Jack our best mate You are a best mate in our lives as well as being a true friend to us all

. That we all respected at what you did. As a true friend, a husband to Anne, a father, a grandfather, a uncle, a brother To us all in our lives as we were a true friend, to us a best pal and a best mate to all We know that your presence is never far from us but you are never be far from us as you will always be on our minds and thoughts. As our best mate. As we know you will be remembered as a good husband, a good brother, a good uncle a good neighbour, a good friend to us all. Here at the Green Lane Club (Featherstone Working Men’s Club) As we share a drink in your memory for you and your memories. here at Green Lane Club (Featherstone Working Men's Club). As we will remember you in our lives. As a true friend, a best pal, a husband, a brother, a uncle and our best mate.

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