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Blake and Robbie, Dr. Dre Style

Blake and Robbie, Dr. Dre Style

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Published by: BlakeLedden on May 03, 2011
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LeddenKazen1 Blake Ledden/Robbie Kazen May 2, 2011 5th Period Lisa Weaver Dr.

Dre’s Style Have you ever wanted to know how life is being famous? Dr. Dre’s lyric tells the life of being famous and its luxuries. Dre’s “Fame” has unique properties that show his fine work of content, desire for fame, and stylistic form. The content Dre uses contributes to the poems interest. Dre uses violence, drugs, and gangsta life as a core source for content. “Alcoholic rhymer” and “Me and my crew drinking, having a good time” is an example of Dre’s use of drugs as content; he mixes alcohol and fame together to give the idea that it’s cool. “Fame makes me loose, hard to swallow.” That shows that “Fame” is controlling his life and is consuming who he is. He describes how “Fame” is who he is, he has become. It uses explicit content as “B----, gimme my money.” To show that he wants his money for “Fame” in a strong way. Dr. Dre gives a better view of what his fame life is like. Dre says “Let me hit you from behind” and “I love it when you grab my gun” to give off ideas oh his view of being famous by mixing violence with it. “Fame is like I’m possessed wit game” means that he gets caught up in the fame life and gets into things normally you wouldn’t want to get into. Dre’s use of strong content to mix with the life of fame catches many readers’ attention. Throughout “Fame”, Dr. Dre describes his desire for “Fame”, how much he wants “Fame”, and how he will get “Fame” using phrases like, “You know I

LeddenKazen2 need the money, I will get the money”, and “Cos I need the cash, c’mon gotta get it.” These show that all he wants is fame, and he will do whatever he wants to get his fame, and keep it. “A bullet for me, I bust it for you.” shows that he would take a chance with getting shot, over losing “Fame”. It also shows that violence he has concurred with might someday destroy him, and take away all of the fame that took his whole life to earn, but it also shows how much his “Fame” means to him. “Fame” introduces a whole new perspective of the desire gangsta rap brings to the music industry, and how relentless it can be to it. The styles used by Dre form a slang of rhymes. Dre uses slang to make words that don’t usually rhyme, rhyme with other words. He uses improper English to take out or add in sounds to words or sentences to fit in with the rest of lyric. An example is “Nine is fine, it plays for time, I’ma lemme hit you from be-hine” shows improper word use and misspelling to fit in a rhythmic pattern into the poem. The use of the slang also contributes to the theme of gangsta life in fame. He would also take out some letter, put in letters, or do both to creates words like “lemme”, “gotta”, and “cos”. The use of slang introduces the grammar that the gangta rappers use on the street, and during their free time to give us a glimpse of what their life is like. Dr. Dre makes it look appealing by purposely added in slang and improper grammar into the lyrics. Dr. Dre tries to bring out his view of fame life. By learning the use of slang and improper grammar, the reader can enjoy and understand the rhythmic pattern that’s being displayed. Dr. Dre’s content, style, and personal views make the lyric more intense. He uses realistic content to make it feel more real, the style makes you feel like you’re a gangsta, and the personal views make it feel like you’re reading this person’s life and the events he saw. Dr. Dre utilizes these

LeddenKazen3 themes to bring out his idea of fame. It shows what he witnessed on the streets as a child, and what he overcame by not partaking in gangster activities. This also shows the listeners what they can do if they stay out of the gaster life.

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