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Contents iit madras: an introduction message from the director program information academics research and development extra curricular activities placement office placement procedure demographics list of previous recruiters 2 4 5 7 8 15 17 18 19 20 .

e 2 . an institute of worldwide repute. the multitasking and highly competitive environment in the campus makes the standards of our graduates commensurate with the demands of the industry. our students acquire various other entrepreneurial qualities and management skills by organizing and executing a plethora of events and fests round the calendar.our Vision “to be an academic institution in dynamic equilibrium with its social. iit madras. the programs at iit madras aimed at developing in each student. a mastery of fundamentals. have resulted in well-rounded leaders of the highest professional competence. ecological and economic environment striving continuously for excellence in education. research and technological service to the nation” stablished in 1959. has been instrumental in nurturing the dreams and aspirations of some of india’s brightest minds through a mix of intensive curricular and co-curricular activities. versatility of mind and motivation for learning.

our placement office. m. known for its meticulous work strives to provide an atmosphere conducive for company representatives who are pleased to come back each year to recruit from among the best minds of the nation. “to provide scientists and technologists of the highest calibre who would engage in research. i congratulate the staff at the placement office for their contribution to students’ placement and wish our students the very best of luck in their attempts to build purposeful careers in the future. research and consultancy and continuing education and to remain accountable in our core and support functions through processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement. such a choice is increasingly important in the competitive world of today. in pursuit of fulfilling this objective. management. messaGe From the director the primary objective of the iits. core Values • • • • Develop human resources to serve the nation Recognize teaching as a unifying activity Nurture integrity. in the words of pandit Jawaharlal nehru was. iit madras 4 . the credentials earned by our alumni stand testimony to this fact and our students continue to remain an important engine of growth for the nation. ecological and economic issues • to pursue research and disseminate research findings • to provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and the industry • to help in building national capabilities in science.our mission • to create and sustain a community of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical. the slump in the job market which the world saw in the last two years seems to have become history looking at the encouraging placement scenario last year. creativity and academic freedom Retain a willingness to experiment with new paradigms s s s prof.ananth director. education and research. design and development to help building the nation towards self reliance in her technological needs”. where innovation will be the greatest key to growth. it is important for students to ensure that they make the right choice in finding a career that suits their inclination. technology. humanities. iit madras produces graduates. postgraduates and doctoral students of the highest standards. Quality policy • to pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors namely teaching.s.

the students undergo an internship program in the pre-final year and in the final year they do an engineering project. renowned for its fierce competition it has an approximately 2. communication and research skills in the relevant stream through applied projects.micro electronics & Vlsi design .communication engineering . economics. proGrams oFFered specializations in m tech and dual deGree 6 . the ma programme exposes students to a wide variety of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. the program places emphasis on knowledge of industrial and business domains and the development of soft skills. mba Dual Degree aerospace engineering bio technology chemical engineering civil engineering . and english studies.these programmes are offered by 11 departments to students screened through the Jee (Joint entrance examination).energy technology .b tech in aerospace engineering and mtech in applied mechanics with specialization in bio-medical engineering .computational engineering computer science .petroleum engineering physics . this programme gives more emphasis on the project work and the students do an exclusive m tech project in the fifth year. the academic exposure includes a variety of courses from professional. humanities. m sc the department of management studies (doms) of iit madras offers a two-year.thermal engineering .mechanical design .00. quantitative subjects and a firm theoretical backing.Geotechnical engineering .b tech in electrical engineering and mtech in applied mechanics with specialization in biomedical engineering .solid state technology m tech this programme is offered to students taken in through Gate (Graduate aptitude test in engineering).building technology & construction management .2% acceptance ratio amongst more than 3. chemical engineering civil engineering . dual degree students will be awarded a b tech and m tech degree at the end of five years of academic programme.industrial mathematics & scientific computing mechanical engineering . full time mba program designed to produce competent managers. the 4 semester m sc program is carefully designed to impart essential knowledge in the respective departments with opportunities for specialization in all major areas.communication engineering .b tech in naval architecture and m tech in applied mechanics with specialization in soil mechanics/Fluid mechanics these research programs in various disciplines are designed to cater to the needs of industries and laboratories in cutting edge technologies both in basic and applied research on par with international standards.manufacturing engineering nuclear engineering metallurgical & materials engineering ocean engineering .construction technology & management . tentative time taken for the completion of phd and ms program is four and two years respectively.structural engineering .transportation engineering .hydraulic water resources . elective courses and project work. on an average only 4% of the aspirants who take the test are admitted to the iits. basic sciences and management.b tech in civil engineering and m tech in applied mechanics with specialization in soil mechanics/Fluid mechanics . B Tech & Dual Degree students taking this program are admitted through Jam (Joint admission test to m sc).product design .computer science & engineering electrical engineering .micro electronics & Vlsi design . moving on to develop strong analytical.) degree in three major disciplines – development studies. the student will be required to give one or more seminars and undergo industrial/practical training during the programme. launched in 2006. both are necessarily relevant to their academic curriculum.power systems & power electronics mechanical engineering .infrastructural civil engineering computer science & engineering engineering design . ma M Tech Degree aerospace engineering applied mechanics biotechnology -clinical engineering catalysis technology.automotive engineering electrical engineering .environmental .intelligent manufacturing metallurgical & materials engineering naval architecture & ocean engineering applied mechanics .000 applicants. ms & phd the unique five year integrated programme. the b tech programme is developed to impart fundamentals of professional engineering. in the first year of curriculum strong foundations on theory are laid down which is followed by a research project.power systems & power electronics mathematics . leads to master of arts (m. eightquarter.a. interdisciplinary and industry specific problems are undertaken to sustain the institutionindustry interaction. the programme of instruction for each stream of specialization comprises core courses.

m. dual degree & mtech courses undergo summer internship in various leading organizations from mid-may to end-July.s or ph. students are also regularly exposed to the latest industry practices through several industry students also take courses in humanities and management sciences to broaden their perspective. such industrial training provides students with adequate exposure in tackling live problems encountered by the industry. the project details are forwarded to various groups based on the nature of research and the interest shown by Government / research bodies. a number of testing and evaluation or even training in new areas of industrial development. pre-final year students of btech. which may include project design. it is modeled on successful research parks such as stanford. sPonsoreD research organisation of research by funding projects is undertaken by the faculty. the courses of study are organized on semester programs and each semester provides for a minimum of seventy instructional days. research is carried out by scholars admitted to the programmes of study under the guidance of the faculty in each department.d. industrial consultancy provides for faculty of the institute to undertake specific assignments for the industry. With many of these projects being industry sponsored. dual degree. in order to boost interest in other faculties of technology. m. symposia and workshops are organized in the institute which attract participation from scholars all over the world.he departments and centres of the institute are responsible for the academic activities which include teaching. internships are coordinated by the concerned departments. these include basic development and application oriented research projects. dynamics and Functions • english studies • innovation and social entrepreneurship percentaGe oF credits Minor/ Free Electives 9% Electives (Major) 9% Basic Sciences 13% Basic Engineering 18% Humanities 6% Minor Degrees Core Engineering 45% 8 .in for more details. you can contact the academic affairs secretary at aas@iitm.. they provide both students and the faculty an opportunity to tackle live students to take up projects under the guidance of faculty. these technology parks have been known to add value impetus to industry and business enterprises. suMMer inTernshiPs Minor Degrees other than a professional major degree. iit madras offers a student to choose a minor degree of his/her choice in one of the areas given below: • operational research • bio medical engineering • industrial engineering • ocean technology • computational mathematics • physics • chemistry • management studies • materials technology • development studies • molecules to materials structure. the students take up electives and/or audit courses from departments other than their core area of specialization.phil and ph. this is channeled through the center for industrial consultancy and sponsored research (icsr) iiT MaDras research Park iit madras research park endeavours to enable companies with a research focus to set up a base in the park and leverage the expertise of iit madras. DeParTMenTal & insTiTuTe elecTives acaDeMic research PrograMs these relate to research work undertaken by individual faculty or specific research groups in each departmnent running academic programmes leading to m. t acaDeMics research & development research at iit madras is nurtured through various academic programmes run by the departments and through sponsored programmes funded by national organizations and the industry. m. sTuDenT ProjecTs it is mandatory for all b. research and industrial degree. mit and harvard.

General manager of central railway to name a few. Quad-rotor. dual degree. among others. ms-project. mtech.santhanam. iFc . both theoretical and practical. currently has 23 faculty members. iit madras. 30 m. more than 110 graduate students and associated staff. BioTech the curriculum for undergraduate students focuses on imparting basic skills in analytical and computational biology and bioprocess engineering. of atomic energy. schlumberger etc. engineers india ltd. the department offers btech. production engineering. Volkswagen Foundation. the students supplement their coursework with summer projects and internships in reputed universities and companies which in the past have included california institute of technology. Flight dynamics. Germany to name a few and a collaboration with chevron to improve teaching and research Global excellence and local relevance in research. bayer crop science limited. the first batch of undergraduate students was inducted in 2002 and the department. mr. mr. the department has around 13 laboratories of international standards. of chemical engineering and associate dean for academic affairs princeton university. about 170 undergraduate students. and technology development is the vision of the department. data and Knowledge engineering.We have built asia’s first tensigrity tower. students from the department have competed in widely acclaimed competitions like national structural steel design & construction award competition organized by insdaG. Vtol aircraft model. biocon and dr. ms and phd program and embraces architectural planning. sankaran sundaresan. equipped with some of the finest equipment in the country. isro. Government of india. Ge itc. 20 m. students have undertaken a lot of hands on activities at cFi construction of simple r/c aircrafts. there is a also a library which stacks over 7. the department has 14 laboratories. shell. abacus and their industrial applications. the department offers b-tech. the department of aerospace engineering at iit madras has excellent experimental and computational facilities and has been actively engaged in research activities of national importance by way of projects funded by various agencies like ardb. basic strength of materials. construction and infrastructure management and Geo technical and hydraulic engineering. there are altogether 471 students enrolled in these programs who are taught and mentored by a set of 25 professors. there are about 50 b.lalit chordia.V. besides. aerosPace the department of biotechnology. Worley parsons and complete a carefully monitored b-tech/dual degree project to evolve into an industry. s.K.established in 1969. teaching. students take up minor in other departments like ocean technology. the well planed out curriculum assures that the fundamentals of the students are strong. concrete canoe and the list goes on civil to state-of-the-art laboratories. Former president (r&d). bending moment quiz to name a few and taken up challenging projects as a part of civil engineering association fest and endeavored successfully . to aid the researchers here. sudhir chandra. approximately 35 b. saint-Gobain.rangaswamy. propulsion of air-breathing and non airbreathing engines. students are given very good exposure to the software packages like autocad.d students who graduate each year from the department.ready professional with a strong grasp of fundamentals and the aptitude to perform.. prof. human computer interaction. students have undergone internships in firms like reliance industries limited. all coMPuTer science the chemical engineering department of iit madras was established in the year 1959 with a mission to impart knowledge.500 books and 1.techs & dual degree. ms and phd programs. itc limited. the department has sponsored research projects under isro. apart from the core courses. sap. active participation from the students in various biotechnology competitions has seen them win the silver medal in 2008 and 2009 in the iGem competition held at mit and the third prize in able best-india and about 10 ms & ph.techs and 12 ms & phd students graduate every year. dept. today. structural and pavement design. polymer sciences etc. dst and brns. tata chemicals limited. reddy’s laboratories ltd. software system design and hardware system design to name a few. aerodynamics.thar technologies. 12 dual degree. chemical engineering undergraduates find internship and employment not only in core chemical engineering areas such as process control. a bridge out of paper. was formally established in 2004 with a vision to make an impact through research. md. aircraft structures. equipped with cognizance of current developments coupled with vast knowledge and experience of highly erudite faculty provides the students with a deeper and practical knowledge of chemical engineering principles. biocon. aerodynamic design. the department has produced some of the finest chemical engineers including dr. staad. president & ceo. technology based training. the university of Wisconsinmadison. the department of civil engineering at iitm has produced some of the finest nation-builders known to the country. they undergo summer industrial training program in reputable companies like schlumberger. perhaps the most powerful computer in india at that time. General electric. so as to enable the student to take on challenging real world problems upon graduation. moreover each course has a pG student associated who assists the class in analysing core issues in an informal manner. ansys. b. in the past. Finance and consulting firms. mr. but also in FmcG. Well-structured core theoretical Foundations. networks and distributed systems. larsen & toubro limited. some of the basic courses include – Fluid mechanics. the course work lays emphasis on both theory and practice. pWc. m-tech. Vice president. mr. operational research etc as a part of the curriculum. shrikumar suryanarayan. the department was established as the computer center in 1973 with the acquisition of an ibm 370. inter-disciplinary electives and exposure cheMical 10 . innovation and service to society.500 of back issues of journals. there is extensive research in the areas of intelligent systems. drdo. most courses are backed by a practical lab course where in students are asked to work on a project in teams. growing admirably. over recent years. the department is renowned for its extensive research in myriad areas in cse. revit. hindustan lever limited. l&t. Vibrations. our Quad-rotor team has won 2nd place at the ‘aerial surveillance vehicle’ competition held by drdo. matlab. dr. usa.

joining and castings. the wide range of facilities in the department ranging from the Wave basins.ergonomics and aesthetics. post graduate programmes are offered in 3 streams. l&t Valdel and Vizag shipyard. the faculty of the department actively pursues research through graduate students. ibm. the team from iit madras composed of many students from the department represented india in abu robocon-2009 competition held at tokyo following the victory at the indian level competition. the students are exposed to courses in exciting and emergent areas like nanosciences. it has extensive fabrication. projects and research associations and hence keep in touch with the latest trends in the industries. materials technology.manufacturing. bosch to name a few. tata motors. it has a fine blend of renowned personalities as faculty. the students and the faculty of the department also interact closely with the industry through internships. the national board of accreditation (aicte. many of the students in the department do internships at various leading organizations like Qualcomm. 20 m tech and many ms and ph. the department has established labs in the cam- elecTrical pus with firms like intel and texas instruments. the department draws on faculty’s expertise in a variety of areas like physical metallurgy. bio mimietics. pari. the department’s industry associations include shell. with nearly 700 undergraduates. this department attracts and features a rich and diverse set of talented individuals. hul. power systems and instrumentation. some students also do research internships in foreign universities and famous indian universities like iisc. the department of electrical engineering at iit madras aims at increasing research intensity and to become a leading product innovation centre. essar group. the department has sponsored research projects under drdo. who strive for excellence. ocean engineering 12 . the department offers dual degree programs with master specialization in two streams. engineering Design ceramic and composite materials. our previous recruiters include tata steel. siemens. phillips . ergonomics to vehicle dynamics. around 25 b tech. some of them also associate themselves with us for consultancy projects as well as they provide internship and industry exposure to students. automobile design. Wave Generators. 500 post-graduate students who are trained in the nuances of the field by over 50 distinguished faculty members. this focus on fundamentals enables the department to achieve leadership in design. caterpillar. Fluid mechanics. tVs motors. new delhi) has chosen our b. and Wave Flumes to the towing tank is unparalleled. elective courses are offered covering all the fields of electrical engineering. electronics. resistance and propulsion. electrometallurgy. product design and thermal engineering. conceptual. the department has strong industry interaction and has been involved in development of state-ofart products for industry. adequate amount practical exposure is ensured by having more than 10 laboratories working on subjects ranging from rapid product development. steel product manufacturing and process modelling to equip the students with an unmatched skill set in core areas. etc to name a few. some of these companies also take pride in associating themselves with the department for their consultancy projects. ship theory. apart from engaging in the teaching process for undergraduates. the department also includes a total of 9 well equipped laboratories which cater to the needs of three streams listed above. General motors and national instruments to name a few. students can choose from over 100 electives offered to pursue their interests.d students graduate every year. staples Global ecoeasychallenge etc. mechatronics. a wide variety of labs including labs on non-destructive and is involved in providing quality education at both undergraduate (uG) and postgraduate (pG) levels. where students get their 6-8 weeks. ship design. metallurGical & materials the department of ocean engineering was set up by the ministry of education and social Welfare in 1977 as a center of excellence in iit madras to provide breakthrough technology in the field. texas instruments. calibration and testing facilities for carrying out industry sponsored research and consultancy projects. some of the students have also won some prestigious competitions like Ge edison challenge. schlumberger. mechanical testing and metal forming. a group of highly motivated professors teach the students the concepts of mechanics. reliance industries. ashok leyland. every year our students intern in esteemed organisations and companies including onGc. niot. it has a broad based uG curriculum and specialized m.caterpillar. corrosion. high temperature testing labs caters the need for the courses and helps in research as well as consultancies for many industries. and dual degree programs in communication systems. fuel cells. 10 dual degree. Germany to name a few. sem and tem (electron microscopy) characterization. mazagon dock limited. all the students gain real world experience in the field by taking up design projects in an industry for a period of six months. metal forming. sabre . General electric. siemens. npol and Volkswagen. fuel cell. the syllabi of the courses are continuously updated and the laboratories modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology. iocl. mechanical the engineering design department was set up in the year of 2005 with an aim of catering to the growing need of design engineers with a good base in engineering skills and with a multi-disciplinary program in ‘ocean engineering’ as benchmarks for accreditation of similar programs in the country.functional and system design. shape memory alloys. the curriculum of the department was designed while keeping the needs of the industry in view. industrial exposure. students have to undergo training in various courses like ship structures. microelectronics. manufacturing. polymeric. Ge. onGc. ocean Wave hydrodynamics and design of offshore structures to get a sound grip on the nuances of the program in ‘naval architecture and ocean engineering’ and the m. larsen and turbo. cisco to name a few. the companies in which the students have worked in are diamler . naoscience. students of the department have won second prize in analog design contest by texas instruments. Goa shipyard. modelling. itc. automotive and biomedical (from the year of 2009). xray diffraction.this instills a knowledge hungry and competitive culture into the students.

students of this stream have gone on to intern with organisations such as uniceF.) program. the duration of this programme is two years. they also study literatures from around the world through courses like indian literature.d. milton and the bible. abstraction and application rooted in quantitative reasoning sustain all its activities.d. african and african-american literatures. theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. provides an opportunity for students to broaden their experience and gain a comparative understanding of development and green issues in the eu. high ra convection. communication and research skills in the relevant stream through applied projects. students of english studies are well-versed in a number of areas. optical and laser physics. applied and 50 b. applied mathematical and mathematical physics. image/signal processing of biological structures / tissues. leads to master of arts (m. 65 m. the m. (engineering physics) students. the major research activities carried out in the department are smart materials modeling and design of structures . mechanical engineering. Fluid mechanics and solid mechanics. and a doctoral research (ph. it has excellent facilities for carrying out theoretical and experimental research. a ‘master of technology’ ( programme consists of two semesters of course work and two semesters of project work. analysis. theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. the curriculum aims at inculcating the knowledge of numerical methods and also in simulation and scientific computing. thin film flows and interfacial phenomena. the students are trained in the state-of-the-art technology to enable them to adapt to ever changing challenges. computational adaptive system. quantitative subjects and a firm theoretical backing. teri.) trains the candidate to pursue original research ideas and prepares them for academic as well as research and development careers. science. macroeconomics. Quantification of optical nerve disorders.techs and 10 ms & phd students graduate every year. international collaboration through mous signed by the institute aids the exchange of faculty members and students. aPPlieD Mechanics ulty members of the department.) degree in three major disciplines – development studies. the department focuses on academic activities in three broad areas viz. banking and Financial markets train them to apply their economic reasoning to understand consumer and producer behaviour as well as the financial system. 14 . biomedical engineering. microscale flows. the department have approximately 38 faculty members guiding more than 100 phd. reserve bank of india. applied probability and stochastic processes. dynamical systems/statistical physics. atmospheric sciences. department of mathematics was set up in 1960. an exchange programme with hochschule-bremen.. classical and Quantum dy- the unique five-year integrated programme. complex Fluids and biological . the 4-semester m. the development studies course covers various aspects of development huManiTies anD social sciences such as programme is conducted in industrial mathematics and scientific computing. applied mechanics. the m. and the history of english language and literature. 14 m. research monograph brought out by well-known international publishers from part of the research output of the members of the faculty. reserve bank of india. computational fluid dynamics. programme has five courses followed by a dissertation.techs. max planck institute for human development and economic times. thus gaining a critical understanding of development issues and debates. mathcad. MaTheMaTics at iit madras. Fluent. several eminent mathematicians visit the department from time to time and collaborate with the fac- Physics the department carries out research in many frontier areas. nabard. and ogilvy and mather.s. inculcating strong analytical. the department offers ‘master of science’ (m. namics. technology and electronics & instrumentation including experimental condensed matter physics. large eddy simulation. launched in 2006. political and social. ballistic impact programme is carefully designed to impart essential knowledge in mathematics with opportunities for specialization in all major areas of pure and applied mathematics. Quetzal. residual stress measurement in glass articles. the faculties of this department are drawn from civil engineering. the department takes approximately 40 m. but in linguistics. students are exposed to three very diverse modules: Gender studies. While they study the traditional canon of english literature through courses on shakespeare. computational & theoretical Fluid dynamics. programme exposes students to a wide variety of disciplines in humanities and social sciences. literary theory and cultural studies as well. courses on Journalism and linguistics provides the students with specialised skills in these fields as well. the doctoral programme (ph. and urbanization. turbulence modeling. and postcolonial literature. being trained not only in the study of english literature. the major research areas include alternative energy and nanotechnology. mathematical physics. mathematical physics etc. Foot pressure measurements in diabetic patients. 10 m. economics and english studies. on the academic front. approximately 14 m. courses in microeconomics. the programme offers computer oriented courses and training in software such as mathematica. buckling control of nozzle shell using smart materials. university of british and money. condensed matter and Field theory.) in ‘engineering physics’ is offered in conjunction with the department of electrical engineering.) program in ‘solid state technology’. and 7 phd students every year.) program in physics.a. the department conducts research in algebra. the m. ansys. Germany. students have gone on to intern with the likes of ernst and young. the department exposes the students to both theoretical and practical aspects of applied mechanics. a vibrant undergraduate program ‘bachelor of technology’ (b. matlab etc the focus of research is in areas of algebra. theoretical and computational physics. atomic and molecular physics. students of economics are trained to accentuate their quantitative aptitude by developing their econometric and optimization techniques.the department of applied mechanics has been in existence since 1959 and has grown into a full fledged inter disciplinary graduate research department over the years. the m. chaucer. sundaram bnp paribas. aerospace engineering and biomedical engineering. stochastic processes.

shaastra also holds the unique distinction of being the first student managed event in the world to earn the iso 9001:2008certification for implementing a Quality management system. music.not only from within the campus.eXtra curricular actiVites shaastra is the annual technical festival of iit madras and plays host to more than 20.shaastra. short for technical society. Funded by iit madras alumni. more details available at www. dramatics. the centre for innovation is a multi-purpose. schroeter. walk out with a product’. the event is very popular amongst the student community owing to the innovative competitions.000 college students across the country attend the festival each year. techsoc presents innovative design and hands-on problems and is a source of new ideas and inspiration for freshers to join the tech community.000 engineering students across india. organises yearround competitions at the intra-institute shaasTra Tech soc tech soc. honing managerial and organisations skills. these student-led initiatives form the core of the extracurricular activities on campus.saarang. with a focus on technologies aimed at contributing positively to the environment and to the society. and dance events throughout the year. sPorTs 16 . cFi saarang saarang is the annual cultural festival organised and hosted by iit madras. debate. and give an additional dimension to the iit madras student’s personality and character sports at iitm generate a lot of enthusiasm .be it the intra-hostel and inter-hostel events. music competitions and professional shows are the mainstay of saarang. but from other colleges in the city and the country as well. the centre aims to promote informal learning and foster innovation and invention in technology. more than 30. open-toall laboratory cum workshop built on the concept: ‘Walk in with an idea. fine arts. the academic calendar is crowded with sporting events . the all-india intercollegiate invitation basketball tournament. more details available at www. lectures and demos organised during the 5 day event. or the inter-collegiate and inter-iit tournaments like the inter-iit sports meet. the annual bridge tournament and sportstar inter-collegiate cricket invitation tournament. liT soc the literary society at iit madras is a very active organisation which conducts inter-hostel public speaking.

placement volunteers to assist on the day of visit. invitation is sent to the company/organization with relevant information and employer registration Form (erF) by placement office from 15 July 2010. iit madras. 5. the company sends a shortlist to the placement office at least 3 days prior to their visit to campus. 7. 4. the placement office is well equipped and is designed to smoothly handle and support the placement procedure at every stage. 6. Fully computerized office. the company is required to furnish the list of final selected students before the end of the scheduled day of interviews. date allotment commitee (of students) presents the ranking of companies to the board of placement on 01 november 2010.placement office PlaceMenT ProceDure 1. the placement office uploads resumes of interested students on the placement website. arrangements for interviews. 3. 2. pre-placement talks. Well furnished air-conditioned rooms for interviews and group discussions. 8. the company/organization is required to return the filled erF to placement office. Video conferencing facilities. We are equipped with the following facilities to aid the process: auditoriums to conduct preplacement talks and tests. Group discussions and interviews are handled by the staff at the placement office. the company needs to send the offer letters to the placement office to be handed over to the students. placement office schedules the dates for campus interviews as per student rankings. this can be accessed by the company using their exclusive login ten days prior to the visit. after the selection process. placement team 2009-10 18 . along with softcopy of their pre placement interaction (ppi) material by 30 september 2010.

e. amada soft amazon analog devices ansys-Fluent areva t & d athena health atheros avaya bank of america barcorr coating bayer crop sciences beceem communications beehyv software solutions bharat electronics beroe inc bGr energy bharat dynamics limited butterfly edufields ca india technologies capital iQ capital one consolidated construction consortium limited centre for development of telematics centre for study of science.DeMograPhics 32 23 20 33 82 btech 48 recruiTers oF 2009-10 acsys software adobe systems adp adventity air2Web airbus alcatel-lucent alfaisal university. shaw deloitte drdo etri Flowmaster india controls Francis santiago & associates Futures First Galaxy surfactants General motors Genpact Geodesic information systems Germanischer lloyd Global analytics headstrong hindustan aeronautics limited hewlett-packard i2 technologies ibm icFai institute of science and technology icra management iKoa semiconductor india metamation indian air Force indian school of business informatica intergraph consulting international seaport dredging indian oil corporation limited irevna research irunway itc limited iVy comptech Jindal steel & power John deere Keas controls systems Keppel Fels Kla tencor KpmG larsen & toubro laserwords lister technologies lovely professional university maharan international Fzco mahindra & mahindra manthan semiconductors manhattan associates marketrX india mazagon dock limited mcafee mcKinsey & company mechatronics test equipment mecon microsoft modine thermal systems morgan stanley motorola mu sigma nagarjuna Fertilizers network appliance systems neyveli lignite noble denton india novell software ntpc limited nVidia oil & natural Gas corporation limited open-silicon research oracle pacific mindware parallels & propalms patni computers petrofac pipavav shipyard pricewaterhousecoo pers prism infosolution prodapt solutions Qualcomm reflexis renault nissan robert bosch rr donnelley sabre safran aerospace india sai technology sail saipem schlumberger schneider electric scope international secon society for electronic transactions & security (sets) shell technology shriram epc siemens sony srF strand life sciences stryker sumitomo chemicals symantec syngenta biosciences synygy india sysbiz technologies tata motors tata steel tavant technologies tce consulting tata consultancy services texas a&m university texas instruments tibco software tpsc trane design centre tVs capital Funds tVs motor company tyche tyco international Value Fund advisors llc Valued epistemic Verity technologies Verizon data services Vit university Vmware Waterjet Germany yahoo! 8 65 24 33 33 msc 43 mtech 12 6 11 69 69 35 11 12 6 11 44 11 44 10 7 43 10 7 43 50 32 50 32 Aerospace Applied Mechanics Civil Chemical Computer Science Electrical Physics Mathematics Mechanical Metallurgical Ocean Aerospace Applied Mechanics Civil Chemical Computer Science Electrical Physics Mathematics Mechanical Metallurgical Ocean 5 Aerospace Applied Mechanics Biotechnlogy Civil Chemistry Chemical Computer Science Humanities Electrical Engineering Design MBA Mathematics Mechanical Metallurgical Ocean Physics 2 3 7 3 18 5 12 phd 10 3 7 23 10 3 9 8 7 7 ms 9 10 5 16 6 7 7 5 Aerospace Applied Mechanics Biotechnlogy Civil Chemical Computer Science Electrical Engineering Design MBA Mechanical Metallurgical Ocean 25 29 dual 45 11 9 16 9 12 14 12 41 26 20 . technology & policy chemfab alkalis chronus corporation cisco citigroup citrix r&d converteam edc cosmic circuits couth infotech dar al handasah d. reddy’s dynatech Furnaces educational initiatives engineers india limited emergent Ventures india ericsson essar Group evalueserve.

in tel: +919444005765 . iit madras. placement and public relations.22578135 anuraag nallapati academic affairs secretary. Jayakumar deputy registrar training.conTacT us prof. chennai. +9144-22578131 Fax: +9144. iit madras.22578130. chennai. 044 22578130 tel: +9144.600036 email: placement[at]iitm.600036 email: aas[at]iitm. n ramesh babu placement advisor. iit madras. col (retd).in tel: 044 email: nrbabu [at] iitm.

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