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The Manager
(Bank Name): ______________________________________
(Branch Name): ____________________________________
(Address): _________________________________________
Telephone No: ______________
I hereby authorize you to debit my account for making payment to Deutsche Postbank Home Finance Ltd. through ECS
(Debit) clearing as per the details given as under.

A. MICR - 9 Digit code number of the bank & branch (Appearing on the MICR cheque issued by the bank):

B. Account Type (S.B. Account/Current Account or Cash Credit): ______________________________

C. Ledger No. / Ledger Folio No. : ______________________________

D. Account Number:

E. Account holder names (As per bank’s record):

Name of the Date of Periodicity Amount of Number of installments/

Scheme effect installment/ Amt of Valid up to (in case of
bill with upper limit utility bills)

F. Date of effect :

I hereby declare that the particulars given above are correct and complete. If the transaction is delayed or not effected at
all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect information, I would not hold the user institution responsible. I have read the
option invitation letter and agree to discharge the responsibility expected of me as a participant under the scheme.

Date Signature of the account holders.

Certified that the particulars furnished above are correct as per our records.

(Bank’s Stamp) ----------------------------------

Date Signature of the Authorized official
from the Bank

File No: _____________________________

Name of Borrower : _________________________________________________________

Deutsche Postbank Home Finance Limited
Legal & Recovery
Unit No. 705 & 706,
7th Floor,"A" Wing,
Diamoda Building,
Near Novelty Silk Mill Compound,
Dahisar ( East), Mumbai- 400 068.
Tel. No. 022 42485412.


Dear Sir/Madam

Please find enclosed the ECS Mandate form duly signed as requested by you. A cancelled cheque is
also attached for the necessary processing.

Thanking you,

Truly yours,

Atul Kumar Asya

Loan Account no.-THN/031034