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Published by: Amrit Subramanian on May 03, 2011
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The big businesses in the world are characterized by large industries with mass appeal to the general population

. The health of the economy usually rests on the shoulders of big business. There are many major players in the economy such as government organizations which almost regulate the economy at their own will and large corporate organizations that control the natural resources and technology of modern society. But the component of the economy in which millions of dollars are poured into and made from is the entertainment industry. Technology expands and advances in order to accomplish a variety of goals, but one of the main uses for technology is accessing media relating to the entertainment industry. It almost as though all other industries are in some way affected or function in conjunction to the entertainment industry. One of, and quite possibly the biggest component of the entertainment industry are professional sports leagues and franchises. Sporting events are a worldwide phenomenon, captivating massive audiences all around the world, whether it s the NBA or NFL in the United States, Soccer in Europe, or Cricket in India; professional sports are a major, relevant aspect of entertainment for people worldwide. But what many people to realize is professional sports are businesses at the end of the day. The rules and ethics of the game are respected, but if teams aren t making money, changes need to be made. The sport may be a game, but the players and all the members of each organization are treated as professionals, thus restrictions on the behavior and conduct of players need to be enforced. But sometimes one level of a sports organization can overpower the others. In the NBA, for example, levels of organizations start with the players and coaches, then team administrators, managers, and owners. Following are the higher levels, including the league administrators and commissioner. The commissioner, David Stern, has almost tyrannically exercised his power over the league, making radical decisions that have perennially angered organizations, players, and fans alike. Professional sports are successful because of fan count and fan enjoyment. The more fans a team has, the more money it has and the more successful it is. If decisions are made to water down the game or to change it in some way for the worse, fans will be unhappy and as a result, the league as a whole will make less money. By incorporating aspects of the wisdom of crowds into the NBA, the league would be able to make more informed and effective decisions that would in turn improve and sustain the NBA as a business, defend the integrity of the game, please current fans, and possibly draw in even more fans. Over the years, NBA commissioner David Stern has succeeded in overstepping his authoritative boundries continually. He has extensively monitored and regulated players behavior and conduct on and off the court, since it is reflective upon the NBA. He explains that these rules and regulations are necessary to protect the image of the association, but in reality they are intrusions into the players personal lives. Stern s rules have had not concerned safety or the integrity of basketball, but rather controlling players, coaches, and employees of the league to conform to an acceptable, clean image of the NBA. In other words, Stern aimed to bring the NBA out of the African American and Hip-Hop music culture that it was enveloped in. An example of this was the dress code, which restricted players to only wearing business casual attire. Hats, sunglasses, headphones, and jewelery were all banned. Stern did not consult any of the sub organizations of the league such as the National Basketball Players Association(NBPA); he enacted this rule, like many others, by abusing his authority. This is an example of David Stern s abuse of authority, since he intruded on a completely unrelated aspect of the players lives. His attempt to separate the NBA from Hip-Hop culture is a personally motivated sentiment and shows his goal of controlling players as much as possible. It is arguably racist. If anything, the intertwining of Hip-Hop and the NBA has made the league more money through the appeal and display of NBA players, logos and teams in music videos. Also, the tatoos covering the various players most likely send a worse image than baggy clothing and excessive jewelery. Stern also has attempted to ban players from certain nightclubs. This is clearly encroaching upon the players freedom of the court, and shows how Stern is clearly overstepping his boundries.He has also gone as far as to restricting the players clothing on the court, such as length of shorts, size and number of wristbands, and wearing items which have labeling

the league would be much better off. By using a larger. since he wants people who support his opinions and think like him to beside him. This goes hand in hand with independence of thought. without outside input. None of this however would be possible without decentralization. Also. since all the small organizations would have some say in each . Players stating even mild criticisms on social networks such as Twitter are getting fined tens of thousands of dollars. anywhere. By removing all the power between David Stern and a few chief officers and distrubuting it over two or three organizations. They feed off hard fouls that send players crashing to the ground. Also. Right now the only two organizations are the NBA s front office and the NBPA. and has thus instructed official to immediately assess technical fouls to players who even slightly protest calls. more diverse. even from a superstar player like Kobe Bryant. and aggregation. the integrity of the game. David Stern has again set an unflexible ultimatum by assessing any sign or form of negative emotion with a technical foul. David Stern has exceeded his authoritative boundries by establishing rules that are autocratic and controlling over the entire NBA. and a decision that would better suit the NBA. A simple hand wave merits a technical foul. If two more organizations. But instead. the league s front office is made up of homogenous thinkers. League officials need to be able bring new information and data to the table and be able to keep their decisions separate of their colleagues. coaches. in other words. independence. he has the right to fine players for what they say within the NBA arena or during the time frame of an NBA event. There wouldn t be anymore extreme ultimatums from David Stern. but sometimes not. but how can the aspects of the wisdom of crowds be incorportated as to improve the decision making of the NBA? The aspects of the wisdom of crowds include diversity of opinion. different perspectives could be brought to the table. The game was as popular. such as a coaches organization or fan s organization were formed and the jurisdiction of the league s affairs were equally distributed over them. As of now the only real opinion that matters is David Sterns. during the Michael Jordan era in the early 90 s and when technical fouls were called very loosely. All the emotions of the game add to the intensity and rivalry between two teams. The fact makes his acts dictatorial is that he goes beyond the realm of his authority to fine people. But now. Fans feed off arguments and fights between players. a key component to the thrill and theatrics that basketball brings. In doing that. if not more. He doesn t want them to have any opinions and wants to do the evaluations of the game himself. and add to the hype of the game. It gets them more involved in the game and get their adrenaline flowing. they just go along with whatever he says. The aforementioned situations display the tyrannical rule of David Stern over the NBA. right now. and anyone in a team organization for remarks criticizing the NBA.unrelated to the NBA. As NBA commissioner. Stern deems that this behavior disrupts the game and promotes violent conduct. the league could be making much better decisions. drawing numerous fans to watch the game. Fans want to see their star players and if they are getting suspended for technical fouls. Stern clearly impedes the players and coaches freedom of speech. The front office has no choice but to comply with what ever he puts forth. Over the years. they will not want to come out and watch games. This becomes a problem for teams since players start getting suspended after 16 technical fouls. Stern fines players. decentralization. he has gone to great lengths to fine players for anything they say anytime. he has almost taken the emotion out of the game. Instead of bringing up opposing view points. Another way David Stern has used his overextended authority is by assessing immediate technical fouls and fining players and coaches ridiculous amounts of money. Diversity of opinion would be extremely helpful. panel of people to make decisions with regard to player conduct and officiating. By doing this. and the fans would be enacted. usually controversial ones. people who think identically to David Stern. different view points and alternatives to the dress code proposed by David Stern could be debated and a more flexible and suitable dress code could have been put into play. NBA officiating has been under constant scrutiny players have argued with officials about calls. if not at all. Fans feed off emotion from the NBA games. For example. He uses his authority to nitpick insignificant details to tailor the league to his liking.

By expanding the power of smaller organizations and distributing the decision making tasks. which does not equate to successful results. The only way to combat this is through the incorporation of the aspects of the wisdom of crowds. by bringing many small organizations into the picture. Without independence and decentralization. The decisions of the commissioner have become harsher and more extreme over the years. . the league will be able to make more informed decisions. In conclusion. Also. all the decision-making power resides among a very small amount of people. the present state of the NBA is an organization in which is run by an autocratic commissioner and a few mirrors of himself in the chief league officers. As shown by the current state of the NBA organization. the aggregation of the thoughts of various groups of people involved in the league would be possible. absence of one or more of the characteristics of the wisdom of crowds detrimentally affects the aggregate wisdom by severely decreasing the number of possible solutions to problems and perspectives on situations.process.

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