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Peace Corps Logistics Coordinator Statement of Work

Peace Corps Logistics Coordinator Statement of Work

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Peace Corps Logistics Coordinator Statement of Work
Peace Corps Logistics Coordinator Statement of Work

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LOGISTICS COORDINATOR Reports to: Training Manager All training staff and APCD Administration

Coordinates with:

Position summary: The Logistics Coordinator is responsible directly to the Training Manager for the administration of the training program budget. S/he works in collaboration with the APCD Admin. S/he is responsible for financial management including budgeting cash flow, negotiating for services, approval of purchases and overseeing reimbursement of training funds. Duties and tasks Preparation phase  Work closely with the APCD /Administration to establish efficient administrative systems that comply with Peace Corps regulations  Reviews with the APCD Admin arrangements with credit suppliers, cashier hours, invoicing, receipting, petty cash and other administrative issues Work closely with the Training Manager and all staff to ensure that administrative systems are well- known and properly adhered to. Purchase all needed supplies and set up a beginning inventory of all Peace Corps property/ equipment. Arrange all required facilities at the training site including housing, transportation, supplies, etc Work with the catering team to ensure that the menu and other issues related to food are concluded before Pre- Service Training Update training staff on payroll and per diem issues (where applicable) and distribution times. Prepare appropriate documents for payments and reimbursements in a timely manner. Maintain an inventory list of all equipment and supplies assigned to the training staff. Establish a system for efficient vehicle use and maintenance. Establish and maintain a petty cash fund. Liaise with the Peace Corps cashier to establish systems for receiving, distributing and documenting cash payments. Establish a regular system of meetings with the Training Manager to discuss training expenditures and other relevant budget and administrative issues

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Implementation Phase  Continue to oversee all administrative systems and contracts to ensure the smooth logistical implementation of training  Work closely with the PCV Assistant Training Coordinators (where applicable)

 

Maintain an up-to- date inventory when new items are purchased and old ones are discarded In coordination with the Training center authorities, ensures that linen is washed and ironed once a week and returned to the appropriate locations and or people. Assist the Language and Cross Culture Coordinator with the management of Trainee village liveins. Ensure that food packages for Trainee village live-ins are purchased, packaged and with the assistance of all other training staff are dispatched to trainee homes In collaboration with the Language Facilitators and the Language and Cross Culture Coordinator ensure that trainee home stay complaints regarding housing, furniture, relationships and security are resolved amicably and timely. Attend to any rooming needs for the staff living at the center Work closely with the catering team to ensure quality and timely dispatch of meals to the three villages. Devise a system of loaning out and accounting Peace Corps equipment and other materials to training staff. Serves as the immediate supervisor of to PST drivers, which includes but is not limited to coordinating the workload and scheduling of the drivers as well as being prepared to handle drivers’ disputes. Serves as a language and cross-culture informant when the need arises. Work closely with the caterer in making it certain that the Family Appreciation feast is a success.

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Assist the Training Manager with other duties on an as needed basis

After Training Phase  Prepare the final training budget for the Training Manager to include in the final training report    Prepare a final Logistics Report to be handed over to the Training Manager and the APCD Admin Prepare a final inventory for all training supplies and materials Ensure that all equipment that was used at the center is packaged, labeled and shipped to the head office.

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