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The Reconstruction Era
 Reintegration and postwar phase  reconstruction of state and society
in the former Confederacy  The era lasted from 1863 to

1877  meaning of the word “reconstruction“: the restoring and transformation of the original state Goals during the era:  Political reintegration of former rebel states  education, training and support for the liberated population  reconstruction of the Southern States The 3 phases 1. Presidential Reconstruction -1863-1866 -Lincoln & Johnson -goal: quickly reuniting the country -Radical Republicans gained power 2. Congressional Reconstruction -1866-1873 -emphasis on civil rights, freedmen got voting rights -new governments won power (republican coalition of freedmen) 3. Redemption -1873-1877 -white southern democrats took control  end of Reconstruction Emancipation Proclamation (1.1.1863)

 Declared the freedom of slaves  Slaves could get the US citizenship and could vote  voting was prevented by literacy tests

Restoring the South to the Union  After the civil war the South was separated from the Union -> because they had lost the war  The South should keep out of the participation in the Union as long as possible. Reason: economical exploitation  Abraham Lincoln reunited the nation as painlessly and as quickly as possible  Ten Percent Plan helped by including the Southern people. Black Codes (1865-1866) attempt to control Freedmen and to make sure that they can’t claim social equality Freedmen got more prohibitions than new rights Elections in 1866: Black Codes were repealed and so never used Public schools Reconstruction  foundation of public schooling in the south for both races. -Before civil war: formal education for Black forbidden by law - After 1868: -public education came to the South. -Funds of

(1868) .The 13th Amendment ended slavery.Presentation by government for black education -creation of the nation´s first black colleges (over 3000 schools) Constitutional amendments .The 15th Amendment allowed Black to vote. (1865) .The 14th Amendment allowed Blacks to have the same rights as Whites. (1870) .

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