of 5=Pinned for 1 go. fast jet There are no modifiers to the defenders/targets score.6 save infantry over 10”) 19. A/C (gun) Mortars ATGM (needs 3+ if foot.18 Anti Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) ATGM’s can be man portable or vehicle mounted. A/C gun. Range is 8” – 30”. ATGM’s whether man portable or vehicle mounted cannot move and fire. . APC. Collateral 4. attack helicopter.5.4.19. Towed gun. but still observe line of sight restrictions caused by templates.5. Helicopter movement is D6 x 5. 2+ if vehicle to fire) Close assault range Troops within template 10” 6” 18” 26” 8 – 30” 8 – 30” 2” 2” Modifiers (to attacker’s dice only) Small arms +0 Tank. Score of 6 or more target destroyed. RCL or deployed gun +0 vs air. No penalty for firing at over half range. RPG. Tank. AA +0 vs armour. Man portable throw 3+ on D6 to fire. If it makes this save. Vehicle mounted throw 2+ on D6 to fire. +2 vs the rest Mortars +1 vs infantry.17 Attack Helicopters If players wish to they may use up to 2 helicopters only 1 of which can be an attack helicopter.5. +1 vs the rest Infantry with SA in close assault (2” or less) +0 vs armour and air. A helicopter has a 4. (3. If a six is scored the helicopter is removed from the table to represent it having to retire due to fuel or ammunition limitations etc. All helicopters must roll d6 at the end of the third turn they are on the board. armed helicopter or light attack aircraft -2 Target is tank.14 Method of Firing Firer rolls 2D6 Defender rolls 1D6 Difference =basic factor (disregard +/-) Ranges Small Arms RPG (needs 3+ to fire) HMG. A/C (MG) AA. and each turn thereafter.