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Ankit Mathur Apoorva Yaday Bhanupriya Sharma Himansu Agrawal Lalit Rawat Swati Sharma
Umesh Kumar Ranout

content Introduction(history) € Areas of business € Vision € Mission € Value of business € Csr activities € .

History of TCS Type € Industry € Founded € Headquarters € Key people € Products € services € .

CONSULTING 2. .INFRASTRUCTURE OUTSOURCING 5.IT SEVICES 3. € Value of business.ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL SERVICES. IT solutions and services.BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING 4.respect for the Individual.Area of business € € € € € 1. Learning and sharing. € Vision-Global Top 10 by 2010 € Mission-best in class consulting.

CSR Activities € Environment Education Health & Safety € € .

reuse and recycle) philosophy for all types of wastes toward prevention of pollution and dispose of "inevitable" wastes. especially for key resources such as energy and water Adopt the "3-R" (reduce. Communicate the environmental policy to all employees. business associates and other stakeholders and ensure that the policy is available to the public apoorva .TCS aim to fulfil their environmental commitments through the following broad level actions : € € € € € € Integrate energy and environmental considerations in the design of new infrastructural facilities Improve resource efficiency in operations. Promote "green procurement" to the maximum extent possible Continue public reporting of our environmental performance and TCS contribution to climate change-related issues through relevant national and international forums.

24+1¶c. By temperature regulation in a close band i. By minimizing the use of Halogens and other high energy intensive lighting. .e.Cs half an hour late every morning and turning it off half an hour earlier in the evening.INITIATIVES TAKEN BY TCS FOR ENERGY SAVING € € € € € € Switching on the A. Switching off their office PCs when they are not in use by central processing. By installing VFD. Replacing tube-lights with CFL luminaries.

etc. € Using thermal modelling (CFD) to identify overcooling and hot spot areas and to direct cold air at the required location. € 20% lower power consumption by air conditioning because of monitoring sensor system. € 50% increase in server CPU and memory capacity.GREEN INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES The initiatives taken by TCS are: € Virtualization to mask server resources from server users and to divide the server resources into multiple execution environments. . € 79% savings in energy consumed by servers. € 70% reduction in power consumption. € Procuring servers with low voltage CPUs. € Procuring laser printers with Green functionality.


Paper and Cartridge Management € € € € As TCS requires lots of usage of paper and cartridges of printer they also focuses on saving paper. Creating awareness about the importance of saving paper Controlling supply of paper at printers and copier machines Displaying posters and sending out mailers to highlight the need for saving paper himansu . they have reduced the paper usage by 42.5%.

€ Water treatment and reuse within the premises € Rainwater harvesting. € .Water Management Reduce water wastage.

€ Initial Learning Program (ILP). € awareness campaigns . € TCS Maitree Ecology Club € .Environmental Awareness & Employee Engagement Policy aims to create greater awareness .

Corporate Sustainability .Biodiversity Enhancement & Management at TCS 1). Flora @ TCS 2). Fauna @ TCS 3). Biodiversity Action Plan 4). Noteworthy ongoing CS initiatives 5).

Finland . South Corea . UAE Australia & New Zealand 'Golden Peacock Global Award : Asia ² 2007' . Tiwaan Middle East & Africa Bahrain. France . Thiland . Saudi Arabia . Hungary India Asia : China . Greece .Global Coverage and Awards America Europe : Belgium . Japan . Germany . Israel . South Africa . Kuwait & Qatar . Denmark .

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