Car Rental System Analysis

A Car company rents a car. Car (Plate_no, Car_Name, Color, Speed, and rental) is identified by its Car_Id rents by a customer. Customer (Lastname, Firstname,

Birthdate, Telephone_no, Cellphone_no and Address) is identified by a Cus_Id processed the transaction by the employee. Employee (Lastname, Firstname, Address, Position, Telephone_no, Cellphone_no and Birthdate) is identified by its Emp_Id.

Whenever a customer rents a car date_rented, amount, deposit and the no_of_days are kept. In returning the car the date_returned, date_rented and the who processed the transaction are recorded.

OVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTIONALITIES This System will facilitate the functioning of a "typical" Rental Car store. Each type of car should have a different rental fee per day. Rental fee depends on number of day, brand and how fast the car runs. The system should have the following functionalities: Rent: The system equipped to answer Customer's inquiries about the availability and rental fee of various "types" of cars for certain dates in the future. When the customer makes a decision about the "Type" of car and the

Z. coordinating and recommending software and system choices to meet an organization's business requirements) Contribution: bond papers. the system calculate the final rental amount Name: Cabunot. fare rate. the system should be able to "Reserve" or "Earmark" the requested type of car for requested dates. Address: Baliwasan Z.C Birthday: July 9. Customer walks in and supplies either the confirmation number.C Birthday: November 5. and latop Name: Lubrico. Address: San Roque. Pick Up: The system process a Car Pick Up.) Contribution: food .C Birthday: December 25. folder. 1990 Work Assigned: Programmer (who writes the code of this system. and fare rate . Z.venue. and water Name: Magallanes. The system should record the date. venue. The system should pull up all the reservation information about this customer. 1989 Work Assigned: System Analyst (is responsible for researching. or name. Mary Cris G.) Contribution: food. 1990 Work Assigned: Error Corrector and detector (has great practical importance in maintaining data (information) integrity across noisy channels and less-than-reliable storage media. time and processed by Depending on these parameters. Address: San Roque. planning. Return: The system process a return. Janen A.Dates. The customer should be given a "Confirmation Number". The customer is then asked to supply a drivers’ license. food. Joana Marie Z.

Name: Nahudan.) Contribution: printing. and venue CAR RENTAL SYSTEM ERD N N Cus _Id Deposit N Lastname N Date_rented Date_rent Firstname Date_returned No_of_days Birthdate Processed_By Amount Telephone_No Car_Id * Car_Id* Address Cus_Id* Cus_Id* N N Car_Id Plate_no Car_name Brand Color Speed . Z. free internet. 1989 Work Assigned: System Designer (who designs the UI of the system. food. Eiman S.C Birthday: March 18. Address: San Roque.

Rental Car_Id* Emp_Id Emp_Id 1 Lastname Firstname Address Position CAR RENTAL TABLES CAR RENTAL SYSTEM USER INTERFACE .

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