Proposed topic or issue:

Why are you interested in this topic/issue?


What Area of Interaction is central to your project? (NOTE: The AOI must be the focus for your RESEARCH – not your product) Key AOI guiding question(s) which provide the context for your project Explain in what way this AOI is central to the research needed to fulfill your goal

Area of Interaction


What is the GOAL of your Personal Project? Write this as “to find out more about…” or “to investigate…” or “to learn how to…”

3. What kind of product or outcome do you have in mind that will achieve this goal?


How will you know your outcome/product is successful? What will it look like, sound like and feel like? What features and/or parts will it have?


How do you aim to achieve this goal? What will be the main procedural steps? (think of the inquiry cycle and/or the design cycle)


How will this project maintain your interest over the next year?

7. Can you answer “YES” to all the following questions? o o o

o o o

My personal project is personal My personal project has a clear goal I know what I am trying to achieve and why My Personal Project involves me investigating and learning about something The research I will do to achieve my goal is central to one AOI My personal project is NOT too closely related to a specific subject area My goal is realistic and achievable

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